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6-01 (112) Nice Is Different Than Good Marc Cherry Larry Shaw 27 september2009
After Susan was rescued by Mike from the hands of Dave, is the love between the two flared up again. They experience passionate times and they decide to marry again even. But their relationship does have an impact on Katherine: they will only stay behind. Mike is going to talk to her and tries to explain to her why he is back with Susan. He called Susan to go with Katherine to talk, but that will see Susan not be. That leads to some bizarre and tense situations. On the day of her marriage comes Katherine than with Susan speak: she is upset because Susan has done to not bother with her to come chat and now demands that Susan, offering her apologies openly during her wedding mass,-otherwise it will cause a huge scene during the service. That sees Susan not sit and close them Katherine on just before they walk down the aisle moves. But Katherine escapes and confronts the two with each other in the Church. Mike demands that Katherine to make the Church leaves without a scene. Susan will then regret her actions and offers its apologies to openly. But for Katherine that is still not good enough.

Bree still has an affair with Karl. Who wants to seal their affair with a serving of sex, but Bree always has an excuse to not to have to sleep with him-which Karl then makes their own affair. But Bree is really unhappy at Orson and is determined to continue the affair: she speaks with Karl off on a hotel, where the passion high.

Lynette is still pregnant, but she is far from enthusiastic about her pregnancy: she does not see himself again with two babies walking around. More even: when they perform a ultrasound , she comes to the conclusion that they are not of the children. Tom shakes her awake: once the children are in her arms, they will love them.

Gabrielle is having a hard time with Carlos' niece Ana. They really starting to puberty and Gabrielle tries to keep her on the right path-what turns out to be not so easy. Ana tries to impose rules that Gabrielle to escape, but that's beyond Gaby reckoned. She also refuses to sign the adoption papers of Ana because they ' want to keep her options open '. Ana has heard this, however, and still this day seem particularly rebellious attitude towards Gabrielle: Ana is going to be a night out without that Gabrielle knows this. But Gaby caught her and gives her a thunder sermon. Ana confronts Gaby than with the adoption papers and the fact that she who does not want to draw. So does G change their mind and she signs the papers immediately, but warns Ana also: from now on she will Ana closely and her doings heavy check.

Now Mike is married to Susan, Mary Alice 's House is empty. Edie has replaced Lee as broker of the neighborhood, and it succeeds him soon to sell the House to the family: mother AngieBolen, father Nick and son Danny move on Wisteria Lane. But there appears to be what's going on with the family: mama Angie has a large scar on her back and son Danny behaves somewhat strange. He seeks contact with Julie, but that points him (on the advice of father Nick) af-what not is at Danny.

At the end of the episode we see Julie out the dustbins. She is attacked from behind and strangled by an unknown, which leave her lifeless and flee.

6-02 (113) Being Alive Matt Berry David Grossman 4 October2009
Karen McCluskey has a new friend: Roy (Orson Bean). She is walking with him, when Roy see the lifeless body of Julie.

She is taken to the hospital and Susan deviates no time by her side. Also the girlfriends come support it and do what they can to help her. Julie should then take a radiograph , but Lynette holds those against: she confesses to Susan that Julie has told her that she (maybe) is pregnant. Susan is upset with Lynette: why did she do that to her best friend told? Lynette then confesses that she's pregnant and that they are considering abortion . But Susan can convince her not to do it and to tell it to her children.

Bree also supports her girlfriend, but Bree also supports her new (secret) love and father of Julie: Karl. She is just as Susan no moment of Julies side. She has a good interview with Susan over Karl, and they never clear that a friend of hers makes Bree something with Karl should start-otherwise it's not a real girlfriend. Karl would meanwhile not only and invites Bree in his hotel room.

The other inhabitants are all in shock and the attack on Julie is the talking point of the day. Orson, Tom and Carlos immediately suspect the new neighbors, because they are the only ones that do not come out.Carlos then tells Danny that he and Julie from the cinema has come see and Karen tells that she has seen them quarrelling-what makes Danny for the local residents very suspicious. Angie looks Meanwhile far from behind the window, and she begins to worry. Nick and Angie questions to Danny where he was yesterday, but Danny doesn't remember much because he was drunk. Angie decision than to give her son an alibi: she asks to Ana to lie. But Gabrielle comes here soon find out and she decides that Ana should tell the truth to the police. Not long after that arrest Danny Bolen.

6-03 (114) Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover Bob Daily Andrew Doerfer 11 October2009
Gabrielle and Carlos take the whole family out to dinner in a cozy family restaurant. That turns out to be John Rowland's restaurant, and so does the jealousy at Carlos again flare up. Ana would like to work in the restaurant and John Carlos asks the permission for this. He refuses to give that, until he invents a plan to test on her infidelity to Gabrielle and he still gives his consent. Gabrielle is not set up with Carlos his plan and they therefore demands excuses: she has all these years been wedding next to his side and already proven enough that they see him. Does he realise that Carlos was wrong and he offers her his apologies to.

Karl would like to a weekend to Las Vegas with Bree, but who sees that not be: how would they have to explain that to Orson? On a dinner party of the local service club Bree & Orson than Karl against. Who has brought Candace to dinner, and that makes Bree jealous. She is even so jealous that they intentionally ruining the date of Karl and Candace with a broken nose needs to be taken to the hospital. Orson thinks Bree has done this on purpose because she still has feelings for him. But Bree realizes that they begin to feel more for Karl and decided to do a weekend break to go with him.

Lynette tells her children that she is pregnant with twins. That are there do not set up-they even find it irresponsible now their father back in school, and Lynette just returned to work is. Lynette wants it also to Carlos (her boss) tell, but consider themselves when he offers her a promotion.

Danny is, after questioning by police, back left free. Susan goes through the Ribbon when they hear this: according to her is Danny responsible for the attack on Julie. They also will not rest before the whole neighborhood knows what Danny has done. Meanwhile wants neighbor Bob Hunter, the family lawyer Boules, know if there are certain things from their past that could affect this case. Danny explains that they are a family with some dark secrets and storms out of the room. Susan goes in the meantime rondvertellen to anyone who wants to hear that Danny is responsible for the attack, and thereby the Bajramovic ignored and bullied by the other neighbors. Susan is even so angry that they physically attack Danny and Angie must be between come to her son to rescue. Nick and Angie are meanwhile very concerned: should they, after years on the run and every time of name change, now back on the flight? But then it turns out that Danny is indeed has an alibi for the evening that Julie was attacked. Susan should now go excuse at Angie and her family and decides (after yet another harassment by one of the neighbors) Angie to help in clearing them.

6-04 (115) The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues Alexandra Cunningham David Warren 18 October2009
Katherine tells Bree that she is back in love with Mike. She tells that Susan and Mike get divorced again soon and that Mike will return to her. But Bree is a little worried: is Katherine still not about Mike going? Bree tries to speak and her courage in making it clear that Mike when Susan remains, but that night she sees Katherine Mike and Susan are spying on. They start getting serious to worry and to take some days off to mandatory Katherine. But who sees that not sit, because her work is the only thing her law. Bree understands this and they make it good again, until Katherine sees that ' her wedding cake ' is used on the marriage of one of Brees customers. She goes through the Ribbon and there a true havoc to. It must be now dismiss Katherine Bree.

Lynette is in the second trimester of her pregnancy and that has an impact on her body: her breasts swell enormously on. She is afraid that Carlos is going to discover that she is pregnant, but Carlos thinks Lynette has her breasts with an implant. He wants to now also use for acquiring a large breasts Lynettes contract, which Lynette allows with great reluctance.

Ana still works for John Rowland and one evening he brings her back home. Gabrielle sees them through the window flirting and storming out. She warns John: Ana is still a teenager and he has to be careful with what he is doing. What find Juanita and Celia later a packet of condoms under Ana's bed. Gabrielle goes through the Ribbon and confronts Ana with what the children have found. Ana tells then that she is in love with John and that they are going to have sex soon. Gabrielle would a stick for sticking and goes with John talk. But John feels anything at all for Ana, but (still) something for Gabrielle and kisses her deeply. Just at that time comes Ana inside. She dashes back out and Gabrielle must now confess to Ana that she ever had an affair with John. She asks her not to tell about the Kiss to Carlos, because that would only sour their relationship. Gabrielle also decides to finally break with John.

Danny tells his parents that he no longer wants to school: he is ignored and excluded. Angie decides to do something about it: she asks Porter to organize a party for Danny. Danny sees his father at the party flirting with some young girls. He steps up to him and tells him that he ' knows ' its secret. Meanwhile, Andrew brings a visit to Julie in the hospital. There he reveals to Susan that Julie no longer studying for doctor and that she has had an affair with a married man. Susan goes through the Ribbon and begins to find out who that person might be. But then Julie woke up from her coma and can Susan self to Julie questions. Julie refuses to answer the questions of her mother and tells her that she can make more errors and is no child. Susan is mad at Julie: she has seen what the affair between Karl and his Secretary has done with their marriage and tells that she has brought up her if not. After Susan left, peace Julie then some. But then comes Nick inside, and apparently he is the married man with whom Julie has had an affair.

6-05 (116) Everybody Ought to Have a Maid Jamie Gorenberg Larry Shaw 25 October2009
Juanita invites a girlfriend to come play, and not paying attention as Gabrielle, the girlfriend fall. her mother blames Gabrielle goes to oversight and now the whole neighborhood tell what bad mother she is. As a result, Juanita's birthday party to stand on the slope and Gabrielle consider than a map to the children to lure to the party anyway. That plan succeeds, but during the party creates panic thanks to a monkey. The party is a fiasco but Carlos helps in the panic were back on top of Gabrielle there: Celia and Juanita the only two children who were shot and not panic that their children grow up independently thanks to her.

Lynette and Tom hire Roy, the friend of Karen McCluskey, in as handyman. But Roy is of ' the old school ' and goes, every time something to do, Lynette asks Tom to ask whether that is allowed by him. Lynette is furious and relieve the guy soon. Tom then goes to Roy explain why he Lynette lets do: his wife has a constant fear that everything around her way will fall, and gives her control of their family, because this hair does feel safe.

Bree gets it to stick with a maid in a motel. It condemns her affair with Karl, and that can not happen Bree. She tries to speak to her about it there, but the wife is exasperated because they themselves started an affair and now no one has more.

Susan gets to hear from her friends that Katherine still behind Mike attached and confronts her with this, whereby the two get feud. Julie meanwhile will go home, but doesn't feel really safe. Danny tries to help her and gives her a gun. When at night than anyone around the home of Susan and Mike runs, shooting Susan with that rifle that person down. It turns out Katherine, and the whole neighborhood shows up what happened. Katherine now threatens to call the police and lodge a complaint against Susan. Danny has meanwhile told to his parents that it is their gun and they shoot in action: If the police come, the neighborhood to know their real name (and thus also their past) and so should Angie action. She goes on Katherine cajoling and can convince her not to lodge a complaint, whereby their secrets remain hidden for the time being.

6-06 (117) Don't Walk on the Grass Marco Pennette David Grossman 1 november2009
Bree really starts to fall for Karl and considers that it is time to put an end to their relationship. But Karl don't let this happen and gives her a brooch gift from his grandmother and says that he loves her. But at a dinner party at home sees the brooch and Susan Susan Bree lying about the origin of the Medal: she says she bought it at an antique dealer. Bree is furious he furiously on Karl and the lesson games. And let her not go: he wants Karl (long-term) marry her and asks Bree to think about. Bree is considering the proposal and even goes on in, but then Karl first arrange her divorce with Orson. Orson wants to buy in the meantime a new brooch for Bree and goes to the antique dealer where Bree has bought the brooch so to speak. But the case only sells antique furniture and so does at Orson questions.

Gabrielle and Carlos go watching a play of their daughter Juanita at her school. But Juanita can not remember and calls her text out of frustration suddenly a swear word. As a result, Juanita now summoned at the Director, which imposes a heavy penalty: write a letter to anyone who was present in the Chamber and 2 weeks help in the refectory of the school. But Gabrielle picks up that penalty is not and it comes to fiery feud between the Director and Gabrielle. The consequence is that Juanita of school is thrown. Thereby Gabrielle now Juanita yourself home teaching. That does not run as smoothly and Carlos goes with Juanita talk.Then it turns out that Juanita angry at her mother: she may not receive girlfriends at home (thanks to the fiasco on her birthday party) and now she can no longer see her friends at school. Gabrielle excuses himself than with her daughter: she wanted to defend her daughter only.

Tom comes home late with some of his fellow students. Lynette is angry because Tom had said he went to College and that he has a responsibility to his family. Gabrielle comes along the next day and asks Lynette if they might thickened. Lynette is lying about her pregnancy: If Carlos against Gabrielle this would know, he would dismiss her immediately. Lynette hears that night than there is a party again and she thinks that Tom is there. Here she comes to know that Tom just does things for his fellow students because they have given him the answers for an exam. Lynette is furious and says to Tom that she gives a bad example by lying and cheating. But Tom doesn't bounce the ball back and does remember her to her lie against Gabrielle. He tells her that sometimes must break the rules and that they are not better like him.

Katherine trying reconciliation with Susan, but Susan sees that not be. Katherine reminds her that Susan has her shot and that they still can submit a complaint against her. Susan invites her out for brunch, but really very much is not. Call Katherine that night than for a problem just a water pipe. Not Susan trust and goes with Mike to Katherine. And she is right: Katherine wanted to seduce Mike. It comes to blows and the two go with argument apart. Katherine is her complain at Angie, who with her mother on the phone is. She had previously stated that her mother is dead and now lying against Katherine: she says that her mother-in-law is. Katherine tells Angie that they enable the police want now anyway and asks the gun back. Angie can't let this happen and talk on Katherine in. What later gets Angie to Susan, and begins to make Katherine at her black: where was Katherine when Julie was strangled? Could it not be that the robber could not see who he/she fixed and that the strangler had perhaps Katherine was who thought it Susan was that buitenliep?

6-07 (118) Careful the Things You Say Peter Lefcourt Bethany Rooney 8 november2009
Susan get together with Mike to the police to the accusations that Angie has made to them for consideration. Not that attach great importance to her case and Susan demands than that someone else takes over the case. Detective Denise Lapera (Kathy Najimy) is interested and Susan is sure to take some glad someone her seriously. But Susan and Denise have a past together, and that is Susan apparently forgotten: they have sat together at school and was bullied repeatedly by Susan Denise. Denise goes Katherine interpellate on the allegations by Susan, but Katherine has an alibi for that night. Then it turns out that Denise and Katherine much in common: both include a sweet lost to Susan. Katherine has also to Denise told her that Susan has shot and Denise can now finally take revenge: they connect Susan on in prison.

Gabrielle does its best to Juanita home to teach, but Juanita is not the easiest student: they're not listening and has its own neerajverma90. Then it turns out that the new Eastern European household help has an engineering degree and Gabrielle immediately benefit from her knowledge. Meanwhile, the housekeeping and Carlos is savage when he see the mess in the evening. He calls to the Agency and the day after a new help for the door. Gaby is not set up and goes into the city looking for their previous help. But Carlos finds out that Gabrielle does not teach to their daughter and demands an explanation. Gabrielle then tells that they have no teacher is and that her relationship with Juanita sours. Carlos understands this and together they go looking for a new solution.

Angie and Nick invite Bree and Orson out to dinner. But Angie has an underlying reason for the invitation: she is looking for work and would like to work for Bree. Bree sees that not be: she doesn't like Angies big mouth. The day after an Italian couple, Bree gets visit that want to hire her for a big birthday party. They can, however, get the job only if they Italian recipes prepares, and thereupon goes Bree (via a list) Angies recipes soak off. But Angie soon learns Brees lie and she is mad at her. Bree can now work and she gets no further than to Angie to apologise. She begs for her to come to work and Angie also after Angie agrees to a good conversation.

Julie is just with Nick at the quarrel when Lynette comes over to give something for Susan. Lynette asks what ails and Julie confesses that she has had an affair with Nick. Lynette wants to tell this to Susan, but Julie begs for it not to. Lynette wants her help anyway and goes with Nick talk. Who does not want itself strictly speaking, and even some threats from Lynette. Lynette is shocked to Tom tell you what happened and together they to Julie to her in to talk. She refuses to cooperate: they do not want to believe that Nick has strangled her. Lynette and Tom thereupon go yourself to the police. Who want to Nick speak, but Angie gives him an alibi for that night: she knows have long known that he has had an affair with Julie and forgives him, also because he has been through so much already with her.

6-08 (119) The Coffee Cup Dave Flebotte Larry Shaw 15 november2009
Susan is sentenced to community service after she Katherine has shot down: they have papers pick it up along the side of the road. Katherine comes Susan still what Jacobson during her service, and intentionally throws an empty Cup on the ground. The Superintendent can obtain data and thereby Katherines via Susan Katherine now, along with Susan, papers taking. Katherine deposit then in: she talks to Susan that she won and Mike has chosen for her. She misses just being with Mike and the sex they had together. But Susan is jealous, especially when she hears that Katherine had sex with him several times a day, something it has never done with him. She wants Katherine Trump and seduces Mike several times on one day. Mike can after a while no more, and asks to Susan what ails. They confess on what Katherine has told, that Mike the true context of his sexual escapades with Katherine reveals: they were snowed in and had nothing else to do.

Angie is Bree, Orson, but that is not at home though. Angie asks Orson where Bree is, Bree and Orson then reveals that he thinks is having an affair. Angie laughs this off: Bree would never start an affair, there is far too conservative for them according to Angie. Orson and Bree asks her to believe her not to keep an eye on this weekend: he is not at home. Angie refuses to do it and even goes to tell Bree what Orson has told her. Bree is in panic: they are calling to Karl and want to see him anymore to the separation around is. But later that week, all of a sudden Karl for Brees door and that Angie has seen. She spies on Bree and see that they go up with Karl. Just at that time comes Orson back home, who plans to catch his wife in the Act. But Angie sees this and calls Bree quickly. together they for an alibi, but Angie is angry at Bree: they should get a choice between Orson and Karl. But Bree don't remember which of the two they should choose.

Gabrielle wants Juanita subscribe a Catholic school, and goes a long way for that: she is trying a local priest, who has a lot of public participation to school, to buy. This will, however, not her. Carlos and Lynette have meanwhile a major business deal closed: they are opening a new Office in Miami. The only question is: who should lead this Office? As Gabrielle then hears that Terrence Henderson (Ned Vaughn), a colleague of Juanita's's has a son Carlos and Lynette, age, she can influence him Carlos to put at the head of the new Office and can Juanita to the Catholic school. But that sees Lynette not be: they had thought that Terrence could replace her during her maternity leave. She invites Terrence and his wife off at her and Tom at home and can convince them on a artful way not to accept the job anyway. Gabrielle then comes to know that Lynette has convinced them not to go, and will recover at Lynette. Thereupon Lynettes secret pregnancy comes from: Gabrielle is upset that she has told this to Carlos, because this allows him to also get into trouble. The day after participants have joined the Office of Carlos Lynette comes and demands that they will lead the new Office. If it decides not to do it and resign, is that her choice but for her there at the Office in Fairview no more work.

Angie sees Nick flirting with Emily, a waitress in a local coffee shop. She is angry and asks him to stop his dalliance and return the man to be ' who has saved her life '. Later that day is Nick back in the bar and is Emily with him again to flirting. When they get away is, call Nick to an unknown someone: he's telling that person that he wants to throw up, but I want guarantees that his wife and son are safe. After the conversation he realizes that Emily might be what may have heard of the conversation and asks this also to her. It denies, which Nick leaves the case. Not much later than anyone the case inside. Emily recognizes the person, but a little later she is strangled and left for dead by that person.

6-09 (120) Would I Think of Suicide? Jason Ganzel Ken Whittingham 29 november2009
The corpse of Emily is found the next morning by the shop manager, and the whole area is (again) in turmoil. The ladies decide that it's time to take action and self-defense classes want to follow. Susan should tell the news gently to Julie, but that is in shock when she hears what happened to Emily and does not feel more secure with best rates guaranteed. Karl proposes to Exchange from cars to her what to do feel safer.What later sees Susan and Julie's car at a motel she thinks Julie her affair has picked up again. She wants her daughter to catch in the Act, but she is shocked when she sees that Bree is having an affair with Karl.She confronts Bree when self defense lessons, but Bree is upset: where strictly speaking, Susan actually last? Bree calls Susan and Karl together Later that day and she wants to make it clear what kind of man he really is Bree. But Bree is convinced that Karl may change and tries to convince Susan that he is no longer the same man earlier and even keep him is start. Susan can not much on say and gives the two her blessing.

Lynette comes in the morning the Office walked in and is surprised by her colleagues: they have (driven by Carlos) organized a farewell party for her. She is not served here and speak with Carlos is furious. He wants to leave, but still that Lynette Lynette keeps obstinately full: she wants her old job back. Carlos refuses to give her job back and goes one step further: she is degraded and he moves to an old, stale Lynettes Office place. That evening, the two couples talking about their day: Carlos and Gabrielle want to make up for it back with Tom and Lynette, but Tom and Lynette Carlos want to drag to court. The following day, Gabrielle her apologize to Lynette, but just then a subpoena issued to Carlos and not long after their reconciliation is further away than ever. It now comes to a war at work: Carlos Lynette a heavy file required by the next day ready to have. But despite the fact that she has worked through a whole night, it is not work in the morning and can dismiss Carlos Lynette.

Danny and some other young people from the neighborhood are talking about the brutal murder of Emily. Just at that time he would walk and speak her Julie comes along: he is in love with her and from her his love.But Julie reminds him off, which Danny collapses: once back home he takes a large amount of sleeping pills. Angie finds her unconscious son on bed and takes him to the hospital. In the meantime get Angie and Nick arguing: Nick has told her that he has to surrender themselves with someone called. Angie is upset, because they are already 18 years on flight for a murder that Angie has committed. What Danny is later than waking up in the hospital. He is still some groggy and when Mona, his nurse, him by his name, Danny that he actually says ' Tyler ' is called.

MJ sees a sad Katherine sit on the pavement in front of her house and asks what is the matter. She invites him inside and tells him why she is so sad. She tells that it's actually the fault of his mother that they are so unhappy and that Susan actually ' a bad person ' is. When Mike hears this later, he furiously Katherine the lesson games: he doesn't want that Katherine still near MJ speaks with him-or else she will not look good of being. A few days later, Mike MJ pick up at a birthday party, but then it turns out that Katherine MJ already is going to pick up. Mike drives like a madman to the home of Katherine, where MJ has baked cookies together with her. He sends his son home and demands an explanation of Katherine. It wants to know the truth that MJ, but Mike drills her fully into the ground: he says, despite the fact that he was with her, he always by Susan has held and that he even thought to her during sex. It collapses completely and asks Katherine to Mike to kill her. Mike wants to do that not even for her, because even that is Katherine not worth it for him. Not much after Mike left, sticking the knife that Mike Katherine themselves than just holding down with.

6-10 (121) Boom Crunch John Pardee & Joey Murphy David Grossman 6 december2009
Jeff and Daphne Temitayo are submitted by Karl Mayer hired to by plane a special message to his beloved Bree. But once in the air get Jeff a heart attack and collapses the plane down on Wisteria Lane, where just a Christmas party started.

Just for Katherine is taken to the hospital, indicates they Mike as the perpetrator and he is immediately arrested by the police. Susan goes to the hospital to thereupon with Bob on her to talk. She refuses to cooperate and declares that Mike has stabbed her in a fit of rage, ' because he can't get her now that he is married to Susan '. Susan know no Board more, until Bob tells that a family member can ensure that they will be included in a mental institution. They are calling on it to Dylan (Katherines daughter) and can convince her through a list to Wisteria Lane to come. Once we arrived would have nothing to do with Susan: according to Dylan Dylan is married to Mike and Katherine namely is Susan her mother's marriage to ruin it. Susan tells her than the truth and there scares for months: her mother's is her lie to something. Now she must confront Katherine with her lies, but Katherine wants flights when she hears what Dylan her has to say. Katherine deposit now and should be kept in check by the hospital staff.

Mona comes in the morning and see how it goes with Danny greeted him with his real name Tyler. Danny scares as he hears this and tells her that he still was dreaming when he said that. What do see Mona later than Angie and Nick difficult at the desk in the hospital and then asked Angie and Nick apart to get to be able to talk with them: she has ' discovered ' their secret: she thinks that the Baker witnessed a crime and now protected by the police. Angie and Nick play the game to Mona to put astray. But when Mona what Danny brings home later and Danny don't know what Mona think you know, he betrays their true past and Angie should go talk with her. Mona is in shock, but realizes that this is important information and demands money from Angie and Nick-otherwise get them to the police. Angie and Nick try the money that Mona demands to glean, but get only part of the requested amount together. Mona demands that Angie and Nick have collected together all the money the next day, otherwise she will denounce them. But Mona is the first victim of the crashing plane: it is mowed down by the wings, just before the device hits the ground.

Lynette and Gabrielle have continue to feud: Carlos can now also lose his job by the lawsuit that Lynette has instituted. That makes Gabrielle only angrier and therefore she refuses any contact with Lynette. Lynette tries to make up (on the advice of Tom), but despite all her attempts Gabrielle refuses any contact. It even comes into a scuffle at the Christmas party and Bree trying to mediate. That doesn't help: it appears that the friendship between the two is finally over. But then the plane down and State Celia on the crash of the aircraft route. Lynette can make her move away just in time and thus save her life.

Bree confronts Orson with the pictures that she has taken of him with an ex-(co-) prisoner and immediately gives him the divorce papers. He is surprised that Bree has gone so far as to separate him and confesses that he all this time has bluffed: he would never be able to indicate to the police and her Bree definitely not blackmail. What also discovered later that someone else has already found Bree Orson. Bree promises him that she will bring her new relationship not go out before their separation is complete. But that's beyond Karl's done: Karl is super happy that he finally Bree to himself and arrange for a plane with a banner, on which he asks her to marry him. Bree hit in panic when they hear this and wants Orson acquainted, but Karl saves Bree and Orson will speak with. This quickly becomes a high rising feud between the two and Bree want to intervene, but then the plane down on Wisteria Lane and hits the decorative cottage where Bree, Orson and Karl in it.

6-11 (122) If ... Jamie Gorenberg Larry Shaw 3 January2010
In the aftermath of the plane crash comes everyone gathered at the hospital to hear who survived the crash and who is not. Meanwhile, thinking all housewives after about their life: what if they had taken other decisions, how would their lives there than have looked?

Susan hears of the nurses that Karl is operated at that time. She wonders how her life would have looked if they decided to give a second chance to have Karl, after he had cheated on her with his Secretary. She would have sought solace in her food and have become smooth like butter. And after 3 years of marriage would probably have come to a end her marriage to Karl. They would then never with Mike have been together and there probably have been only. But then comes a nurse tell her that Karl died as a result of the plane crash.

Bree is injured in the hospital and dream about a life without Orson: what if they would have been married with Karl? He would then probably have cheated her and her dream wedding beaches with him. Orson would wither away and never by their separation about Bree shelter. They would then discover that they have made a big mistake by leaving him. When they wake up, they hear that Orson has survived the blow, but probably is paralyzed .

Gabrielle lies together with Celia in a hospital bed. According to Gabrielle has a gift and therefore has God saved her Celia. They must therefore have a special gift and she begins to dream about Celia's career as an actress. She would do everything to make a celebrated actress Celia 's. That would be her or her marriage to Carlos costs and they would remain alone and bitter. When she wakes up from her dream, she realizes that it is not for her is to Celia's talents and future, but Celia itself.

With Lynette there is nothing to worry about, but first there is complications occur on: there is something wrong with her twin and they should immediately undergo surgery to save the lives of the children. Lynette dreaming about her unborn son during surgery, which she has Patrick baptized. He would have been disabled and she would have had it difficult to educate the boy: he would need a lot of care and attention, but Lynette would like nothing better than to teach the boy what independence. When he would be graduating from the University, he would thank her to always keep believing in him. But once awake, Tom must tell her that one of their babies it has-with the other baby is all in order. Gabrielle and Lynette than also amends soon after.

Angie and Nick still wait in suspense about the fate of nurse Mona. She is operated on and her life is still in danger. Angie then begins to wonder how her life would look like if Mona her surgery survival: they would be arrested and then questioned by FBI agent Padilla. Who would want to know by Angela James (her real name) where Patrick Logan, her former lover and the leader of the gang, is. They would be able to give an answer on, making all the blame would fall on her about what happened and they would be sentenced to life in prison. But the nurse her then report that also Mona died and its secrets so provisionally preserved.

6-12 (123) You Gotta Have a Gimmick Joe Keenan David Grossman 10 January2010
After the death of Karl is his will read out. Susan is surprised when she hears that Karl has left a strip club to her. She visits the club and falls from one surprise to another: Mike appears regularly in the club. If they Mike about this, he has to admit that he appeals to there regularly comes-but as a plumber. Susan doesn't want Mike still in the club, but Mike refuses to go. They consider that a plan and can lure him with a list to the club. See Mike Susan a striptease show for the customers. He is angry and demands that they immediately stop sinning. But Susan wants only do if he promises to never to come to the club-what he does.

Gabrielle and Carlos are very grateful after Tom and Lynette Lynette has saved the life of Celia. Carlos wants to even continue to pay during maternity leave, Lynette but Tom has a better idea: what if he now Lynettes course takes over? Lynette finds it a terrible idea and gets even angrier when she hears that Tom wants to keep her job after the baby is born. She asks him about this, on which Tom have to admit to being that told against Carlos-but only with the best of intentions: he thought that after the loss of one of the babies Lynette would like to remain at home now. That feud has been running fast on a discussion on the loss of the baby: Why can't they talk about the loss? According to Lynette is not necessary, because it only does more pain. Tom has that need clear though, and tries to process the grief than but only.

Bree has regretted her sin and goes there with her priest talking about. He encourages her to Orson in home if they want to try gluing the chunks with Orson. Orson sees that however not sit, and asks to Karen McCluskey or he can stay with her. But Orson has no money and so he must remain at Bree. He refuses to speak with Bree, but then when he discovers that Bree is doing this out of repentance, he realizes that he can save and let Bree here coin from all kinds of difficult tasks.

Julie wants to leave Fairview, because they still don't feel safe after the attack her. Ana Meanwhile shows much interest in Danny, and can convince him (via Julie) with her to go out.

Gabrielle and Carlos want to enroll in the same school where Juanita MJ school runs. During the interview it quickly wrong when Juanita runs their Mexican origin in question. Thereupon Carlos begins to doubt whether this school be fine for their daughter and wants to send her to a school with many Mexican children. Gabrielle sees that not be to deny her past, which Carlos alleges. But when Gabrielle than some old photographs from her youth back, she realizes that she must be proud on her background and that also want to pass on to her children.

6-13 (124) How About a Friendly Shrink? Jason Ganzel Lonny Price 17 January2010
On a dinner party at Bob and Lee at home, hear Tom that the men in therapy are. He would also like to in therapy, but Lynette finds it a ridiculous idea. Thereupon Tom to step to the therapist only decision-he loves even a ' gevoelens'-booklet accompanying. Lynette finds it not be that they can give no reply on Toms feelings and get yourself to Dr. Graham (Jane Leeves). Once there, she tries to defend herself, but the therapist's questions a few rake do her tacking: she goes from now with Tom to the therapist.

Orson benefits heavily from Brees goodness: he let her impossible things do and refuses to go also in bath. It starts for Bree to weigh heavily by soon and demands of Orson that he says ' please ' at each question.Orson would not go into, and then Orson refuses Bree to give his breakfast. Orson is angry, but when he hears his physiotherapist stop in front, he throws himself on the ground. He gives Bree of this debt, which the therapist gets angry on Bree. The therapist urges her to have more patience with Orson, otherwise they will have to report this. Bree does then another attempt to Orson in bad, but when he still refuses to do this, the Bree all too much and ' washes ' Orson with the garden hose. But Bree quickly regret, when Orson its says it for him humiliating is to always have to ask something and nothing more only to be able to do so.Bree Orson now understands and asks him for forgiveness.

Juanita now goes to the same school as MJ. At school they have a special system to classify children: each group gets a animals name. To the parents will not be told which group is the most advanced, otherwise it would be increased pressure on the children. But that's beyond Gabrielle and Susan counted: they want absolutely to find out which group has made the most progress and go very very far for this. the situation soon runs out of control and both ladies are now on the mat by the Director of the school called.

Angie is not at all set up with Ana, Danny's latest girlfriend and wants her rather lost. After some good advice by Lee she tries Ana for her to win, but Ana has that quickly. She wonders what Angie has against her.Angie has to confess that she does not want to hurt that Danny is, but Ana denies that it intends to hurt Danny.

Katherine is included in an institution and there she is, thanks to her therapy and her medication, soon the old. They very ashamed for what happened and dare to face her friends no longer come. When they then visited by Karen McCluskey she also is not at all happy with it. Karen asks her when she comes back home, but that sees Katherine not be. But Karen calls: her friends drop her not go for that one slip. Katherine is there not convinced, until they hear the voice of Gabrielle. Susan, Bree, Lynette and they even want to be forgiven and come her slip Katherines pay a visit to show that they really mean it.

6-14 (125) The Glamorous Life Dave Flebotte Bethany Rooney 31 January2010
Susan sells its share in the strip club and goes to say goodbye to the club. There she has a short chat with Robin (Julie Benz). She can convince her to stop stripping, but her surprise is great when Robin all of a sudden for her door and asks what they should do next. They will get the idea to Robin as her assistant at school. But that has been running for fast error when one of her fathers recognizes and ensures that Robin is fired. Robin can now no longer back and thereby Susan feels guilty. She can convince Mike Robin for a while when letting them live.

Orson is tired of his life and decides his stuff to give away to neighbors. Bree is shocked when she hears this and tries to bring him, but Orson is determined to deprive himself of life. He tells her that he wants to continue life, perhaps as Bree can say that she loves him. But that may not continue, and so would like Bree Orson with his plan. Bree tells him not just let this happen and then that they want to go back from him, but that they cannot if he is no longer there.

Tom and Lynette are still in therapy, and according to Tom is their therapy fine. But not for Lynette: she feels forced in a corner and want a second opinion questions to another therapist. Tom sees that however do not sit and want to continue their visits to Dr. Graham. But then they invited by Dr. Graham on a stage performance in which they play along. Dr. Graham turns out to be a bad actress, and therefore Tom and Lynette her now not more seriously as a therapist and they decide to find another doctor.

Gabrielle is angry at Danny and Ana Angie because they only let on Danny's bedroom. According to Angie is nothing to worry about, but Gabrielle takes no chances: she gives Ana a cheque for her future studies in New York, but she draws the cheque only when they no longer has sex with Danny. Ana accepts the cheque but that evening Carlos Ana and Danny caught in the seat. He is furious and takes Danny tightly. Angie is coincidentally just outside and sees Danny Carlos grasp them. They storming the House of Gaby and Carlos Carlos makes clear that within and if he tries that again, they killed him. The next day to make up for the Gabrielle and Carlos back with Angie and want to ring the Bell at her, but then they hear Nick and Angie falling out and confess some of their secrets.

6-15 (126) Lovely David Schladweiler David Warren 21 February2010
At the party in honor of Katherines return makes the whole neighborhood knowledge with Robin. The men see an ex-stripper on their street though, but not the women. They ask to Susan what her inspired to buy her, but Susan efflorescent itself: Why teach the women hair first to know before they assess her not what?

Lynette celebrating her wedding anniversary with Tom, but that is disturbed by Parker and his friends: they spy on Robin in the shower with a pair of binoculars. When Lynette tells Robin that Robin confronts this, Parker has given her money to have sex with her. Together with Tom she picks up Parker submit reports to, and later her apologies to Robin.

In order to thank Susan and Mike, would this Council goes a cake baking and Robin questions to Bree. Who has quickly realized that Robin Cook does not much and wants to help her. While baking is Bree los and tells Robin about her problems with Orson. Robin recommends that than to be able to have sex with Orson back if she wants it ever comes back fine. That inspires Bree to a lap dance, but that has been running fast wrong. They will then need to explain to Orson why they did this, and that it may appreciate that Bree tries to approach him.

Now Gaby and Carlos know that Angie and Nick have a criminal past, they try to do everything to Ana and Danny to drive apart. She can convince used to represent a friend of Ana as a model in New York, but Ana sees that not be: she has already made plans for the future with Danny. When Robin than against Gabrielle says she has experienced just the same with a boyfriend of her, want to Gabrielle that Robin tells that story to Ana. To New York anyway to leave decision thereupon Ana. Gabrielle is overjoyed that Robin has helped her, but when Robin hears the reason why, she is angry and she goes against Danny tell where Ana is. He grabs his stuff and then draws (in the dead of night) Ana chasing.

Susan becomes jealous when she sees Robin give Mike a massage. Still she doesn't want Robin to Mike, and Mike would like to give yourself a massage. But that is wrong and Mike ends up in the hospital. Susan then confesses to Robin that she is jealous, and not to damage their friendship, Robin decides to move.

She then pulls in at Katherine, who still have a room about. Katherine feels still not on top of the world and that Robin has seen. She decides Katherine take them to a local bar, but there goes Robin with all attention. Katherine feels a little left out, and that Robin has also seen. To her what cheer (and the men to bully) coast they Katherine on the mouth. If they return home, Katherine swears that they never got a man should have. Thereupon Robin confesses that she actually is bisexual . Katherine is there to laugh hard first, but soon she begins to doubt her stores and thinking about her own sexuality.

6-16 (127) The Chase John Pardee & Joey Murphy Larry Shaw 28 February2010
Celia Gets the chicken pox and thereby Gabrielle (who has never had the disease) temporarily stay at buren Lee and Bob. That take her out partying and make her life very pleasant. Gabrielle really enjoy her stay and extend her stay through a list can get some. But then she discovers that Lee and Bob try to adopt a child. She realizes that they are lucky with her two children. She grabs her suitcases and returns home.

One of Brees staff, Tad, makes quite a lot of mistakes and she wants to do something about it. Andrew Bree defends him and don't want him relieve. Then suddenly a man on challenges in Brees Office: Sam Allen (Samuel Page). He's looking for work and want to work for it. Bree first, but doubts he can convince her. What later get Bree and Andrew again arguing about Tad. Sam observes the quarrel and soon notes (correctly) on that Andrew has had an affair with Tad. Bree is shocked and Sam has that seen: he tries to convince Andrew to dismiss her even.

Lynette has in the meantime so busy with her pregnancy, that they forget Penny's birthday. To return it to make up she organizes a party. But on the pie is a wrong name and Penny is so furious at her, that she decides to run away from home. She also steals her mother's credit card, and so the police can find her soon. Lynette apologizes and asks why she's run away. Then it turns out that Penny is jealous on the unborn baby. Lynette allows her at ease: If the baby there is, are the women with one more and they get more power in the House.

Susan and Mike are invited by Karen and Roy for a brunch. There encourages Susan to marry Roy to with Karen. And if it turns out that Karen itself would like to marry, asks Roy to her. But Roy is angry at Susan: he is now engaged to be married, he'll try strange to go with other women. He wants to kiss other women kissing and decision thereupon Susan. Susan wants to tell the truth than to Karen, but then they crack into tears and tells Susan that she might has lung cancer . She is going with Roy speak, and now he's determined to get married with Karen: its losses could be worse than to lose his freedom.

Katherine has a sexual dream about her and Robin. She's going about it speak to her psychiatrist and that encourages her to to Robin to ask to move. But before they can ask that to her, Robin tells her that she has found work and cracks a bottle of champagne. They spill a little on her blouse and pulling out. Katherine can't do this and asks to Robin to move. Robin agrees, but then it gets Katherine regret and she goes to Robins room and draws them close the door behind her.

Angie and Nick find a note from Danny stating that he went Camping with his best friend Eddie. But then they come Eddie in the supermarket and must confess where Danny Eddie really are is. Thereupon they decide to draw to New York to search for it. But the city is also the city where them out have fled Patrick Logan.

6-17 (128) Chromolume No. 7 Marco Pennette Lonny Price 14 March2010
The Scavo family waits eagerly for the return of Preston. He has a surprise with it and the whole family is curious about what he has brought along. At his home appears to have a girlfriend Preston: Irina, a Russian clean. Lynette finds his girlfriend but nothing and let that also turn out. Which later Preston then proudly tell he is getting married to Irina and that he is the ring of his grandmother would give gladly to Irina. Lynette sees that not sit and leave a copy at the jewelry store, in the hope that Irina the ring let treasures and concludes that Preston has no more money. But Irina is cunning: she has by that the ring is a copy and gives the ring back to Lynette.

Andrew is jealous of the attention and promotions that Sam gets Valentine and let that clearly brands at a party. That quickly runs out of control and the next day I want to Bang her apologize to Sam and brings him a visit. However, he is not at home, but the door is open and Bree goes inside. There she finds a picture of Sam with Rex, her ex-husband. She demands an explanation of Sam, who now own up that Rex is actually his father. His mother Bree and Rex had a relationship just before he has, and from that relationship is Sam born. Years he has fantasized about his father. After the death of his mother he wanted to finally learn more about his father. Bree understands and accepts him as her stepson Sam now.

Susan pays off a loan of Mike, what he can't really appreciate it. Later she discovers that Katherine has slept with Robin and tells this to Mike. According to Susan is Katherine become lesbian after he left her-probably because Mike a real gentleman is in bed. Mike is now even angrier and wants to prove that he is a real guy is. But that is wrong when he falls of the kitchen table. He is still angry with Susan because she has paid off a loan from him, and wants Susan destroys the cheque, what they also promises to do.

Katherine is confused now she has slept with Robin. She goes there with Bob and Lee are talking about, which assure her that she is Lesbian and probably not very likely had drunk too much that night. When she speaks about it in the evening with Robin, Robin believes her and she proves the opposite: She kisses Katherine on the mouth, and Katherine leave her alone.

Angie wants to know of Gabrielle that Ana will stay in New York City, because Danny is her traveled. Gaby wants to give the address first, until she hears that Ana know Gabrielle sent her to the city has to stay away from Danny. Together with Angie Gabrielle goes looking for Danny and Ana. There they run into two ex-colleagues from Gaby: Heidi Klum and Paulina Porizkova. Which are not at all happy to see Gabrielle back: they haven't forgotten what Gabrielle has done them all in the past. Through its (former) agent learns them her career drew to a close when she was getting married with Carlos, and that he has therefore pushed her to marry him. So does Gaby to repent and then when they finally Ana finds (who in the meantime equally difficult as her aunt) gives her the Council to respond to his and her commands to run properly.

On the run from Gabrielle and Angie, diving under when his grandmother Ana and Danny. Angie is going to visit her, but the woman is not set up with her visit. They also want to see Danny at her remains, but Angie can convince her to Danny anyway to let go. On the flight back home tells Angie than to Gabrielle about her past: on her eighteenth she was very committed to the environment. She has then met a man who has sent her the wrong path and that makes dead cases. She is when Nick come across and has since been on the run for that man. Gabrielle then asks who that man is, which Angie says that Danny's father.

Meanwhile, the neighbor of Angies MOM seen that Angie with her mother are staying, and calling on it to Patrick Logan to tell Angie that she has seen and knows what she is hiding.

6-18 (129) My Two Young Men Bob Daily David Grossman 21 March2010
MJ and Juanita for a collection action at school should sell chocolate. The child that most chocolate can sell, then gets a nice price. MJ has no sense in: he never WINS anything. When Susan hears this, she wants to let MJ absolutely win. But that's beyond Gabrielle's done: she wants that Juanita WINS, because she has no friends at school and Gaby hopes to raise Juanita's popularity. The sells quickly escalates when Gabrielle and Susan there a contest among their two of them start thwart each other. But then Susan hears that Juanita wants to have a girlfriend and love to let Susan Juanita win.

Bree tells Andrew that Sam is his half-brother. Andrew is there not at all happy with it. To get to know him better, she invites Bree organizes a dinner party for Sam and Dani elle out also. On the dinner party is Andrew just angrier on Sam, especially when Bree an old guitar by Rex to Sam wants to give. He beats the guitar broke down and runs out of the room. Bree is disappointed in Andrew, but also happy: they can now chat with Sam about Rex. Meanwhile he tries to calm Orson Andrew Andrew recommends to: to look for to find out if the past of Sam and Sam also tells no lies, because Orson has his doubts.

Karen McCluskey gives a party because they healed and no longer has cancer. Katherine and Robin are also invited, but Katherine does not want with Robin to the party: no one knows that they are a couple and she wants just keep it that way. At party flirt Katherine than with another man, and that irritates Robin beyond measure. They get in a fight and everyone can hear that Katherine has been sleeping with Robin. Karen tells Katherine that they don't have to listen to others and must do what they themselves want. Thereupon she decides that Robin must leave-but they get called. Together they decide to go to Paris and find out if there is anything between the two.

The tension between Lynette and Irina runs ever further on: when Lynette the two caught on prestons room, she demands that Tom intervenes. But Preston and Irina are Lynette for and announce that they only go live. Lynette and Tom now hope that this Preston come to repent will do: they don't have much money and living together is something else as a relationship. But that hope is quickly quashed when Preston announces that he quit studying and work has found. Lynette then goes with Irina talk and puts her out that she always for Preston will fight. But Irina does hate Lynette and thrown in a few extras: they bring forward her marriage to next week and wants him with her away.

Nick wants to tell Danny that he is not his real father, but Angie stops him: for her is Nick Danny's father, because he has raised and raised him. Nick doubts yet, but decide to keep that secret for the time being for themselves. Meanwhile, Patrick Logan brings a visit to the neighbor Angies's mother. He gets her the necessary information about where Angie is hiding and kills her then.

6-19 (130) We All Deserve to Die Josann McGibbon & Sara Parriott Larry Shaw 18 april2010
Susan discovers that Mike has financial problems and wants to help him. But Mike refuses to accept her help. Thereupon consider Susan a plan: she's going at all the neighbors something sabotage and gives them the money to Mike to be able to pay. But Mike found out what Susan has outstretched and is mad at her. He gives Susan her money back and calls for help from Carlos, because its financial situation is hopeless.

Andrew discovered that Sam never graduated from the University and confronts him with this. He then tells that he is not graduated because he wanted to provide for his sick mother. Sam is now taking revenge and discovered in the accounting that Andrew has a few too many customers is charged. Bree confronts now its turn Andrew with Sams findings and dismisses him. Sam is glad that Bree has him fired, but his joy is short-lived when he learns that Bree Andrew will accept again. Thereupon he sabotages an important party of Bree and crosses the blame on Andrew. Bree is horrified that Andrew wants to damage her career, but Orson is not convinced that Andrew would do this and suspect Sam.

Bob and Lee fight, and that Gabrielle has seen and heard. When she asks for the reason of their feud, it turns out that their donor mother has pulled out. Gabrielle then spontaneously offers its services to, where Bob and Lee but what like to go into it. Carlos, however, is not so happy with Gabrielles proposal. But Gabrielle continues and goes with the boys discuss their baby. Gabrielle has, however, not by what her role as surrogate mother and looks for herself a role to play in education. Bob and Lee do her than see that her part in the education is limited, and that they even want to move once the baby is born. Thereupon she pulls her in its offer and Gabrielle apologize to Bob and Lee. But then it turns out that Bob and Lee have had a big hassle after Gaby has withdrawn its proposal and that Lee has broken their relationship.

Patrick Logan has a chat with his son Danny for the first time in the cafeteria where Danny works. He occurs as author and tells him his life story, without assessing Patrick Danny really mean.

Lynette is desperate: Irina will marry in a few days with her son and she can bring him not to other thoughts. But when she goes shopping for a wedding gown with Irina, Irina gets phone from someone in Russia. The store clerks also speaks Russian and translates for Lynette the conversation. She continues on research and discovers that Irina has been married several times, and actually still married! She confronts Irina with her findings, but that is not at all impressed: she will tell this myself to Preston and there a twist to give so that he believes her. But Preston has heard what Irina has told all to his mother and severs the relationship.Irina must now leave the House and on the way to the station she is picked up by Eddie, one of prestons best friends. He tries to decorate her, but she does not address his advances. Eddie is so ferocious, that he kills her and buries her body along the side of the road.

6-20 (131) Epiphany Marc Cherry David Grossman 25 april2010
Eddie Orlovsky seems like a regular guy next door on Wisteria Lane, but Eddie carries a terrible secret with him: he is the strangler who terrorizes the street for a while.

Mary-Alice has to know Eddie when he was still a little kid: she was there to witness how Eddies father left his mother Barbara. She offers Barbara a listening ear to and tries to help her. If they return a few days later to see how it goes with them in the meantime, it turns out that Barbara on step is and Eddie all alone at home. Mary Alice goes along with Eddie looking for Barbara and read her wild the lesson when they finally find her. Barbara shows remorse and says to Mary Alice that they never will do. But Barbara gives the little Eddie here blame: he has destroyed her life.

Gabrielle has to know Eddie on the day they moved to Wisteria Lane: Eddie played in the empty House have moved since the previous owners. They build a friendship, but when Eddie Gabrielle and Carlos got caught in the bathroom, Carlos demands that Gabrielle girlfriends are looking for her own age. She tries to make this clear to Eddie, but who is angry and runs wildly away.

Bree hired Eddie in as handyman. One day she wants Eddie pay for his services rendered, and wants to give him some extra. Eddie does not accept this and gives the money back to Bree. When Bree asks if he has no girlfriend to spend the money on, never see him Eddie replies that women. Bree gives him some advice on how he should decorate girls. But then it turns out that Eddie is in love with Dani elle and Bree goes with Barbara talk about Eddie's feelings. Barbara laughs in his face: he is Eddie than according to her just like his father. The day after Bree tries to establish a conversation with Eddie about the incident yesterday.According to Dani elle Eddie and Bree can just be friends, but Eddie is looking for someone who loves him '. Eddie speaks that night with a prostitute. He has flowers for her, but the woman laughs him out too. This is for Eddie the proverbial drop and he kills the woman.

Susan notes Eddie for the first time in a local cafe, just after Mike started a relationship with Katherine. He is on sketching and Susan will see that Eddie has talent for this. She offers him right away to give him to hone his technique and coaching. They even pay for a holiday course and Eddie is overjoyed: this is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for him. But then Eddie hears that Susan back is getting married with Mike and he tries to convince her that she should not marry with Mike, but with him. Susan takes this as a joke and should be rushing to the Church. Eddie is so upside down that he wants to take revenge: as he spies on the evening the home of Susan, he sees someone putting out the garbage bags. He thinks it is and tries to strangle her Susan. But then he accidentally sees Eddie that Julie has strangled and he runs away quickly.

Lynette kent Eddie long: her sons are friends of his. One evening the whole family plays Scavo (and Eddie) a series of Board Games. Suddenly there is a knock at the door: Barbara wants to know where her son is and where he has hidden the drink. Lynette does understand that they can no longer remain on the side and wants Eddie include in her family.

Eddie returns Meanwhile back home. There, his mother caught out the door of his room, looking for drink. But instead of a bottle, Barbara finds some newspaper clippings about the recent killings on Wisteria Lane.She asks him if he had anything to do there, and he confirms her suspicions. They would call the cops, but Eddie beats her down with a bottle of booze and then strangles her. Just in the that time calling Lynette to.She asks to Eddie if he intends to withdraw at her family, on which Eddie love to takes effect.

6-21 (132) A Little Night Music Matt Berry David Warren 2 may2010
Susan inherits an expensive piano by her aunt. She wants to look like to brag about in front of Gabrielle, but Mike asks (knowing that he has borrowed a cash grab by Carlos) not to do so. Meanwhile, Gabrielle wants to buy in Aspenlike a skihutje, but not Carlos: he has the money supposedly already invested in something else. Gabrielle obviously wants to know in what Carlos has their money invested, but he would not answer.She brings a visit to their accountant and comes (via a list) to know that Carlos has given the money to Mike. She wants to look with Susan about speaking, but Susan can Thom and let Gaby see her piano. That shoots Gabrielle in the wrong way and demands an explanation from Susan: Why buy them expensive pianos as Mike has money borrowed from Carlos? To her surprise that Mike also should Gabrielle Susan left in limbo and together they devise a plan to confess the truth to do their men. When it finally comes to light, apologies must Mike and he gives her all paperwork.

Lynette learns Porter know when another side of Eddie in the meantime his mother does not want to help in the household. Porter has met up with some friends, but Lynette wants him first was out of the machine picks up. Porter then makes move to leave, but Eddie is furious when his mother ignores United him to Porter. That night ties Lynette a conversation about this with Eddie: also it has an alcoholic mother had when she was growing up, and he must learn to deal with his anger. She brings him some relaxation techniques at. A few days later returns Tom back home, and he is angry at Lynette because there is no food in the House and he's hungry. Eddie fits than a technique and Lynette should intervene to pacify Eddie. She discusses the events that night with Tom. Who wants to throw him outside, but Lynette wants Eddie on therapy.She tries to find out whether the therapy what moves forward, but the therapist is frugal with information and asks Lynette if she could deliver his mother comes to the sessions. Lynette then brings a visit to Eddies family home, but will hear from neighbors that Barbara all days has disappeared and that her car still looming.

Bree and Sam walk together through the supermarket, when Sam suddenly see a woman that he would rather not at all more would see. He's going to speak with her and Bree can follow the whole conversation from a distance. Bree only returns the next day back to the grocery store and discovered who the woman actually is: his mother Lillian. They have a brief conversation, and in it teaches Bree that Rex long ago has offered to care for Sam. Sam has this letter only discovered and was so ferocious, that he no longer wants to know his own mother. When he also devised the plan for Bree to come to work. Bree confronts him with his lies, but that make Sam only becomes more fierce. She asks advice from Orson and Andrew about Sam, and who recommended her to dismiss him. But that's not so simple: according to Bree she is afraid of Sam.

The past of Angie continues to play tricks: she was once along with Patrick Logan (terrorist) an inseparable duo. They came on for the environment and were also madly in love with each other. But when ran the error: ran in the preparation of an attack there is something wrong and there is when someone died. Angie wanted to confess to the police when steps and everything. But that Patrick saw not sit and Angie is there when, along with baby Danny and her current boyfriend Nick (he was an FBI agent who did research on them), gone away and is since that day on the run from Patrick. Patrick wants to know more about the family Meanwhile Boules and goes even speak with Danny in the cafe where he works. There he hears that Nick is an avid runner and goes jogging every night. Patrick then saves that night: he at Roosendaal Nick. That ends up in the hospital and is now well in the scare at Angie and Nick: they send Danny for a few days away, and Nick also that Angie would leave. She returns home to pack her suitcases, but Patrick has hidden itself in the meantime. He welcomed her and Angie thinks she will die. But Patrick has needed her for something else, and if they bring to a successful conclusion, he will let them live. He also recommends that off to go to the police to step in (because then they arrested) or run away (then he kills Nick). He grabs his bags and stays with Angie staying.

6-22 (133) The Ballad of Booth Bob Daily Larry Shaw 9 may2010
Susan discovers that some of Mikes customers will not or cannot pay him. She then goes to the money itself but behind and soon she notices that she has a little faster result threatens the customers. She feels reborn, but Mike points out her on that taxes their money quickly want to see. They then goes an extension demands at the controller, but that is not set up with Susans intrusiveness and gives them an additional fine. To get out of their financial impasse, decide to rent out their house and Mike and Susan to leave Wisteria Lane.

Bree, Orson and Andrew figure out a plan to Sam aside. They offer him a generous severance pay, but Sam is not served there: he's not going to leave the case. Bree will now see no other way out and asks to two retired police officers to intimidate Sam a little. That makes Sam only becomes more fierce and now comes his true nature to above: he demands Valentine that they transfer him her entire Empire to, otherwise he will step to the police (and the family Solis) and he will tell them that Andrew Carlos ' mother Juanita got ran over.

Patrick Logan wants that Angie for him a new bomb works. She refuses to cooperate, but is required by him. Just like she wants to start on the task, please call Gabrielle to. Gabrielle would like to have a recipe forlasagna by Angie. While they are searching the recipe, set Patrick occur if Angies brother. What later, all of a sudden Patrick back at home because Danny has sent him an sms via Angies phone. He binds Danny stuck on a Chair and threatens Angie now: if they are not working, he will kill Danny. But then suddenly the Bell: Gabrielle wants that Angie her lasagna tastes. Angie takes the lasagna to the kitchen, pulls out a piece out and puts out a note in the lasagna, stating that she and Danny are held hostage by Patrick. And once back home, Celia finds the note in the lasagna.

The police find the body of Irina, prestons fiance, along the side of the road. They come, and report this to the Scavo family who are all shocked about her death. The police would like to speak with Preston. Eddie hears the entire conversation with the police and feel the ground beneath his feet too hot: he tells Lynette that he returns back home until the situation is cleared up. Lynette then goes with Preston to the Police Office, where Preston is verified his alibi. He is released and when leaving the police station hears Lynette that there is still a corpse is found. It turns out to be the corpse of Barbara Orlovsky, Eddie's mother. She hurries over to Eddie's House to give him the tragic news to report, but then Eddie betrays itself: he's telling her that he his mother has just spoken on the phone. Lynette has by now that Eddie is killer, but Eddie is not going to let go of Lynette.

6-23 (134) I Guess This is Goodbye Alexandra Cunningham David Grossman 16 may2010
Thinking of her children is Lynette still held hostage by Eddie. He wants like a thief in the night, Lynette advises him to leave, but to call the police and to give himself to. But Eddie refuses that. at that time the contractions start Lynettes water and breaks. Not much later discovered Tom that Lynette at Eddie is at home. He's going to go there and adds up to. Eddie keeps his hand in front of her mouth so that she can't call and Tom goes away again. Lynette required Eddie to help her. He does it possible, but found that the umbilical cord around the throat of the child sits. Lynette gives him the necessary instructions and he saves the life of her baby. At the time that he wants flights recommends him once again to Lynette to call the police, she would be proud of him. Eddie continues and takes care of the baby while Lynette the police call.

Mike and Susan do a ' yard sale ' to their stuff to sell their home in the Avenue, they move to an apartment behind a gas station in the city. Roy, the friend of McClusky buys the dinosaur of MJ. Not much later it turns out that he wants his toys back, but Roy would not give back: Toy sold is sold. Susan collapses and gives Mike the blame for everything: should they move by him. Mike knows to comfort her.

Bree admits to blackmail by Sam: she gives him her company, that Andrews secret would not drain. Orson: Bree will not let this terrible Andrew pay for his actions, but he had to identify herself for the side impact Mike and 3 years in prison stay. He finds this hugely hypocritical by his own wife and grabs his suitcases and leaves. Bree realizes that they are not doing well and goes with Gaby talk and want to confess everything.

Danny is still tied to a Chair in his room and down has made the bomb Angie Patrick wants. Gaby helps Nick escape from the hospital and together they will try to save Angie and Danny. But if they are about to invade in the House of the Baker, Nick is faint. Gaby now will only do, but can involve Susan in the conspiracy. While Danny's room through a rozenrek keeps busy trying to accomplish, Susan Patrick to the front door. But those boards soon after her soon and not leave Angie and Patrick. But Patrick has the bomb in the House hiding. Further it stops the car. He loves the remote control of the bomb and expresses it. Angie now has 30 seconds to get her son out of the House and running as fast they can. However, she remains in the middle of the street and turns around. With a smiling face she looks at Patrick, after which the car explodes. She had stopped in the remote control and the bommechanisme not in the so-called bomb. A day later leave the Baker from Wisteria Lane. Nick and Angie have for Danny bought a ticket to New York, he shall be Ana are. They leave for other places and say goodbye to each other.

In the urban hospital dies an old nurse. For she dies she wants to make a confession to the priest and he wants which in turn inform the entire hospital staff to rectify its error. Many years ago she has cheated a couple on Wisteria Lane: one of the families has a child that is not of them.

While Mike and Susan leave Wisteria Lane, the new occupant of their home driving in the driveway. Lee gives him a tour of the House and tells him that he will find the new neighborhood great. He tells in turn to Lee that he lived there once and that the residents in all States will if they see him again: Paul Young returns to Wisteria Lane.

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