Daniel Bautista (Mexico CityAugust 4, 1952) is a former Mexican athlete, who competed in race walking. He was Olympic champion and Central American and Caribbean champion in the 20 km walk.

In his relatively short career he dominated as race Walker on the road and the track. He gained international prominence when he in 1975 the 20 km walk at the Pan American games won. This made him the big favourite in the following year on the Olympiad. At the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal he won the gold medal for the East Germans racewalkers Hans Reimann (Silver) and Peter Frenkel (bronze) that the previous Olympic.

In the following years walked Bautista still twice a world record in the 20 km and only best year performance at other distances. In 1977 and 1979 he won the IAAF World Race Walking Cup in the 20 km on the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow he again took part, but was 1,800 m before the finish disqualified. He also took part to the 50 km race, but had to give up after 30 km. After this, he ended his sporting career.


[hide]*1 Titles


  • Olympic 20 km walk champion-1976
  • Central American and Caribbean champion 20 km walk-1977

World records[Edit]Edit

Time Date Place
1: 23.40 30 may1976 Bydgoszcz
1: 22.16 19 may1979 Valencia
1: 21.04 9 June1979 Vretstorp
1: 21.00 30 March1980 Xalapa


20 km walk[Edit]Edit

  • 1975: [1]Pan American Games-1: 33.06
  • 1976: [2]OS-1: 24.41
  • 1977: [3]World Cup-1: 24.02
  • 1977: [4]Central American and Caribbean Championships-1: 29.34
  • 1978: [5]Central American and Caribbean Games-1: 29.10
  • 1979: [6]World Cup-1: 18.49
  • 1975: [7]Pan American Games-1: 28.15

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