Blowup is a 1966 film from the Italian Director Michelangelo Antonioni. The story is based on the short story Las babas del diablo (1959) by Argentine author Julio Cortázar.


[hide]*1 Story


In the London of the sixties fashion photographer Thomas walk one morning by Mary Lee Park. He is attracted by the light and begins to take pictures. The place is virtually deserted. There are only two lovers embrace each other. The woman notices the presence of Thomas. She is evil and demands the negatives of his photographs.Thomas is from the feet. The woman finds him later that day. Thomas gives her the wrong negatives. He develops the pictures and discovered that he has witnessed amurder. at night he returns to the scene of the crime and will find the corpse to. Weather back home he discovers that all the photos and negatives from his Studio have been stolen. Upset he seeks consolation in vain at the party of a friend. The next morning he notices that the corpse is gone. Walking through the park he meets somemimes, who impersonate a tennis match . There seems to be a ball to be removed from storage. Thomas picks up the non-existent ball on and throws it to the players.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

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