Carol White (London1 april 1941 - Miamiseptember 16, 1991) was a British actress.

She was known to the general public in the groundbreaking series Cathy Come Home (1966). The series is number 2 in the list of the 100 greatest British television programmes. By alcohol and drug use went downhill with her career in the 1970s.


Carol was born in 1941 in the London Borough of Hammersmith. From 1949 to the late 1950s, she played small roles in movies. Then she started to play larger supporting roles. In the mid 1960s she broke all the way through with her role in the series Cathy Come Home and a year later in the film Poor Cow. In 1968 she went to Hollywood. She was in her home country considered as one of the most promising actresses of her time. By alcohol and drug use since the 1970s her career went downhill. She also had unfortunate relationships with stars such as Frank SinatraRichard Burton and Oliver Reed.

After living some years in Hollywood, white returned to London to play in the play Steaming by Nell Dunn. Despite good reviews, she was fired because she often was late or even a performance was missing. That same year also came from her biography , Carol Comes Home . Despite the media attention for the biography and the play could not be relaunched her career and they decided to return to the United States.

She died in 1991. The cause of death is disputed. It was said that she had taken an overdose, other sources spoke about it that they succumbed to liver disease. They left two sons from her first marriage.

In 1994 came The Battersea Bardot from the made-for-TV movie about her life with actress Wendy Morgan which White played.

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