Channel 5Channel Five or Five is a television channel that was launched in 1997 as Channel 5. She was the fifth analog transmitter with national scope in the United Kingdom. She started especially with cheap to produce programs, which mainly consisted of pornographic and cheap tv shows. However, since her image change and the change of name from "Channel 5" "Five" in 2002, they knew to take more market share steadily. This on the basis of the reality shows and more purchases of more expensive drama shows from the United States.

Channel 5 is part of Channel 5 Broadcasting Limited that since 2011 is 100% owned by Northern & Shell. Between 2005 and 2011 was the property of RTL Group. On 25 July 2010, it was announced that RTL for an amount of EUR 125 million the channel Five has sold to Richard Desmond, owner of Northern & Shell.

In 2006 Five launched two additional digital channels: Five Life (now known as 5 *), which mainly on young women, and Five US (now known as 5 USA), that in addition to American TV shows as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Prison Break broadcasts with the United States also own productions as theme.

In 2011 the war name to Channel 5, after a takeover by Northern & Shell.

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