This article lists the episodes and actors from season 1 of Desperate Housewives. The season consists of 23 episodes and 1 special. It was the fourth bestbekeken program from that season on American television.


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Nr. Title Writer (s) Director Broadcasting [1]
1-01 (1) Pilot Marc Cherry Charles McDougall October 3, 2004
Mary Alice Young, married to Paul Young and mother of Zach, shoots himself in the first minutes of the first episode by the head. Very near is in shock: Mary Alice was a beloved neighbor on Wisteria Lane and her girlfriends Lynette, Bree, Gabrielle and Susan are confused as to why they did this. If they do, at the request of Paul, her clothes clean up, they find a note that implies that Mary Alice has done something terrible.They go in search of the secret of Mary Alice.

Susan learns new neighbour Mike common on the coffee table of Mary Alice and immediately falls for his charm, but that's beyond Edie reckoned. Rex confesses to Bree that he wants to separate. Lynette is a housewife with four small children: her husband Tom is not often at home and she has very very busy. Gabrielle is fed up with her husband Carlos affair with not much at home is John Rowland, her underage gardener.

1-02 (2) Ah, But Underneath Marc Cherry Larry Shaw October 10, 2004
John Rowland takes his relationship with Gabrielle seriously, but they don't. Susans clumsiness ensures that Bongo, the dog from Mike, ends up in the hospital. The children of Lynette make her crazy. She decides to teach them a lesson, but that is wrong. Edie goes live temporarily assigned to Martha Huber.
1-03 (3) Pretty Little Picture Oliver Gold stick Arlene Sanford 17 October 2004
Gabrielle and John are caught by a girl next door. Gabrielle is now trying the child to buy. Susan meet Brandi, the new girlfriend of her ex-husband Karl. They also connect outside from her own House and is discovered by Mike. Bree is organising a dinner party where some secrets stir concerns.
1-04 (4) Who's That Woman? Marc Cherry & Tom Spezialy Jeff Melman October 24, 2004
Mrs. Huber discovered that Susan is responsible for the fire in Edies House. Lynette remember her twin to give against their ADHDmedications. Bree caught Andrew in a strip club. Carlos begins to suspect that Gabrielle is cheating on him. Paul hires a private detective to find out who sent the note to Mary-Alice.
1-05 (5) Come In, Stranger Alexandra Cunningham Arlene Sanford 31 October 2004
After a series of burglaries organizes the whole street a vigilante. Susan thinks Mike loses interest and goes out with a police officer. Lynette tries her twin to subscribe to a private school. Bree is alone at home and invites Zach Young, who confesses her some dark secrets from the past. Gabrielle gets her mother in law Juanita on visit.
1-06 (6) Running to Stand Still Tracey Stern Fred Gerber 7 november 2004
Lynette makes her children's knowledge on the new school with Maisy Gibbons and gets immediately quarreled with her. Gabrielle does all the effort to keep her secret hidden for her mother-in-law. Susan goes on research into the secret of Mary-Alice and discovered that Zach is in a closed institution.
1-07 (7) Anything You Can Do John Pardee & Joey Murphy Larry Shaw november 21, 2004
Mike has a female guest in house and Susan suspects her to cheat him. Lynette hit addicted to the medication from her children. Gabrielle tries Dani elle aside when they discovered that Dani elle has a relationship with John. Bree and Rex tell their children that they are going to separate. Andrew Gets a new car but at Roosendaal Juanita Solis, who has just caught Gabrielle and John in bed.
1-08 (8) Guilty Kevin Murphy Fred Gerber november 28, 2004
Bree looks for a solution after Andrew Juanita Solis has run over. Gabrielle is going to confess. Lynettes Biorhythm hit totally confused and she gets a vision of Mary-Alice. Paul wants the private detective Edie killed after who discovers the paper (where the message to Mary-Alice on it) comes from her. But then it turns out that Edie has received this paper by Mrs. Huber and Paul kills Martha Huber.
1-09 (9) Suspicious Minds Jenna Bans Larry Shaw 12 december 2004
Gabrielle is organising a fashion show for charity. Johns mother Helen discovers the affair of her son, but suspects the wrong house wife. Edie is worried after Martha Huber no longer show up. Andrew Bree caught with marijuana. Carlos is arrested.
1-10 (10) Come Back to Me Patty Lin Fred Gerber december 19, 2004
Bree discovered that Rex is having an affair with Maisy Gibbons and will of divorce him. Carlos is in prison and seized the goods at home with him and Gabrielle. Who let that not just happen. Susan and Mike catch Zach, who is kept hidden by Julie. Lynette is jealous of Claire, the new child care that are very familiar with her children. She places a hidden camera to keep an eye on her. Edie calls the police now Martha Huber disappeared for so long.
1-11 (11) Move On David Saber John David Coles January 9, 2005
Felicia Tilman arrives on Wisteria Lane, determined to the disappearance of her sister to clear up. Tom and Lynette dismiss Claire after they nude by Tom gets caught and those there excited by hit. Karl is once again single and trying to reclaim for itself, but Susan when Susan discovered that Karl has deceived her with Edie when they still were married, is the gate of the dam. Gabrielle should go work now she has no more money. Bree is obliged to provide for her children by Rex after he got a heart attack, but she takes revenge by going out with George Williams, the local pharmacist.
1-12 (12) Every Day a Little Death Chris Black David Grossman January 16th, 2005
The corpse of Martha Huber is excavated. Susan confesses to Edie that she is responsible for the fire in her home. George tries Bree for him to win. Carlos is released from jail. Lynette tells in a child care that her son has cancer so as to be able itself to yoga-les.
1-13 (13) Your Fault Kevin Etten Arlene Sanford 23 January 2005
Lynette discovers that her father has been having an affair and throws him out of the House. Susan discovers that Julie and Zach have a relationship. Rex tries to reconcile with Bree and warns George that he did nothing in his head should pick up. John does Gabrielle a marriage proposal. Paul tries to find out what Susan all know about his past.
1-14 (14) Love is in the Air Tom Spezialy Jeff Melman 13 February 2005
Lynettes twins goes on ' treasure hunt ' near and steals a few things from neighbors. Mike sinks into each other during a valentijnsetentje with Susan, after he is shot. Bree discovered that Rex there pursues some weird sexual fantasies. Gabrielle dismisses Yao Lin, but it is itself also fired.
1-15 (15) Impossible Marc Cherry & Tom Spezialy Larry Shaw 20 February 2005
Mike is arrested for the murder of Martha Huber. Susan is there the heart of in. Tom can win a promotion, but Lynette puts out here in her own way a stop to it. Bree discovered that Dani elle wants to bed with John.Justin offers itself at Gabrielle as a new gardener. Zach Young organizes a garden party.
1-16 (16) The Ladies Who Lunch Alexandra Cunningham Arlene Sanford 27 March 2005
Maisy Gibbons is arrested for prostitution, and Bree is concerned that the secret of her husband could come true. Lynettes twin is suspected to have spread lice at school. Susan and Edie breaks into Paul. Gabrielle gets problems with the water pipe of her house.
1-17 (17) There Won't Be trumpets John Pardee & Joey Murphy Jeff Melman april 3, 2005
Juanita Solis awakens from her coma, but in her flight from the hospital she falls down the stairs and dies. Susan gives Mikes letter back and goes out with Edies contractor. Lynette gets acquainted with a deaf mother. Send Andrew Bree and Rex to a re-education camp. Gabrielle gets from the hospital a compensation after the unfortunate fall of her mother-in-law.
1-18 (18) Children Will Listen Kevin Murphy Larry Shaw april 10, 2005
Bree and Rex visit Andrew, but who wants only his father speak. Carlos forces Gabrielle to sign a marriage contract and replaces her contraceptive pill with coins. Susan is visited by her mother, who has left just her friend. Bree gives Parker a beating, but the consequences must be wear when Lynette discovered this.
1-19 (19) Live Alone and Like It Jenna Bans Arlene Sanford april 17, 2005
Lynette becomes friends with Karen McCluskey after her door drop. Susans mother Sophie wants with her daughter on ' double date '. Gabrielle takes advantage of John's credit card. Andrew returns home but confesses to a priest that he wants to take revenge on his mother.
1-20 (20) Fear No More Adam Barr Jeff Melman 1 May 2005
Gabrielle is organising a farewell party for Carlos, who is eight months to jail must. At the party, Gabrielle discovers that she is pregnant. Rex is still jealous of pharmacist George. Lynette discovers that Tom interacts with an ex of his. Susans kitchen flies on fire, and they switch a private detective in.
1-21 (21) Sunday in the Park with George Katie Ford Larry Shaw May 8, 2005
Sophie, Susans mother, moves after her friend a proposal does. Susan also learns that Mike is innocent. Lynette and Tom try their sex lives what to herbs. Gabrielle confesses to John that he might be the father of her child. Edie spies on Bree and George. Felicia convinces Paul to leave Wisteria Lane. Zach comes at her live for the time being.
1-22 (22) Goodbye for Now Josh Senter David Grossman 15 May 2005
Edie discovered that Mike and Susan want to go in together and tries to put a stop to it here. Carlos is arrested after he attacked Justin has. Rex again Gets a heart attack. Thanks to Tom seizes Lynette next to a promotion, but he discovers that his wife involved and offers his resignation. In the middle of the night moving new neighbors Betty and Matthew Applewhite to Wisteria Lane.
1-23 (23) One Wonderful Day Marc CherryJohn PardeeJoey MurphyTom Spezialy & Kevin Murphy Larry Shaw 22 May 2005
Rex must undergo surgery and discovered that someone tried to poison him. He suspects Bree, and writes a note in which he writes that he forgives her and deceased or not much later. Edie welcomes new neighbors on Wisteria Lane. Lynette discovers that Tom has quit and he obliged her to begin working, he is Hampton. Carlos discovered in court that John has slept with his wife.

Mary-Alice Young was once just Angela Forrest, worked as a sister in Utah and married to Todd. If there is a drug-addicted girl, Deirdre Taylor (Jolie Jenkins), enters her asks if she wants to buy her son Dana, she agrees. She sees a poster hanging from the town of Fairview, hanged by fellow Felicia Huber, whose sister Martha lives on Wisteria Lane. They decide to flee towards, and take their current names to; Mary Alice, Paul and Zach Young. As Deirdre, with the help of her friend Mike, is cleaned up, and pick up her son, Mary Alice kills her in a fit of panic. They stop her bones in a toy box and buried the coffin in the ground beneath their new swimming pool will be cast in concrete, that next day. Not knowing that the young Zach has seen everything they go through with their lives, but not everyone is Deirdre forgotten. Deirdres father, a rich man, sends his daughter's friend Mike Delfino to Wisteria Lane to everything in there to find out. Mike himself has already killed someone in self-defense once before and has a long criminal record. Felicia Huber has the story about Deirdre, and tells it to her sister Martha. Who blackmails her neighbor Mary Alice, who thereby commits suicide. As Mike finds out that Zach is actually his son, and what Mary Alice and Paul have done, he threatens to kill Paul Deirdre. He dissects a tough call and returns home. That is what Zach just Susan at gunpoint, because Zach thinks that Mike has come to kill his father.

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