Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator  is a children's book by author Roald Dahl. It is the sequel to Charlie and the chocolate factory, and follows Charlie Stevens and candy maker Willy Wonka on their journey through space in a large glass elevator.

The book was first published in the United States by publishing house Alfred a. Knopf in 1972. Two years later came the Dutch translation of Harriët Freezer out. The book is illustrated by Faith Jacob.

The idea of the story seems to be taken from Abeltje by the Dutch writer Annie M.G. Schmidt. Dahl came with his book in 1972, while Abeltje was published in 1953.

Brief summary[Edit]Edit

The story begins where the previous part stopped. Charlie and Willy Wonka Sjakie's family have just returned from the flying glass elevator, and want to return to the factory. By discord between Wonka and Sjakie's Granny Wilhemina shoot the lift however in Earth orbit.

The company goes In space on board the just completed American space hotel, will open its doors for guests soon. The hotel, however, it appears to have been taken over by aliens called Drochten, that feed on people. The group can escape just in time. Wonka turns out to know a lot about this drochten. According to him, they can not enter the Earth because they then burn in the atmosphere. Apparently they wait therefore in the space hotel on the guests. They may also change shape.

At the same time also a shuttle approaches the space station, with three astronauts on board and staff for the space hotel. They see the glass elevator (lift) for an alien ship. When the attacks come drochten the shuttle to help them, Willy Wonka and Charlie. They drag the damaged shuttle back to Earth, and rid itself of the drochten by dragging it with the atmosphere in so they burn.

Safely back in the factory wants Charlie that his whole family helps with running the factory, but his grandparents are too old. This gives him a Wonka invented by them rejuvenation means. The four, however, take too much in. Result: three of them change it back in babies, and the fourth, Wilhemina, even completely disappears because they too young is. According to Wonka come people who happens to end up in a place called Minland such a thing. He and Charlie travel to them, using the elevator, and Wilhelmina get back through her parent to do with an aging potion. With this same drink restores Wonka the other three to their correct age.

On the end shows that the president of the United States wants to give everyone a medal as a thank you for helping the shuttle. Because the bed where the four grandparents in are not through the door of the helicopter can, they come after 20 years finally out of bed.


A radio play adaptation of the book is issued as audiobook of approximately three hours (3 CDs). The voices are among other things of Johnny kraaijkamp, Jr.Bob van der HouvenEdna KalbLucie de LangeStan LimburgFred MeijerHero Muller and Patty Pontier.

Unlike its predecessor, there is still no film adaptation of the book made. Roald Dahl was so disappointed in the first film adaptation of Charlie and the chocolate factory, that he refused to give permission for the filming of the sequel. Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, who have made the second film version , already have indicated no interest in a film adaptation of the second book.

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