Diagnosis Murder is an American drama series that aired on NBC from 1993 to 2001. The film stars Dick Van Dyke and his son Barry Van Dyke, who also play a father and son in the series.


[hide]*Production 1


The series began as a spin-off of the series Jake and the Fatman. The character Dr. Mark Sloan did in that series in Episode 4.19 "It Never Entered My Mind". This was followed by three television films, and finally the series. For the series were a few previously asked situations changed. So was in Jake and the Fatman Dr. Mark Sloan a widower with no children, but he has a son in Diagnosis Murderer. The role of Dr. Amanda Bently was for the series was taken over by Victoria Rowell.

The series initially had problems to draw a large number of viewers, and threatened even to be discontinued after two seasons. In the third season, the series was renewed with new cast members. In this Setup, the series was a success. A total of 178 episodes were made.


The series revolves around a doctor named Mark Sloan. He works regularly for the Los Angeles Police Department, where his son Steve detective is at the Department of homicide. Sloan senior is always up for a mystery, and therefore (whether or not asked) regulated advice.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

Actor Character Comments
Dick Van Dyke Dr. Mark Sloan
Barry Van Dyke Det. Steve Sloan
Victoria Rowell Dr. Amanda Bentley-Livingston
Scott Baio Dr. Jack Stewart season 1 and 2
Charlie Schlatter Dr. Jesse Travis starting from season 3
Michael Tucci Norman Briggs season 1 to 4



Seelist of episodes of Diagnosis Murder for the main article on this topic.

Television films[Edit]Edit

Of Diagnosis Murder , five television movies made, three of which were aired before the series premiered.


The series also got spin-offs in the form of a number of novels, written by Lee Goldberg.

  • Diagnosis Murder: The Silent Partner
  • Diagnosis Murder: The Death Merchant
  • Diagnosis Murder: The Shooting Script
  • Diagnosis Murder: The Waking Nightmare
  • Diagnosis Murder: The Past Tense
  • Diagnosis Murder: The Dead Letter
  • Diagnosis Murder: The Double Life
  • Diagnosis Murder: The Last Word


An episode was filmed three times that was to serve as a pilot episode for a spin-off series of Diagnosis: Murder. None of these spin-offs is ever made.

The first two were shown in season 5:

  • "A Mime is a Terrible Thing to Waste": pilot for an unnamed series. [1]
  • "Retribution": for a spin-off called The ChiefFred Dryer would go the title role in that series. [2]

The third was aired in season 6:

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