cookie or biscuit (from the French bis and cuit, "twice baked"; cf.. Rusk) is a small, fried delicacy that came with the coffeetea or a drink is eaten. In the past, especially by the pastry chef baked cookies. Nowadays the production of larger scale and are usually sold in supermarkets. Many people find it fun to occasionally itself to bake cookies.Butter cookies are made with butter instead of other fats.

The term biscuit is also sometimes used for small dishes that are baked in a frying pan , such as rijstekoekjespotato pancakes or fish cakes.


[hide]*1 sweet biscuits

Sweet biscuits[Edit]Edit

[1]Sweet biscuits

Almond Cookies[Edit]Edit

[2]Almond Cookies

Almond cookies or biscuits are made from almond pastepastry. Almond cookies are gluten-free.


Salty biscuits[Edit]Edit

[3]Salty biscuits

Salty Biscuits are eaten as a snack. They are baked in many forms (such as circles, squares, triangles, pretzels, stems and butterflies).

The spicy taste is obtained by the addition of saltcheese and/or spices such as Curry. They are decorated with grated cheese, nuts, sesame seeds and/or poppy seeds.

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