Child's Play 2 is an American horror movie from 1990 directed by John Lafia. The film the actors Alex VincentJenny AgutterGerrit GrahamChristine EliseBrad Dourif,Grace ZabriskiePeter Haskell and Beth Grant. The film lasts 84 minutes.


The toy manufacturer of Good Guy Dolls is not happy with the lurid stories around a special copy, therefore the pop on the lapt to test where the problem lay. Chucky comes back to life and goes back to his old friend Andy Andy because the only person who can transfer his soul into Chucky is to be a human being again. His foster parents think that the child is suffering from trauma and find his screams rather tricky than frightening. But if it turns out that his foster father is killed, Andy gets all the blame over itself. Later proves his innocence. Andy and his wifes clothes go to the fight with Chucky in the toy factory.

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