This article lists the episodes and season 2 of actors from Desperate Housewives. The season consists of 24 episodes and 2 specials. It was the fourth most watched program of the season on American television.


Guest Role[Edit]Edit


Nr. Title Writer (s) Director Broadcasting [1]
2-01 (24) Next Jenna Bans & Kevin Murphy Larry Shaw september 25, 2005
Season 2 begins where season 1 ends: Mike comes in his living room, where Susan is held at gunpoint by Zach Young. Eventually it can overpower, but through the chaos can Mike Zach Zach escape. Lynette has a job and tries to impress her potential employers. Bree must tell to the neighbours that Rex died and she needs his mother Phyllis absorbing. Gabrielle visits Carlos in prison. Betty and Matthew keep someone trapped in the basement.
2-02 (25) You Could Drive a Person Crazy Chris Black & Alexandra Cunningham David Grossman 2 October 2005
Susan discovers that her ex-husband Karl now lives at Edie . They also hear weird sounds coming from the basement of the Applewhites. Phyllis continues to make Bree crazy. Carlos joined by a fellow prisoner after Gabrielle is no money indicates his girlfriend. Lynette tries to make it clear to Tom that the household do more than a parttimejob and let a rat loose in house.
2-03 (26) You'll Never Get Away from Me Tom Spezialy & Ellie Herman Arlene Sanford 9 October 2005
Phyllis discovers Bree has a relationship with George and calling the insurance agent. Who decides to excavate and Rex ' corpse again to investigate. Bree then undergoes a lie detector test to prove that she is innocent. Susan tries to live with it that Edie now also plays a role in the life of her daughter Julie, but that is not easy. Lynette tries virtual to be present on Parker's first day of school, but that's beyond her boss Nina reckoned. Gabrielle ask forgiveness to John Carlos after they caught with another woman. Mike asks Felicia if she heard anything about Zach.
2-04 (27) My Heart Belongs to Daddy John Pardee & Joey Murphy Robert Duncan McNeill October 16, 2005
Susan helps Mike in his quest for Zach. She finds Zach, but stops him some money and says that his father should be looking for in Utah. Gabrielle causes a prison riot and are looking for a new lawyer for Carlos.Parker has a new imaginary friend, Mrs. Mulberry, and that is not to the liking of Lynette. Andrew challenges George out at a dinner party, but George takes revenge.
2-05 (28) They Asked Me Why I Believe In You Alan Cross David Grossman October 23, 2005
Lonny Moon, Susans agent, gets fired after he has committed fraud and asks Susan to follow him now that he's starting a business. Bree gets to see the police note that Rex could write just before his death and is angry with Rex. Carlos wants another lawyer because he thinks the man Gabrielle will tempt. Betty see on television that a man has been arrested for the murder of Melanie Foster. She writes a letter to the police in which she tells that they wear the wrong man.
2-06 (29) I Wish I Could Forget You Kevin Etten & Josh Senter Larry Shaw 6 november 2005
Lynette should for an important presentation looking for a new costume, but when Tom sees the price, he required her to bring back pack. George tries to have sex with Bree, but Bree Gets an allergic attack. Mike discovered that Susan Zach has sent away and ends their relationship.
2-07 (30) Color and Light Marc Cherry David Grossman 13 november 2005
Betty and Matthew come back home and notice that Caleb escaped. George buys a House at Bree near and does her a marriage proposal. Tom and Lynette discover that the friends of their twins have taken away a sex video. Now Susan and Mike are no torque more (as well as Edie and Karl are apart) grow Karl and Susan back together. But Karl has lied and Susan throws him out of the House. Gabrielle gets some girlfriends in the past over the floor and would necessarily attract a tiny dress, but it's not now to be pregnant. Caleb breaks in at Gabrielle and she falls in her flight from the stairs.
2-08 (31) The Sun Won't Set Jenna Bans Stephen Cragg 20 november 2005
After the fall of Gabrielle comes the neighborhood together to create a vigilante set. Sophie, Susans mother, gets married and on her wedding Susan discovered who her biological father is. Bree is some dark sides of George to know and breaks the engagement. Lynette is concerned that her children could fall into the hands of a pedophile and asks Stu, a colleague, in order to set up a trap. Carlos is concerned about the mental health of Gabrielle now has lost her child, and then an ex-con in to help her.
2-09 (32) That's Good, that's Bad Kevin Murphy Larry Shaw november 27, 2005
Bree discovers that George is responsible for the death of Rex and the ' accident ' by her psychiatrist and takes revenge. Carlos is freed and returns home. Gabrielle discovers that this is because Carlos is now a faithful man and go to church. Susan meets her father Addison and trying to build a relationship with him. Lynette is late at the Office and caught Nina and Stu in the copy room. She tries on other thoughts, but that is not quite as planned.
2-10 (33) Coming Home Chris Black Arlene Sanford december 4, 2005
Zach returns to Wisteria Lane and reconciles with his father. Lynette wants a Babysitting/Child Services on her Office but this should convince the boss's wife. Andrew returns home and wants to take revenge on his mother. Carlos wants with Sister Mary to Africa, but that protrudes Gabrielle a stop to it. Susan tries to get to know her father Addison, but his wife suspects him of adultery. Betty tries, with the help of Matthew, Caleb from the institution to pick up.
2-11 (34) One More Kiss Joey Murphy & John Pardee Samantha Stanzler January 8, 2006
Lynette and Gabrielle after they get in a fight and Gaby Tom caught on a kiss. Susan tries to help Mike to a relationship with his son, Zach, build. Andrew Bree, who blackmails the help of Karl. A detective is Caleb come on the track. He breaks into in Betty's home, but dies on the stairs. The corpse stopping them in the boot of his car.
2-12 (35) We're Gonna Be All Right Alexandra Cunningham David Grossman 15 January 2006
Susan teaches Dr. Ron common. After nude photos of Gabrielle on the internet have appeared, she asks Carlos to to help her. Lynettes twin Gets the chicken pox, which Tom the House subterfuge. Mike will visit Noah Taylor. Bree goes out to dinner with a police officer in order to find out more about the Applewhites. But the agent thought this a date rejects him, he was and when they arrest her for driving under the influence.
2-13 (36) There's Something About a War Kevin Etten Larry Shaw January 22, 2006
Susan should be operated on to her spleen. Gabrielle and Sister Mary have a fight in a church and those arguing ensures that sister Mary should move. Gabrielle and Carlos decide to try again to get pregnant.Tom are applying for a job at the Office of Lynette. Bree discovers a secret of Betty and wants the girlfriends tell you what they discovered, but Betty is making a stop to it.
2-14 (37) Silly People Tom Spezialy Robert Duncan McNeill 12 February 2006
Ed, the boss of Tom and Lynette, is not impressed with Toms abilities. Tom must now try to impress his boss, but the way is not what Lynette had in mind. Susan wants to remarry with Karl to ensure for her surgery.Xiao-Mei, an illegal Chinese refugee, Carlos and Gabrielle get shelter at. Bree goes on research into Betty's secrets and breaks in at Betty. There she gets the opportunity to speak with Caleb. Noah Taylor discovers that his grandson is alive.
2-15 (38) Thank You So Much Dahvi Waller David Grossman February 19, 2006
Edie discovers the wedding band that has bought for Susan and Karl thinks Karl will ask her to marry. Bree Babysitting on the children of Lynette, but because of her alcohol problem she falls asleep and the kids can ervanonder mice. Gabrielles MOM comes to visit and proposes to be surrogate mother for their child.
2-16 (39) There Is No Other Way Bruce Zimmerman Randy Zisk 12 March 2006
Zach goes with Mike visit his grandfather. Carlos and Gabrielle want to adopt a child, but then run them Helen Rowland (Johns mother) against the body. Susan is operated on her spleen and confesses on the operating table that she is in love with Mike. Bree is obligated to join the AA so as not to lose custody of Andrew. Tom finds that Lynette too much the boss wants to play. Paul is arrested.
2-17 (40) Could I Leave You? Scott Sanford Tobis Pam Thomas March 26, 2006
Susan gives a dinner party so that Dr. Ron and Karl get to know each other. But then Karl sure a faucet begins to leak and calling Karl to Mike. Lynette Gets a new colleague, who pursues a rather bizarre habit.Bree is still keen on wine and falls asleep in a clothing store. Matthew wants to buy a present for the anniversary of Dani elle, but punch to work again by his mother. Gabrielle and Carlos visit an attorney who can help them in their search for a baby.
2-18 (41) Everybody Says Don't Alexandra Cunningham , Jenna BansJim Lincoln Tom Cherones 2 april 2006
Bree Gets a new AA sponsor after she her old sponsor (which besides a drink addiction also has a sex addiction) to a serving of sex seduces. Gabrielle and Carlos showered Libby, the surrogate that her child wants to cede to them, with gifts. Lynette has to testify against Daisy on a hearing, but realizes she is lying when Andrews game. Edie organizes a party because she is getting married.
2-19 (42) Don't Look at Me Josh Senter David Grossman 16 april 2006
Parker wants to know where babies come from and Lynette trying to explain this. But Parker is very curious and continues to ask questions. Brees father and stepmother do not want their good name through the mud is extracted and try to settle the dispute between Bree and Andrew. Karl and Susan end up in bed together, despite the fact that Karl is getting married with Edie. Felicia Tilman takes revenge on Paul Young.
2-20 (43) It Wasn't Meant to Happen Marc Cherry & Tom Spezialy Larry Shaw 30 april 2006
Gabrielle and Carlos get problems with their adoption when the natural father of the child show up. Edie and Karl make it out and Edie cries out on Susans shoulder, making her a very uncomfortable feeling. Lynette gives sex tips to her boss Ed. Bree wants her old sponsor Peter back and tries to be a sponsor for him. Betty wants to sell her house, but that's beyond Matthew and Dani elle reckoned.
2-21 (44) I Know Things Now Kevin Etten & Bruce Zimmerman Samantha Stanzler May 7, 2006
Edie hires a private detective to find out why Karl has left her, but Mike caught the man. Edie then discovers that Susan is the woman for whom Karl has left her and cross the home of Susan in fire. Tom gets fired.Lynette discovers that Tom has a secret. Gabrielle and Carlos questions to Xiao-may at surrogate mother of their child. Betty wants to kill Caleb because he is a danger, but discovers that Matthew has devised this plan. Andrew sleeps with Brees sponsor Peter and Bree throws than Andrew outside.
2-22 (45) No One Is Alone Kevin Murphy & Chris Black David Grossman May 14, 2006
Susan tries to get a confession from Edie stuck by her in to trap. Lynette discovers that Tom arrangement with a strange woman. Felicia finally take revenge on Paul Young. Carlos gives Xiao-Mei according to Gabrielle way too much attention. Bree to Dani elle, but that nothing more is to know her mother and runs away with Matthew. Bree let himself into a mental hospital.
2-23 (46) & 2-24 (47) Remember Marc CherryAlexandra Cunningham , Jenna BansTom Spezialy Larry Shaw 21 May 2006
We see how each housewife on Wisteria Lane as a youth player. We also come to know what happened in Chicago with the Applewhites: Matthew had a relationship with Melanie. They had broke up but she wanted him to speak again that night and asks to meet him on the site of a timber trade. But it is Caleb who show up and they will send him away. Matthew challenges than moments later however on and it is he and not that Melanie kills Caleb. In an ultimate confrontation between Bree, Dani elle and Matthew Matthew is shot. Betty and Caleb not leave soon after that as they have come: in the middle of the night.

Bree tries to escape from the hospital after she hears that Dani elle is in danger. Lynette wants to leave her husband, but discovers that Tom has another daughter from a one-night stand: Kayla. Gabrielle suspects Carlos to have a relationship with Xiao-Mei. Zach inherits everything from Noah Taylor and is now multi millionaire. Orson, a dentist at Roosendaal, Mike.

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