George Alan O'Dowd (Eltham14 June 1961) is a British singer and disc jockey, better known by his stage name Boy George.


[hide]*1 Biography


Boy George fell out for its overt homosexuality and androgynous appearance, witness his extravagant clothing and exuberant makeup. His drug addiction was nearly fatal him in 1986 , after which he finished.

He became known In the 1980s as the lead singer of the band Culture Club. With this band, he scored his biggest hits with the songs Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?,TimeChurch Of The Poison Mind and Karma Chameleon, a single that in 1983 was the best selling single in England.

After he began a solo career, first for some time he was leader of the band Jesus Loves You after which he again solo continued. As a solo artist, he released several albums and he also had a few hits, of which Everything I own from 1987 was the largest. In addition, he gave up a second career as a deejay. As DJ he also brought a series of (mix) albums. Also he has worked with multiple artists, such as Antony and the JohnsonsFaithlessSash! and Erick Morillo.

In 2002 by the BBC held in national poll for the 100 greatest Britons of all time ended Boy George on the 46th place, higher than among others Francis DrakeKing ArthurFlorence NightingaleJane AustenJames Maxwell and Marshal Montgomery. He also played a guest role in one of the episodes of The a-team.

During the riots in the United Kingdom in 2011 called he, along with other artists, via Twitter on to the streets to clean after the frequent looting and destruction.

Legal problems[Edit]Edit

Boy George has clashed several times with justice in. In July 1986 he was arrested for possession of heroin. In August 1986, Michael Rudetsky, a close friend and fellow writer, found in a House of Boy George after he had died of an overdose.

In 1995, Boy George sued by Kirk Brandon because Boy George unfairly mention a relationship between Brandon and himself in his autobiography Take it like a man.Brandon lost to the process and had to pay 200,000 pounds. Brandon was bankrupt, however, explain which Boy George remained seated with £ 60,000 legal costs.

On 7 October 2005 was Boy George arrested in Manhattan facing charges of illegal possession of cocaine. [1]

In 2006 he was in the news because he imposed a fine and a community service had been given because of drug charges. He had to work as a street sweeper for five days on the open road in New York, but because of the enormous publicity he was allowed his community service within the walls of the grounds of the community.

On 5 december 2008 declared a right Boy George guilty to deprivation of liberty and ill-treatment of a Norwegian male escort. Boy George would this escort after a (naked) photo session chained and then mistreated.The facts are committed under the influence of drugs. [2[3]. On 16 January 2009, Boy George was sentenced to 15 months in prison. [4]. the singer and DJ sat his sentence in HMP Edmunds Hill in Newmarket,Suffolk,[5where he early on May 11, 2009 was released. He stood still until March 2010 under electronic monitoring through a single band. [6This ankle strap prevented him to during The Night of The Proms in Antwerp 2009 to make a come-back. His probation officer gave him no permission. A year later succeeds. In June 2010 is Boy George presented as one of the top acts during The Night of The Proms 2010.



See also the section discography in the article Culture Club


In the list below are no compilation albums and albums he has released as DJ (such as mix album) included.
  • Sold (1987)
  • Tense Nervous Headache (1988, not in the US)
  • Boyfriend (1989, not in the US)
  • The Martyr Mantras (if Jesus Loves You) (1990)
  • Cheapness and Beauty (1995)
  • The Unrecoupable One Man Bandit (1998)
  • U Can Never B2 Straight (2002)
  • Yum Yum (as The Twin) (2004)
  • Ordinary Alien (2010)
  • This Is What I Do (2013)


Below only the singles that were released under the name Boy George and that relatively normal available.
  • Everything I Own (1987)
  • Keep Me in Mind (1987)
  • Sold (1987)
  • To Be Reborn (1987)
  • Live My Life (1987)
  • No Clause 28 (1988)
  • Don't Cry (1988)
  • Don't Take My Mind on a Trip (1989)
  • You Found Another Guy (1989)
  • The Crying Game (1992)
  • Sweet Toxic Love (1992)
  • Funtime (1995)
  • Il Adore (1995)
  • Same Thing in Reverse (1995)
  • Yes We Can (2008)
  • Somebody to Love Me (2011)
  • King Of Everything (2013)

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