City is basically the English Word for City. Conversely, city in English two translations, city and town. The administrative divisions of Dutch-language area and in English language area are different, it depends on the situation which translation should be chosen. A city is generally larger than a town, think of the City of London.

Within the English-speaking world, the concept of city also different explained.


City In England is said, when the place has received City rights .

Australia and New Zealand[Edit]Edit

In Australia and New Zealand is city used to denote an area under local government or as a synonym for an urban area.

United States[Edit]Edit

In the United States is in most States a mayor and a city Council elected to drive, while the administration by the citizens in a town can be left in the form of a selected Council or public meetings. There are a number of large towns, such as Hempstead in New York State with more than 755,000 residents and a number of relatively small city's Shafer in Minnesota , for example, with only England. The line between city and town varies by State.

The powers of a city vary by State and by county. In one State is tightly regulated. Other States allow the powers to the counties and the cities themselves. Also powers the Mayor can differ per city. In some cities it takes almost all decisions, he appoints the aldermen and the sheriff and the Council has an advisory function. He can also affect the judiciary. In other cities, he is President of the City Council only and nothing else.The Mayor is in that case no full course.

As a rule, the city engaged in business within the city limits and the county with business and citizens who do not fall under a city. Also it is possible that the city has to make accountability to the county, but that is not always the case.

Each city with the status of city or town in the US has, no matter how small, a private Town Hall, town hall and a sheriff.

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