Diana Hyland (Cleveland Heights25 January 1936 - Los AngelesMarch 27, 1977) was an American actress.


Hyland was born in 1936 Diana Gentner. She made her television debut in 1955. In 1959 , she was on Broadway with Paul Newman and Geraldine Page. In 1966 she had in part in The Chase in addition to Marlon BrandoJane Fonda and Robert Redford . In 1976 she starred in The Boy in The Plastic Bubble with John Travolta, for which she received an Emmy Award posthumously.

From 1969 to 1975 was Hyland married Joe Goodson. In 1976 , she had a relationship with her opponent in The Boy with the Plastic Bubble, John Travolta, who is 18 years younger. In 1977 she got breast cancer. Despite a mastectomy the cancer spread further. She died on 27 March 1977.

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