Doctor Sleep is a book by Stephen Kingfrom 2013. The story is a sequel to that from his previous book The Shining as he originally wrote (not that from the film version by Stanley Kubrick, that on critical elements cited in Dr. Sleep is different from the original). The story of Dr. Drag is basically new but there do think an overlap with The Shining place. Different characters and story lines from The Shining are returning, are pointed out, prosecuted or completed in Dr. Sleep.


After the events in The Shining is the five-year ' than ' Danny Torrance has grown up. In imitation of his father Jack is he become alcoholic . His mother Wendy has died of cancer. By a stricken alcohol-and drug-addicted mother and her innocent toddler to deprive of their last seventy dollars, then writes its darkest side. Thereupon he leaves for Frazier, New Hampshire to start again. A local resident named Billy Freeman helps then there to a temporary job as a handyman and his boss makes sure he goes at the Alcoholics Anonymous . Over time have traded than his job as a handyman for that as an accompanist at the local hospice. He still has the shining, a paranormal gift he calls itself ' the light '. This makes it possible to the residents of the hospice to give special guidance at the time that they swap life for the hereafter. So he acquires internally the nickname ' Dr. Sleep '.

While Than as best it can try to lead his new life, a girl named Abra is born. From the moment she arrives, she has a psychic connection with then, although they do not know each other or have ever even seen.Then get regular small, innocent messages from her. First unintentional and if they write short texts on what older by the writing Board in dance room in the hospice. Abra also features light, but in much larger extent than Than has ever done. Thus, the existence of Abra unintentionally behind a group calling itself the true Button names. This is a society of seemingly ordinary people on age that constantly in RVs and motorhomes from one place to another draw. In reality, the members of the true Knot barely human, but they feed by ' steam ' to breathe. This is a matter that is released when people who about the light have die. The more involved this pain is, the purer the steam and the younger the ' head ', the greater the amount of steam. Inhaling steam makes members of the true Knot after every meal younger, stronger and healthier, while they further aging as people do. By taking steam survive the oldest members of the true Knot for centuries.

Abra is there spiritual witness to how the true Knot a little boy doodmartelt to can feed to its steam. When their leader Rose ' The Hat ' O'Hara behind the existence of Abra and her giant light comes, the girl the main target of the true button. The last boy to which the members of the true Knot subsisted, had measles. For modern people an innocent childhood disease, but not for the members of the true button. They threaten all under the condition to succumb, unless consuming such a great light as that of Abra can save them. Abra seeks the help of Than to fight back.

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