This article lists the episodes and actors from season 7 of Desperate Housewives. On May 18, 2010 ABC announced that the series Gets a 7th season. This is broadcast since september 26, 2010.

In this season, there are some actors disappeared from the series: actor Kyle MacLachlan and actress Dana Delany , the series abandoned.


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Read warning: text below contains details about the content and/or the end of the story.

Nr. Title Writer (s) Director United States Broadcasting [1]
7-01 (135) Remember Paul Marc Cherry David Grossman 26 september2010
Now she has become a mother for the fifth time, Lynette has not so much time to do more to the household and they expect will help her children's hair. But then she gets phone by Renée Perry (Vanessa Williams), her best friend when she was still studying. She comes to visit and that Mount Lynette into high gear: Renée is rich married and Lynette wants that everything elegant is in order if they visit. The reunion is cordial and Renée is soon introduced to Lynettes other girlfriends. They fire the hard language between them two flies over and over again: according to them is that their usual way of handling-until Renée create a comment about Lynettes present life. Lynette is furious and wants Renée disappears. Must confess that they are actually separate is Renée from her husband and that she did not know where to go. Lynette now understands in what situation Renée is and shows understanding for the time being: Renée should stay.

SusanMike and MJ move in their new apartment. MJ finds it but nothing, but Susan tries to make something cozy. They also goes along with their new landlady Maxine (Lainie Kazan), because she has not yet paid the rental guarantee. There she discovers that Maxine has an erotic website, which she runs from her living room. She proposes to Susan for in order for it to come to work, but that sees Susan not be. But when Mike than no loan can get the bank and he's going on to take a job to think in Alaska, Susan changes of opinion and she goes right for Maxine work.

Bree tells Gabrielle finally got to the truth about the accident by Mama Solis but Gabrielle is not set up: if they have to tell this to Carlos, he will kill ' Andrew ' and then she lost him again for a few years. They do not quite know how to deal with them. Meanwhile, Carlos to know that their daughter Juanita actually not their daughter is, and he also knows how he should deal with it: if he tells this to Gabrielle, her world collapse.Both now have a secret for each other, and both of them doubt they or they should tell this to the other. Finally decide to keep the secret for each of them, so as not to hurt the other.

But Bree also has personal problems: Orson has requested the separation and retrieve the latest stuff comes out of the House. That makes Bree nostalgic and she looks at some old photos. Then she suddenly notices that the wallpaper loosens and she tries to stick this back. But the paper remains no longer stick, and all of a sudden pulls Bree suddenly the whole wallpaper from the wall. She decides to set her house again and then hires a contractor in: Keith (Brian Austin Green).

Meanwhile Karen McCluskey discovered that Paul Young now lives in the home of Susan and she warns the whole neighborhood. The residents are in shock and Lynette, Gabrielle, Bree and Susan (a in der hurry returned) discuss his return, Paul for their nose State if all of a sudden. Who invites them inside out and tells them what happened: after Felicia Tilman (Harriet Sansom Harris) was arrested, the police realized that she has put in her entire murder scene and that Paul (for 10 years) is innocent behind bars. He is released and Felicia is locked up in prison. But Paul is visiting Felicia in prison, something they do not set up: they still want revenge because he killed her sister Martha. If they do then what later an article about Paul hangs up in her cell, celgenote asks her what she intends. Than light Felicia a corner of the veil: within 6 months, Paul dead, because she has friends on Wisteria Lane, he did not.

7-02 (136) You Must Meet My Wife Dave Flebotte Larry Shaw 3 October2010
Renée starts pretty much to go with Tom and Lynette keen at all. Bree does not release Keith because they all of a sudden begins to fall for him. Susan finds hate to against Mike to lie about her new, risky side job at Maxine. Gabrielle hurries to the hospital when she hears that Bree and Juanita have had a mishap and Paul, the ladies of Wisteria Lane for his new wife.
7-03 (137) Truly Content Matt Berry Tara Nicole Weyr 10 October2010
Susan discovers that some of her sexy dance moves are imitated by a competitor. Gabrielle hires a private detective in without something of here know Carlos. Lynette is shocked when Toms doctor prescribes a rather unusual antidepressant and Renee invites Bree to go hunting on men.
7-04 (138) The Thing That Counts is what's Inside Jason Ganzel David Grossman 17 October2010
Gabrielle tells the girl friends the truth about Juanita. Susan discovered that the internet company they work for her a huge advertising poster has created. Renee tries to steal Keith of Bree and Lynette gets help from Penny in household.
7-05 (139) Let Me Entertain You Josann McGibbon, Sara Parriott & Lonny Price 24 October2010
Maxine lost her job with Susan can play when they offend an important customer. The tension between Renee and Gabrielle runs high on when they both reveal a secret from the other. Bree is used up by Keith in bed. Meanwhile, asks Tom to his mother to watch on the baby-but Lynette can't do this really appreciate.
7-06 (140) Excited and Scared Jeff Greenstein Jeff Greenstein 31 October2010
Susan confesses to Mike what she does for the company of Maxine. Juanita finds it suspicious that Gabrielle all of a sudden so many interested in Grace. Lynette is worried about her mother in law. Bree discovers a secret of Keith and Paul takes his wife out, hoping to make their relationship so what more romantic.
7-07 (141) A Humiliating Business Marco Pennette Larry Shaw 7 november2010
Susan Lynettes reluctantly accepts offer to on Paige to babysit. Bree is menopause in and wants to keep that secret for Keith. Renee Lynette does a job offer. Gabrielle thinks that Bob trying to seduce Carlos and Beth begins to doubt the motives of Paul.
7-08 (142) Sorry Grateful Annie Weisman David Grossman 14 november2010
For Thanksgiving the family of Carlos and Gabrielle Grace from invite to dinner. At dinner they discover that their time with Grace might be limited. Meanwhile, Bree invites Keith's parents from (John Schneider andNancy Travis) for the party. Susan and Lynette get in a fight about the sleep schedule of Paige. Renee annoys Tom with her references to their past and Beth continues looking for the secrets of Paul.
7-09 (143) Pleasant Little Kingdom Dave Flebotte Arlene Sanford 5 december2010
Gabrielle makes a desperate attempt to keep Grace in her life. Keith organizes a special dinner party for Bree, but is disturbed by his father. Tom is angry at Lynette because she does not want to recognize his manhood. Renee tells Kelsey to Susan in a mood that they once something has had with Tom and Paul finally reveals his plans for Wisteria Lane: he wants to open a home for ex-prisoners in the neighborhood.
7-10 (144) Down The Block there's a Riot Bob Daily Larry Shaw 12 december2010
Paul opens his house and that degenerates into heavy riots in the neighborhood, Juanita discovers the secret of her mother, Bree wants to go in together with Keith and Susan confronts Tom with what she knows about his relationship with Renée.
7-11 (145) Assassins John Paul Bullock III David Warren 2 January2011
Gabrielle and Carlos go to a therapist with Juanita, who tells them that they should forget Grace if they want to back their daughter happy. Susan gets in the hospital to be told they must undergo regular kidney dialysis . Renee confesses to Lynette and her secret police goes looking for the gunman who has shot Paul. Paul discovered that Beth is the daughter of Felicia.
7-12 (146) Where Do I Belong? David Schladweiler David Grossman 9 January2011
Susans mother Sophie and aunt Claire (Valerie Harper) visit her in the hospital. She is shocked when her own mother refuses to get tested to see if they can be a suitable donor for Susan. Lynette continues to take revenge on Tom and he does that very subtle so that it not by has (up to Renée finds out), Bree wants befriending Gabrielles obsession with Beth and her doll is larger.
7-13 (147) I'm Still Here Josann McGibbon & Sara Parriott Lonny Price 16 January2011
When Lynettes mother Stella (Polly Bergen) wants to marry Frank (Larry Hagman) for the wrong reasons, she tries to talk her marriage from the head. Susan has a bizarre conversation with another patient who to the dialysis machine, but rather cynical to find another donor because he thinks never. Bree is the ex of Keith against and who tells her something shocking about his past. Carlos is concerned because Gabrielle so much spending quality time with her doll. Bob & Lee hire Renée in the baby room to dress their baby and Paul's book a weekend getaway to a secluded cabin for him and Beth.
7-14 (148) Flashback Matt Berry Andrew Doerfer 13 February2011
Stella would like a family picture of the whole family, but she also wants to Frank on the picture, not like what Lynette. Susan gets offered a kidney from unexpected sources. Gabrielle must by Carlos on therapy but sees that not be. Bree loves for Keith hidden that he has a son and Mike tries to seek contact with Zach Young to find out if he has anything to do with the assassination attempt on Paul.
7-15 (149) Farewell Letter Marco Pennette David Grossman 20 February2011
Lynette and Tom find the time that Porter and Preston out of the House and go and live in itself. Is their amazement as the boys find a house near the family home. Gabrielle and Carlos bring a visit to her home village in Texas, where they obviously still not forgotten. Gabrielle Keith asks Bree to move to Florida with him so he can spend more time with his son. Susan abused her illness to get all kinds of favors and Paul decides what he is going to do with Beth now Zach is included in an institution.
7-16 (150) Searching Jeff Greenstein Larry Shaw 6 March2011
Susan wants to get the most out of her life now that she has been told the dialysis does not work and if they don't quickly find a donor, they will quickly die. Bree offers its services and will search for a donor.Gabrielle put Juanita under pressure because the daughter of Lee and Bob will bring on a spectacular number reserved for schools. Renee wants to adopt a child, something Lynette strongly discourages her and Beth don't know what to do with her life now Paul has expelled her.
7-17 (151) Everythings Different, nothing's Changed Annie Weisman David Warren 3 april2011
Paul Young does not want the kidney of Beth is ceded to Susan. Lynette is angry with Tom when he drives off from a well-paying job loyalty to Carlos. Bree is worried about Andrews excessive alcohol consumption and Gabrielle is shocked when Renee wants to give a party, just now Beth has committed suicide.
7-18 (152) Moments in the Woods John Paul Bullock III David Grossman 17 april2011
Now Susan has a new kidney, does she think she is invincible and goes with the little money that she and Mike still winding up with gambling. Bree tries to prevent his secret to Carlos on Andrew to confession. Renee Lynette learns the world of the moneyed class has adopted a thick now know Tom paid job and Felicia Tilman tries to convince Paul of her good intentions.
7-19 (153) The Lies Ill-Concealed David Schladweiler Larry Shaw 24 april2011
Tom has an important meeting and Lynette may be carried, but it must be limited to the keen edge activities and its not. Susan has sexual dreams about Paul. Carlos prohibits Gabrielle to with Bree to go and Felicia tries to involve in Karen McCluskey her revenge on Paul.
7-20 (154) I'll Swallow Poison on Sunday Jason Ganzel David Warren 1 may2011
Bree gets it to stick with a charming police officer after Celia and Juanita Bree her house and the two children trying to learn a lesson. Felicia tries to poison Paul. Tom hires Lynette and Renee in to rearrange its Office and Susan discovered that Felicia lives back on Wisteria Lane.
7-21 (155) Then I Really Got Scared Valerie A. Brotski Larry Shaw 8 may2011
Paul suspects want to poison him Susan thereof. Lynette and Tom have a discussion about where they need to go on vacation. Juanita looks at a horror movie and then no longer dare to go to sleep and Bree goes on date with a police officer.
7-22 (156) And Lots of Security ... Joe Keenan David Grossman 15 may2011
The police suspect Felicia and Susan Paul wanting to poison them. Tom and Lynette are going to have a weekend away. Gabrielle thinks she haunts and Bree learns something about her new boyfriend Chuck.
7-23 (157) Come on Over for Dinner Bob Daily Larry Shaw 15 may2011
The residents of the street are organizing a dinner party, but is thoroughly error when someone is killed. Gabrielle is in shock when they discovered her pursuer's identity and Renee is cast down when she discovers that her ex is going to remarry. In the denouement of the women this season make a pact that will change their lives forever.

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