Charlie's Angels was an American television series, which aired on ABC from 1976 t / m 1981. The series was about three female detectives working for a research firm, named Charles Townsend Agency. The boss of the three women, Charlie (voiced by John Forsythe ), is rarely seen in the series, and when he comes into view, only to see his back.

The original three "angels" were Sabrina Duncan (played by Kate Jackson ), Jill Monroe ( Farrah Fawcett ) and Kelly Garrett ( Jaclyn Smith ). Trained as policewomen, but dissatisfied with the "very dangerous" jobs that they have to refurbish (mainly administrative work, manning the switchboard and do it as a crossing guard ), the ladies have made ​​the transition to the private sector.

The varied cast of the series: after the first season Jill Monroe left the agency, but her sister Kris (played by Cheryl Ladd ) took her place in the team. In the following seasons were still play some guest appearances for Fawcett. At the end of the third season was Sabrina Duncan doing other work. She was succeeded by Tiffany Welles ( Shelley Hack ), a former police officer from Boston . Then a year later went back to her hometown, she was in turn succeeded by supermodel Julie Rogers ( Tanya Roberts ) - the only angel who had not trained at the police academy. Jaclyn Smith was shown the longest in the series, she participated until the end of the fifth (and final) season. Their male colleague John Bosley ( David Doyle ) made ​​all five with the seasons.

The series was regularly Jiggle TV or T & A TV (Tits and Ass television) because of the provocative clothing. However, this was part of the characters of the series, because thanks to their beauty they got to each other to solve many issues.

After the original series was broadcast a new version in 1989. In 2002 was made ​​a German version of Charlie's Angels. The first season was well received, but the second season is less and the series was also way too expensive, so the series was discontinued in 2005. In 2011 began a new series. The angels have in this series different backgrounds and the series is not in Los Angeles but in Miami . However, some episodes are based on episodes from the original series. The series was received very badly and already stopped after a few broadcasts.

In 2000 appeared in the series based, eponymous feature film which was so successful in 2003 came another film: Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle . In this last film was a cameo for Jaclyn Smith play. Besides the film came that year, some video games with the name Charlie's Angels.

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