This article lists the episodes and actors from season 5 of Desperate Housewives. The season consists of 24 episodes and ran from september 28, 2008 to May 17,2009 in the United States. In this season had been in five years time, what a lot of changes with it.

The hundredth episode of the show is also for this season (episode 13, The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened). This season is also the last in which actress Nicollette Sheridan can be seen (episode 19, Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know).


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Nr. Title Writer (s) Director United States Broadcasting [1]
5-01 (88) You're Gonna Love Tomorrow Marc Cherry Larry Shaw 28 september


Lynette has her twins Preston and Porter in five years see grow up to be real teenagers. They caught the twins in the restaurant, they have converted into a casino. As punishment they should not go to the schoolball . They are looking for some support at Tom, but that finds it cool that his sons have organized and undo the casino makes the punishment. Lynette consider than a map to Tom a lesson to learn: she gives the twins the keys to his convertible to get to the ball to go. Lynette then makes clear to Tom that they are a team and not a decision that can be undone by the other once a penalty is given.

Bree and Katherine have made a success of their catering business : Bree is about to publish her first book with recipes. She wears the book to Katherine, but who is jealous of Brees success and the few attention they get and let Bree a difficult cake Assembly when the television cameras run. That failed, of course, and Katherine can show its arts. But to Brees success is also a flip side: a few years ago is Dani elle married to Leo Katz and Benjamin Valentine declined.

Susan is, after a terrible accident in which 2 people were killed (a mother with her child) separated from Mike. They withdrew this accident much harder than he and the feuds ran high. together they share custody of their son Maynard. Susan has in the meantime also know Jackson, a painter who her home Refurbisher and occasionally shares with her the sheets. For Susan this is sufficient, but he wants more and tries to convince her to see each other more and more open about their relationship.

Gabrielle and Carlos are past 5 years became proud parents of 2 daughters, Juanita and Celia. Gabrielle is now a full-time mother and already has her looks lost. As parents they see not that their daughters have to contend with being overweight. When they then Juanita sees a gigantic piece of cake at a birthday party food and some mothers hear gossip about her and her daughter (thick), is enough: she tries to convince what sport, Juanita but must use a trick Juanita get moving.

After 5 years of absence Edie returns back to Wisteria Lane. She is now married to Dave Williams, a seemingly friendly man, but he has a secret: he is out for revenge. Someone on Wisteria Lane has him ever injured and will now have to pay for.

5-02 (89) We're So Happy, you're So Happy Alexandra Cunningham David Grossman 5 October


Lynette discovers that one of Porter's classmates is caught with drugs. She wants to start a conversation with him about, but it's not. Parker teaches her than ' Silverfizz ', a social networking site where Porter is a member. Lynette also writes in and occurs if the sixteen-year-old SaraJ. The situation spiraling out of control when Porter romantic poetry begins to disks to SaraJ. But the secret is out and Porter is furious on his mother, because he began to feel more.

Bree has the razenddruk: her new book comes out, they must give a radio interview and she has to catera birthday party. That is not good at Orson: first is the title of Brees book Mrs. of the Kamp Old Fashioned Recipes and not Mrs. Hodge's Old Fashioned Recipes, secondly, she declares him dead on the radio and thirdly promises they all three days to prepare his favorite dish: a stew. He asks her if she is sometimes embarrassed because he has 3 years in prison for running over from Mike, whatever her condition was getting back together. It claims van but he feels more and more pushed to the background. When Bree then let cateringsop return from her nomination, is tired and he is still waiting for his favorite dish and required her to make this ready.

Gabrielle should to a swanky birthday party and is looking forward to come between the people again, because now they mother is she comes there no longer much to it. But Carlos works in the meantime asmasseur on the country club where the party is organised, and Gabrielle then gets Valentine is told that they are no longer welcome at the party. Gaby picks up this not and goes to the party, while not on the red carpet but along the service entrance. Their presence is not appreciated and Gabrielle and Carlos are the Hall turned off. Carlos finds those chic parties all not necessary: he is lucky as they are: married with Gabrielle and 2 beautiful children is all he needs.

Susan Jackson to explain who is son MJ , but also Mike Jackson met and want to take it with you for a night out: Jackson sleeps after all in the same House as his son, so he has the right to know who he is. Do this at Susan Jackson for the sweat and fear she prepares on a night out with Mike: what he needs and what he should speak is all in advance determined. Susan then wait how their evening has expired, and perfectly the two great well: they even go off again later that week. But during their night out, Mike has some sexual secrets of Susan with Jackson shared and when they discovered this, she wants to not that Jackson still goes out with Mike. Jackson belt off for their night together, just that night that he normally with Mike would go out. Susan thinks he's lying and goes to the bar where they normally would agree on. But they will find only Mike Jackson to, is really not there.

Edie is upset with Karen McCluskey. Who has a note about her breasts and she wants to immediately leave Wisteria Lane. Dave, her husband, can convince her to stay and talk with Karen goes. He asks Karen to her to apologize to Edie, but Karen refuses. Dave asks her to think about: Karen is an old woman with not much companionship, she has only Toby (Ida Greenberg's cat) to keep her company and it would be a shame that they only would stay behind. A few days later, Toby is then gone. Dave offers Karen are helping in the search for the cat, and that makes Karen suspicious. She offers her apologies when making Edie, and tells that they need to tell this to Dave. And that same evening, Karen finds Toby back in her living room. This does Karen decide to set up a scavenger hunt into the past by Dave: call them in to Katherine and asks if she can use her computer.

5-03 (90) Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else Joe Keenan Bethany Rooney 12 October


Lynette asks Tom to the garage to clean up. Tom finds a lot of things he'd ever want to do, but where it never came of it. So is there a bass guitar where he regularly played, along with Mike when he still lived on Wisteria Lane. Dave sees the guitar and tells that he did some drumming. The two now a strap to Lynettes dismay, and they go whole days practicing in the garage, which Lynette madman makes. She devises a plan to get the guitar break: she puts him in the garage on the ground and lay there a doll of Penny at, so it looks like it has that guitar there. And that works: Tom rides his own guitar broke down and is angry at Penny. Dave has heard of the accident and gives to Lynette a guitar with the message that they should give the guitar to Tom because he has that few hours of relaxation in the week desperately needed.

After much deliberation has Orson Dani elle and her family so far to come on a weekend visit: it is already 3 years since they have seen yet Benjamin. Dani elle has completely changed: she is married to Leo Katz (a lawyer), Benjamin calls her just Dani elle instead of "MOM" and she has her whole lifestyle changed: they live very ' aware ' nature and they eat all three vegetarian. Bree is shocked: according to hear her meat just at a meal. She lures Benjamin to a story than in the fall by dissen about Dani elle when she was young: she ate very much like hot dogs when she was six. But Benjamin can't stand meat and gives all about during dinner. Dani elle is furious and leaves the next morning Wisteria Lane.

Gabrielle and Carlos sell their luxury car and buy with the money the car of Andrew about it. The thing is a wreck and regularly falls silent. There are apparently several defects and soon want Gabrielle her money back from Andrew. But who refuses: sold is sold. Gabrielle, however, not as fast on: she forces him to give the money back, if not, they can drive with her wreck in his new sports car. And that works, Gabrielle gets her money back.

Susan notes that MJ is bullied on the little square, but he wants to talk about it with his mother, with his father. Mike also can not prise out a lot at MJ, beyond the fact that he wants to learn to fight. Susan sees through the window who the bully is: Juanita Solis. She speaks there Gabrielle over to, but that is not immediately willing to work. Not much later she sees MJ again being bullied by Juanita, and now the measure of her full: she pushes Juanita on the ground. Gabrielle has seen this and it comes to a real Brawl between Susan and Gabrielle. Susan offers her apologies to her later and together they dine, gossiping about their children and how difficult it is to bring them.

Katherine and Karen invite Edie out for a dinner party, so as to learn more about her husband Dave. But Karen isn't exactly subtle in her interrogation and Edie wants to soon have something else. Edie, Dave, Katherine and Karen are then invited by Bree to dine. Katherine trying subtly by Dave to find out where he has studied, but that wimpelt the question off quickly. But now also sets Edie that question to him and he must confess that he has not studied. Later that evening, when Dave and Edie readying themselves to go to sleep, says Dave that he humbled himself felt to that thorny issue as to discuss publicly. Edie then reveals that it is actually not her intention was Karen McCluskey, but because there is so much to early, she began also ask that question himself. Now Dave know that Karen behind this, he forgives Edie, but apparently he is not done yet with Karen.

5-04 (91) Back in Business Joey Murphy & John Pardee Scott Ellis 19 October


Mike and Susan are invited at the school of their son. MJ has made a drawing of his family. But the man on the drawing is not Mike, but Jackson. Mike does not feel more involved and buy MJ than a new bike to appease his guilt. He now has no time to learn to ride him, but promises him to do it later. MJ is however quite excited and want absolutely now learn cycling. He asks Jackson to get him to learn it. Susan sees this and then have to ask MJ to do as if he still can't cycling and purposely to fall on the ground when Mike than show up to him to learn. But MJ arises really hurt when he falls and the lie comes out. Susan says that, now that they are separated than against Mike, he no longer can be present on all the ' big ' moments in MJ's life and that but must learn to accept.

Bree invites her girlfriends off at her home: she wants to give them all a copy of her book and a raise a glass on her success. But the girl friends are jealous and can hide that difficult. When Bree than phone Gets and hear that they elected is to ' business woman of the year ', she decides to remain silent on the matter for the time being against her friends. Orson is meanwhile still looking for a job and asks Bree if he is allowed to work for her. They want rather not (under pressure from Katherine), but Orson is sorely disappointed and moves to the guest room. But Bree gets regret her choice and makes it good again: Orson comes at them in the case work.

Lynette sees an ad for Brees book and asks if she (as a former advertising maker) can view the ad here. Lynette tackles the ad and a whole new campaign works out for Bree. She presents the campaign to Bree, but that points off its proposals. Lynette is angry at Bree and it comes to a hassle at the dinner party of ' business woman of the year '. Lynette later goes her apologies and says she is jealous on the success of Bree and wanted a piece of that success by the fans. Bree then tells that she has nothing to be jealous of: her partner (Katherine) hate her and her husband sleeps in the guest room, and it's not easy to get but continue while everyone its not allowed.

Gabrielle tries to dump Juanita at her friend so that they can have more sex and Carlos. When they finally alone at home, want Gabrielle know what it is like to have sex as blind. Carlos gives her a blindfold and Gabrielle finds the sex a lot more intense. But when she does, the blindfold is Juanita at the end of their bed. Gabrielle is getting there from by saying that they were wrestling . But Juanita does have by what happened, and tells this to her friend Bethany. Bethany's parents are angry with Gabrielle and don't want to deal with yet more that their daughter Juanita. But Gabrielle has the game so much needed for themselves and they go afternoons and Bethany's parents speak with Carlos. But then Carlos reveals to Bethany that Santa Claus does not exist.

Tom and Dave do auditions for their band. There are some good candidates show up, but Dave would assume no one. He wants that Mike is a new band member and makes his choice very clear to Tom and asks him to Mike to call. It's all not fast enough and so asks Dave to Mike if he wants to come over for a busted water pipe (which he himself has created). During the restoration asks Dave if he wants to get involved with the band, but Mike is not interested: he lives on the other side of the city and wants his spare time prefer sticking in his son. Edie wants to buy Mary-Alice's old home in the meantime. Dave would not at first (and makes Edie heavy handed clear), but consider themselves when Mike rejects his proposal. He buys the House now anyway and rents it for an Apple and an egg to Mike.

5-05 (92) Mirror, Mirror Joey Murphy & John Pardee Scott Ellis 26 October


The four housewives are preparing a surprise party for all on for Karen McCluskey, organised by Susan under the impulse of Dave. Each housewife muses on the past while she prepares for the party.

Gabrielle remembers the shock that happened to her when she discovered she was pregnant for the first time: she is now late and she hopes that she is not pregnant for a third time. They hit the poor doctor in the face when he brought her the news, because she wondered how that could: the chance that they would get pregnant and Carlos was minimal (that was her yet told) and yet she was pregnant. And also her second visit to the gynaecologist she recalls. They gave Carlos the fault that she again was pregnant and demanded that he would perform a vasectomy . But on the way to the surprise party tells Carlos that he has not carried out the operation. That makes Gabrielle angry and they get a big altercation. At the party, Gabrielle gets her rules and they can breathe a sigh of relief. But Carlos has lied to her and that picks up Gaby. He then confesses to her that he was still a child wants, but Gabrielle sees that himself really not be. She wants Carlos also have no way to force users to the surgery and together they decide to get together for the time being to use condoms until they are ready for the operation.

Susan remembers the first time she rondleidde Jackson through her home. They thought he was, but he denied her to decorate and wanted to get off. Susan thought better of it and left him her home in a new color stitches. She also remembers her divorce from Mike: just before they went the final divorce papers signs, she wanted to talk to Mike. She wondered whether the right decision names, and it does not try again. For Mike could this just by separating: he signed the paper and walked out of the room. And just before the surprise party begins Jackson asks if she wants to live with him. That was not their appointment: after drawing the paper is Susan with Jackson in bed dived before and for both of them was that when enough: just sex, nothing more. He wants to know where they are going and asks Susan if she can see a relationship are.She stammers that this is enough for her, on which Jackson the step off.

Lynette sees Penny sit in the cabriolet by Tom. She has the twins hear quarrelling about who would die if the car gets their father. So does Lynette reminiscent of that time when she was called to the hospital because Tom had gotten an electric shock and there was chance on tissue damage. Tom survived the happy and decided to throw his life: he bought the car where as a child he dreamed of. Lynette finds it ' OK ': he has experienced something life as menacing and grants him his car. But Tom has other plans: he's going to sell the pizzeria and want to see the world with a mobile home. Lynette brings him back down to Earth by him to make it clear that they already have changed their lives, when they decided to start a pizzeria and that they are not every time that he did not feel well, be able to start something new.

Bree is in front of the mirror when Orson comes up saying that he is looking forward to the party, to the neighbours because he can tell he is a partner in the business of Bree and Katherine. Bree begs Orson nothing to say on the party, because she has not yet told the Katherine and finds this not the ideal time to tell her. She has a good reason to Katherine not to set that way for a fait accompli: after Orson for the attack on Mike has gone to prison, is Bree start drinking again. And that was not improved when Dani elle Benjamin declined. Katherine discovered this and decided to withdraw at Bree: she was the friendship Valentine remember when they had it hard and decided to do this back for her. That is why Bree it so hard, but she can tell this to Orson. Who wants to know why she prefers Katherine Valentine her own husband and all that scraping makes Bree crazy, which they absolve him. That makes Orson wild and he wants to divorce her. But Bree confession still on to him what the true reason is, and so does Orson come to repentance: he will begin only if employee and partner when Katherine agrees.

Dave sees Karen by Karen, and browse his post decides that he must turn off once and for all to his plan. He hears of Edie that Karen is 70 years next week and then asks to Edie (after that pick up the phone) in order to organise a surprise party to Susan to ask. On the night of her birthday, he asks Edie to invite them for a drink, to lure her to her surprise party. He behaves bland, what Karen even more suspicion does get.When Karen and Edie then left, breaks Dave in at Karen and moved some furniture pieces. Karen goes for the party even as feed and see Toby Daves work. She takes the baseball-bat who is in the seat (that Dave had laid there) and runs to Susans House. There she falls to Dave and the neighbors must curb her. Karen then tells her story, but none of the neighbors believe her. Karen performs an ambulance to the hospital, but just before leaving briefly with Karen speak: he wants Dave confession to her that she had to leave because they can thwart his plans. But now Karen is gone, it won't be long before he can carry out his plans.

5-06 (93) There's Always a Woman John Paul Bullock III Matthew Diamond 2 november


Carlos has been going on for several months has a masseur on the local country club and there is a fixed clientele can build up. One afternoon he gets Virginia Hildebrand on his table and gives her to his will, a, outdoor orgasm. She is so happy with his work ', ' that they meevraagt him now for a two month-long tour in Europe. Gabrielle is very enthusiastic and wants Carlos call, until they found out why Virginia want to bring Carlos. She demands an explanation of Virginia and don't want Carlos still life. But then does a proposal: they should also Virginia her also to Europe as her ' personal shopper ', and so does Gabrielle tacking.

Lynette sees Tom in the city talking to Anne Schilling, a nice lady (older) and also the mother of a classmate of Porter. Lynette becomes jealous and stops the car in order to get Tom's some explanation. Has to confess that he is looking for a practice room for his band and Anne the broker is who can arrange this locally. Lynette also finds it a good idea, because she is also from the noise off. But when Tom does not return a rehearsal and she sees the other band members coming home, Lynette is going to take a look. She finds Tom than just in space and air her heart: she knows that Tom is going through a midlife crisis and hopes that that will be done quickly. So does Tom realize that his fickleness makes unhappy and Lynette promises her quitting. But Tom finds a condom packaging in the rehearsal and soon discovers of who that is: Porter.Tom caught him red-handed and gives him the chance to make his ' girlfriend ' outside without having met her. But Lynette sees Anne is Tom followed and slip away from the rehearsal room. So does Lynette decide that Tom is cheating on her and she grabs her suitcases, not knowing that it is her son who is having an affair with Anne and not Tom.

Orson comes Peter Hickey, a former classmate. The parents of the man soon celebrate their wedding anniversary and Orson has made it so can arrange that Bree and Katherine that party may catering. But Katherine wants to move: daughter Dylan lives in Maryland and is there just gave birth to her first child. Katherine has also nothing more that binds her to Wisteria Lane: only her work keeps her there. Thereupon consider Bree a plan: she wants to link to Peter and Katherine succeeds here still in too. But Orson confesses then that Peter is no classmate, but know someone who he has in prison. So does Katherine collapse and she is now sure she wants to leave Wisteria Lane and to her family in Maryland will. Bree is disappointed: she hopes that Katherine still consider themselves, because after all they've been through, is Katherine as the sister that she has never had when she was young.

Susan is unclear about whether the right decision to break with Jackson. She wants to talk to him about this and goes to his apartment. There they will find a naked woman in the shower and she demands an explanation of Jackson. When that a while later at her at the door, want Susan first don't listen. He has in fact done nothing, because Susan wanted nothing more than sex. Does Susan understand that they was wrong and asks if they are not able to start again. Jackson walks out and calling her on her cell phone: they act like they do not yet know each other and decide that they both want to give a second chance.

Dave has found a name for his band: "Blue Odessey". That was the name of the band of his brother. Edie knew not at all that Dave had a brother and asks for what more we could say about him: his name was Steve and he sat in jail for drug trafficking, until he was murdered by a fellow prisoner. And now Karen is in hospital, can Dave are plans start to perform. So he asks to Mike to meet later that week to rehearse some more.Dave calls rather to and so does at Mike yet what questions arise: why is Dave so obsessed with the band? Karen is meanwhile in the hospital and calling her sister Roberta (Lily Tomlin) on. She proposes to withdraw to her after she has left the hospital and together to find out what Dave all on its mistakes.

5-07 (94) What More Do I Need? Matt Berry Larry Shaw 9 november


Bree and Orson have security cameras installed in their work kitchen. So they catch Charlie, one of their employees, which steals from the $ 200 cash and they have to dismiss him. Orson soon finds a replacement and everything runs like clockwork, so that Bree and Orson celebrate their success with a serving of sex in the kitchen. But when Andrew comes over and tells Charlie that the tape then stolen and there turns out to be a sex scene on the tape, he wants $ 2000, Charlie suddenly reposted the tape on YouTube. Bree and Orson thinking then of course right away that they are on the tape and give Andrew the command to get the tape back in the hands: the way doesn't matter. Andrew Gets the tape quickly back in his possession, but upon closer inspection turn out to be not Bree and Orson on the tape, but Katherin and Mike! Bree brings the tape to Katherine and gives her a warning: Mike is the ex of Susan, and that will not be able to laugh.

Gabrielle and Carlos are invited by Virginia Hildebrand to join her to spend the weekend. In doubt, Carlos but Gabrielle is very enthusiastic and so continues the family Solis at Virginia. But the situation becomes stranger and stranger as the weekend goes by: Virginia on the first evening by Carlos as creeps and Gabrielle in bed and the day after, the children ' in their own room, ' the wall painting. And when the children can call her ' Grandma ', is enough and grabs Gabrielle her suitcases. But Virginia challenges suddenly on at the birthday party of Celia and Gabrielle must put her on her site. That is not good at Virginia and call them to the country club to Carlos to make and so hopefully there to dismiss black.

Lynette confronts Tom with what she has seen at the warehouse, but soon discover the two that the Porter is that having an affair. They demand that he done it makes, otherwise they will take action. Lynette comes Anne than on a parent meeting of Porter's school, and when Anne acts as if nothing is wrong, grabs Lynette Anne quite rough and makes it clear that this cannot continue and that they can be quickly her relationship with Porter is to end. What to call Anne Porter and later speaks with him in the park. There she confesses to him that she is pregnant, and no longer know what to do. Porter wants her not leave and together they decide to flee that night.

Susan and Jackson resetting their relationship: they're going tonight for the first time officially out. That also means that the two will only have sex on their fourth date. Jackson has it there hard on the first two dates, but when a drunken Susan wants to break its own rules on their third date, he is on the deal. Susan calls the day after in a sexy suit with Jackson, but who keeps the boat still off: no sex has him well done and has ensured that he is starting painting. He has Susan geportretteerd and she looks in a side of herself that not many people know. So does her decide that Jackson knows her might be better than they thought and they here is very happy with it.

Karen and Roberta discover that Dave every month to a psychiatrist calling. They are looking for some more information about the doctor via the internet. The man turns out to be specialized in patients with a criminal past. They call the guy on it and try through a list to find out more. But the man knows no Dave Williams and is surprised when he hears that the man about whom Karen and Roberta having lives on Wisteria Lane. The doctor grabs his bags and immediately book a flight to there.

5-08 (95) City on Fire Bob Daily David Grossman 16 november


The men on Wisteria Lane have their first gig with their band in a local club, but everything backfires when fire breaks out.

Susan is looking forward to the homecoming of Julie: she is, after all, her mother another visit after a long stay in college and she also brings her friend with it. Large Susans surprise if it turns out that her friend is a man of middle age and a while her professor was. On top of that, he's already been married 3 times and Susan also discovers that he intends to ask her in marriage. She tries here preventing, but Julie can not appreciate Susans interference. Julie tells her mother than that they get married at all like, because she sees what it has done with her mother. Susan tries to convince her to the contrary, but must be binding when she sees that Julie really determined never to marry.

Bree Gets a reporter from a national paper on the floor and tries to profile itself as the ideal housewife. That works nicely, to an unanswered phone call reveals that Orson in prison. When Andrew then also confesses that he is homosexual, the reporter himself near and discovers many of Brees secrets. Bree wants to stop her, but gets the chance not because they can't find the reporter. When the woman finally gets hold of them, they all let fall her façade and confessional Bree fair on, what the reporter of the opinion doesnt change.

Preston comes to Lynette confession that Anne is pregnant and wants along with Porter flights. Lynette drives to Annes home and demanding more explanation of her. What they don't know is that Annes man to listen behind a corner is Warren. When Warren reveals his presence than, not to leave them to Lynette begs. Lynette leaves anyway, but just like she wants to get in her car, she gets regret and storms they back inside. There has in the meantime already bruised and Lynette Anne Warren Warren should simmer down ugly. They are calling an ambulance and Anne is taken to the hospital. If Porter hears of this, he goes to the club of Warren and sells him a slap in the face. Lynette must intervene and Porter out for there worse accidents happen. But Porter wants revenge and pulls with a loaded pistol to the club. He gets the chance to bring his plan into effect, because Warren accuses him for the fire in his club.

Gabrielle comes home after a day of shopping and find Virginia in her living room. Gabrielle wants her to throw out, Carlos tells her that Virginia has included them in its testament and that they inherit everything once she dies. Gabrielle plays the game of course like to interfere with it, but Virginia is beginning with their lives and that works Gabrielle quickly challenged the nerves. Virginia insists that they go together to the occurrence of Carlos, but also stays there Virginia simply themselves. Gabrielle is that Virginia's interference and thoroughly fed up and makes her then obvious they can also do without her money and get it off.

Dr. Heller, the psychiatrist of Dave, has arrived in Fairview and call Dave. He asks him if he lives on Wisteria Lane, but Dave do not wish on answers and promises to call back the next day. The doctor himself and runs into Edie in the district. She gives him a flyer of the performance that night, and the doctor sees Dave on the photo. He goes to the club and calling Dave again. but Dave does not take up, on which the doctor Dave confronts with his lie. Dave would best discuss it with the doctor, but asks to wait until after the performance of his band. The doctor agrees, until it finds the names of the band members see on a poster. He goes to Dave and demanding that he immediately with ' a certain band member ' may speak, for he must warn him. If not, call Dr. Heller to the police. Dave agrees and says that he is the man may speak, but Dave leads the doctor to a back room, where he kills the man. To cover up the murder, Dave Cross the room on fire. Jackson is just on the way to the toilet when he Dave from the back room are coming. To be sure that his secret is preserved, connect Dave Jackson on. In the club the band just started to occur when the fire breaks out on the Hall and panic spreading. Everyone fall in that panic flight out but there are casualties: Virginia falls against a wall-Gabrielle helps her out. Jackson is trapped in the toilet – Susan tries to save him. However, Mike sends her out and goes to free themselves trying Jackson. Who can free himself through a window in the meantime. Mike is overcome by the smoke and faints. As Dave then hears that Mike is still in the building, he and he saves Mike. Dave did not just: once on a stretcher is, he whispers to him that he is still what should stay alive, for he is not finished with him.

5-09 (96) Me and My Town Lori Kirkland Baker David Warren 30 november


After the fire, the injured taken to the hospital for care, similarly Carlos. He is put under the scanner and during that scan something remarkable comes to light: a small foot prints on his optic nerve and might be the cause of his blindness. Via a simple operation can be taken out and so that Carlos ' view out back. He and Gabrielle are very happy, only wants to do something urgently to Gabrielle now her looks because they want to look like it used to. She starts like crazy to work out and diets to regain her figure, but Carlos tells her than that he just likes to see her and will never leave her, no matter what happens and how they look.

Bree is Orson's content in the hospital and hears him loud snoring as she enters the room: he has his nose broken. This gives Bree not enough sleep, which makes her to a wreck during the day. Bree wants him a small surgery to fix that, but Orson do not want: he has to scare not to awaken more out of the anesthesia . Bree throws him out of the bedroom, but Orson gives not as fast on: he executes her a cup of tea with a sleeping medication in, making Bree falls asleep like a log. And that will affect the next morning when Bree must give a cooking demonstration to a group of children: she makes a confused impression and shares some of her secrets with them. Orson and Bree must then confess what he did to let him undergo the surgery now required. Mort, doctor turns out to have a relationship with Andrew in the meantime.

Lynette and Tom are questioned by the police about the fire in the club. Who want to know if it is true that Porter Warren has threatened in the club. Lynette is lying against the agents: She denies that Porter would have said that. Tom then asks why they're lying to the agents, and then tells Lynette that they want to do everything we can to protect to Porter. They also visit Anne in the hospital, and demands that Anne leaves that evening Fairview. She stops Anne a Munch money and want them to never returns and Porter leaves. To Porter asks Lynette if he has ignited the fire and honest in his reply. He denies having anything to do with the fire, but Lynette is lying now itself against her son as he asks if she knows why Anne picks up her phone no longer.

Katherine visits Mike in the hospital and has baked cookies for him. He wants a kiss from her, but Katherine not: she has after all Susan not yet told she has a relationship with Mike and don't want to be caught by it.Not much after Katherines visit also comes Susan along with Mike. He reveals that he has a relationship with one of her girlfriends. Susan draws on research from a girlfriend and soon suspects that have long been aanzat behind him, but soon comes to know that Katherine has a relationship with Mike and that Bree that already a month know. Susan goes to Bree and asks why Bree nothing said. Bree is by her sleep deprivation rather curtly and then says that Susan shouldn't wail: she has Mike separated for the wrong reasons and is still in love with him. They must make a choice: either Mike let go, or tell him how she really feels.

Dave gets everyone's congratulations because he has saved, and Mike is referred to by the whole neighborhood honored as a ' Hero '. But if he feels not at all; He has lit the fire and feels worse and worse when he hears that the fire has claimed 7 lives. But when Edie tells him the rumor that the Porter might have started the fire, he goes to the police and to tell that story still was swelled by what he has seen to that by Porter in the back room on the night of the fire.

5-10 (97) A vision's Just a Vision David Flebotte Larry Shaw 7 december


When the whole family at the table for breakfast, call the police at Tom and Lynette. Porter for the fire in which arrest Warrens club. Tom and Lynette go with Bob (their lawyer) to jail and ask Porter if he might has an alibi for the evening by the fire. Porter then confesses that he has broken into after the fight with Warren at Edie and her rifle has stolen, but no one has seen him. The judge then determines that the deposit for his release be set at $ 20,000. Tom thinks there is still plenty on the account, but Lynette has that money given to Anne and Tom knows not. They will then need to ask the bank to loan an extra Porter to get free. But once free get Porter no rest: Warren Schilling are looking for him and threatens him. Porter flight then and asks his brother Preston to take his place.

Mike and Katherine want MJ take them to the zoo, but that outing does not run so smoothly: MJ throws his hot chocolate about Katherine from. Susan finds that funny when they hear this, but Mike not. Edie tells Susan that she herself is the cause of MJ's behavior: she belittles Katherine verbal and that MJ has seen and heard. If she wants, she will accept her own behavior MJ Katherine have to change. But when they then go bowlingtogether, thinks MJ that his mother and father come back together and release a bowling ball fall on Katherines toes. Carlos ' operation was successful: he gets his sight returned gradually. He is overjoyed that he finally can see his children, but should also be noted that Gabrielle has many of her shoes, clothing and luxury have to give up over the years. He sells than an old baseball so as to be able to buy a new dress for her and thank her for everything she has done in recent years for him and his family and promises her that it is now her turn.

Orson is operated on his nose, and now no longer snores. Together with Bree he goes for a final check to the doctor. When leaving his Office sees Bree a photo on his desk are: doctor Alex and Andrew have apparently been around for a while a relationship. She is angry at Andrew, but who wonders why: Bree has in recent years never expressed interest in his love life. There she wants to change this and now she invites the two out to dinner. She also invites Lee and Bob, and that turn out to know Alex. Bree sees the two against each other fezelen and want to know what's going on is: Alex has apparently ever participated in a porn movie. They then goes looking for the movie and submit him to Andrew. That already know that Alex has appeared in a porn film, and wants to know why his mother looking has gone to the movie. Bree then tells that she wants to protect her son now that he is getting married with Alex, and maybe Alex though kept for him. Andrew believes that the dearest what his mother has ever done for him and is happy that his mother finally accepts him as he is.

Dave gets delusions: he sees his ex-wife Lila Dash and his little daughter Paige walking around on Wisteria Lane. When Lynette with an excuse the stolen weapon of Porter comes back, she sees Dave talking to himself and she hears him say that he will visit tomorrow ' them '. Visit the day after Dave than the grave of his wife and daughter. He promises to be with them soon, but first he must take revenge on Mike Delfino, the man who, according to him, is responsible for the accident. He wants to give back the same: everything he has lost, Mike must also lose.

5-11 (98) Home is the Place Jamie Gorenberg David Grossman 4 January


Bree gets acquainted with Melina (Joanna Cassidy), Andrews future mother-in-law. She comes at Bree stay for several days and can already notice immediately: she wants, now the guys are getting married, which will determine who spend all day with them. Alex and Andrew are meanwhile looking for a House, but the price of houses on Wisteria Lane are enormously high. Melina proposes to her in the neighborhood to come and live there: the prices are much lower and Alex can also take his practice. Bree can't let this happen and put Melina immediately checkmate: Bree tells that she has bought a House for the boys as a wedding gift.

Carlos will not work as a masseur on the country club and goes looking for a new job. Gabrielle then comes one afternoon Bradley Scott (David Starzyk) against, a former colleague of Carlos. That tells her that Carlos always should come and work for him. Gabrielle proclaims this with great enthusiasm to Carlos, but he's less enthusiastic: he would prefer to work with the blind. Gabrielle invites than Bradley and his wife out for a dinner party, in the hope that Carlos takes the job still. But Carlos does not want, and Gabrielle must then make it clear to Carlos that it is time that he takes up its responsibility, as it has done over the last five years. And so does Carlos tacking: he calls to Bradley and takes the job anyway to.

Lynette and Tom have not yet told to Bob Porter is runaway and that Preston now occupies its place. Bob discovers it anyway, and sees itself obliged to report it to the police. Lynette begs him not to do so and Bob gives them 2 days to Porter to look for. Tom and Lynette searching the whole neighborhood, but no one has heard anything from Porter or has seen him. Preston still has contact with his twin brother, and when Lynette comes behind it, she demands that he his brother calling and asking to come home. Preston would not do this, because Warren Schilling has threatened to assassinate Porter. Lynette then takes a drastic measure: that night she takes Preston along to a bleak neighborhood in the city and Park in front of a bar. She tells then that she as a mother to protect her children has everything for about: Warren is in the bar across the street and they will run over him as he plays the bar. Do not repent and Preston to far after he calls to his brother and gives the phone to his mother. Porter starts to doubt, but then the line interrupted by Stella: apparently stay Porter currently at his grandmother.

Susan sees through the window Lee and Bob quarrelling: Bob should that night away, and Lee is angry because he is never home. Lee has seen that Susan was about to spy on them. It claims than for (Jackson is also not at home) to be able to go out that night. Lee takes her to a gay bar and together they create a very pleasant evening of. However, waking up the next morning Susan Lee is half-naked next to her in bed.She thinks they have slept together, but dares not to Lee to ask. They gotta be all her courage and asks it to him anyway. Lee denies and have to laugh with the whole incident: maybe Susan is just an excuse to not to have to address the proposal of Jackson, who wants to go in together with her.

Now doctor Heller is dead, Dave also gets no medication more and thereby starting Dave slowly by turning: he loves Edie at a distance and reacts rather curtly and aggressive. Roberta and Karen McCluskey are meanwhile went looking for doctor Heller. They visit his Office, but his Secretary does not want to solve when he comes back. They decide to wait for him to show up, but they do work with his Secretary on the nerves. She then confesses that after a few hours she has not seen the doctor for five days, and that she doesn't know where he is. Roberta has had enough and get it off-Karen holt chasing her. Just then call Dave Dash (what his real name is, Williams is a pseudonym) to practice to get a new prescription. The prescription will be sent him. That night Edie waking up in bed, and only then she finds Dave down at the kitchen table: he is by himself what to mutter. Edie requires an explanation: against whom he was chatting? Dave confesses then that he, for he was already married with Edie is married, and his wife is deceased.Edie didn't know this and is so shocked that she throws him outside...

5-12 (99) Connect! Connect! Jordon Nardino Ken Whittingham 11 January


While Edie uithuilt at the girlfriends since Dave has lied to her, tells Susan that they are moving and are going to live in Jackson. Bree, Lynette and Gabrielle are very happy for her, but Edie feels left out. The mailman has delivered, then the post of Edie at Susan and Edie she goes searching. Which is just the cellar of the House that Andrew and Alex have bought to clean it up. Edie has the key of the cellar, however, the two are now above and thereby locked in the basement. This gives them hope time with each other, and Edie suggests to write to Susans love story: according to hair can Susan not only are. And Edie is right, Susan has never really been alone. According to Edie is a sign of weakness and so does Susan come to an understanding. But also gets Edie: according to Susan she uses men as tissues and has slept with all of them at least 1,000 men. Edie is quite proud and finds all men scum. It illustrates this with a story about her father and her childhood, and Susan therefore concludes that the problem so in youth is Edies. Edie gives Susan than a slap in the face: Susan is not a psychologist. Finally, they are freed by a handyman: Susan belt than to Jackson and does it matter: so she is really only for the first time. Edie goes in the meantime Dave search and tells him that she wants to try it again again, but that they are not lies more will.

Lynette is still looking for her son. A neighbor then tell her that Porter is hiding in the care home of his grandmother, the sister of the neighbor has suffered from the noise that he makes. Lynette spurt out the door and runs to the rest home. There has already ensured that Stella Porter road is and says to Lynette that she will not tell where he is: she is still upset that she has dumped her in that retreat and now wants to take revenge. On the way home consider Lynette than a plan: she sees an accident happen and they let Tom to Stella call stating that Lynette is in hospital. The trap works: not much later Porter and Stella in the hospital and can Tom and Lynette convince Porter to return home. Stella is evil, but Lynette pulls itself that. Porter is acquitted by the Court for lack of evidence and Lynette goes than Stella visits. Lynette has no regrets that she has put her mother in the rest home: after Glenn died, is Stella start drinking again and there was nothing more to do with her. And if she wants to, can Lynette also some more come to visit, but they may no longer be so bitter. And that wants Stella though.

Gabrielle and Carlos: he must say goodbye to the children on a business trip and the children do not like to see him go. Once he's gone, the kids listen to Gabrielle, and that to be successful, not really: they do not want bath and also want their clothes and toys do not clean up. Gabrielle then asks why they don't listen to her and now their father: Juanita says they keep more of their father. Does Gabrielle as pain, and she cries out on the steps in front of their house. A workman (who is working on her roof) sees her and gives her some good advice: they must be strict with the children. Do a light burn at Gabrielle: she asks the man to instill fear anything and her children to ensure they clean up their toys. Carlos then comes home and hears the children than what Gabrielle did it. He is angry and asks her why Gaby did this: its job is to educate the children not the bogeyman, and he wants to play in the little time he can spend with them.

Alex and Andrew are visiting at Bree. Orson is very proud that he has bought a new barbecue tools . Bree responds here rather disparaging on and that makes Alex a little angry: his mother has done this before with his father and therefore they separated. He would also like to see Bree this no longer does in his presence. Bree is a bit of the map, and make her displeasure about this clearly against them Alex: she has just bought a House and a little ' politesse ' can not hurt. Alex is angry and wants the House no longer and get it off. She tries there with Andrew talking about it, but who finds it but need to arrange with Alex. She invites it off and apologises. Who wants to not know and want to get off. But Bree stops him and tells him that they are criticism could appreciate and they would love it if he continue to do so: she is in fact changed since her case has started and someone who occasionally would bring back with the feet on the ground may use.

Dave pulls, after he is expelled by Edie, in at Mike: who offers him a place to sleep to, Dave has saved his life. Katherine has asked her to tell that Dylan comes to Maryland to move and she wants to know what Mike thinks of them. Dave hears the conversation and tries to speak about this with Mike on the barbecue of Bree. Mike tells him that he does not want to lose her and keep her start that he really is. Dave sees his chance and asks if Mike there is certain of is: is it really Katherine that he prefers, or is he still in love with Susan? Mike tells him that that love is over and then put a big bunch of roses for Katherines door, with a card on which he asks for does not go away. When they come for the flowers, than Mike thank Dave looks of amused to behind the window.

5-13 (100) The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened Marc Cherry & Bob Daily Larry Shaw 18 January


Eli Scruggs (Beau Bridges) is the handyman for most households on Wisteria Lane. He is retiring and is working on his latest job, when the poor man gets a heart attack and dies. The whole neighborhood is in shock, because Eli was loved by everyone. Gabrielle, Bree, Lynette and Susan prepare for his funeral and each of them has some nice memories of the man.

So we see Gabrielle several years ago when they just had moved to Wisteria Lane. They saw a live in a suburb not really are: what would she do all day? Eli was just recovering at Gabrielle and captures a conversation about this on between Gabrielle and Carlos. Eli tells her that he knows well and the ladies of the neighborhood that they are quite obvious. They play a game of poker every week and he can perhaps as arrange their game play with her that week. Gabrielle finds that a good idea and not much later, Bree, Lynette and Mary Alice at Gaby on the coffee. Gabrielle behaves very snobbish opposite the ladies and does quite off the pitch. The ladies are not set up. Eli tells Gabrielle that they are better able to tailor and must come from her ivory tower. Does Gabrielle to repent and they will apologize to the other ladies, who accept her apologies. Eli has therefore ensured that Gabrielle was one of the girlfriends and she realizes she owes much to him.

Eli also has a special meaning for Bree. Long ago, when she was still married to Rex, Rex's got Bree the criticism that they spent way too much money. They wanted to install a new stove , but Rex wanted that does not pay. Maybe she had to go find a job yourself? They figured out then that they might could join her recipes to a cookbook. Rex found this but a stupid idea and did not want that Bree was going to work. He threw her paper bundle in the garbage and that saw Eli (who just got her vaatbak to repairing was) happen. Years later, when Rex just died was to express its sympathy to her, comes Eli. He asked her if she knew what she was going to do with her life. Bree could not answer that. He took out than her recipes bundle from his work bag: he has taken out the garbage and tracked at the time, maybe could Bree will do with it. Eli has her so back on the idea brought to a cookbook to give out.

Eli had a special relationship with Edie. She was married with Umberto and Eli hears her (from the bathroom) quarrelling with him: Edie wants sex, but Umberto not. A while later finds Eli Edie half naked and drunk on her bed. Umberto is the namely moving away: he is gay ' become '. Eli tries to comfort her and says some sweet things to her, she is a beautiful woman, she should not despair because there are many other fish in the sea. Edie throws than Eli on bed and they have sex.

When Lynette had Eli especially an influence on her career. So she discovered that she was pregnant for a third time and actually came that very bad from: now the kids went to kindergarten, she wanted to start working again. But now she was pregnant and sent those plans were considerably confused. However, that would not stop her; She was determined to start working again. 9 months later Tom her on the phone: they are being interviewed for a job over the phone, but her water was already broken and she was about to give birth. And even after giving birth does not: she returns of Lynette the store and is busy chatting on the phone. So forget them Penny in the car, and that Eli has seen. He frees her and brings them safely back to Lynette. Who is in shock: how could she forget her own baby in the car? This occurrence has drastically changed life Lynettes: from that day, she was a housewifejust yet. For Susan was Eli always there when they had problems with her men: he was arguing with her when she had Karl caught on adultery. When Mike was gone, he was a real support. And even now she's gone by Eli Jackson is there for her. She wants to celebrate his last working day and goes to the shop to pick up a bottle of wine. He, meanwhile, will her roof repair. But on the roof gets Eli his heart infarction.

But also someone of Wisteria Lane has had an impact on Eli: Mary Alice. It was she who offered him a job. They had seen the man there but shabby at ran out, and she asked him to fix her vase. She has also presented to him the other ladies of the street. Also on the day of her suicide was Eli in the neighborhood. He saw that something saved with Mary Alice and asked her to. He is then left and not much after his departure shot them himself by the head. It has on Eli impressed: he has on that day vowed that he always will help everyone who needs him.

5-14 (101) Mama Spent Money When She Had None Jason Ganzel David Warren 8 February


Susan wants MJ subscribe in a chic school, and she is overjoyed when he is admitted. But the entry fee for the school is huge and they are looking for help with Mike. He also wants to get a good education that MJ, but this can he cannot afford. What later comes to know through Susan Lee that Mike has bought a new Pearl Necklace for Katherine. Susan can not suppress this: why does Mike have money on Katherine and not to his son? She wants to steal the necklace, but is caught by Katherine. Susan tells her why she wanted to do this and together with Katherine she waits on Mike. That tells then that that chain is counterfeit, and that he would give his son everything and works hard for it: if they cannot pay, the school will not have to him. That puts Susan for thought and she decides to offer himself as a teacher on MJ's school print costs.

Bree is celebrating the success of her book and buy a new car. The girlfriends come up with much admiration, except Lynette: she has financial problems and she is required to Toms cabriolet for sell. Bree offers its assistance to Tom and Lynette: she wants to lend $ 20000. Lynette would not accept the money because it can put their friendship on the game. But Lynette has the money desperately needed and she gives Bree, in Exchange for the money, 15% of the shares in the pizzeria. To thank her, Lynette organizes a party for Bree in the pizzeria. Lynette then comes the idea to a recipe of Bree to use on that night, but Bree is shocked that Lynette no fresh ingredients used in its preparation. When Lynette over here do not look, she throws the pizza's way. Lynette is angry and tells Bree that this what was for which she feared: her money to affect their friendship.

Gabrielle still urgently want to lose some weight and asks Edie to join may do to her extreme fitness program. Edie refuses at first (according to her can never hold out Gabrielle that) but still far. The fitness trainer will arrive along with Gabrielle and let her sign a contract, but warns her at the same time: his fitness program is not for wimps. And he is right: already after the first training want Gabrielle giving up. That is outside the Group reckoned, they move their workouts to Gabrielles front yard. They want to force her to participate again, but she refuses. Must try: Gabrielle van reverse Edie she tells that, with her weight, also the old,bitchy Gabrielle comes back and that that is not really positive. Does Gabrielle to repent and she decides to follow the program.

Lee learns from Bob that Dave has explained to the police that Porter has ignited the fire in the club. He must promise to nothing to tell Tom and Lynette, but he has the difficult, especially when Dave continues to lead Toms best friend. Lee can't respect and light Tom anyway. Who is furious and sells then Dave took a slap in the face. Their friendship is immediate past and Tom begins to ask themselves questions the motives of Dave and who he actually is.

5-15 (102) In a World Where the Kings Are Employers Lori Kirkland Baker David Grossman 15 February


Susan starts to work as an Assistant engineer for the teacher on MJ's school. On their first day is, however, ill, and she must leave MJ MJ at Mike. He should also work on that day, so will fit him Katherine. Susan is going to him than pick up at Katherine and is not to be found for this solution: Mike went for MJ worries, not Katherine. She insists that Mike are promises. He promises this, but a few days later it is again Katherine that MJ of school pick up. Katherine says that they tried to help, but Susan remains angry. A few days later, as Susan takes a shower, go for a sandwich at MJ Katherine Bell. Susan discovered that MJ is gone and finds him back at the table of Katherine. She tells than to Susan that she will have to learn to accept, for they and Mike moved in together.

Tom and Lynette the pizzeria does the ever worse and Lynette will find that they sell the case better. Tom sees that not sit and are looking for a solution: he tries to lure people by his staff as ' lokklanten '. That trick does not work, so throws Tom change: He dismisses all his staff and wants his children to help in the case. That works nicely, to the twins their classmates refuse to operate: it would only harm their reputation. Tom goes through the Ribbon when he hears this, so much so, that he throws against the wall and Preston Lynette must intervene. Do that at Tom also recognise that things cannot go on and that they can do nothing more than sell the case.

Carlos and Gabrielle are invited by his boss Brad and his wife Maria to dinner. There they get to hear that Carlos ' bonus is canceled because of the prevailing credit crunch. Gabrielle is disappointed and they can now purchase not a beautiful new bracelet. But in the jewelry store she sees through the window Brad with another woman. She returns home and wants to tell Carlos what she has seen, only is Brad going to tell her before and he is Carlos that he gets the bonus though. Gabrielle immediately by what is going on and plays the game: they can half the bonus with the withdrawing. Carlos hear Gabrielle than in the kitchen talking to Mary, and want to know what's going on. Gabrielle tells her husband that she has seen Brad with another woman. Carlos wants to return the money, but Gabrielle does not believe that they are prevented from mixing in the marriage of Brad and Maria. But then Brad and Maria tell that Mary is pregnant and that Carlos and Gabrielle as they would want their child's godparents .

Orson gets on a dinner party at Alex and Andrew told that Bree has given Andrew a serious storage. He wants to find out how much those storage or amounts, but can't without her password to the bank data. That he can get on a artful way and must then establish that Andrew double his salary. That makes him evil and he asks to Bree why he gets more. According to her has a larger input than Orson and Andrew is he there also suitable for making payments. Orson steals this scores and may thereupon Andrews expensive pen. Edie wants to venture out, and asks Dave or they can go to a luxury hotel and even treat themselves well.Dave has no feeling, but when Dr. Hellers phone begins to vibrate (which lies hidden in Edies fitted wardrobe) and Edie hears this, he leads her attention away by saying they can post the weekend anyway.Meanwhile, Dave also to Mike, and asks if he makes no sense to go camping this weekend. Who says fast Yes, and he will also ensure that Katherine's going to call. Dave returns satisfied back to Edie, and says to her that Mike has remembered that they remind him that weekend went camping. Edie does not want with it (which is no problem at all for Dave) and Dave also asks for nothing to say against Katherine. For example Dave run his plan and just with Katherine and Mike on weekend leave.

5-16 (103) Crime Doesn't Pay Jamie Gorenberg Larry Shaw 8 March


Tom closes his pizzeria and keeps a total sale. He has very difficult to to see his dream in tatters and is a bit dejected: he has nowhere still feeling. Everything gets sold and he can all his creditors (and Bree, where also her feud with Lynette bijlegt) refunding. Lynette tries to cheer him and get him ready to go find a new job steaming. Bree then arranges for Tom a little dinner with her Publisher: the man is looking for someone to do the PR for his case. Tom has, however, no point in the conversation, how hard Lynette also aanport him. To the job are also some nice fringe benefits do get connected, and all of a sudden interest in the job that Lynette. Then a two battle los between Tom and Lynette: subtle insults and recriminations are tossed about and the evening running out on a fiasco. But it does recognize them that they both want to work again. Orson steal: first he steals Meanwhile continues a salt shaker from the pizzeria of Tom, then he steals the Dictaphone by Brees Publisher. Bree sees this happen, stop sinning and demands that Orson there immediately.

Gabrielle is referred to by Brad (Carlos ' boss) used for his affair with Brandy: she needs to play a game of tennis with his wife Maria at the time that he wants to go play with his slut. She plays the game briefly (in Exchange for some extra holiday for Carlos) but they soon tired lies is Brads. She finds that it must be done now but once and Brandy pay a visit in the hair salon where she works. She wants Brandy stops with her affair with Brad. Brad is upset that Gabrielle has visited her. Gabrielle is even angrier on Brad: they will not be used as a pawn for his sex games and finds that he must confess the truth to his pregnant wife. So does Brad too, but in the fight that follows, cross Maria Brad with a knife death.

Mike and Katherine moved in together and give a party. To the surprise of the other girlfriends helps Susan along with the preparations of this. During the move shows that Katherine a painting by Susan has suspended above her fireplace. As Katherine this belongs, replaces them this fast by a picture of her and Mike. When Susan then at party asks where the painting is, lying Katherine that the cases. Susan then goes on quest and finds the painting in her garage. They leave this to Mike see and that is savage. He forced Katherine to her to apologize to Susan, but Hart is not: Katherine knew that Mike came with a past, but do not want everything in her house that past does remember. Susan understands her and then her painting (in a rather unusual way) back.

Edie and Dave go buy spirits for the party of Mike and Katherine. In the shop they come an old acquaintance of Dave against: the priest of his old parish. The man speaks Dave and asks how he is doing it now.Dave sends Edie get away and tells him that he now has a new life and wants to be left alone. Edie sees this all happen and decision a few days later to find the priest. She asks him what he knows about Daves past, but the guy wants to wish no difficulties and prefer to say nothing. On parting he calls her ' Mrs Dash '. Edie goes with that name now through the internet looking for more information about the past of her husband.

5-17 (104) The Story of Lucy and Jessie Jordon Nardino Bethany Rooney 15 March


Susan learns that they will be evaluated by her colleague Jessie (Swoosie Kurtz). She wants to make a good impression and invites Jessie off at her home for a dinner party. That is just a little too easy, because at the end of the evening gets Susan a long kiss on her mouth. Susan must then make it clear that the dinner party just to get a good evaluation was intended and they nothing more will. They finally decide to be good girlfriends.

Carlos and Gabrielle go to Bradley's funeral. Carlos is approached by Owen Johnston, the CEO of the company, asking if he wants to replace Bradley. Carlos sees this and immediately hires Lucie (Lesley Boone) in order to take over its function. If it turns out that Lucie is a ex of Carlos, Gabrielle becomes jealous. She tries to convince Carlos to Lynette to take now, so as to have a peep hole on the work of her husband.

Bree discovers that Orson continues to steal things, and also where he discovered hiding all those stuff. She confronts Orson with his Kleptomaniac behavior and demands that he goes about this talk to a psychologist. Meanwhile, Bree tries to smuggle back in all the little things over the garden fence, but that backfires when they accidentally at Gabrielle restore something of Karen McCluskey and Juanita thereof will be blamed. On the way home they Orson caught again: he has from the House of Lee and Bob a coffee cup stolen. He must then go to the therapist, to whom he reveals that he steals things because that is the only one where Bree's control, and that makes him happy.

Katherine won't go on weekends. As a result, Daves plans sent confused. He's going to talk to her and tells her that he has specially organized this weekend for her: Mike is his best friend and he also wants to know the girlfriend of his best friend. That can convince Katherine to come along. Meanwhile, digs further into the past of Edie Dave: she discovers on a local newspaper that he also had a daughter and that she and her mother died.

5-18 (105) A Spark. To Pierce the Dark. Alexandra Cunningham David Grossman 22 March


Susan has a new student: Evan, the son of her ex-husband Karl. When the class must make a drawing about ' happy ', turns out Evan a drawing to have made someone stab someone else with a sword. They light the school Directorate and Karl about this in, but who is not happy with Susans interference: Karl thinks they are doing this out of revenge for the past. But Evans next drawing is in the same style, and then Karl called confession to Susan that he is abandoned by his wife Marissa and that therefore Evan has made all those drawings probably.

Lucie put everyone at work under pressure, Carlos and Lynette similarly: a large contract must be won and therefore everyone must work late and long. That frustrates Gabrielle huge, because they expire again in old habits: he is working late and she is unhappy. She goes there than with Carlos talk about, and which also comes to the understanding that things cannot go on. He dismisses Lucie and want to do something to slow.

Orson confesses to Bree why he steals things: it is the only where they have no control over it. They're looking for than a solution and decides to sell her case. But when the contract for sale must be signed, consider Bree suddenly and decided to not to sell her case.

Katherine, Mike and Dave are on weekends left. Dave has come up with a plan: he calls first to the local hunting overseers with the message that there are illegal hunters in the Woods. Then he will pretend to be sick so that Mike and Katherine the following morning only go hiking in the forest. Once they are gone, he will take his gun and Katherine shooting down in the Woods. Everything runs as planned, but in the meantime is Edie also found out what Dave his true plans are. She sends him a text message just when he wants to shoot Katherine. His shot is missing and they decide to return home. There, Edie Dave on and she demands an explanation. He explains to her that Mike has destroyed his life and wants to take revenge for there now. Edie would like to call to inform him to Mike, but Dave tries to strangle her. It stops just in time with this, and Edie flight out of the House. She gets in her car and drives away, but must avoid hitting Orson (which just has been on a rampage again) and POPs with her car against an electricity pole. She gets out of the car, but the cables of the pole are loosened and electrocuting Edie when they step out of her car.

5-19 (106) Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know Matt Berry Larry Shaw 19 april


The whole neighborhood has heard the accident happen and they run all their home to see what is going on. But Edie is badly affected and dies moments later. Dave then asks to the four ladies (and Karen McCluskey) to the axis of Edie to her son Travers to bring (Stephen Lunsford): Dave has Travers namely never met. The five ladies steps the car in and begin a long trek to the University where he is studying. Along the way pick up the ladies any memories of Edie.

Susan tells that they are not always in the clinch lag with Edie: when she had just met each other, it looked even that they be good girlfriends. But there came change soon when it turned out that Edie was begun an affair one of the neighbours. Susan found this can't and broke the budding friendship. Edie is her then warn come for her husband Karl: Edie had him see dinner the night before with his Secretary and came across this to Susan tell. Susan wanted her not believe it, but Karl left her for his Secretary three weeks later. When Orson in prison to run over by Mike, Bree had very difficult to Orson to visit: she found it hard to see him so. On one of those (almost) visits Bree comes to know that Edie visits Orson went for a while. They were looking for Edie on and thanked her for her visits, but also wanted to know why they did this. Edie then tells that the prison not so far is and Edie wants to know why Bree actually never arrives: it's not easy for him and his wife would visit him can really help. Edie can convince Bree to visit anyway so Orson. Edie has also ensured that Lynette recovered her fighting spirit: when she had cancer, Lynette was by all her girlfriends in pampered. Edie couldn't respect and thought it was about time that Lynette began to fight her illness. She took Lynette (just before her chemotherapy) along to a bar and does her there understand that they must fight her illness.

Gabrielle remembers a night out with Edie: when Gaby was just separated by Carlos, she is a night go out with Edie. It soon became the evening a competition on who could tempt most men. Gabrielle will win the match, but so does Edie understand that they are and that everything passed so quickly: grow old sat there for her in, she knew it all in her childhood.

Eventually the ladies to the University and bringing them Travers on the height of the death of his mother. Travers responds very cool and wants to go to the lesson: his mother has never looked back at him and her death hits him not. It takes Karen McCluskey his arm and then tells her story: one day knocked Edie to not open at Karen, but Karen wanted. They swallowed their way inside and found Karen in the seat with a cup of coffee. It was that day the anniversary of the death of her son and Karen wanted to spend that day only. Edie told her story about when to Karen Travers: she has ever ceded custody of him, because they knew then that they couldn't give him what he would need. Edie was busy with other matters and they loved him, they gave custody to his father.

Travers decides to not hold the shaft and gives them back to the ladies. Karen then comes the idea to to strew the ashes of Edie in their own gardens. How to find Edie her final resting place at the place where they lived: on Wisteria Lane. (This episode was not ' narrated ' by Mary-Alice, but by Edie.)

5-20 (107) Rose's Turn Dave Flebotte David Warren 26 april


Orson is (along with Rose Kemper, the old woman with whom he broken) taken to the hospital. There he overhoort a conversation between Katherine and Rose about the intrusion, but according to Rose broke ' death ' in with her. Katherine thinks Rose mentally no longer completely in order, but Orson thinks they will recognize him. He in the meantime that he tells to Bree cases during a walk, but Andrew believes him. Bree then asks to Orson to stop stealing and cheating, what he also promises to do. But then the story of Rose and Bree hears of Katherine the burglary and she realizes that Orson at Rose has broken. She decides to divorce (behind his back) to bet.

Tom wants sex with Lynette, but that she sees not be: she has just taken a shower in Carlos's Office. That makes Tom jealous and he don't want them that still does. What later get together to drive to Office Carlos Lynette, but Lynette is in the shower and falls. When there is no response more comes from Lynette, Carlos, he finds he is her unconscious in the bathtub. But now Carlos has Lynette nude seen and she asks him to have nothing to say against Tom. Meanwhile, Gabrielle joined a group of ladies that deals with gardening. Gaby thought, however, that the more a cozy women's club, where more drunk than gossip and gardened, but was that turns out not to be the case. To join the club some more in that direction (and claim the leadership), she asks to Tom to also at the club. But Tom hangs quite around Patty Rizzo, apromiscuous lady from the neighborhood. Gaby warns him to stay away, but Tom explains that opinion aside. On a dinner party between the two couples then the truth comes up and they should all excuse in front of their partner.

All women are worried about Dave: he excludes himself (since Edies death) on and refuses to open the door for everyone. They ask than to Mike to agree with him to go chatting, but Dave is aggressive on when Mike says that he knows what he's going through. He wants Mike to go away and leave him alone. Mike then asks Susan to to with Dave to go along. She brings him some sandwiches and try him some cheer.However, life has no sense for him more, because all important for him is/was now gone. Susan then finds a rifle in his suitcase and thinks that Dave wants to commit suicide. She takes all dangerous objects from his house, but is then stopped by the police for gun ownership. She brings than his pants belts back and apologizes for her behavior with Dave. She tells him about the accident (where Daves first wife and child died) and tells him that the car not Mike but they controlled: she was her driver's license forgotten and Mike has taken the blame on him. That does Dave realize he already months behind the wrong person attached and he decides to come up with a new plan.

5-21 (108) Bargaining David Schladweiler David Grossman 3 may


During breakfast asks MJ to his father or he plans to marry with Katherine. Mike can answer, because there they have not talked about this. He asks aid to Katherine, but who looks amused and also want to know more. Mike get it off, and then it turns out that the game was set up: Katherine wanted to actually know when they would get married and had MJ stoked ask that question. What later asks Katherine than itself to Mike if they ever get married, but Mike wants to marry no longer, which makes Katherine very sad.

Bree goes looking for a lawyer: they want a divorce from Orson, but would not lose its case. However, the man should disappoint her: she has launched her case after she is married to him, and so he can claim half of the shares. Not keen Bree and she goes looking for another lawyer. Susan helps her than to a new one: her ex-husband Karl. Who wants to help, but Bree would be something for back: his son Evan is not invited to the birthday party of MJ Delfino and if they want him to Bree must ensure that helps her, Evan is invited. Bree then tries (with some cookies) MJ to persuade, but succeeds only in here if they him telling the truth.

Tom and Lynette try to resolve their marital problems with a new technique: they have sex every night of the month. But when Lynette, Tom will have to work overtime to her Office and they have sex on her desk (while she hangs with Carlos to the line). By her busy schedule also gets overtired and Lynette she falls asleep during sex. Tom is angry about this because Lynette is the only where he is still passionate about: for the rest, there are not many more passions in his life. Lynette admonishes him to to look for new passions. Gabrielle is referred to by the school board called up, when it turns out that Juanita with makeup to school is gone. She is furious at her daughter and asks her why she did this. Juanita tells that she is bullied at school because they are not on her mother seems and thicker than they. Gaby and Carlos lay her than that she is still too young for makeup, but Juanita doesn't fair. Carlos is meanwhile voted ' Latino Businessman of the year ' and is honored that evening by the local authorities. Carlos proposes that Gabrielle that night no makeup wearing, as a kind of ' lesson ' for their daughter. Gabrielle sees that at all, but nevertheless gives (under pressure from Carlos). If there that night than a picture needs to be pulled by the whole family, she quickly panikeert Gaby and in toilets do some makeup. As a result, Juanita disappointed in her mother, but Gabrielle offers soon her apologies to and says that she doesn't want that Juanita becomes as they: she's just from outside nice, Juanita should inside nice and no ' empty box ' like themselves.

Susan brings Karen McCluskey to the doctor, when Jackson suddenly drove the streets. That night, during a dinner with him, Jackson asks whether they want to marry. Susan collapses and tells him that she goes mad from loneliness and says ' yes '. But Jackson does not want to marry her because he would like to see, he wants to marry her because he was illegally in the country and threatens to be expelled. Susan is furious and throws him out. The day after Jackson back returns, apologises and he can convince her to marry him. Dave has come up with a new plan: now he knows that Susan is responsible for the deaths of his wife and daughter, he invites them out for a weekend on a boat, as a thank you for any help since Edie is dead. Meanwhile, the police also found out more about the fire in the club. Doctor Heller has been identified and the police want to know if Dave knows more about: Jackson has seen him in the back room when he went to the toilet. When the police left, Dave quickly runs to confirming their weekend and Susan to the departure time to be agreed. But Susan would no longer take part in the meantime: they get married with Jackson.

5-22 (109) Marry Me a Little Jason Ganzel Larry Shaw 10 may


Karl wants to make sure that Bree does not lose her business and wants to go very far to do: so he opens for her a secret account. But he also wants to safeguard and presents her personal belongings for Brees to join her to break. That sees Bree first not sit, but they're going to end up tacking: during the engagement party of Katherine and Mike they Rob all valuables out of her house. What is Orson later than alone at home and the phone rings. That phone call for him to be clear about the burglary and it finds all of their stuff back in a lock-up garage.

Tom never to find a job. At the engagement party of Mike and Katherine he runs into an old school friend. The guy looks incredibly good for his age and he reveals Tom his secret: plastic surgery. Tom would now also under the knife, but that sees Lynette not be. She tries to bring him, but not immediately succeeds in. She invites than a colleague from whose operation failed is to persuade him. Tom is angry, but Lynette makes him than clear that she sees no intervention together with him and wants to grow old.

Gabrielle finds that Juanita a spoiled child to becoming and wants to teach her some modesty: she takes her to a Center for the homeless. Here she comes, Fran against an old friend who lost everything is. She is curious how Fran everything is lost contracts and seeks her a second time on. Fran tells her than that she has taken a few bad decisions and her husband is deceased. She warns Gabrielle also: it's not because they've lost already everything is that that can happen again.

Susan & Jackson go to Katharine and Mike tell that they are getting married. Katherine is euphoric, but Mike is less enthusiastic. He then asks Katherine to marry him (which there are more than happy to enter, while good on know he does this just because Susan is getting married). Susan may not tell that their marriage is just for the show, so Jackson to organize an engagement party decision. Dave is shocked because Jackson Jackson back, and asks on the Party (nonchalantly) from about what else he knows about the fire. That tells that he should go to the police in a few days to make a statement. Now she is going to marry Jackson, Mike also need no maintenance pay more in Susan, and so they lose an important source of income. Susan Jackson can no longer marry, but now wants to convince her to go talk with Mike and to tell the truth. But Mike is not at home, Katherine though. Susan puts her the situation and to discuss there with Mike Katherine promises to. She is just with Dave on the phone and let the line (accidentally) open and he hears the entire conversation. But Katherine says nothing about Susans situation against Mike and sends secretly a sms to Susan with the message that it is okay for him. On their wedding day, however, Jackson (Thanks Dave) is arrested because he is staying in the country illegally.

5-23 (110) Everybody Says Don't John Pardee & Joey Murphy Bethany Rooney 17 may


Preston wants to go to Europe for six months, but that sees Lynette not be. To convince him she wants Tom to him the University campus. That doesn't have much effect on Preston, but on Tom: he wants to studyChinese (so as to be stronger on the labour market). But also that sees Lynette not sit, and she tries to convince him not to do it. However, Tom is purposeful and want to go again to College. But then hears Lynette a message on the answering machine that the admission exam for training early is. She takes the whole family the night before the test on restaurant and Tom comes back home blind drunk. Therefore it must be Tom now go take the test with a wooden head and he fears that he will be not there.

Jackson is in prison and calling to Susan. He suspects Mike of it to have betrayed him. Susan wants to know the fine and goes to the home of Katherine and Mike. Mike is in the shower and Katherine trying find out why Susan Mike wants to speak. Susan then asks to Katharine betrayed or Mike Jackson. Katherine confess that they must have the sms (on the alimony) to Susan has studied and Mike van don't know anything: they had fear that Mike might not wanted to marry with her if he heard that the marriage of Jackson and Susan wasn't real. Susan asks Mike if he loves Katherine. He confirms this and tells that he leaves with Katherine to Las Vegas to get married. As Susan hears this, she decides to go fishing with Dave anyway. Orson has discovered where their ' stolen ' stuff hidden are held by Bree. He takes everything back in home and when Bree then comes home, she must be honest confession that they stole everything and wants to divorce him. Orson don't let this just happen and presents her for choosing: either they remain together, either going to Bree to prison for scams.

Gabrielle and Carlos ' aunt Carlos go on family visit at Connie Solis. She has big news: she has not long to live and are looking for a new home for her granddaughter Ana. Gabrielle can convince Carlos Ana in to take home. Roberta McCluskey gets phone of Dr. Hellers receptionist, who tells her that the doctor is dead. Roberta goes with that information to Karen and would also bring the police steps. But Karen would like to start by itself on research and want to hack into Daves House.

Dave still wants to go fishing, but Susan doesn't want to join Jackson in prison now. He also gets visit from the police in connection with the fire in the club. Who have discovered that the man in the back room Dr. Samuel Heller is and to know if Dave knows him. He gets after their visit again hallucinations: Dr. Heller tells him that he will get away with his actions, not just his ex-wife wants him quick hair is and Edie advises him to MJ to kill right now. He takes his gun and get off on MJ (who is playing in the street). But then Susan comes outside and tells him that she still wants to go fishing and decides to take back his original plan. He gives Mike a video cassette in which he confesses all his crimes, but says to Mike that there is a performance of the band is on.

5-24 (111) If it's Only In Your Head Jeffrey Richman David Grossman 17 may


The Solis family awaits the arrival of Carlos ' niece Ana. They want her well received and hope they will stay with them for a long time, because Ana has already gone through a lot and has often been moved. Ana is no longer the little girl that Carlos can remember, but has now become a young teenage girl. Gabrielle puts her out the House rules and Ana promises its rules to follow. She picks up her clothes out in the meantime, and Gabrielle sees that there are some expensive designer dresses. When she asks how Ana to those expensive dresses has come, she says that she has received from her friends. A little later she asks to Ana to some chores to renovate and make sure that Juanita and Celia also carry out their tasks. But Ana has no feeling and can convince the Scavo boys to get them for her to do. Gabrielle is angry and explains her tasks that they themselves should do Ana from and must make an example for Juanita and Celia. However, it sees no bones in its solution. That makes Gabrielle only angrier and she threatens to throw out Ana if they don't folds. Ana goes and cry at Carlos thereupon, which in turn gets angry at Gabrielle and understanding asks for his niece.

Karl is surprised that Bree told Orson that she wants to separate. She tells Orson blackmails her now there also at that. Thereupon Karl sends a male on Orson and who beats him all in one. When Bree sees what happened to him, she is shocked. Orson thinks, however, that Bree has hired the man, but Bree denies there have something to do with it. She gets savagely to Karl and demands an explanation. But Karl has no ears to her story and tells her that she is the most fascinating woman he has ever met, and kisses her.

Tom is still passed his entrance exam and should start to his studies. He takes the whole family with you to celebrate this, but Lynette wants first phone calls: she doesn't feel well and thinks she has cancer again.She goes to the doctor and after a thorough examination shows that they don't have cancer, but is pregnant again with twins. When she tells the news to Tom, he begins to doubt or study now called the best solution. Karen and Roberta break into at the home of Dave and David find a lot of medication in the name of ' Dash '. The police want Dave also still some questions and Dave just retrieve. So they catch Karen and Roberta. During their interrogation at the police station discover Karen and Roberta that David Dash Dave Williams actually is and that Dave has killed the doctor. Karen also remembers the accident in which Mike and Susan were involved, and that that family also Dash was called. So does everyone questions arise: why Dave lives in the same street as the people who have "killed" his family?

Susan and MJ going as a group with Dave on weekends. When they say goodbye to Mike, who gets a strange feeling if he sees Daves face. He and Katherine leave to the airport. Katherine is also quickly picks up the video camera and the video cassette that Dave has given to Mike. Katherine goes to at the airport the toilet, but when they make her up out of her handbag, she accidentally takes the video camera on and begins to play the cassette. Mike sees what's on the cassette to the airport and flight to rescue Susan and MJ. He calls Susan and tells her who Dave really is. They must now try to flee, but that's not so easy, because Dave is sitting at the wheel. She gestures in the meantime that nothing is wrong and gives MJ a drink, so he quickly has to pee. When MJ then says he urgently needs to go to the toilet, they stop by the side of the road. Susan saves Dave with a stone half unconscious and flees into the woods with MJ. However, she sprained her ankle during the flight and says that MJ has to hide from Dave. Dave is meanwhile regain consciousness and goes after them. He finds Susan soon returned and goes looking for MJ. It finds him back on a cemetery that is located a little further. Baby baby back to Susan, but Dave takes on Mike allows him than a deal for: his life for that of Susan and MJ. Dave finds that a good idea and speaks with him in the same place where the accident took place with his wife and daughter. He binds Susan stuck to a tree and tells her his true plans: he will be with the car running on Mike when he comes hit, with MJ in the back seat. He is getting ready for the arrival of Mike and looks equally by the achterspiegel to MJ. However, not by his hallucinations he sees MJ, but his daughter Paige.

Hear something later Dave the car of Mike arrive. He put the engine and moving at full speed on Mike off. Susan has in the meantime can detach and tries to stop Mike, but it's too late: with a huge bang clashes Dave on the car of Mike. Susan is stunned and thinks that MJ is in the car, but Dave has put off the wagon just before MJ. Mike also comes unscathed from the crash and Susan falls weeping in his arms. They are so happy that everything is over and give each other a passionate kiss. Dave survives the crash also and is locked up in a mental institution.

Two months later we see all the housewives in the Church for a wedding: Bree is still together with Orson but has an affair with Karl, Gabrielle tries to keep on the right path and Ana Lynette is still pregnant. The groom by marriage is Mike, but who is his bride (Susan or Katherine) is not clear.

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