Death Wish II is a 1982 film directed by Michael Winner. The film is a sequel to Death Wish (1974). Charles Bronson is again the protagonist. This film was followed byDeath Wish 3 (1985), Death Wish 4: The Crackdown (1987) and Death Wish v: The Face of Death (1994).


Paul Kersey is no longer compete with every criminal who crosses his path. He has established himself in Los Angeles and tries to rebuild his life after the death of his wife and the rape of his daughter Carol. Meanwhile, even though he has a new girlfriend, radio report star Geri Nichols. When Geri and Paul go to the hospital to pick up to Carol, Paul is raided. He pays little attention to initially.

During a trip by Paul and his daughter Carol have within the same five guys who robbed Paul break into his house. There they rape housekeeper Rosario. When Paul with Carol comes home, Paul is also beaten unconscious. Rosario tries to call the police but the thugs kill her. They take Carol with them and raping her. She then commits suicide she and flight.

Paul comes in and tries with the help of his girlfriend Geri and Lieutenant Mankiewicz of the police to find out who the perpetrators are. But despite some police photos he succeeds to find the men. Therefore, to enter into the decision Paul battle alone. He mixes without the help of the police in the night life, where he kills several criminals.Meanwhile are looking for Mankiewicz contact Frank Ochoa, the police officer who then went in search of Paul in New York. Mankiewicz suspects that Paul once again behind the murder of the criminals could sit.

Ochoa then decides to follow but to Paul. He notes how Paul a drug deal to spy on is. When he notes that Paul's life is at risk, warns him to fire off Ochoa by one shot.There follows a tense stand-off in which Paul kills three people. Ochoa also is deadly hit. Ochoa then asks to search the killer to Paul and kill him.

But Paul is too late. Police have arrested the man and decided that he is incompetent . Therefore, Paul breaking into the institution in which the killer is located. With the help of a stolen identity card he touches inside. He finds the killer and becomes embroiled in a violent fight. Paul succeeds in the Nick in order to kill him, but is discovered.The man who discovered him, lives with him and Paul gives three minutes to escape.

When he returns to his house, Paul discovers that his girlfriend Geri the truth has become obsolete. That is why they decided to leave him.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit


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