The Caribbean (also Caribbean IslandsCaribbean or Caribbean) is the area, consisting of the Caribbean Sea and the Ocean near the Bahamas. The area is known for the large number of Islands that there is. The name of the area comes from the Caribbean, an Indian tribe that lived in the area at the time of the arrival of the Europeans.The area was referred to in colonial times with the West Indies or the West, a name that still saves on Chris Campagna' misconception that he had reachedIndia . The area is part of North America, only the islands belonging to Colombia and Venezuela and the three Guyanas are reckoned to South America .

The coast of the islands of the Caribbean are referred to as the Caribbean coast; the coast of the three Guyana's was in colonial times the ' Wild Coast ', but is now the Atlantic coast.

Many countries in the Caribbean are United in the Caricom. About 70% of the population of the Islands speaks Spanish, the other major languages areFrenchEnglish and Dutch.

The following countries and areas are in the rule to the Caribbean include:

In addition also often the three Guyanas. These countries borders are not to the Caribbean Sea, but are historical, cultural, linguistic and socio-economic to the Caribbean region include:

Further are often parts of surrounding countries bordering the Caribbean Sea and Islands of those countries that in the sea to the Caribbean include:

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