Bluestone 42 (pronounced Bluestone four two) is a British comedy drama series whose first episode was broadcast on 5 March 2013 on BBC Three. The series was created and written by James Cary and Richard Hurst and revolves around a bomb squad regiment in Operation Herrick during the war in Afghanistan.

From 31 May 2013 shall send the series in Belgium from Canvas . [1]


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Bluestone 42 is about the friendship between the soldiers of a bomb squad of the British army during the war in Afghanistan. Captain Nick Medhurst (Oliver Chris) dismantles the roadside bombs and has a crush on the new chaplain Mary Greenstock (Kelly Adams).

He is assisted by his right hand corporal Christian ' Millsy ' Mils (Gary Carr), all of which follow protocols, and corporal Simon Lansley (Stephen Wight) should keep safe and that Nick wants to be like officer. He is in charge of the Scottish soldiers Kevin "Mac" McDowel (Jamie Quinn) and Euan ' Rocket ' Armstrong (Scott Hoatson).

At the regiment includes the only woman of the team: Linda Bird (Katie Lyons), who is one of the guys is. Nick reports to Lieutenant Colonel Philip Smith (Tony Gardner), who are very well aware what's going on on the base. Also the interpreter Faruq (Keeno-Lee Hector) often at the team way.

Ongoing story lines in the first season include the decorate attempts to seduce Nick's to Mary and the preparations that Simon prepares for his upcoming marriage to his demanding fiance.


Bluestone 42 started as pilot in 2011 under the name IED and was created by writers James Cary and Richard Hurst who have met at the sitcom Miranda. [2after twoscenarios were written there were plans to make a pilot episode , because there was this precious is chosen to keep the reading of the script for BBC Three who then ordered the first season of eight episodes. [3]

The series is included in South Africa. [2during filming there was a former military presence that the actors had to hold the weapons and how they gave tips how bombs are made harmless. [4]

After BBC Three announced that they were going to broadcast the series got the transmitter several complaints by families of deployed soldiers. Stephen McCrum producer called the families personally and explained the vision of the series. After they had seen several episodes were the reactions positive. [5]

A second season is ordered by BBC Three in april 2013. [6]

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

Actor Character Comments
Chris Oliver Captain Nick Medhurst Sarcastic bommenontmantelaar that only his work seriously and has an eye on Mary
Gary Carr Corporal Christian ' Millsy ' Mils Right hand of Nick that primarily used to write the reports.
Stephen Wight Corporal Simon Lansley Has the task to Nick to keep safe
Jamie Quin Soldier Kevin "Mac" McDowel Know all about bullshit and filth
Scott Hoatson Soldier Euan ' Rocket ' Armstrong Looks up to Mac and soldier is not the smartest of the bunch
Katie Lyons Corporal Linda Bird Is one of the guys and is in charge of the robot that they has named Arthur.
Kelly Adams Chaplain Mary Green stock Mary is new and do not know if she performs her job well. They find the attention of Nick not as bad and used to be no Saint
Tony Gardner Lieutenant-Colonel Philip Smith Philip is always on the base and is in the know
Keeno-Lee Hector Faruq The interpreter who always has something for sale


Nr. Episode Title Writer (s) Director Broadcasting [1] Broadcasting [2]
1 1 Episode 1 Richard Hurst & James Cary Iain B MacDonald 5 March 2013 31 May 2013
Bluestone 42 is doing a routine job with a CIA officer if a drama takes place. Back on the base is Nick impressed by Mary. Mac and Rocket are busy with teasing Bird with Arthur.
2 2 Episode 2 Richard Hurst & James Cary Iain B MacDonald 12 March 2013 7 June 2013
Nick has enough of eating and wants him after Colonel Philip points out the ' Afghan Tiger Gecko ' is something else. As Simon a mistake should keep a thorough training Millsy. As Nick the Gecko has he wants to use that to seduce Mary.
3 3 Episode 3 Richard Hurst & James Cary Iain B MacDonald 19 March 2013 14 June 2013
Bluestone 42 saves Astrid, a Danish aid worker who was taken hostage by the Taliban. Astrid soon has feelings for Nick which in turn try to ignore those feelings to Mary that he is not interested in one thing.Meanwhile, Simon is working on his autobiography, they don't know if Mary has read the or they must be honest with him.
4 4 Episode 4 Richard Hurst & James Cary Iain B MacDonald 26 March 2013 28 June 2013[7]
Mary reveals a secret of her past before she was chaplain and Nick tries to fully use it. Bird Gets promotion and is disappointed if the team did not let prove that they're going to miss her.
5 5 Episode 5 Richard Hurst & James Cary Iain B MacDonald 2 april 2013 21 June 2013[8]
Fisherman's Friend Nick has to be last on, he takes this always on the way to the bomb. Although he said he is not superstitious however in the stress. Millsy sees it as his job to supplement the stock candy. Mac and Rocket complain that Simon never does with their games. If he does, it falls and they need a way to come up with to go back to the old situation.
6 6 Episode 6 Richard Hurst & James Cary Iain B MacDonald 9 april 2013 6 July 2013
Mary organizes its first party. As a result, Nick and Simon each other learn a dance. Bird Gets feelings for a veterinarian on the base and begins to flirt with him. Flirting is not good and if the conversation about the Spice Girls goes everything seems over.
7 7 Episode 7 Richard Hurst & James Cary Iain B MacDonald 16 april 2013 July 12, 2013
The base is under attack and everyone should take cover. Nick whether Mary should look up to protect her. Simon tries to convince Rocket that he can extract from the army much more than he thinks.
8 8 Episode 8 Richard Hurst & James Cary Iain B MacDonald 23 april 2013 19 July 2013
Nick must have a car full of bombs dismantling. Bird meets the challenge of Faruq and Millsy to speak Pashto . Simon his stag night is coming and he gets advice from the team to try to counteract to give to his fiancée.

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