Chelsea FC is a professional English football club from London. The club was founded in 1905 , the team plays in the Premier League. So far, 7 x 4 x champion Chelsea in the Premier League they won the FA Cup, the League Cup, 4 x 2 x 1 x European Cup winners ' Cup, the Europa League and 1 x UEFA Champions League.

Chelsea plays its home games at the Stamford Bridge Stadium 41.841 places that counts. [1On 1 July 2003 was Chelsea by Ken Bates for about euro 200 million sold to the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich. [3Since this acquisition has the tabloid press Chelsea given the nickname "Chelski". Abramovich would so far about 1.5 billion in salaries and transfer fees have issued.

Chelseas traditional equipment consists of a full blue shirt and short, which earned them the nickname The Blues .


[hide]*1 History


For the creation (1896-1904)[Edit]Edit

Gus Mearsbought In 1896 , a football fanatic and businessman, along with his brother, Joseph Mears, the Stamford Bridge Athletics Ground in Fulham with the intention of this land one of the better football pitches of English football to do. The Mears brothers failed the regional team, Fulham FC, play in their Stadium. Fred Parker eventually convinced them to set up their own football team.

The early years (1905-1918)[Edit]Edit

[1]The first team in 1905.

Chelsea FC was founded on 10 March 1905 in "The Rising Pub" (nowadays this is "The butcher's Hook", a café opposite the stadium). Since there is already a team existed in the district named Fulham FC , they decided to give the team the name Chelsea, Chelsea with the word was derived from the adjacent district of Kensington and Chelsea. Previous proposals to name the club were "London FC,Kensington FC" "and" "Stamford Bridge FC". Chelsea was the access to the Southern Football League denied after Fulham and Tottenham Hotspur had registered object. On 29 may 1905 was authorised to enter into the Second Division of the Football League because the team was financially stable and possessed an impressive new stadium.

The first match of the club was played against Stockport County FC under the guidance of their first trainer ever, John Tait Robertson, on 2 september1905. They lost this game 1-0. Their first home game was against Liverpool FC. This party, they won 4-0. [4]

Already in 1907 promoted Chelsea to the First Division. This result they had due in large part to George Hilsdon already at his debut on 1 september 1906against Glossop North End AFC five goals. [5after John Tait Robertson left as trainer at the club quickly offered a number of new candidates. The first one to try was William Lewis, but already soon after David Calderhead was Manager of Chelsea FC and remained so until 1933.

After a disappointing season 1909-10 Chelsea relegated to the Second Division. Two years later promoted Chelsea back to the First Division the next season and won the 8th place, their best result since its foundation in 1905. In 1913 was the Dane Nils Middelboe, two time winner of Olympic silver, the first foreign player of the club from London.

Chelsea played In 1915 , overshadowed by the first world war, their first FA Cup final. The final was also called the "Khaki"-final because of its many soldiers in their "khaki" uniforms. The dismal game againstSheffield United was played at Old Trafford in Manchester. The game ended in a defeat for Chelsea, 3-0.

Between the wars (1919-1940)[Edit]Edit

[2]Chelsea FC, 1929.

The season 1919-20 was the first full season after the first world war and also the most successful season of Chelsea until then. The team was 3rd with 49 points. Chelsea were relegated in 1923-24 to the Second Division and succeeded only in order to get back into the First Division in the 1929-30 season where they would play the next 32 seasons.

In order to ensure conservation in the First Division the club spent £ 25,000 to 3 new players: Hughie GallacherAlex Jackson and Alec Cheyne. Gallacher was the most important of these 3 as he in the season 1926-27 Newcastle United FC as Captain led to the title. During his 4 seasons at Chelsea, he was the top scorer of the club and earned a total of 81 goals this season. On the other hand, Jackson and Cheyne Chelsea never achieved their over time even on a financial low point came.

In 1933 David Calderhead stepped on as coach of Chelsea and was replaced by Leslie Knighton. Also he brought little improvement in the club. In the season 1932-33and 1933-34 landed them on 2 points of a relegation and the club ended up in 1938-39 even just 1 point of a demotion.

The club remained one of the clubs with the largest number of fans. A match against Arsenal FC on 12 October 1935 attracted 82,905 in Stamford Bridge fans, which so far is still a record for the club and the 2nd highest number of supporters ever in a match of the English league.

Just before the Second World War began stopped Knighton as coach of Chelsea and was succeeded by the Scottish Billy Birrell.

The war and the visit of Dinamo (1940-1952)[Edit]Edit

Chelsea played during the Second World War , just like any other club, only a few regional matches. Only 2 players from the selection of the 1938/39 season ever again played a contest for this club. As a result, Chelsea had to use after this period making some guest players.

In October 1945, just after the war, announced Dynamo Moscow, reigning champion of the Soviet Union, that it would make a footballtour through the United Kingdom as a peaceful gesture. This would include a match against Chelsea on 13 november 1945 in Stamford Bridge. Chelsea played in a red dress as Dinamo contained too many blue tones. Preview gave each player of Dinamo a bouquet of flowers to the player with the same Jersey number as the player in question. This gesture was received by many Britons as a faux pas. [source? ]The Russian team during the competition itself surprised many spectators by their talent ended on the game 3-3. The number of spectators attended the match that was estimated at 100,000. A few of these attended the match, however, in an illegal way. So far this is the highest number of spectators ever at Stamford Bridge.

After the war spent Chelsea £ 22,000 to three players: Tommy LawtonLen Goulden and Tommy Walker. The trio brought in addition to goals also much entertainment in the game of Chelsea, but nevertheless ended Chelsea 15th in the season 1946-47. Birrell also brought Roy Bentley to Chelsea. Bentley was bought from Newcastle United for £ 11,500. Despite his talent this transfer led to the departure of Lawton.

1950 seemed to be the year of Chelsea in the FA Cup. After the 2-0 win in the quarter-finals against Manchester United , they were drawn against city rival Arsenal FC. After 2 exciting competitions was the State itself which Arsenal securing the win for Arsenal 3-2 to the final. A year later, Chelsea seemed to go are relegated to the Second Division. With 4 games to go Chelsea stood at the bottom of the standings with 6 points difference of the penultimate place. On the last 14 games had Chelsea not once won. The 3 games for the last game of the season Chelsea won every time surprising. The last game was played against Bolton Wanderers FC. Also this game was won by Chelsea, 4-0. As a result, Chelsea crept through the eye of the needle and they remained in the First Division.

The period Ted Drake (1952-1961)[Edit]Edit

In 1952 was ex-Arsenal FC striker Ted Drake was appointed coach of Chelsea. Drake decided to modernise the club, both on and around the field. One of his first actions was Chelsea rid of the name "The Pensioners" and changed the logo of the club. Since then, the club known as "The Blues". His early years at Chelsea supporters were not convincing. In his first season at Chelsea, he finished 19th with only 1 point of a demotion.

In the Jubilee year 1954-55 Chelsea something unlikely happened for many, became champion of the First Division. At the end of the season had Chelsea 52 points and to date, this is one of the lowest points totals to champion to play in England after the Second World War.

Because Chelsea champion was if they participate in the European Cup football club tournament. In the first round they were drawn against Djurgårdens IF, but even before the tournament started Chelsea stepped out of the tournament.

However, they were unable to build on their title success. Already a season later, Chelsea 16th. One of the weakest points of the team in this period was the elimination in the FA Cup in the third round after a defeat against the team from the Fourth Division, Crewe Alexandra FC.

After a 4-0 loss against Blackpool FC was Drake fired. He was succeeded by the then 33-year-old Tommy Docherty.

Profit in UEFA Cup winners ' Cup (1963-1971)[Edit]Edit

When Tommy Docherty began at Chelsea was the club already sure of relegation to the Second Division and used therefore the remaining time of the season for some structural changes. He sold many of the older players to create space for younger players. Unlike Drake was Docherty very strict for its players. Each time the players showed a lack of discipline they got a penalty imposed. This hard training is paying off soon by again threw way to enforce and promotion the following season finishing 5th in the First Division . [6]

By the results was seen as a serious opponent and Chelsea on 4 games by the end of the season 1964-65 they got up a reassuring 1st place. But in those last 4 days everything went wrong. Docherty's seven came against Burnley FC 's star players didn't show up and had to make do with Docherty so youth players and substitutes. A strongly weakened team lost with 2-6 making them when were already on the 3rd place, behindManchester United and Leeds United.

The following season Chelsea not only played well in the First Division but also in the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup and in the FA Cup. In the FA Cup they won the semifinals but lost there 2-0 to Sheffield Wednesday. They also won the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in the semi-finals but also there kept hitting them through to the final after losing to FC Barcelona.

After a time Docherty was bored with the young team with an average age of 21 years and decided to sell some of his young players to get more experienced players in the team. Docherty's new strategy seemed to work because after 10 days they were the only team in the League that still was unbeaten. Peter Osgood was the only young player out there then still failed to ensure his place in the team and to be able to conquer the hearts of fans. This changed quickly, however, when he broke his leg during a duel with Emlyn Hughes from Blackpool FC. To the chagrin of the team ended the team that season only 9th in the First Division and they lost the FA Cup final against Tottenham Hotspur.

In the following season Chelsea won only two of its first ten games making Docherty was sacked. The first match after the dismissal of Docherty was lost with 7-0 by Leeds United what equaling formed for the greatest loss of Chelsea ever. Soon after this defeat was a replacement for Docherty found: Dave Sexton. Sexton was a much quieter someone dan Docherty. The hard core of the team remained preserved but in the Defense found some changes took place. Sexton stabilised the club and ended two times in succession in the top 6 of the League.

Chelsea finished 3rd In 1969-70 and the same season won the final of the FA Cup. Nothing stood in the way of them for their first participation in the UEFA Cup winners ' Cup. With Aris Salonika and CSKA Sofia were the first two rounds an easy match for Chelsea. In the quarter-finals Chelsea lost his first match against Club Bruges 0-2, but came back with a strong 4-0. Also against Manchester City FC in the semifinals won the club without any problem. The final was played against Real Madrid and eventually this party was also won by Chelsea. It was their first European Cup inside.

A heavy period (1972-1983)[Edit]Edit

In the next ten years there was no further success for the club when the club eventually even got on the knees. When the spirit of the team declined, also declined the results. Chelsea was eventually even in the1971/72 UEFA Cup winners ' Cup disabled by small Åtvidabergs FF. In the FA Cup, they were eliminated by a team from the Second Division Leyton Orient. Chelsea finished 12th in the season 1972/73 and 17th in the following season. In the season of 1974/75 was Dave Sexton eventually replaced by Ron Suart. Even for him it became impossible to restore the team making it relegated in 1975.


For Chelsea it was ultimately impossible to yet another new player to buy — making the drop from the First Division also caused a decline in the number of visitors. This situation of Chelsea took care of a lot of hooligans in the supporters groups of Chelsea.

It was Eddie McCreadie who in the season 1976-77 took care of promotion. Ken Shellito made the season then sure they remained in the First Division.

1981/82, a season in which Chelsea again again unforgettable 12th was in the Second Division. But that's nothing compared to the following season, which often is considered to be the worst season ever in the history of Chelsea. Start the team dramatically what confronted them with a new relegation to the Third Division and brought them even in financial difficulties. They escaped only to the degradation with 2 points.

A new start (1983-1989)[Edit]Edit

After an investment of just under £ 500,000 made Chelsea a turnaround in its history making them in the season 1983/84 were champion of the Second Division. After their first season back in the First Division they finished 6th. This level they could also hold the following season, but they all ended in 1986/87 back 14th. The following season they were relegated again to the Second Division, but in that Second Division they encountered no problems whatsoever to back right away to play champion.

1990-... Back in good shape[Edit]Edit

In the season 1989/90 Chelsea made an impressive return to the First Division with trainer Bobby Campbell. His successor, Ian Porterfield, ended in the season 1991/92 high enough so that Chelsea could participate in the first ever season of the Premier League. Porterfield stopped in the half of the season and was replaced by David Webb which the team 11th left end. At the end of the season, Webb was replaced by Glenn Hoddle.

Hoddles first season started bad making Chelsea began to weaken. Meanwhile, Ken Bates, owner of the club, invest money in top players such as Ruud Gullit.

A new era has arrived: Gullit, Vialli and Zola (1996-2000)[Edit]Edit

In 1996/97 was Gullit the new coach of Chelsea and took out this top players to Chelsea as Gianluca Vialli and Gianfranco Zola.

Gullit was suddenly dismissed In February 1998 after an uproar with owner Ken Bates, while Chelsea stood 2nd in the standings. Gullit was replaced by Vialli. During the 1998–99 season did Chelsea for the first time in years, back toward the title. But after a loss against West Ham United Football Club fell by their title chances. A hopeful season finally ended without a single Cup. After this season finally came a breakthrough at European level for Chelsea.

Claudio Ranieri (2000-2004)[Edit]Edit

[4]Roman Abramovich

Vialli spent almost £ 26 million to new top players in the summer of 2000. Hereby he bought Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink and Eiður Guðjohnsen. Vialli was sacked after a 3 despite these topaanwinsten on 15 in the League. He was replaced by another Italian, Claudio Ranieri, who, despite his bad English language use, yet managed to finish 6th in his first season. Especially in his 2nd season Chelsea made much progress but Chelsea again finished 6th. As a result, the expectations for the next season were limited. Chelsea went against all odds for a nice title fight and won the important last game of the season against Liverpool 2-1.

The club was still after all these good results for a financial drama which makes the club in June 2003 Ken Bates sold for £ 60 million. The new owner of the club was the Russian billionaireRoman Abramovich who is also the £ 80 million debt without turning over their problems.

After an investment of £ 100 million Chelsea was 2nd in the Premier League.

José Mourinho (2004-2007)[Edit]Edit

[5]José Mourinho

2004/05 was the most successful season of Chelsea FC. After a win against Everton they took the lead in the standings, a position that she no longer kwijtspeelden that season. Also the League Cup was won by Chelsea in the Champions League and they played very well.

Also the season 2005/06 was won by Chelsea making her the first London club 2 x in a row that this title is conquered. In 2006/07 Chelsea had to watch Manchester United with the title went walk.

A coming and going of trainers (2007-present)[Edit]Edit

On 20 september 2007 , it was announced that José Mourinho left Chelsea after mutual consent by him and Abramovich. Shortly after Avram Grant took Chelsea-helm.

On 21 may 2008 Chelsea for the first time in its existence played the final of the UEFA Champions League. This final they played against Manchester United, but lost this after penalty kicks. Already three days later, Grant fired as trainer Luiz Felipe Scolariand replaced by. Also in the League had to leave Manchester United for Chelsea. Scolari was in turn in February 2009, after several disappointing results, replaced by the Dutch coach of the Russian national football team Guus Hiddink. Hiddink with Chelsea in 2009 won the semifinal of the Champions League, but was at home in the closing stages turned off by the eventual winner FC Barcelona. Chelsea won the FA Cup by winning 2-1 vs. Everton. Two days after the last game of the season 2008-2009, as national coach Hiddink, also by obligations of Russia, replaced by ex-AC Milancoach Carlo Ancelotti. Ancelotti made quite an impression in his first season by offensive football with Chelsea. It brought the club's most successful season ever: Chelsea picked up the double, both the title and the FA Cup were won. That season was Chelsea a record number of goals scored in the Premier League, no less than 103. The following year, the club started well under Ancelotti, but at the hands of a very disappointing period around the winter, Chelsea became only second. Partly as a result, Ancelotti dismissed on 22 may 2011. [7a week later was appointed André Villas-Boas . He came to FC Porto 's with which he had just won the Europa League . The young coach of only 33 years is also called the new Mourinho called. On March 4, 2012, Villas-Boas fired after a series of disappointing results, he was replaced by his assistant coach Roberto Di Matteo. And then Chelsea in the 2011-2012 season the Champions League on penalties, won at great cost of Bayern Munich and won the FA cup against Liverpool. On november 21, 2012 was Roberto Di Matteo fired after a 3-0 defeat against Juventus FC. Still on the same day, Rafael Benítez appointed new coach of Chelsea FC. Benítez parked on the third place Chelsea and received a ticket to the UEFA Champions League. On 10 June 2013 José Mourinho was officially presented as the new coach of Chelsea. Mourinho was Dutch champion in 2005 and 2006 with The Blues. On Stamford Bridge one is convinced that Mourinho the coach is that Chelsea can deliver new successes in both the League and in the Champions League. In the League earned Mourinho, who was long in the race for the Championship, a third. By home with 0-0 draw/tie to play against Norwich City, which eventually ended up as 18th and relegated, the last shot at the Championship final will be forfeited. Four days earlier reached Chelsea to the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League, in which Spanish Atlético Madrid was too strong (0-0, t 1-3).


Stamford Bridge[Edit]Edit


See Stamford Bridge (Stadium) for the main article on this topic.

[7]Chelsea against West Bromwich Albion in september 1905 in Stamford Bridge Stadium. The match ended in 1-0.

The Stamford Bridge Stadium was officially opened on 28 april 1877. The stadium was designed by Archibald Leitch and then had only a East side that had a capacity of 5,000 seats. The first 28 years of the existence of the stadium it was exclusively used by the London Athletics Club and was no football played. In 1904the ground was bought by Gus Mears and his brother. They had initially offered to Fulham FC in this stadium to play but because Fulham FC refused, the brothers themselves their own football club, namely Chelsea FC.

Field owners of Stamford Bridge have determined that the stadium can never be sold to property developers. This also means that if Chelsea ever of location moves, they should leave the name Chelsea FC in the stadium and so must use a new name. [8]


Since the creation of Chelsea knew the only four different emblems,[9all of which underwent only minor changes. In 1905 the first logo contained a typical "Chelsea Pensioner", which give them the nickname of "earned"The Pensioners, but the logo never appeared on the club shirts. As part of Ted Drakes modernization in 1952 he stood out that the logo had to change. Match report made Ted Drake of the logo simply the initials of the club, namely CFC. It only lasted 1 year, because already in 1953, the new logo designed achteruitkijkende, a blue lion with a staff in hand. This kept it from three decades . It was also the first logo on the shirts of players should appear. In 1986 changed just as the owners of the club also the logo again. This logo contained a more naturalistic, non-heraldic lion, which was this yellow and not blue, bent on CFC-initials.

The logo that the club currently used is only approved in the season 2005-06 under the leadership of Roman Abramovich. The new logo seems hard on the emblem of 1953 with the blue heraldic lion with a staff, and just as every last logo this logo is also very varied in colors. [10]

Fans and supporters[Edit]Edit

[8]Chelsea fans at a match againstTottenham Hotspur on 11 March 2006. The match ended in 1-0.

Chelsea a following of 40,000 supporters. The average number of visitors in the season 2007-2008 was 41.653, the sixth highest from the Premier League. [11the spectators come mainly from the districts of Battersea and Hammersmith, from the richer areas Kensingtonand Chelsea . The club itself suspect they have in the United Kingdom a supporters crowd of 4 million. [12Chelsea also uses a number of fanliederen like Carefree, Blue is the Colour, Keep the Blue Flag Flying High, We all Follow the Chelsea (to the tune of Land of Hope and Glory), Ten Men Went to Mow and Celery. The song was often sung at Celery victories, including celery was thrown, but it was banned from the stadium in March 2007.

During the 1970s and ' 80s had Chelsea hooligansin his trailer, which also often were called the Chelsea Headhunters . Along with other hooligan groups such as Inter City Firm (West Ham United), Millwall Bushwhackers (Millwall) and Salford Reds (Manchester United) golden they as the most aggressive and most dangerous group. The Headhunters also had connections with neo-Nazi groups such as Combat 18 and the British National Party. Since the 90 's are the incidents during matches dropped. This is mainly due to control actions and video surveillance.

Chelsea in the media[Edit]Edit

In 1930 did Chelsea participated in one of the first football movies ever, "The Great Game". [13several scenes were recorded on Stamford Bridge. By the great fame of the "Chelsea Headhunters" they were also used in a film about football hooliganism, "The Football Factory". [14]

Club Song[Edit]Edit

The song "Blue is the Colour"[15was a single by Chelsea in the preparation for the League Cup final of 1972. This single reached the top 5 in the UK Singles Chart. [16the song was Later covered by Vancouver Whitecaps still that the song title "White is the Colour" gifts. "Blue is the Colour" is also accepted as an unofficial club song of Chelsea.

Chelsea TV[Edit]Edit


Chelsea TV , see main article.

Since August 2001 has Chelsea his own TV channel with studios at Stamford Bridge. The channel broadcasts daily from 10 a.m. to midnight and has 3 fixed presenters: Neil BarnettGigi Salmon and Alison Bender.


Chelsea have always had a blue shirt since its creation, that over the years changed from light blue to a slightly darker shade. The Chelsea's Kit is currently manufactured by Adidas, which has a sponsorship deal with the club that will run until the end of 2023. For the period 2013-2023 receives the club a total of £300 million. [17the previous clothing sponsor Umbro.

Overview of the kits by Chelsea[18]
[10] [11] [12]
[15] [16] [17]
[20] [21] [22]
[25] [26] [27]
[30] [31] [32]
1967-68, 1985-93
[35] [36] [37]
Since 1994


The very first main sponsor of Chelsea was that to the men's Gulf Air which had a contract with Ken Bates of £ 150,000 in the season 1983-84. Affiliated to the men's team since that period, Bai LinSimod,CommodoreAmigaCoorsAutoglass and EmiratesSamsung since 2006 is the main sponsor of the club that have a five-year contract of £ 60 million.


[40]Frank Lampard is the player with the most goals and competitions for Chelsea from the current selection.

The player who played the highest number of matches for Chelsea FC is still Ron Harris. Harris played between 1961 and 1980 795 first-class games for Chelsea. [19to date seems to be this record will not be cut. The current selection of Chelsea player closest to this record has Frank Lampard, with 450 matches. [20The ex-Chelsea player who most was called up for his national team is the Frenchman Marcel Desailly. He played 116 times for France, 74 during his time at Chelsea.

Frank Lampard is the player who made the most goals for Chelsea, namely 203 in the period 2001 – 20. [19Jimmy Greaves is the player who made the most goals in a season, namely 43 in1960-61.

Chelsea itself also has some records in English football: the record of highest number of points in a season (95), the least number of goals conceded in a season (15) and the highest number of Premier League-victories in a season (29). Also the 21-0 victory against Luxembourg Jeunesse Hautcharage during the 1971-72 UEFA Cup winners ' Cup is a record in this European competition.

Chelsea also has the record of longest period undefeated in home games (from 10 april 2004 to 26 October 2008). Chelsea improved on 12 August 2007 the previous record of Liverpool, that in the period 1978-1980 63 home games remained unbeaten. Liverpool ended on October 26, 2008 the unbeaten series of Chelsea to win by 0-1 after a goal by Xabi Alonso. In the season 09-10 Chelsea also improved the record of most goals in 1 Premier League-season, this there were 103, thanks in part to heavy victories against Wigan Athletic and Sunderland. [21]


Below are the results of Chelsea in the Premier League since 1990 displayed. [22[23]

' 90 ' 91 ' 92 ' 93 ' 94 ' 95 ' 96 ' 97 ' 98 ' 99 ' 00 ' 01 ' 02 ' 03 ' 04 ' 05 ' 06 ' 07 ' 08 ' 09 ' 10 ' 11 ' 12 ' 13 ' 14
Premier League &

First Division


Competition Number Of Years

UEFA Champions League

1 x 2012

UEFA Europa League

1 x 2013

Uefa Cup Winners ' Cup

2 x 19711998
UEFA Super Cup 1 x 1998
Premier League 4 x 1955200520062010

FA Cup

7 x 1970, 1997, 2000, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012

Football League Cup

4 x 1965, 1998, 2005, 2007

FA Community Shield

4 x 1955, 2000, 2005, 2009
Second Division 2 x 1984, 1989
Full Members Cup 2 x 1986, 1990

Football Squad 2014/15[Edit]Edit

No. Name Nationality Date of birth Previous club
1 Petr Čech [47]

Czech Republic

20-05-1982 Stade Rennais
13 Thibaut Courtois [48]


11-05-1992 Atlético Madrid
23 Mark Schwarzer [49]


06-10-1972 Fulham
46 J Blackman [50]


27-03-1993 /
2 Branislav Ivanović [51]


22-02-1984 Lokomotiv Moscow
3 Filipe Luís [52]


09-08-1985 Atlético Madrid
5 Kurt Zuma [53]


27-10-1994 AS Saint-Étienne
6 Nathan Aké [54]


18-02-1995 Feyenoord
24 Gary Cahill [55]


19-12-1985 Bolton Wanderers
26 John Terry




07-12-1980 /
28 César Azpilicueta [58]


28-08-1989 Olympique Marseille
31 Andreas Christensen [59]


10-04-1996 /
4 Cesc Fàbregas [60]


04-05-1987 FC Barcelona
7 Ramires [61]


30-05-1980 Benfica
8 Oscar [62]


09-09-1991 Internacional
10 Eden Hazard [63]


07-01-1991 Lille
12 John Obi Mikel [64]


22-04-1987 Lyn
16 Marco van Ginkel [65]


01-12-1992 Vitesse
17 Mohamed Salah [66]


15-06-1992 FC Basel
21 Nemanja Matić [67]


01-08-1988 Benfica
22 Willian [68]


09-08-1988 Fc Anzhi Makhachkala
9 Fernando Torres [69]


20-03-1984 Liverpool
11 Didier Drogba [70]

Ivory Coast

11-03-1978 Galatasaray
14 André Schürrle [71]


06-11-1990 Bayer Leverkusen
19 Diego Costa [72]


07-10-1988 Atlético Madrid




Chelsea in Europe[Edit]Edit


See list of European matches of Chelsea FC for the main article on this topic.

Chelsea plays since 1958 in various European leagues. Below are the competitions and in what seasons the club participated:

Champions League
1999/00, 2003/04, 2004/05, 2005/06, 2006/07, 2007/08, 2008/09, 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13
European Cup Football Club Tournament
Europa League
Uefa Cup Winners ' Cup
1970/71, 1971/72, 1994/95, 1997/98, 1998/99
2000/01, 2001/02, 2002/03
Intertoto Cup
Inter-cities Fairs Cup
1958/60, 1965/66, 1968/69

Notable players and managers[Edit]Edit



See list of Chelsea FC for the main article on this topic.

Name Period Trophies

Ted Drake

1952 – 1961 First Division ChampionshipCharity Shield

Tommy Docherty

1962 – 1967 League Cup

Dave Sexton

1967 – 1974 FA CupUefa Cup Winners ' Cup

John Neal

1981 – 1985 Second Division Championship

John Hollins

1985 – 1988 Full Members Cup

Bobby Campbell

1988 – 1991 Second Division ChampionshipFull Members Cup

Ruud Gullit

1996 – 1998 FA Cup

Claudio Ranieri

1998 – 2000 FA CupLeague CupCharity ShieldEuropean Cup Winners ' CupUEFA Super Cup

José Mourinho

2004 – 2007 Premier Leagues, 2 League CupsFA CupCommunity Shield

Guus Hiddink

2009 FA Cup

Carlo Ancelotti

2009-2011 Premier LeagueFA CupCommunity Shield

Andre Villas-Boas


Roberto Di Matteo

2012 FA CupUEFA Champions League

Rafael Benítez

2012-2013 UEFA Europa League

José Mourinho


(Former) players[Edit]Edit


Player of the year (1967-2014)[Edit]Edit

The trophy "player of the year" is an annual award given to the best player of that year's Chelsea will be issued.

Year Winner
1967 [120]

Peter Bonetti

1968 [121]

Charlie Cooke

1970 [122]

John Hollins

1971 [123]

John Hollins

1972 [124]

David Webb

1973 [125]

Peter Osgood

1974 [126]

Gary Locke

1975 [127]

Charlie Cooke

1976 [128]

Ray Wilkins

1977 [129]

Ray Wilkins

1978 [130]

Micky Droy

1979 [131]

Tommy Langley

1980 [132]

Clive Walker

1981 [133]

Petar Borota

1982 [134]

Mike Fillery

1983 [135]

Joey Jones

1984 [136]

Pat Nevin

1985 [137]

David Speedie

1986 [138]

Eddie Niedzwiecki

1987 [139]

Pat Nevin

1988 [140]

Tony Dorigo

1989 [141]

Graham Roberts

1990 [142]

Ken Monkou

1991 [143]

Andy Townsend

1992 [144]

Paul Elliott

1993 [145]

Frank Sinclair

1994 [146]

Steve Clarke

1995 [147]

Erland Johnsen

1996 [148]

Ruud Gullit

1997 [149]

Mark Hughes

1998 [150]

Dennis Wise

1999 [151]

Gianfranco Zola

2000 [152]

Dennis Wise

2001 [153]

John Terry

2002 [154]

Carlo Cudicini

2003 [155]

Gianfranco Zola

2004 [156]

Frank Lampard

2005 [157]

Frank Lampard

2006 [158]

John Terry

2007 [159]

Michael Essien

2008 [160]

Joe Cole

2009 [161]

Frank Lampard

2010 [162]

Didier Drogba

2011 [163]

Petr Čech

2012 [164]

Juan Mata

2013 [165]

Juan Mata

2014 [166]

Eden Hazard

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