Cercle et Carré was founded in Paris in 1929 international artistic group, who was responsible for the one-off exposition of the affiliated members in april 1930.

The Group was founded by Joaquín Torres García , Uruguayan painter , assisted by the Belgian artist, poet and art critic Michel Seuphor, to with your own magazine Cercle et Carré, the constructivist artists unite. It was intended to deal with the ubiquity of the surrealists.

Cercle et Carré encouraged the development of abstract art , and organized the one-time exhibition in 1930 by 46 artists with 130 works of art at Galerie 23 in the Rue la Boétie. The movement was already raised in the summer of 1930 and 1931 in February succeeded by Abstraction-Création. One of the causes of the low level of acclaim that the group, both in the press and among artists, got was a disagreement between hooglopend Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg. Van Doesburg had not connected but also in 1930, in response, had just founded a new journal with Jean Hélion: the revue Art Concret.

Most artists of Cercle et Carré locks is in to Abstraction-Création.

Connected artists Cercle et Carré[Edit]Edit


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