Charmed was a American television series of the WB channel (broadcast in Netherlands on NET 5 and the transmitter in Belgium on the transmitter 2BE), which was eight seasons to see. In the United States came the first episode ("Something Wicca This Way Comes") on 7 October 1998 on the tube. This pilot episode was watched by 7.7 million people. Charmed was long time the most watched pilot of a television series on the WB. The WB Charmed from the beginning had WB high viewing figures.The last episode (Forever Charmed) was broadcast on 21 May 2006 in America and by five million people watched. There, it was announced that Charmed the best series apprenticeships with only women in the lead role is[source? ].

The series ran for eight seasons, a total of 178 episodes.


[hide]*1 Story


Season 1 (1998)[Edit]Edit

On a stormy night at the end of the 90 's Phoebe Halliwell returns back to her parents ' House in San Francisco, where she resides with her sisters: Piper and Prue_Halliwell (in full: Prudence). The House where they live has been around for centuries in the family. That same night, Phoebe discovered in the attic of the House, where they were never as a child, an old book with a Triquetraon the front. After the layer of fabric to have blown save Phoebe the book open and reads the first page:

[1]:Hear now the words of the witches, The Secrets we hide in the night; The oldest of gods are invoked here, The great work of magic is sought. In this night and in this hour, I call upon this ancient power

Bring your powers to we sisters three,

We want the power, Give us the power!

This spell means:

Hear now the words of the witches, The secrets we hidden in the night. The oldest gods are invoked here, The great gift of magic is wanted. In this night and in this hour, I call upon the ancient power to. You give power to our three sisters, we want power, give us the power.

Calls Phoebe, without that they know it, ancient forces that take possession of each sister. Soon they discover all three to have a private force. Although everyone and also they themselves at first skeptical, quickly turns their opinion. With read back this spell has Phoebe not only their forces called up, but also the magical field around them destroyed. They are now visible to the evil and that would wipe out the sisters.

In the rest of season 1 the sisters discover more about their origin. The three sisters prove descent from a long line witches, ever started by their distant for mother Melinda Warren. Their mother, Patty, also had the ability to stop time and their grandmother Penny about telekinesis. Together, the three ' magic Powers ' aka ' The Charmed Ones '. These powers are ancient and consist of three parts, each a little sister. Apart from each other they are strong, but together they are almost invincible.

However, the existence of a witch is not everything and it leaves things to the sisters that they may prefer not to see. As it turns out Pipers fiance Jeremy actually a magician, who was waiting to kill the sisters months.

In their life as a witch, there is a task, apart from saving the world. For example, there are Innocents in life; people who know something from nowhere, but by the evil end and so be killed sooner or later. The sisters soon learn who is and who is not Innocent. They do all they can to protect such an Innocent and usually it takes the well though. Sometimes they lose a innocents, but the [25] know that they should not grieve. At the end of the season 1 Andy, the love of the sisters Prue lose. And Prue suffers below. They also discover that Leo, their handyman, in reality the light guide is assigned to them

Season 2 (1999-2000)[Edit]Edit

At the start of the new season, the sisters immediately put to the test. The book of shadows is stolen by the powerful demon Abraxas. They need to recover the book, albeit not without difficulty, because it is the first demon since Andy's death. Prue had to think about this and let the sisters almost are. Happy turned the button when Prue. They processed the death of Andy with the help of the sisters and together they defeated the mighty demon.

The rest of the season consists of a number of loose episodes. The sisters learn among other things that the forces may not use them for private gain.

The love of Piper is heavily on trial are brought to you by two men who fell on Piper. That than and Leo. But forced by Leo had to choose between Leo and Piper then. She chose Leo. At the end, Than to know what the secret is of the sisters, but through the help of the spirit wishes Piper that he forgets what he has seen and that he goes with his life. But this is of course not without problems, because spirits always give their own spin on them. This is because Piper expresses her desire not good enough.

Season 3 (2000-2001)[Edit]Edit

Season 3 is all about love. Leo asks Piper to marry in this season. Piper had to consider and accept them later this offer of Leo. And they are going to marry in secret because it is the number 1 rule of Light guides that they may have no relationship with a witch. Piper and Leo get a lot of setbacks, but refuse to give up. After a selfless Act of Piper, in which she admits that she would give up Leo to save the world, the two rewarded with a marriage.

Phoebe falls in love with Cole, who is actually a demon, sent by the triad. He must destroy the magical Powers by one of the sisters to kill. Cole chooses Phoebe as his target, but is inadvertently fell in love with her.Cole can not kill Phoebe, and therefore kills the triad. As Phoebe finds out that Cole is a demon, Phoebes love is severely tested. They Later proved that love is too strong. That they are not able to kill each other.

Take over the years, the forces of the sisters and they discover new forces. However, the more power they get, the more demons arrive to steal the forces behind them and to kill the sisters. However, soon the sisters know how to deal with their new powers and they know the demons to beat faster and faster.

One day fate strikes. When the demon Saeed, an innocent in the visor has to lure the sisters know Saeed to their home. While Phoebe to the attic to search, try the spell of destruction runs Piper and Prue to protect their Innocent. The demon falls in the House know anyway and the innocent, Prue (which seriously injured hits) and Piper. Phoebe, however, time down with the spell and injures Saeed. She calls the innocent Leo who heals and also Piper and Prue. He warns that they had been near death, but stubborn as they are, the two sisters to destroy the streets to Saeed. Saeed comes again to them, but this time however, Piper blows him on. what they don't know is that they filmed by a camera crew. So is magic discovered by the outside world.

Soon throughout the country on the news to see how Piper blows up the demon and their forces are known. Although most local residents the existence of the sisters as witches not so mind, there is also a group of that though mind. Eventually shoot someone from such a group of Piper by her belly. Piper is taken to hospital, but died on the operating room.

In a desperate attempt to fix this, Phoebe leaves with Leo to Cole in the underworld to Tempus, the Demon of time, to force to reverse everything. Tempus can be forced to do so, however, only The Source so they have to ask him for help. The Source agrees, on condition that Phoebe now in the underworld remains. Phoebe agrees and time is reversed up to the hour where the sisters just in time at home with the Innocent. Try again Piper and Prue, who have no idea that the time is reversed, to stop the demon, and again they are through the wall blown by Saeed. What was not yet known, is that time does not roll back in the underworld.This time the spell on Phoebe not to read at home to Saeed injures. Thereby the deceased Prue.

Season 4 (2001-2002)[Edit]Edit

Broken by the death of their sister and the rupture of the Power Of Three Piper and Phoebe try to resume their lives. As Piper is trying with all his might to get back with all kinds of spells Prue, she does a discovery: a woman named Paige Matthews, who at the funeral of Prue was, is also a witch. Not only that, she is the half sister of Piper and Phoebe. Patty, the mother of the sisters, was even pregnant a fourth time. She had a relationship with her Light Guide, Sam Wilder, and became pregnant with his child. Because a relationship between a witch and a light guide was strictly prohibited, they were off their newborn daughter up for adoption. This means that there is still a little sister is to restore the Power Of Three. The sisters go looking for Paige. Although Paige accepts her existence is critical, as a witch and draws them to the sisters in the Manor House.

In this season is the love between Phoebe and Cole even heavier on the test. The sisters try the source of all evil, their greatest enemy, to beat. This succeeds, but the forces and personality of the Source go over on Cole. As a result, Cole again a demon, the new resource. However, this does not know who marries Phoebe Cole. Later comes to know that Phoebe, and she gets a choice of the Seer. They will have the opportunity to live together with Cole or she gets her son's death, because Phoebe is already a few weeks pregnant. Phoebe chose evil, and became Queen of evil. But the good in Phoebe proved to strong, and together with the sisters destroyed they Cole. That was the second time they destroyed the Source.

After the death of Phoebe's baby is very violent, and Cole used his powers against anyone who talks bad about Cole. Especially Paige, that Cole never really liked, must suffer. Then the baby taken away by the Seer, who with him in itself (as a direct descendent of the source) wants to be the third source, and thus destroy the whole world. The sisters come up there just in time, but has no Power of Three cast. Paige and Phoebe are locked in a cage that no magic out late. Piper, on the other hand, extracted by a spell inside, which can. The sisters destroy the Seer and all those present at the coronation.

In the last episode the sisters get a reward for destroying the source of the Angel of fate. They get the chance to stop for good as a witch, and all demons and problems to mention. Piper and Phoebe thought it was a good idea to stop, especially because of everything around Cole and because of the death of Prue, and Piper can be difficult to get pregnant because of her falls. But after destroying a Witch Hunter, and because Phoebe see that Cole is back, but this time as a good someone, they decide just by going.

Then comes the news that the season shuts down: Piper is pregnant.

Season 5 (2002-2003)[Edit]Edit

Cole turns out not to be finally destroyed. Because he had a human part, he was not reduced to dust in the Wasteland (where the destroyed demons end up). Thanks to the forces that he has picked up in the Wasteland, he gets the power to return to the world of the living.

Meanwhile Phoebe separating Cole. Just at the time that she wants to put her signature on the deed, Cole comes back and out of his objection to the separation. Cole continued to fight for his love with Phoebe and wants to prove that he used only for RS. Phoebe tries to ignore Cole, but Cole just keeps accost. Eventually Cole sees the meaning of life no longer and he makes the Magical Powers quite pissed at him, so they would destroy him quickly. But the forces that Cole has picked up, start to work against him. He turns out to be practically invulnerable, much to the despair of Phoebe. End up trying to win Phoebe back Cole for the last time by joining the Avatars. With the extra forces he now gets he turns the time back and he removes Paige (according to Cole the cause of his break with Phoebe) from the life of Piper and Phoebe. But by a orb-accident not Paige disappears. She warns Piper and Phoebe and Cole, who by his time in the war to defeat Balthazor, manipulation is.

Later in this season get Piper and Leo eventually a son; They call him: Wyatt Matthew Halliwell. Wyatt Matthew to the surname of his father, to his aunt Paige, Halliwell to all [25]. Just after the birth of Wyatt are almost all Elders (Elsewhere) massacred by the Titans, and Leo is forced to replace their place and to live in heaven. He remains on Earth hang. At the same time, a light guide on from the future called Chris.

Season 6 (2003-2004)[Edit]Edit

This season is not just about demons. This season runs especially to Chris. The sisters want to know who Chris is real. And the treasure hunt begins.

Piper wants to divorce by Leo, because they can not that he is an elder. She wants a life as normal as possible. Chris can't get along well with small Wyatt, because Wyatt thinks Chris is a threat to him.

Later discovered Phoebe in a vision who Chris really is. He turns out Piper and Leo's second, unborn son. He has come back from the future to prevent Wyatt is bad. Along with Chris Paige and she goes looking for a solution to Piper and Leo back together in order to father Chris. Because Chris has changed the future, it is no longer sure if he will be born. Leo and Piper are apart. Eventually I manage them, and Piper is pregnant. Phoebe and Paige tell Chris to Piper that her son is. Piper is alarmed and tell, because he does not to Leo Wyatt could leave him not to difficult and wanted to do.

In this same year is introduced magic school . Here are young magicians trained to successful witches. Gideon, the Director of the school and also a manner, however, is not as good as he seems. Secretly, he tries to kill Wyatt. He does this for a higher purpose. Gideon wants in this way prevent Wyatt is bad and will terrorize the world. [25] after he puts the astray and convinced them that they are the one who makes bad in the future already have destroyed Wyatt. In the meantime he prepares his plan for. He sends Chris and Leo to a parallel world, in which the sisters are bad and demons well. Its counterpart in the other world, with which he keeps contact through a magic mirror, does the same thing with Chris and Leo are. The sisters think that something has gone wrong with the time travel and also go to the parallel world. Meanwhile, should Piper gave birth to baby Chris. Wyatt is still just about, and Gideon grabs his chance. He is not the child in time to kill. Chris and Leo, the sisters are again returned to their own world. While the sisters try to restore the balance between good and evil, trying to rescue Leo and Chris Wyatt. In doing so, Gideon killed Chris. That made Leo outside sentences, and eventually he kills Gideon. As at the end of the episode, Leo and Piper Chris born, know that everything will come up with Chris.

Season 7 (2004-2005)[Edit]Edit

Leo is in the seventh year one of the Avatars; a new force that want to create a Utopia of the world. Leo helps them, until he realises that this utopia can exist only because the Avatars any free will removed. It stops them eventually. Then he gives his powers and becomes a mortal.

At the end of the seventh year, the Magical Powers severely tested by a powerful demon Zankou is called. Zankou steals the forces of Piper and Phoebe. Meanwhile, a certain inspector Sheridan behind them, who want nothing more than expose the Sisters ' true identity. The sisters realize that that would be the end and take drastic action. They destroy the magical Nexus under their House to Zankou to beat. Then they choose to renounce their identity, appearance and gifts and so to have a demon-free life.

Season 8 (2005-2006)[Edit]Edit

The sisters all have to get used to their new life, but Paige is repeatedly confronted with her light guides blood. Thus, they are pulled by the new witches daughter Billie, her new protégé. Acting all demons chores for them off, to Billie finds out that she once had an older sister who has been kidnapped by demons. This Christy is referred to by the Magical Powers to play a key role, and turns out to be freed in the last, big fight on the horizon.

The Angel of fate warns the sisters for the ultimate battle. In its view, there is a chance that the sisters will not survive this. To give them more to turn to fight, let the Angel Leo removed. He will only return if the fight has been.

What this ultimate battle is only becomes clear later. First thinking the sisters that the triad was the major threat, but in the end turn out to be the major threat Billie and Christy. Christy Gets the command of Triad to Billie to ensure that the Charmed Ones are bad. That works, after which Christy and Billie together the Hollow, an ancient magical power source to fight, calls to the Charmed Ones. The ultimate battle leads to death of Phoebe, Paige and Christy. Piper and Billie alone survive the fight.

Afterwards, the two travel back in time to save their loved ones back. Along this road discovered Billie that she manipulated by Christy and by Triad. Billie is reconciled with the sisters and they together defeat Triad and Christy whereby also Leo finally comes back (he was halfway through season 8 taken away by the Angel of fate until they would win the big fight). In the end one sees future images. Phoebe gets 3 daughters and has found the love of her life (Coop, a Cupid) (Coop came mid season 8 in the series). Billie is the babysitter of the children of Phoebe and remains good friends with the sisters. Paige continues to help the future witches. She marries a man named Henry (which the series beginning in season 8 came as probation officer) and they will also have three children: a boy named Henry Jr. and twins, two girls. Wyatt, Chris and their younger sister (who according to cans in the future will be called in earlier episodes Melinda) take the witch life of the sisters about it. Piper and Leo get lots of grandchildren, Piper opens her own restaurant and Leo shows class at the magic school. The granddaughter of Leo and Piper does the door of "The Manor" for close properly with the gift that Prue also had when she was alive. That way was there a little by Prue.

Season 9 comic book series (2010-2012)[Edit]Edit

Volume One[Edit]Edit

The sisters times back again and this time as a comic strip; 18 months have passed since "Forever Charmed" and a lot has changed: Piper has "P3" closed and to open her own restaurant; they have also gotten a third child and Leo Meanwhile, a daughter, Melinda. Phoebe is a successful author and she and Coop now have a daughter, Prudence, who has inherited her father's forces. Paige gives now teaches on the magic school and she and Henry have gotten twins: Tamora and cat. However, their carefree life is disrupted when the sisters discover that all the people they helped have ever killed one by one. All this turns out to be the work of Neena and Hogan, a duo that the source wants to return. The source returns in the form of a golem and is more powerful than ever. The sisters, however, with the help of some magical creatures beat him once and for all. While fighting against the Source discovered Piper a new force, through better control of her explosive power. Now she can also accelerate the molecules of things to the point at which they melt or ignite. Meanwhile killed Neena her companion Hogan and she has a big surprise in store for the sisters.

Volume Two[Edit]Edit

Phoebe has a new force: pathokinese. They can let others feel what she wants, as a strengthening of its empathy. Just now she discovers Call Greene, a violent rugby player, is the new friend of her colleague.Phoebe is distraught, because ten years ago when they traveled to the future, Piper and Prue, she saw that she had killed this guy in the future. Thereby she was unmasked as a witch and burned alive. Along with her sisters, Phoebe thinks up a plan to get violent rugby player under lock and key, and can they include him not to kill themselves happy with her new power (they did this to him by overloaded with the emotions of all the victims of his violent outbursts.)

Piper and Leo discover moments later that their daughter just like her brothers half a light guide (although Leo sterfeling was when he begat a Melinda at Piper). Kyle Brody (an old love of Paige and used to be a light guide) is now a wise and tells them that the wise plan of Pipers children to make the next "Charmed Ones" (it is also revealed that Leo still magic in his DNA, which makes Melinda was half a light guide). Kyle offers a light guide back to Leo to be, but Leo refuses. Kyle is worried, because Rennek, a Darklighter who has killed many light guides, weather is active. He works together with Neena, which the vampires uitmoordt. Neena gave powers to the Queen in Exchange for their Alliance, but the Queen held itself not to the deal, so she is murdered by Neena. Meanwhile groups Neena, with help from Rennek, a group of demons to later "the upper regions" (there where the wise life) to take.

Paige rescues a newborn baby of death by him from the abdomen of his dead mother to catch up with her powers. After long insistence of Paige, they adopt and Henry the baby and they give him the name Henry Junior. Meanwhile Neena's plan clearer: Rennek death light guides for her, so they are the forces of the light guides can give to her demons to invade the "upper regions". When the plan is put into action, the [25] help. However, the Sisters of each other buckle list by Neena: Piper ends up through a portal into another dimension.

Neena's plan is in full swing: with her demons army she drops the designate. Meanwhile, Leo tells what he knows about Neena: she is the first witch. Together with her friend she discovered a power source, The All mentioned by the wise. This power source is much stronger than the Nexus under the House of the Charmed Ones. Neena overcame her fear of the power source and took a lot of his power on, more than was good for a normal person. She shared the power with her boyfriend and they were immortal, invulnerable. There was an area, outside the known universe, a place full of bliss. But by their presence there, the Earth began to die off. The only way to salvage it, was by The All free again to flow and to leave the higher dimension. Neena on Earth gave birth to children who were conceived in the higher dimension. The first, a daughter, had the same powers as her mother, just less strong. Of her tribes off the pure witches. The second also, but he twisted the forces by choosing for darker purposes. From him came the warlocks on. The other children were non-magical. Each witch who was born, has a piece of The All, a very small piece, but large enough for an active force. The All was weaker and weaker and one of the two, Neena or her friend, had to return to the higher dimension to The All to strengthen again. The sages chose to send the man back. Meanwhile is also clear where Piper trapped: a place, created by Neena, in an attempt to make the higher dimension after. There it meets Piper an Angel of fate, who is also imprisoned by Neena. She tells Piper what they know about the place. As the Angel can leave, meet Piper an old acquaintance: Cole Turner.

In the other dimension Piper gets help from Cole. Piper trust him first but eventually takes them to his help. Paige and Leo are into the higher regions and use their Glamour strength to arise as demons. However, they are unmasked and Paige is forced to open a port by Neena (which only can be opened by Whitelighters or elsewhere). During an escape attempt is Paige hit by an energy beam of a demon, while orben. Inside, in the Manor they orbt a comatose state. Paige ' soul is in the hereafter, when Kyle (he was killed by Neena). Now the sisters split: Piper in the Neena has failed ' soul in the afterlife dimension, Paige and Phoebe in the ordinary world.

Paige reunites with her family (all deceased Halliwell witches except Prue) in the hereafter. Meanwhile awakened Paige from her coma with the help of Henry and Paiges father Sam. The sisters pull into "the upper regions" where they along with all d. Halliwell witches battle with Neena and her demonic army. They beat Neena but the Elders decide her not kill and instead to take away her powers and to send her to another dimension where they once every so many month along with her beloved can be.

Before the sisters return home back, revealing Patty and Penny that Prue is reborn in a new body in order to continue her fate but they will not recognize her sisters in her new guise. Piper asks thereupon or one of her children actually Prue is but Patty doesn't think so. Later when the sisters gone, appears Cole. He says that Patty and Penny lying about where Prue is. They know not where Prue is and Patty asks Cole to look for her. Leo turns out to be an Angel changed in the meantime.

Volume Three[Edit]Edit

With help from a fortune teller finds Cole Prue back in Salem where she lives under the name of "Patience". She runs a shop and is a mentor for young witches. Cole confronts Solitaire with what he knows and she reveals that she is indeed Prue. She tells how she took over the body of a comatose witch in order to continue her fate. She wants her sisters not see because she fears that a meeting with the sisters will have serious consequences for their forces. She comes moments later, Paige against and from then on get the sisters and their children a lot of power (Piper freezes the whole city, Phoebe flies in the air and Wyatt calls a dragon on). Paige thinks first that Patience is bad but then tells them that they are actually Prue is. Paige trusts her still not (has a new form that Prue). She takes her to the other sisters. Piper is emotional when she sees Patience and tells that they will always recognize Prues soul. Together with Phoebe embraces Piper Prue while Paige shocked left behind.

Leo is kidnapped by Rennek who wants to destroy the "Charmed Ones" for good. Paige has difficulty that Prue is back now and feels now redundant. Meanwhile, the forces of the sisters grow with all its consequences. The only solution is that 1 of the sisters let her powers away, Paige proposes to take away her powers so that they can lead a normal life and Henry and Prue again with her sisters can be. With the help of Cole can save the magic school Leo and the sisters from the hands of Rennek. Prue let her take away forces because she finds that it is now up to Paige is to fight evil with the help of Piper and Phoebe. At the urging of Coop, talk Phoebe with Cole that's forgiveness. Cole decides to return to Salem along with Prue where they want to help young witches together. Before he leaves, reveals Cole that Phoebe is pregnant with a second daughter. Meanwhile Rennek is intent on revenge.

Volume Four[Edit]Edit

Paige and Henry discover that Henry Jr. 's biological father is still alive and comes from family of gangsters. With the help of a detective, which Paige has conjured up from a novel, they go on research. In the end, Henry Jr. at Paige and Henry continue.

Months later, like Phoebe a healthy daughter who she calls "Parker". Meanwhile the sisters discover that some magical creatures suddenly have lost their forces and there are people in the world who suddenly have magical powers as Henry, Henry Jr. and Elise (Phoebe's boss). The Government founds a "Magic Squad" on in order to detect and capture these people. All this turns out to be the work of Rennek.

The sisters have no longer forces and must therefore rely on others as Leo, Coop, Henry and Elise. Prue has also again forces but has already in months none of let her hear. Paige eventually finds help from an old friend: Darryl Morris.

Prue returns again to help with the sisters together with Cole beating Rennek. He is looking for the Nexus one, the source from which the first magic was born. Eventually get Phoebe, Piper and Paige forces beat them back and Rennek. By a magic spell is Prue become the guardian of the Nexus. All people on Earth lose their magical powers again and their memory is partly erased. The sisters say goodbye to Prue, who along with Cole in the dimension remains where the Nexus is located.

Building episode[Edit]Edit

An episode of Charmed is generally in four movements. In the first part is a corner of the veil ripped off by showing what harm the sisters plague, after which the tv will tune of the series follows. Then, in the second part, we see the sisters in their normal life until they discover their problem. In the longest, third part is to find a solution to their problems, which they use in the fourth movement to fight evil. This recognizable four communication has held out during all eight years that turned the series.



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Main Characters[Edit]Edit





The recordings took place in Hollywood.

Charmed contains both elements of science fiction , fantasycomedyas drama and horror. Lots of repeat aspects of the series are reminiscent of an equally successful television series in this genre, later Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spin-off Angel .

The tagline of the series is The Power of Three will set us free, which is also on the storyline skips. The most famous logo served the Triquetra, is a pagan sign that later was used by Christians to refer to the Trinity.Criticism also came from that angle.

The Manor, the House in which the sisters live, is in the series in San Francisco. However, In real life, this House in Los Angeles and the images within are made in studios.

Recurring themes[Edit]Edit

In the series, in particular the development of the central characters. In the course of the series, the characters clearly learn important lessons and make things with it that affect their later behaviour. The sisters are regularly faced with the death of a loved one, or die itself a few times.

Another theme is that magic, in whatever form, must remain hidden for the human community. The sisters have to regularly get out all the stops to prevent others from discovering their magical powers.

A third theme is that the sisters arranged crater with each other, or that their forces be stolen by others.

Changes over the years[Edit]Edit

The series has clearly undergone changes over the years in the story.

The first three seasons mostly turned to creatures from the world of Wicca and creatures created by the producers of the series itself as light guides. Here, however, was carefully deviated from season 3 (then just remember star, and producer Constance m. Burge left the series). As season 3 progressed, however, almost completely abandoned is Charmed creatures from the world of Wicca and witchcraft and is producer Brad Kern increasingly turning their attention to existing and familiar creatures, such as vampires and werewolves. In later seasons did also creatures from the sagas and legends of antiquity (such as those from the Roman and Greek time) introduced.

Charmed has undergone many bezuinigingronden, also in the series was something to see. So is the character Phoebe lost her levetatie-forces through a court ruling by a ' magical '. The true reason for the disappearance of this force were the cuts. It took simply too many to Milano regularly to levitate with the appropriate machines.

Another was cut on the makeup, especially of the demons. In the first seasons were the demons often had a monstrous appearance and largest dressed up. Later in the series they look more and more like ordinary people, although they remained very believable as demons. The quality of the series remained the same. Very high.

The most notable cuts remain, however, of the roles of Leo Wyatt (Brian Krause) and Darryl Morris (Dorian Gregory). Both roles were for the last season been whittled down. Darryl was already at the start of the season already written out of the series. Leo should remain more or less, but he only played in 12 episodes of season 8. This to the story of Leo not so abruptly end. Leo was then ' stal ' for the last two episodes of the last season.

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Leading Roles[Edit]Edit

Charmed had three hard in the first three seasons as leading parts:

The three women began full of fun to Charmed and became good friends. In the third season, however, it went wrong when Milano and Doherty were increasingly feud. This was according to some sources, because Doherty stood out in the middle of all that they would come to be publicity photos, making them Milano on the side moved. Eventually threatened Milano to stop unless Doherty disappeared. But the producers did not take sides, because Doherty left the series, what meant the end of Prue Halliwell.

That place was soon filled by newcomer Rose McGowan, known from the movie Scream. They came into the series as Paige Matthews, the half-sister of Prue, Piper and Phoebe. The Power of Three was restored and the ratings continued to increase.

Over the years the women in both the first three as the last five seasons assisted by a loyal group of actors.

  • Brian Krause Leo Wyatt from season 1 played the role of and although his role first as guest role was meant, that grew into a popular character and got Krause in season 2, a fixed contract. In season 8 was temporarily written out of the series, so Krause to save money to get the latest episodes from that season, but also of the series, a spectacular end to be able to give. In the last episodes Krause returned back again.
  • Dorian Gregory played from season 1 the role of police officer Darryl Morris, the only one who knows of the sisters and their forces. Gregory, however, was in the last episode of season 7 of the series written, because there is no interesting storyline was more and again to save money for the next and final season.
  • Julian McMahon as Cole Turner came in season 3, Prosecutor, in reality the cruel demon Belthazor. This role again was really only meant for a year, but the relationship between Phoebe and Cole fell so popular with the public, two-year contract with the producers that McMahons extensions, also because Shannen Doherty would leave the series around the same time. Halfway through season 5 left McMahon, with the feeling that the Cole story was closed. He returned once more as Cole back in season 7.
  • Drew Fuller appeared in the series at the end of season 5 when Chris Perry Halliwell. The addition of this character was according to the public a good choice, given the story line of the man. Fuller also had to say goodbye to viewers, when his character in the last episode of season 6 died. Fuller, however, returned in season 7 yet once back and also in season 8, he was guest star of the party.
  • Kaley Cuoco was the last in the row that was added to the series. As the opinionated witch Billie came to turn in [25]. Cuoco remained until the end of season 8 and closed the season together with the original actors and also the series for well off.

Famous guest appearances[Edit]Edit

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5
Season 6
  • Jenny McCarthy as Mitzy Stillman (Episode 4)
  • Balthazar Getty as Richard Montana (episode 5, 7, 8, 10, 13, 15)
  • Jennifer Rhodes as Penny (episode 11)
  • James Read as Victor Bennett (episode 17)
  • Billy Drago as Barbas (episode 19, 22, 23)
  • Drew Fuller as Chris, the light guide from the future, who would later become the 2nd son of leo and piper turns out to be (many episodes)
  • Eric Dane as Jason, the boss and the boyfriend of Phoebe
Season 7
Season 8



Charmed In Netherlands was broadcast by JUST 5. NET 5 began in 2005 with the broadcasting of the last season. However, the run was interrupted several times, and the return was postponed several times.However, In 2007 decided to repeat the entire series JUST 5, including the latest episodes.

In total, NET 5 there so it has taken one season from 2005 to 2008 to broadcast, and in addition, the gedemoveerd series of primetime to the eve.

In Netherlands, the series was initially viewed by over half a million viewers (with regular figures closer to 600,000 than the 500,000). However, just like in the us, the viewing figures were also worse here, with the low point less than 300,000 (with regular closer to 200,000 figures than the 300,000) viewers at the seasons 6 and 7, and the beginning of 8. Striking is that the repetitions of Charmed (once in a while repeated by JUST 5) it always seem to do well, with ratings well above the 250,000 viewers. Regularly were the viewing figures of the repetitions (Charmed is repeated daily in both 2004 and 2005-2006 around dinner time, starting with season 1, the very first episode) about the same, and in some cases even better, than those of the ' new ' episodes (episodes of the last seasons) on the Friday night. NET 5 has Charmed Charmed again from June 2007 broadcast from season 1; This drew an average of 200,000 viewers per episode repeats.


In Belgium is Charmed aired on 2BE. Every year around the end of August launched the first episode (season 1, episode 1) to somewhere in april/may to end with the very last episode, "Forever Charmed".


  • Go to this day there are still many rumors and theories around on fanfora, who are trying to find a reason for Shannen Doherty's departure from the series in 2001. A persistent rumour remains that Alyssa Milano had quarreled with her, and the producers left choose between her and Shannen. Another rumor is that Shannen it above all to stick with the people behind the scenes of Charmed, because they would take it not too closely with the times that it was deemed present (something, by the way, the reason was to be able to be fired in the series Beverly Hills 90210). A third rumor is a mixture of top two reasons: Shannen wouldn't exhibit diva-behavior "by, among other things, always late to come, what would have been the producers for Alyssa reason to choose between her or Shannen. The real reason, however, remains unclear. Striking remains, however, that in the season finale of season 8 (and therefore also the series finale) Prue was not to see; There were only hints that Prue ' there ' was from another world. The fans would have liked Shannen for the last time in the series seen (after all other deceased persons could also return to the physical world, so why not Prue?), but it seems that Shannen several times would have said nothing more with Charmed want to deal. This would explain why Prue would have been not to see one last time. However, until this can be tested with evidence, this remains a rumor.
  • Although Shannens departure directly to the general public was visible, there was behind the scenes (again according to rumors) also enough moth with each other. It seems were just remember star and producer Constance m. Burge and fellow producer Brad Kern het regularly with each other disagree. This resulted in the eventual departure of Burge (she is, however, Creative Consultant remained until season 4). One of the reasons why they would have left the program, is that they are not at all could find in the role that Cole would get (they wanted Cole have no in, core wanted though). Another disagreement that they would have had is that of the story-building. In the first two seasons, as well as the first part of season 3, was there every week (read: each episode) a new demon introduced, often in the same episode was "destroyed". Change came in early season 3, when Cole came to mind, or rather his demon Belthazor-side ' '. It would still be a very long time before it would be destroyed. After season 3 there was continued with that building, which resulted in, for example, the continuous struggle with ' the source/The Source ' or ' The Avatars '. However, the real fans had this change quickly by. Together with the ' Shannen-Alyssa-issue ', the ' Nuclear issue ' Burge-still one of the issues where viewers of Charmed seem to be divided into two camps (one group believes Holy that Alyssa is at fault by the departure of Shannen, the other group believes the opposite, one group claims that Burge would have been the ' better ' producer of Charmed, the other group believes that nuclear would be the ' best '), and have often reflected that come on internet forums and/or fansites. However, also over the ' Nuclear issue ' is never Burge-disclosure, so also this remains only based on rumors and gossip.
  • Actress Lori Rom was the first choice for the role of Phoebe. They would also play that role, but left the series for the first broadcast was aired. Afterwards, the choice made for Alyssa Milano, who knew from Aaron Spelling who's the boss.
  • Each season of Charmed ends with the scene in which the front door of the House will be closed by one of the characters. In seasons 1 and 2 does Prue that with her forces. In season 3 connect the demon Saeed (which Prue killed) the door. At the end of season four, the door closed by the Angel of Destiny. In season 5, season 6 ends Chris close the door in a hospital room, whose doors close by itself. In season 7, the door of the House closed by means of the telekinesis power, with the intention that Prue closing the door. At the end of the series (season 8) is the door closed by the granddaughter of Piper and Leo.
  • Both in the u.s. and Netherlands are the times and employment days of Charmed changed. The intention was to attract viewers (again), but it did the series sometimes do more harm than good.
  • Core gave in an interview in issue 8 of the American Charmed Magazine that some producers, as well as some actors, were willing to surrender a portion of their salary in order to guarantee the quality of the program. This happened at the beginning of season 8; that season, the season with 20% less money than before.

Charmed is nowadays reflected on 2BE every working day on 5 pm and are the seasons started back to their loop (december 2010).

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