Bring It On (known as Cheers! in Japan) is a teen comedy from 2000 that is about two cheerleader teams, among others with Kirsten Dunst, Eliza DushkuJesse Bradford , and Gabrielle Union. The film is directed by Peyton Reed and written by Jessica Bendinger. The film was vergevolgd with four successive parts (without the original characters), Bring It On Again (2004), Bring It On: All or Nothing in 2006, Bring It On: In It To Win It in 2007 and Bring It On: Fight To The Finish in 2009.


Torrance Shipman (Kirsten Dunst) was practicing her routine with her team and when she almost was finished, disappeared her clothes and she was naked. It turned out to be just a dream and that today was her first day at school of her last year. Her boyfriend, Aaron, is out of school to study, and her cheerleading team, The Toros seek their sixth consecutive national championship. The Big Red (Lindsay Sloane) going to study and Torrance has been chosen to take her place. Immediately after she is chosen, touch Carver (Bianca Kajlich), a team member, injured and can no longer participate. Torrance replaces her by Missy Pantone (Eliza Dushku), a talented athlete who is just new to school with her brother Cliff (Jesse Bradford). There follows directly a flirty friendship between Torrance and Cliff, but Cliff does not know that Torrance has a boyfriend.

While Missy to the exercises of the Toros looks, recognizes them the routines and realizes that they have stolen from their rival team of her old school, the Clovers. Missy Torrance brings to the East Compton area of Los Angeles, where they see the East Compton Clovers occur with the same routine of the Toros. Isis (Gabrielle Union), the Clovers, the supply Minister sees the two Toros and confronts them furious. Torrance learns that Big Red had been to the rehearsal of the Clovers and had taken up their routine. Isis let Torrance know they beat their go at the regional championship, where the Clovers have never contributed by their economic problems.

When Torrance to the Toros tells that their routines stolen, decides the team just to the stolen routine use for the regional championship. Torrance knows that if they create their own routine, that that can keep their victory. Then, at the home game, four members of the Isis and her teammates Lava (Shamari Fears), Jenelope (Natina Reed) and LaFred (Brandi Williams) – come and humiliate them for the entire school to dance through their routine. The Toros are realizing that they have no other choice than to learn its own routine and therefore they hire a professional choreographer, Sparky Polastri called, who hired by the boyfriend of Torrance, Aaron. Then, at the regional contest, the team who for the Toros enter on with the routine they had practiced, and as they turn, the Toros have no choice but to act with the same routine.If they do occur, it becomes clear that it is not a good idea, with a result of over-use of cheesy dance routines and that geobserdeerd is the choreographer to spirit fingers.After that happen, Torrance talk to a game officer and he tells that that routine learned is to multiple teams in California. If champions are still the Toros to final, but Torrance has been warned that a new routine is expected.

Torrance is shocked that she has failed to lead the team and then gives them the Cheerleading on. Cliff encourages and supports Torrance, while that their growing attraction intensifies. The boyfriend from Torrance, Aaron tells her she is not leadership material and tells her that she doesn't need to come back to the team. Cliff is hurt and angry as he Torrance and Aaron together sees and breaks his friendship with Torrance. The confidence of Torrance is renewed by the encouragement of Cliff and she convinces her unfortunate team to an innovative new routine to think of. She makes it out with Aaron, realizes that he is not supportive and infidelity, but Cliff would not forgive the hair.

Meanwhile the Clovers are no longer able to participate in the Championship, because they have no sponsor to raise money. He then asks Torrance to her father or with his company wants to sponsor the Clovers.Isis takes the money not to, but to call the Clovers can join in by a presenter who grew up is in their area.

In the final is her team finished second and the Clovers have won. Torrance is happy with it and they become friends with Isis. The film ends when Cliff and Torrance go kissing. While the credits play, sing and dance the characters on Mickey, a hit by Toni Basil.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

Actor Character
Kirsten Dunst Torrance Shipman (Toros)
Eliza Dushku Missy Pantone (Toros)
Jesse Bradford Cliff Pantone
Gabrielle Union Isis (Clovers)
Clare Kramer Courtney Egbert (Toros)
Nicole Bilderback Whitney (Toros)
Lindsay Sloane Big Red (Toros)

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