Crystal Palace Football Club is an English football club, currently playing in the Premier League. The club was founded in 1905, with the headquarters in The Crystal Palace in Sydenham. The club was forced to move to in 1915 . After a number of years in The Nest in Selhurst, moved the club in 1924 to what still is, home to Selhurst Park. The club was named after the former building of the same name that was ever in the same location.


[hide]*1 History



[1]1905-06 team.[2]Crystal Palace, 1921.

Crystal Palace FC was founded on 10 september 1905 . To 1920 played in the Southern League, then the club was included in the new Football League Third Division of the Football League.

It is not the same club as Crystal Palace FC was founded in 1861 and was a founding member of the Football Association. The new club with the same name (derived from the Crystal Palace for the great exhibition of 1851 that was built) played in the same stadium. In 1915 , the club was forced to move to the Herne Hill Athletics Stadium and in 1918 to The Nest. In 1924 was than the current Selhurst Park Stadium into operation. Their first game at their new site was on 30 Augustagainst Sheffield Wednesday.

Lower divisions and advance[Edit]Edit

In 1920/21 , the club was included in the new Football League Third Division and there was the club champion right away. After four seasons the club was relegated back to the third Division (Third Division South). Because the club could not only promoted the champion was promoted back and ended up mostly in the middle bracket with the occasional good listing but also sometimes a last place. In 1958 the two classes were reduced to one third and became the fourth class (Fourth Division) was set up, by a 14th place the club could not qualify for the third Division. After two seasons, the club was runners-up and promoted. They were promoted again In 1964 and ended in the first table half to the club after five seasons and won the vicetitel for the first time in history, promoted to the top Division (then First Division. Peter Simpson played for the club during this period, the Scottish established a record that probably never will be disconnected, he scored 165 goals in 195 games. Another beloved player from the early 1960s Johnny Bynre who managed to be selected for the national team when he played just with Crystal Palace in the third Division. Only five players who are not in the top two divisions played in here ever succeeded. He was transferred to West Ham Unitedfor what was then a record transfer fee was.

In the first season In the top class ended Crystal Palace with one point ahead of relegation candidate Sunderland AFC. The following two seasons the club could save itself again, but in 1973 the club could no longer avoid the degradation. It went from bad to worse and Crystal also couldn't hold out more in the second division.

The 20-year-old Jim Cannon made his senior debut for the club and scored in his first game the second goals against Chelsea FC, he would play for the club in 660 times his 16-year career. The club took out the existence for the first time in the semi-finals of the FA Cup , beating big clubs like Leeds United, Chelsea and Sunderland until Southampton FC stopped the series of victories.

Led by Terry Venables were promoted back to the second division in 1977. Two years later the club promoted back to the top class. The club ended up for the first time on a comfortable place in the competition.Venables left the club for QPR and Ernie Walley was trainer. After two months he was offered a permanent job bad results on condition that former trainer Malcolm Allison also the club would work out. Walley refused making Allison only the lead got. He could not keep the club from last place and seemed a degradation in February 1981 , the club had already unavoidable eventually thirteen points behind Leicester City (at that time counted a victory for two points so the backlog was larger than they would be today.

The Ron Noades takeover (1981)[Edit]Edit

In 1981 bought former Wimbledon FCChairman Ron Noades the club and sent Allison sack immediately. Dario Gradi became the new coach, he had led Wimbledon to higher divisions. Yet there were still no good results, Gradi two trainers who not did better. Dave Bassett, trainer of Wimbledon stunned the club by four days after he was trainer of Crystal Palace to resign and return back to Wimbledon.

The Steve Coppell era (1984-1993)[Edit]Edit

The 29-year-old Steve Coppell was the new coach after his playing career was ended prematurely by a knee injury. He worked well with Noades and built the team up again. In 1985/86 , the club were promoted after two fifth and sixth places in 1989 back to the top class. Crystal Palace was the first club in the Football League that a shared stadium when rival Charlton Athletic to Selhurst Park came after their stadium was closed.

Many fans the Eagles were not happy with the decision of Coppell to contract the Scottish club Legend Jim Cannon not to renew after 16 years.

Palace finished in 15th place in the First Division and reached the final for the first time in the history of the FA Cup. They switched from Liverpool FC in a sensational match, the club came first was 0-1, then 2-1, then 2-3 behind and went on to win 4-3. Liverpool had earlier that season the club still a beating given by with 9-0 win. The club first played In the final drew with Manchester United and lost 0-1 in the replay.

1990/91 season is undoubtedly the most successful in the club history. Palace finished in third place In the League, the best performance ever. That season was also won the Full Members Cup with a 4-1 victory over Everton FC, so far their only trophy. The club could not a European, the excellent performance by the Heysel Stadium disaster all English clubs were banned from Europe for five years. Then had to start off 0 clubs earn their places in Europe and making early 90 's only Vice was allowed to participate in the UEFA Cup. After Wimbledon stadium was closed again a Palace shared another club.

In 1992, the club was a founding member of the Premier League that was now the highest class in England. Because some good players were sold and other long-term injured players were all season was a struggle against relegation. On the last day, competitor Oldham Athletic 4-3 Southampton FC and came as on the same level with Crystal Palace and had a better goal difference by which the club relegated.

The Alan Smith era (1993-1995)[Edit]Edit

Steve Coppell resigned after the degradation took and gave the trainer to his assistant Alan Smith who led the club to the title with seven points ahead of Nottingham Forest, Chris Armstrong scored 23 goals and was top scorer in the First Division (second Division).

The following season was the semi-finals of both the FA Cup and League Cup achieved. However, it was In the League, the Premier League was from 22 to 20 clubs for the following season were four relegations have been decided, leaving Crystal Palace sat there on the last day at.

On 25 January 1995 Palace played at home against Manchester United. After Manchester midfielder Richard Shaw tackelde Éric Cantona , he was sent off. When he walked to the tunnel he was challenged by Palace supporter Matthew Simmons, this made Cantona so evil that he stomped the fan, this became known as the Cantona Kung-Fu Kick and this did not remain unpunished.

Second term of Coppell (1995-1996)[Edit]Edit

Smith was fired a few days after the degradation and Steve Coppell returned back. Many players were sold and the club had a very different team at the start of the next season. The season started badly and was fired after seven months when degradation Coppell came into view. Dave Bassett is the second time came to the club and did it much better than his first time and took out the one victory after another in which the club even brought to third place. Palace reached the final of the play-off but lost in it from Leicester City. The following season also went smoothly but then suddenly left Bassett trainer at Nottingham Forest

Third term of Coppell (1996-1998)[Edit]Edit

Coppell was again won and finished in sixth place, just enough for the final tournament. It defeated the club Sheffield United in the final and again promoted to the Premier League.

On 4 August 1997 signed Italian midfielder Attilio Lombardo at the club. He is by his skills as one of the best players from the club history considered. However, the club came from last place in the Premier League and at the beginning of 1998, Lombardo along with Tomas Brolin the trainers helm but together they could not stave off the degradation.

After this season if the club for the first European play in the Intertoto Cup but was immediately turned off.

The acquisition of Mark Goldberg (1998-1999)[Edit]Edit

In March 1998, just before Ron Noades sold his majority shares to degradation computer Tycoon Mark Goldberg who hoped to join the club on a European power in five years time to change. Steve Coppell was Director and trainer Terry Venables. The dream for success quickly became a nightmare when it became apparent that Goldberg could not live up to his financial promises and the club went into liquidation.

Coppell IV (1999-2000)[Edit]Edit

Venables left the club soon and Coppell became again trainer while Peter Morley was President. Coppell could keep the club in 1998/99 and saved the club from relegation the following season.

The acquisition of Simon Jordan (2000-01)[Edit]Edit

In July 2000 , the nearly bankrupt club bought by Jerry Lim they immediately sold to mobile phone magnate and fan Simon Jordan. He replaced Steve Coppell by Alan Smith, who from 1993 to 1995 all trainer was because the club in the preseason some defeats suffered by teams outside the Football League. The financial problems disappeared but relegation to the third Division ogled. Smith was put at the door even though he reached the semifinal of the League Cup

Steve Bruce and Trevor Francis (2001-2003)[Edit]Edit

Steve Bruce left Wigan Athletic and became trainer at Palace, the results were good but after four months, he left the club for Birmingham City, this made him very unpopular with the fans who gave him the nickname Judas. Bruce Jordan had however promised that he would remain at the club. He was succeeded by Trevor Francis, which is ironic given his predecessor was at Birmingham. Under Francis the club could not keep the good results and finished in the middle bracket. He remained until the following season then again a middle bracket place.

Steve Kember was new coach and made for three consecutive wins at the start of season 2003/04, afterwards it went quickly downhill, and in november he was sacked when the relegation zone got close. Kit Symons took a month on and improved the club all but under Iain Dowie was a lot better.

Shortly before Dowie left Selhurst Park Wimbledon was appointed so that they had the stadium for their only.

The Iain Dowie era (2003-2006)[Edit]Edit

Iain Dowie transformed Palace of degradatiekandidaat at Christmas to sixth place at the end of the season. On the last day the club had enough to a draw against Coventry City but lost and seemed to intervene but just off the play-off in the 90th minute West Ham made the equaliser against Wigan which was sixth and final round took Palace. Palace won 3-2 at home of Sunderland AFC and lost with 2-1, the rule of UEFA coefficients that Sunderland would not pass in the final round and gold there were penalty kicks taken, Palace won.

In the final of the play-offs, the club defeated West Ham 1-0 and were promoted back to the Premier League. Despite the efforts of Iain Dowie and the goals by Andrew Johnson (second top scorer in the League) relegated the club on May 15, 2005 after a 2-2 draw against Charlton Athletic. By the loss of Norwich City had the club enough to a victory at Charlton Athletic and a penalty from Andy Johnson 20 minutes for time that victory seemed secure. The equalizer just before time took care, however, for tears, because the victory of WBA ensured that this result was not enough. Palace now has the few noble honor of being the only club to be relegated from the Premier League four times.

But the club went with pride Cup under, just weeks before the end of the season the club defeated Liverpool FC, which still would win the Champions League that season with 1-0. The following season became the final round but lost by Watford FC.

The club came in the News In 2004 by a production error in the Diadora plant in Romania. On a label in the shirts read "Chrystal Palace" instead of "Crystal Palace".

The offers for Andrew Johnson poured in from Wigan Athletic and Bolton Wanderers who offered £ 8.5 million but it was Everton who the player on a consulting basis to offer by £ 8.6 million.

Iain Dowie was released a few days earlier of his contract because he was closer to his family in the North of England wanted to be. Simon Jordan understood him and left him smoking. On the day that Johnson was sold to Everton Charlton Athleticsigned a contract with Dowie, Jordan felt Dowie put in the bag now only 6 kilometers closer to his family. Jordan challenged him for the Court.

Time for Taylor (2006-2007)[Edit]Edit

Peter Taylor came from Hull City and became the new coach, he took out many players in and made a good start by winning three times in a row but then it went worse and the club was at one time even 20th. Jordan continued to have confidence in Taylor and at the end of the season ended the club on the 12th place. After a disappointing start of the season 2007-2008, Taylor however dismissed by President Jordan. Its successor is Neil Warnock who last successes with Sheffield United.

The era Neil Warnock (2007-2010)[Edit]Edit

Neil Warnock follows Peter Taylor as manager and under his rule succeeds in Crystal Palace in extremis-to qualify for the promotion Play Offs in the season 2007-2008. This can be seen as a handsome result there Palace at Warnocks entry anonymous in the middle bracket wallowed and he knew the team to lead to a nice 5th place. However, in the Play Offs clashes Crystal Palace on a Bristol City being in shape, and the disabled.

The season 2008-2009 is the purpose of Crystal Palace again to be in the top-6 finish and thus participating in the promotion Play Offs. However, a season of hope ends on an anonymous 15th place and the team can never claim more. Meanwhile appear there again dark clouds in the sky above Selhurst Park. Chairman Simon Jordan has a lot of money invested in the past seasons are hunting for promotion, but closed a loan at a "hedge fund" requires the club to a very heavy installment. Simon Jordan remains as the only lender to relieve the heavy payments but towards the end of the season 2008-2009 he makes consent to the club for sale.

The 2009-2010 season begins with Warnock as manager and as Chairman Simon Jordan still there there is no buyer was found. The season is off to a good start and Neil Warnock amazed him team in the typical style. Driven by a strong playing Darren Ambrose, who shaves the transfer is free join club, Crystal Palace high tops. However, in december 2009 comes to light that Crystal Palace is behind with its payments and that the club carries a debt of around £ 30 million. If the company let the batter Agilo property of the club due to missing an installment, the club placed under guardianship. Simon Jordan is released from his duties and a curator is appointed by the London commercial court to find a buyer. The curator can product with youth and in shape being striker Victor Moses, a top talent for a lot of money to sell Wigan Athletic leaving sufficient funds to the season play out. Neil Warnock choose eggs for his money and is the manager of the Queens Park Rangers. The curator Paul Heart find with a temporary manager who should try to keep Crystal Palace in the Championship.

Paul heart and uncertainty (2010)[Edit]Edit

While the curator is eagerly looking to a transferee leads Paul Heart his team by the League. Because of all the extra-sporting perils slips Crystal Palace off the leaderboard and ends up just above the relegation places. On the very last round should Crystal Palace with 48 points to Sheffield Wednesday that 46 points counts. If Sheffield WINS, still about POPs Palace and Crystal Palace would degrade on the very last round.However, an inspired performance leads to a 2-2 draw and Crystal Palace are led by Paul Heart can Championship-safeguard status. After this contest is there on an emotional way celebrated by players and supporters as there is still no certainty or the club will be saved. The curator Announces 12 June 2010 an ultimate date on which an acquisition should be foregone conclusion, otherwise the money the club will irrevocably on and disappear.

However, 2 local businessmen, in particular Steve Parrish and Martin Long, come to an agreement with all creditors, and save the club in extremis. Both gentlemen pay all outstanding debts, to buy the stadium even again by the Bank of Scotland who had a mortgage on rest, join club and Stadium and again in 1 public company. The holding company set up by both men and some lenders, goes through life as CPFC2010. In other words, Crystal Palace has been rescued and is again, for the first time since the beginning of the 2000s, owner of its Stadium. All this means that Crystal Palace a few weeks time of almost dead to alive and evolves.

A new start under Steve Parrish and Martin Long, welcome George Burley (2010)[Edit]Edit

At the beginning of the 2010-2011 season CPFC2010 announces that Paul Heart thanks for the hard work but that one continuing with the Scottish manager George Burley. Burley has a long track record in British football in which he even to national coach of Scotland has kicked. Burleys initial decisions to much-needed changes in the football squad to take effect. Experienced players like Shaun Derry, Johannes Ertl and Clint Hill transfer flow freely, in their place come mainly lent players who the club cost less money. Although the new owners want to book them as very solvent Crystal Palace transforming a club that participation in thePremier League needs to stay out of debt, to a club that also can be self-sufficient in the Championship. Financial realism and modest ambitions are the new code words of the Crystal Palace in 2010-2011.

However, the season started painfully. Burley wants to introduce a European-inspired playing style on a list fast switching and short passing are central. The results are initially still reasonable but soon comes the scratch in the game having a presence of permanent and Crystal Palace on a relegation place. Through december can Burley still fails, fortunately for Crystal Palace there are several teams who are struggling, this keeps down the standings everything possible. In that period, however, there is some good news to pick it up. In particular, that the Argentine goalkeeper Julian Speroni, widely regarded as the best goalkeeper outside the top Division, his future to the club to sign a new, long-term contract connects by. Darren Ambrose also star player signs a new agreement in order to put an end to numerous transfer rumors regarding his person.

However, if on new year's day 2011 the derby against local rivals Millwall lost 1-0 decision the new Board to intervene. Not so much the defeat against Millwall or do them decide the worrying performance, George Burley to put on hold. His assistant, club icon Dougie Freedman is appointed as a temporary replacement to the club a new manager has found.

Freedmans first game, at home against the equally distressed is with Preston North End 1-0 won. 3 days later, Crystal Palace to Coventry City for the 3rd round of the FA Cup. Palace lose unhappy with 2-1, however, the game level and the animation are once again present after the departure of George Burley.

The Administration is negotiating with AFC Bournemouth for their young and talented manager, Eddie Howe loosen, however, Howe concludes his employer to stay true and therefore makes no move to South London.

The era Dougie Freedman (2011-2012)[Edit]Edit

On Tuesday 11 January 2011 makes the Board known to club legend Dougie Freedman a two-and-a-half year contract has drawn as new manager of Crystal Palace FC. Freedman, in two periods and scored 108 goals for the club, including the winning hit in the match against Stockport County in 2001 the club narrowly saved from the degradation, must try to save Crystal Palace again of the degradation. The Board also announces that there will be a new, experienced Assistant wanted to Freedman in his first job as manager.

A week after the appointment of Dougie Freedman as new manager makes Crystal Palace known to none other than Lennie Lawrence Freedman debutant is the new, experienced Assistant. Lennie Lawrence, 63 years old, is an experienced rot within English football that can present more than a nice palmares at clubs such as Plymouth Argyle and Charlton Athletic and Bristol Rovers.

Led by Freedman & Lawrence posted good results in the Crystal Palace thuisduels. On a regular basis are in Selhurst Park won enough points to move to the relegation places, however, the miserable form in away matches continues. Often on the move lost, occasionally there is a paltry tip but achieves Palace won no longer on the move until the end of the season. However, due to the poor form of Preston North End,Scunthorpe United and Crystal Palace 2 Sheffield United matches for the end is sure of the preservation in the Championship. Preston, Scunthorpe and Sheffield United are relegated, the Eagles are narrowly saved again.

For the 2011-2012 season, there must be some change. The football squad to lose some quality players, including the danger of young, promising striker of Everton, which finished the season on loan at Crystal Palace, James Vaughan in particular goes away. He draws on Monday 30 May 2011, a contract with PhD student Norwich City after no less than 2.5 million offered him Norwich £ loosen at Everton. Star players asNathaniel Clyne, English belofteinternational, and midfielder Darren Ambrose are linked to a host of top clubs. Also goalkeeper Julian Speroni awakens, having regard to its impressive performance, the interest of many larger clubs.

However, Crystal Palace to keep its best players, and manages with cautious optimism and realistic ambitions to capture the 2011-2012 season.

After a dramatic opening round, where Crystal Palace visiting PhD student Peterborough United 2-1 year, times the odds. Crystal Palace is experiencing its best start in the Championship in 25 years and is after 13 days of play on a nice 3rd place with 23 points. Through the months of August, september and October will experience Crystal Palace a dream. Dougie Freedman let his team play offensive football and Crystal Palace having a presence of adventurous and permanently attached to the top of the leader board. On 23 October 2012 follows an announcement by the club leaders striking like a bomb. Dougie Freedman has asked to be allowed to leave the club to the vacant place as manager of Bolton Wanderers to take. The Crystal Palace's bestuurslui respond disenchanted but accept the lump-sum payment that Bolton wants to lay on the table for their young, talented manager to take over. In the wake of Lennie Lawrence Freedman will also start Assistant together with trainer Curtis Fleming towards Bolton.

On november 3, makes Crystal Palace announced that Ian Holloway 's Blackpool FC enjoyed series comes across and is the new manager of the club.

Ian Holloway and promotion to the Premier League (2013)[Edit]Edit

Ian Holloway joins on 3 november 2012, the day of the match against Ipswich Town. This contest is convincingly won 5-0. The fans, hugely disappointed in the sudden departure of their favourite Dougie Freedman, react distributed on the appointment of the experienced and for its "no-nonsense"-style well-known Holloway. Ian Holloway guides Crystal Palace in the months following his appointment through the competition in which the results are good stay for new year. However, in early 2013, the little by little blemish in the game when the players seem to realize that the season seems to be going turn out to be a battle for promotion.Save the stress and tension and the Group of players, the seasons before tried and tested in the relegation fight, play at times nervous, not used to the new given that they hear at the party where promotional candidates for the season a safe season in the middle bracket without degradation was provided, bearing in mind the previous two seasons. With much trial and error drags itself towards end of season, Crystal Palace and partly because other Play Off-candidates likewise not well able to cope with the stress brings out Crystal Palace the Play Offs with the heels over the ditch.

In that Play Offs meet long-time enemy and rival Crystal Palace Brighton & Hove Albion. Brighton, led by the flamboyant Gus Poyet will see a beautiful and adventurous season crowned with a fourth place. Brighton is in blood form and is described as the big favorite in the double confrontation with the changeable playing Crystal Palace. In the first leg on May 10, receives Crystal Palace Brighton. Just before the end of the regular season is club top scorer Glenn Murray (30 goals) fallen out with a serious knee injury and Palace don't quite know what to expect in the Play Offs. Although Brighton in the first leg during large parts of the match the dominant team is to score so that one does not know the final result 0-0 lags. The confrontation between the two rivals will in the Falmer Stadium of Brighton should be settled. In that confrontation on May 13, is the overall tenor at both media as supporters that Brighton the favorite has to be the Play Off-final in Wembley to reach. However, Ian Holloway proves himself once again a strong tactical trainer by some unexpected interventions. Throughout the match playing Crystal Palace frank and free and Wilfried Zahayouth product, by the Palace to Manchester United sold at the winter break but rented to them again until the end of the season, scores both goals in an unexpected but deserved 2-0 win on the big rival. Crystal Palace should get ready for a final against Watford FC.

On Monday 27 may look Crystal Palace and Watford FC in the eyes each other at Wembley. The winner of the day in addition to Cardiff City champion and runner-up Hull City to the Premier League. After a nervous party State it still 0-0 after 90 minutes without really predominance of one of both clubs. Crystal Palace who had started the Play Offs as the underdog unexpectedly switched into shape-also in the final were from Brighton neighbourhoods, the Eagles are thought to have little chance against a strong Watford that trained by Gianfranco Zola had played a good season thanks in part to some rental players of the Italian Udinese Calcio. However, in the extensions rated veteran Phil Kevin Lambert (39 at that time) the decisive goal, 1-0, and then stand to the 120th minute Palace keeps and should unexpectedly back to the Premier League where it was last active in 2004-2005.


English League Championship: 27 x (highest Division)

Full Members Cup


Palace in Europe[Edit]Edit

  • 3R = third round
Season Competition Round Country Opponent Score
1998 Intertoto Cup 3R [3] Samsunspor 0-2, 0-2

See also participants UEFA tournaments England

Selection 2013/14[Edit]Edit

Nr. Position Player
1. [5] DM Julián Speroni
2. [6] V Joel Ward
4. [7] V Jonathan Parr
5. [8] V Paddy McCarthy
6. [9] M José Campaña
7. [10] M Yannick Bolasie
8. [11] M Kagisho Dikgacoi
9. [12] (A) Phil Kevin Lambert
10. [13] M Owen Garvan
11. [14] (A) Stephen Dobbie
12. [15] M Stuart O'Keefe
13. [16] M Jason Puncheon
14. [17] M Jerome Thomas
15. [18] M Mile Jedinak
Nr. Position Player
16. [19] (A) Dwight Gayle
17. [20] (A) Glenn Murray
18. [21] (A) Aaron Wilbraham
19. [22] V Danny Gabbidon
20. [23] M Jonathan Williams
21. [24] V Dean Moxey
23. [25] V Florian Marange
24. [26] M Elliot Grandin
25. [27] DM Neil Alexander
26. [28] V Matt Parsons
27. [29] V Damien Delaney
28. [30] V Peter Ramage
29. [31] (A) Marouane Chamakh
34. [32] DM Lewis Price

Updated to 31 August 2013

Famous players and club legends[Edit]Edit

The following players played at least one match and also played for Crystal Palace, or played more than 150 matches with the club, players currently play for the club are not displayed.

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