Death on the Nile is a 1978 film directed by John Guillermin. The film is based on the book by Agatha Christie.


Linnet Ridgeway is on board cruise ship S.S. Karnak. Almost all other travellers see her the sweetest death. Marie Van Schuyler is behind her jewelry, her maid complains about her promised storage that they did not receive and Salome Otterbourne must go to court because of Linnet. When she is found dead, it is up to the famous detective Hercule Poirot (Peter Ustinov) in order to solve it all. However, this is not so easy with so many suspects.


  • Filming had to be stopped every day during lunch time, because of the high temperatures.
  • Having regard to the fact that it really was taken on a ship, there had to be because of lack of shared rooms dressing rooms. Bette Davis shared her room with Maggie Smith and Angela Lansbury.
  • Protagonist Ustinov was the ex-brother-in-law of Angela Lansbury.
  • The lead role would officially go to Albert Finney. He had to turn down.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

Actor Character
Peter Ustinov Hercule Poirot
Jane Birkin Louisde Bourget
Bette Davis Marie Van Schuyler
Lois Chiles Linnet Ridgeway Doyle
Mia Farrow Jacqueline De Bellefort
Jon Finch James Ferguson
Olivia Hussey Rosalie Otterbourne
George Kennedy Andrew Pennington
Angela Lansbury Salome Otterbourne
Maggie Smith Miss Bowers
Simon MacCorkindale Simon Doyle
David Niven Colonel Johnny Race
Jack Warden Doctor Ludwig Bessner

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