This article lists the episodes and season 3 of actors from Desperate Housewives. The season consists of 23 episodes and 2 specials. It was the tenth bestbekeken program from that season on American television. The mystery of this season was shortened and all revealed in episode 15: actress Marcia Cross was meanwhile heavily pregnant and had to leave the series for some time.


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Read warning: text below contains details about the content and/or the end of the story.

Nr. Title Writer (s) Director Broadcasting [1]
3-01 (48) Listen to the Rain on the Roof Marc Cherry & Jeff Greenstein Larry Shaw september 24, 2006
6 months after OrsonMike got ran over, is still in a coma that last. Susan deviates not by his side and takes care of him. As she learns to know Ian Hainsworth , whose wife lies in a coma for years.

Orson was once married to Alma, and Alma is one day disappeared without trace. Meanwhile, Bree and Orson also know they already have 6 months of a relationship. Carolyn Bigsby, a close friend of Alma, suspect him to have killed her and let Bree know this on her engagement party. Gabrielle wants to divorce from Carlos, after she discovers that he has with Xiao-Mei (their maid and surrogate mother of their child) has slept.Lynette has taken peace that Tom has a child out of wedlock and tries Kayla (and her mother Nora) welcome in their family. But Nora works Lynette heavy on the nerves.

3-02 (49) It Takes Two Kevin Murphy & Jenna Bans David Grossman 1 October 2006
Gabrielle and Carlos are shocked when Xiao-Mei gives birth to a ' wrong ' baby. Edies nephew, Austin McCann, moves to Wisteria Lane after a quarrel with his mother. Tom and Lynette try to link to some men to her as Nora at them to keep away; Similarly to Carlos, what not in good Earth falls at Gabrielle. Susan goes out to dinner with Ian and they walk are in-laws to bump. Bree marries Orson, but the women are worried because they think he is a murderer. The corpse of a redheaded woman is excavated. The police think the Alma is and Orson and Bree go during their wedding party must identify the corpse. Orson pretends don't know her, but when leaving the mortuary he says to the woman "Tu me manques, Monique ' (= I miss you, Monique).
3-03 (50) A Weekend in the Country Bob Daily Samantha Stanzler 8 October 2006
Gabrielle is shocked when John comes and he tells that he is engaged. Bree cancels her honeymoon when they a heavily neglected Andrew see on television. She is going to seek him and finds him in a soup kitchen, but he wants nothing more to do with her. Orson then goes even talk with Andrew and can convince him to come back home. Nora continues to interfere in the life of Tom and Lynette. Susan and Ian mess up their romantic weekend. Julie Austin's calls for help. Mike wakes up from his coma.
3-04 (51) Like It Was John Pardee & Joey Murphy Larry Shaw 15 October 2006
Edie tries to pick up Susan's and Mike succeeds in here still in lost his memory is also: Mike and Edie makes him point that Susan is a ' bitch '. When Susan then show up, he wants to see her anymore. Bree discovered that Dani elle with her history teacher has slept and that Andrew has been a male boy of shame. Lynette tries Parkers baseball trainer to buy to keep him in the squad. Gabrielle sells all stuff from Carlos during a major cleaning and even tries to arrest Carlos. But that fails when she is arrested.
3-05 (52) Nice She Ain't Alexandra Cunningham & Susan Nirah Jaffee David Warren October 22, 2006
Susan ' kidnaps ' Mike from the hospital when Edie her lies about the relationship of Mike and Susan insists. Dani elle tries to commit suicide when Bree requires it to terminate its relationship with Mr. Falati. Carlos and Gabrielle try to make each other jealous. Tom has finally found a purpose in life: he wants to open a pizzeria . Lynette tries to talk him out of that idea but Nora welcomes the idea: she wants to win for itself to Tom. Austin asks Julie to help him with his homework.
3-06 (53) Sweetheart, I Have to Confess Dahvi Waller & Josh Senter David Grossman October 29, 2006
Susan caught Edie and Mike in the hospital bed. Ian calls Susan from for a party at his home. Tom shows Lynette his pizzeria. She is furious when she discovers that Tom has kissed with Nora. Bree goes out to dinner with Carolyn and her husband Harvey and discovers some secrets from mort, past. Harvey confesses in the meantime to Orson that he had an affair with Monique Pollier ', ' the red haired woman who was dug up. Gabrielle Carlos pushes out the window after she discovers that Carlos has lured her in the fall. The police questioned Mike related with Monique Pollier.
3-07 (54) Bang Joe Keenan Larry Shaw november 5, 2006
Carolyn wants to know Valentine or they already has left Orson. Bree tells Carolyn she better check out her own first marriage would analyze, and tells then that her husband Harvey has had an affair with Monique.Carolyn goes through the Ribbon and draw with a loaded rifle to the supermarket where Harvey works and point out havoc to: she takes some hostages (including Austin, Julie, Lynette and Nora) and demands that Edie and Harvey (who have themselves locked in Harveys Office and see everything happen via the cameras in the Department store) come out. But who do not want to: Carolyn would slaughter them both. Lynette and Nora have meanwhile arguing about Kayla: Tom and Lynette want to obtain full custody of Kayla and Nora not keen. They keep falling out and Carolyn must intervene. Who wants to know what's going on and when then tells Lynette that Nora has slept with her husband ', ' shooting Carolyn Nora cold-blooded death. Lynette is so affected by the murder of Nora that she is fierce on Carolyn and the feud between the two to a high ascending. Then suddenly something wrong and wants Lynette says Carolyn her shooting. Art, a new neighbor, take a look and throws that to Carolyn, just when they want to shoot. The shot in the arm and Lynettes comes in battle that follows is Carolyn shot.

The whole neighborhood is meanwhile gathered at Bree to watch television and the events on the local media to follow. Gabrielle and Carlos were just ' the goods to splitting ' when she heard the news about the hostage-taking. It places their fight in a very different perspective. Bree feels guilty because she has told her husband to Carolyn cheated. Susan was just about to leave on vacation when she heard that Julie was taken hostage in the supermarket. She is trying to close a deal with Carolyn.

3-08 (55) Children and Art Kevin Etten & Jenna Bans Samantha Stanzler 12 november 2006
Gabrielle wants to start working again as a model. Bree discovered that mort, Gort mother Gloria not far from them come from lives and decides to visit her. She invites the woman off at her home and should even come live with her, much to the chagrin of Orson. Mike Gets the police all over the floor looking to his Toolbox. Lynette is Art grateful because he has saved her life. She tries to be good friends with the man, but discovered pictures of scantily clad boys in his basement. Susan enlists the help of Karl in to drive to Austin and Julie apart.
3-09 (56) Beautiful Girls Dahvi Waller & Susan Nirah Jaffee David Grossman 19 november 2006
Gabrielle starts with coaching young girls who all want to shine on the catwalk. Susan moves some things to the home of Ian, to the chagrin of his butler. Lynette tries Art to the police but has no evidence against him. Gloria tells Bree some of mort, secrets and who do decide to throw out Bree Orson. Carlos and Mike share a House together.
3-10 (57) The Miracle Song Bob Daily Larry Shaw 26 november 2006
When Mike is arrested, Edie makes it out. Orson returns home and Bree throws now Gloria again outside. Gabrielle wants to go out with one of the fathers of her students, and must use a wedge between two girlfriends. The neighbors are shocked when they discover that Art comes to a party dressed as Santa. Alma, mort, ex-wife, resurfaces.
3-11 (58) No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds Alexandra Cunningham & Josh Senter Sanaa Hamri January 7, 2007
Susan visits Mike for the last time in prison, because they are no longer allowed to see Ian's Mike. Lynette does its best in order to welcome additional Kayla in the family. Gabrielle receives a bouquet of flowers from an unknown admirer. Bree invites all neighbors from to get acquainted with Alma.
3-12 (59) Not While I'm Around Kevin Murphy & Kevin Etten David Grossman January 14, 2007
Lynette and Tom get in a fight about the pizzeria. Alma hires Applewhites House. Bree discovered a bag of teeth in Alma's closet. Gabrielle discovers that her secret admirer Zach Young is. Susan is concerned about the relationship between Julie and Austin.
3-13 (60) Come Play Wiz Me Valerie Ahern & Christian McLaughlin Larry Shaw January 21, 2007
Susan unexpectedly prompted to assist Jane (Ians wife) in her fight to the death when Ian wasn't there can be. Lynette stops working in the advertising world and goes along with her husband running the pizzeria.Meanwhile, Bree Alma and Gloria try to overcome: they also try Orson (via a combination of sleeping pills and viagra) to rape and thus at Bree away; Alma would then become pregnant and Orson would make her leave or not as a single mother. Gabrielle goes out with Zach in Exchange for Mikes deposit.
3-14 (61) I Remember That John Pardee & Joey Murphy David Warren February 11, 2007
Ian does Susan a marriage proposal she points him provisionally on Janes funeral but off. There is more and more tension between Tom and Lynette and they work it out on each other in the pizzeria. Orson shall submit to Bree how Monique died. They now want to go to the police steps. Zach Gabrielles blackmails her boyfriend and demanding that he dumps. Mike remembers something and ask for more detailed explanations by Orson goes about this.
3-15 (62) The Little Things You Do Together Marc Cherry & Joe Keenan David Grossman February 18, 2007
Alma Sun on revenge. Alma is always crazy about Orson, and has him through a list in marriage can lead. He is then, under pressure from his mother, with her married. But Orson saw Alma do not like and is therefore an affair started with Monique. His mother and Alma came behind and were not happy with that: for his mother until death do us part is not an empty promise, and they killed Monique. Mike was just doing the re-establishment of Moniques sink, and comes just as Orson and his mother Gloria the corpse trying to clean up. That is why Orson Mike run over: Mike knew Orson from somewhere, but managed to place him anymore. Orson was scared to death that if Mike woke up from his coma, he would designate him as the perpetrator.

Gloria sabotages a ladder where Bree Bree ends up in bed and crawls on which must rest. Gloria then tries to kill Bree. Andrew and Orson, Bree can save just in time but Gloria falls and is paralyzed for the rest of her life. Alma falls from the roof of her house, which kills her instantly. Lynette and Tom prepare for their grand opening. Lynette has just ordered the wrong chairs, what Tom makes very angry. Ian does Susan a second marriage proposal and they are now accepting proposal though. Zach does Gabrielle believe they have slept together. They will send Carlos now on him but who discovers that they never slept together may have.

3-16 (63) My Husband, the Pig Brian A. Alexander Larry Shaw March 4, 2007
Bree and Orson honeymooners want to leave, but when Dani elle confesses that she is pregnant, be thoroughly confused sent their plans. Ian wants to quickly marry Susan, because that keeps Mike at a distance.Tom tries to be romantic, but its timing is not perfect and Lynette would also do not cooperate. Gabrielle meet Victor Lang, a candidate Mayor of Fairview. Carlos spends time with Travers, Edies son.

(This episode was not ' narrated ' by Mary-Alice, but by Rex, Brees late husband).

3-17 (64) Dress Big Kevin Etten & Susan Nirah Jaffee Matthew Diamond april 2, 2007
When Susan Ians parents meet, everything stops error. Lynette finds Tom back unconscious on the floor of his pizzeria and he is 3 months off work. Gabrielle steals some clothes of Victor's ex-wife gets ruined after her own clothing collection. Carlos and Edie end their relationship.
3-18 (65) Liaisons Jenna Bans & Alexandra Cunningham David Grossman 15 april 2007
Tom is not happy because Lynette Rick Colleti, an ex-addict, has hired as his Deputy. Edie and Carlos come back together and their relationship becomes deeper. Victor confesses to Gabrielle that he keep her's is starting. Ian wants to move to London with Susan and that can't be soon enough. But on a ride back home ends up their car in a lake and Mike must rescue them.
3-19 (66) God, that's Good Dahvi Waller & Josh Senter Larry Shaw april 22, 2007
Susan won't marry Ian after they discovered that they were the stakes were of a poker game. Lynette becomes more and more under the spell of Rick, her new boss. Victor and Gabrielle have sex in an elevator and be blackmailed with the pictures of this. Parker discovered the corpse of Karen McCluskeys man in her freezer. Carlos and Edie try to conceal their relationship.
3-20 (67) Gossip John Pardee & Joey Murphy Samantha Stanzler april 29, 2007
Gabrielle discovers that Carlos and Edie is there something with each other and not happy with it. Tom suspects that Lynette lets work remains so to spend more time with Rick. Susan is single again after both Mike as Ian is left in the lurch. Karen confession to neighbors on what ever happened with her husband.
3-21 (68) Into the Woods Alexandra Cunningham David Grossman 6 May 2007
Susan goes like crazy behind Mike on when she hears that he has left Wisteria Lane: she's going on camping trip (in true Susan style) looking for Mike, but lost. If Mike than Susan eventually finds, he takes her in his arms and a passionate kiss. Lynette confronts Rick after he dismisses her with his feelings. Gabrielle is arrested after she attacks a parking attendant. Edie thinks Carlos lose interest when it turns out that Travers may back to his father and devises a plan to Travers at to keep her.
3-22 (69) What Would We Do Without You? Bob Daily Larry Shaw 13 May 2007
During a quarrel, Lynette comes up on a table and there are pictures taken. From an MRI scan shows that they Lymphoma (a form of cancer) has. Mike does Susan a marriage proposal. Who gets it in the meantime to stick with Gabrielle, because both ladies have the same wedding date chosen. Edie tells Carlos that they still have a baby wants (and he remains so at her), but meanwhile continues ' the pill ' take.
3-23 (70) Getting Married Today Joe Keenan & Kevin Murphy David Grossman 20 May 2007
In the last episode marry Susan and Mike in the middle of the forest, with only Julie as a witness. At her own wedding party comes to know that her only with Gabrielle married Victor meanwhile is for his image: her latino appearance brings voices from that angle. She runs what distraught around, and ends up at Carlos, who has just dumped Edie: Victor Carlos on her wedding party cheat with Gabrielle. Bree returns from her honeymoon, and runs with a false stomach around so it looks like she's pregnant. She doesn't want her daughter loses all its opportunities (and she wants to save herself the gossip of the neighbors). Dani elle is all this time for the outside world in Switzerland (but in reality she sits in a monastery). Stella, Lynettes mother, discovers that her daughter has cancer and is upset that she has nothing. She needs help and she'll Lynette in the difficult times to come.

Carlos discovered that Edie ' the pill ' has continued to take (on the marriage of Gabrielle he finds a packet in the handbag of Edie) and breaks the relationship with Edie. However, she was in love with him and collapses completely into each other: in the last scene of season 3 you see Edie who hangs up.

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