Conan the adventurer is a fantasy/Sword & Sorcery book of the American writers Robert e. Howard and l. Sprague de Camp.


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Conan the adventurer is the fifth book about Conan the barbarian and contains four stories about Conans father wanderings. The stories were written by Robert e. Howard and l. Sprague de Camp.

The priests of the black circle[Edit]Edit

(English: The People of the Black Circle, by Robert e. Howard-1934)

Bhunda Chand, the King of Vendhya, is murdered by the demonic magic of the black seers of the mountain Yimsja. His sister, the Devi Yasmina, swears to avenge his death will. When she hears that the Governor of the border town of Peshkhauri seven head men of the Afghuli's caught hold, she travels to that city. She wants Conan, the leader of the force, Afghuli's against the black seers to battle. But Conan knows the Devi from the fort to kidnap Peshkhauri 's.

Meanwhile, the companion of the sneaks Gitara Devi, the fort. She goes to her beloved, the wizard with the black seers, Khemsa, which serves and Kerim Shah of the hostile country Turanië is waiting for an opportunity to take over power. Gitara tells of the kidnapping and convinces Khemsa now its own path to follow. They will kill the head men and steal from the Devi Conans father hands. After that they will both ask if Vedhya Turanië ransom and with that money buy a private army. He agrees and the Afghuli's are killed.

Conan is at the Afghuli tribe arrived, a Wazuli's from the mountains led by his friend Yar Afzal. This is killed by Khemsa, then the tribe against Conan intent. After a fight can Conan and Yasmina flights, but they are obsolete by the wizard. Before checkout, can appear with Conan Khemsa the four of the Black Circle, sorcerers of the mountain Yimsja. With their magic Khemsa and Gitara an abyss in forcing them and then they disappear, where they bring the Devi.

Conan discovered it crashed, but not yet dead, body of Khemsa. He asks Conan to take his belt and gives him instructions: he must follow the gold wire and break the crystal ball. Then it dies. Conan goes on road to the mountain Yimsja. Along the way he Ka Shah against, and they decide to cooperate for the time being against the black seers. They arrive at the fortress of the visionaries that consists of a tower, followed by a precipice and higher on the mountain a walled castle. At the Tower they are confronted with the magic forces of the acolytes of the black seers. K.c. Shahs troops be decimated, but they can still conquer the first tower.

Then they go through it with a toxic mist-filled ravine. Conan remembers Khemsa's comment about the golden thread: along this thread runs the only safe route through the ravine. On the other hand wait the acolytes them with knives on; their spells are exhausted. Without many problems, they are killed. Conan and his five remaining accomplices within the Castle, where they act opposite the four of the Black Circle come to be.After a few warriors have been killed by the sorcerers, Conan to break the crystal ball, know as Khemsa had told him before he died. Thereupon die the four wizards and the two remaining invaders, Conan and Ka Shah, come to stand opposite the master of Yimsja. These jerks Ka Khemsa's out of his body, but then results heart out of hatred born strength from the belt to fight the tovermeester in Conans father body. The wizard turns into a hose and turn on the flight with Conan after him. The Snake is about to kill him a knife if Yasmina Conan throws in the neck. With his dagger plunges Conan on the reptile, that seriously injured the retreat finally blows.

They leave from the Castle and bumps on an army of 3000 Turaniaanse Lancers. They are in fight with the withdrawing Afghuli's. Conan comes to his aid and the Devi Yasmina takes his horse to the Cavalry of Vedhya looking for her being to catch up. The Turaniërs are submitted by the cooperating armies of Vedhya and Afghulistan reports. Conan and the Devi say goodbye and return back to their own country with their armies.

The sliding shade[Edit]Edit

(The Slithering Shadow, by Robert e. Howard-1933)

Conan and Natala, the only two survivors of the defeated army of Prince Almuric, roam the desert. Just before they threaten to come of thirst, they find a city. At the gate they find a seemingly dead guard. After walking by he comes back to life, and belongs to them, but he is no match for Conan. The city is inhabited by few, and the next guy they see is carried away by a strange black shadow before they can ask him something. Of the man they encounter they hear that the city thereupon Xuthal hot. Later they meet again the Stygische Thalis, which explains them that the inhabitants of Xuthal of the Black Lotus are addicted; they have the juice so that it is not death, but fantastic dreams brings. The shade is their god choose Thog, which his offerings.

Thalis makes sense in Conan, but sees that the barbarian at wants to continue, so she kidnaps Natala the girl by a secret passageway. Natala know Thalis to injure, which the Stygische is furious; They Natala's hands binds to a ring in the wall and starts to whip her off. The screams of the shadow lures Natala to them and the god carries Thalis along with it. Meanwhile, Conan in combat hit with city guards. Eventually he on a trap door and comes in a underground passage right. He hears screaming Natala and sees that the black shadow threatens her. He zeroes in on but can not harm god. Thog know him at various places to claws, bite and in other ways to injure. Finally ponies up to the hilt in the sample are Conan to cross. After a struggle, the dysfunctional but know than in an infinite deep abyss. The seriously injured Conan with his last forces liberate Natala can, to which she takes care of him. After he fixed it up enough they flee together out of town.

The tom-toms of Tombalku[Edit]Edit

(Drums or Tombalku, by Robert e. Howard and l. Sprague de Camp)

Tilutan the Ghanata arrives at his men; the Gobir and the Ghanata's and Joyce Aquiloniër Amalric. He has a girl with him that he has kidnapped. The Aquiloniër kills his companions, that little good with the girl of his plan. She appears to be called Lissa and is from nearby Ghazal is coming. They go on the road to the city and in the meantime he arrives here tells how Amalric.

Amalric belonged to a rent army of Koth, which had connected with Argos in the war against Stygië. But while the mercenaries on way went to that last country locks Koth and Stygië a treaty. Koth betrayed the army no longer needed and had it to their new ally, which the army Stygiërs in the fall elicited and pretty much all slaughtered. Amalric could with the Cimmeriër Conan escape, but they were raided by men from Amalric, Conan go down which saw Tombalku and moments later, his horse shot from under him. He knew to save themselves but just.

In Ghazal is shows that the people are apathetic , almost dreamy residents; the reason the spirited Lissa left the city. Later he hears horrible screams and Lissa tells him about the god who dwells in the Red Tower and occasionally people kidnaps. When this Devil in the tower by Amalric calls also kidnaps Lissa. With knowledge he ever heard of a medicine man, knows the thin god become flesh, and Amalric can kill him. He fled the city with Lissa, pursued by demons. Just before she dives to catch him get Conan on, that the shadows on the refugees.

He was not killed, but brought to Tombalku. Here turned out to be one of the two Kings to be an old friend of his, who knew him from the time he was called the Lion Amra. (see the Queen of the black coast) This black King Sakumbe is Zehbeh together with the White King on the double throne of Tombalku. He appointed Conan to General of the cavalry. Zehbeh Sakumbe tries to poison, but that failed and he flees the city.Thereupon the King appoints Conan to White King. A month later the King fled the city with an army to Zehbeh. Sakumbe is killed and Conan, Amalric and can flee the burning city narrowly Lissa.

The Lake of the Green destruction[Edit]Edit

(The Pool of the Black One, by Robert e. Howard-1933)

Conan is the Baracha fled Islands comes on Board of the Wanderer, the ship of the pirate Zaporavo Zingarese. He is heading to the mythical island of blacks, where immense wealth would. Arrived here only the jungle in Zaporavo goes, secretly followed by Conan, who wants to kill the pirate captain as to be itself. He kills Zaporavo and will then see a black shape in the distance. He pursues him and comes out in a shiny green building. He goes inside and looks abnormally long, black creatures. They have a cabin boy of the Wanderer kidnapped, they torture and then throw in a pool. After they left sees Conan that the body of the boy is shrunk to the size of a small stick man. Then comes a single being with Zaporavo's wife Sancha back. Conan kills the creature and rescues her. The other creatures are back with more crew members, all unconscious, which leave them outside to first a strange ceremony at the Lake to be stepped up. Conan and Sancha arouse the pirates and they get caught up in fight with the black creatures. Only twenty pirates know with Conan and Sancha to escape the island's blacks.

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