Blackadder the Third is the third series episodes of the British sitcom Blackadder, broadcast on BBC 1in 1987. The series plays during the British Regency, the beginning of the 19th century, although many elements seem to come earlier from the 18th century: thus, the Prince regent clothing from the more modern time while he is in the Regency wigs clothing bore (for its overweight to mask). Edmund BlackAdder is the Prince regent Georgebutler, which he constantly manipulates.


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Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

  • Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Edmund BlackAdder, butler and confidant of the Prince regent; tries constantly to enrich at expense of his master.
  • Tony Robinson as Baldrick Sod-off, Black vipers Jack of all trades, with little sense or hygiene.
  • Hugh Laurie as Prince George, the Prince regent oliedomme, who are often taken in by BlackAdder lay.
  • Helen Atkinson-Wood as Mrs. Miggins, the manageress of a coffee house in London, which every now and then also rolls to the Palace kitchen supplies.


As with Blackadder II were actors for this series again strongly modified. Tim McInnerny, who had played the prominent role of Lord Percy, did not return for the third series, for fear of becoming a victim of typecasting. The role of this went to the stupid Aristocrat Hugh Laurie, who took over the role of Prince George. In addition to these three main characters was the only fixed film crew supplemented by Helen Atkinson-Wood, who in each episode had a small role as Mrs. Miggins. Though there appeared many comedians and actors from the previous series in guest roles. The titles of the episodes were a parody of Jane Austen's book titles, namely Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility .


Dish and Dishonesty[Edit]Edit

Broadcast on september 17, 1987


The new Prime Minister, William Pitt the younger wants to stop the grant for the Prince. In order to stop this Bill allows BlackAdder to the Prince to persuade Sir Talbot Buxomly MP for for voting against it. Sir Talbot has pledged its support, however, not yet or he dies abruptly. Sir Talbot represented a "rotten borough" (constituency with very few voters, under the supervision of the land owner) so Baldrick in BlackAdder writes as a candidate for the bijverkiezingen, after which he, with money from the Prince, the territory buy. During the elections is voter BlackAdder both as head of the polling station, after both persons have died after rather bizarre "accidents". By a brutal electoral fraud comes Baldrick in BlackAdder as mario for Parliament, and the King's son. Pitt leads Baldrick, however, adopts the law garden so that a narrow majority. Blackadder consider the House of Lords in time that will probably still reject the law and suggest to to appoint him as the Prince for extra Lord and to give him £ 400,000 (supposedly to hand out bribes). However, BlackAdder does not explicitly name calls his own, on which the Prince appoints him misunderstand and Baldrick. Baldrick spends the money then to an enormous turnip.


  • According to BlackAdder hate the people Prince George. He was in reality not exactly popular. Also he gave indeed pretty much money.
  • In this episode shows that the name Baldrick (at least, in this series) is a surname. Baldrick suspects that his first name Sod-off ("bugger-on"), because if he presented himself as a little boy to other children as Baldrick they said: "Yes, we know. Sod off, Baldrick! "
  • Vincent Hanna, who in the ' 70s and ' 80s political reporter was at the BBC, plays in this episode its own ancestor.
  • In reality died Pitt the younger five years for the Regency of George IV.
  • One of the parties in the election is the standing at the Back Dressed Stupidly and Looking Stupid Party (Achteraanstaande, Dom Dressed and stupid-looking party). This is a parody of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party.
  • Pitts brother, William Pitt the Younger, is called As Whig. On the Dutch subtitles of the dvd is wrongly translated this as "Republicans".

Ink and Incapability[Edit]Edit

Broadcast on 24 september 1987


Prince George will of his stupid image and therefore wants to be patron of the newly completed dictionary of Samuel Johnson. Black adder is here and claims that the dictionary is totally unnecessary. In reality he treasures resentment toward Dr. Johnson; Blackadder had, under a pseudonym, itself a novel written, and has sent it to Johnson, after which he, however, never of heard. As Dr. Johnson arrives plague to him by BlackAdder new complicated words think of, making the dictionary seems incomplete. Prince George discovered that the dictionary contains no plot and characters, and sees the usefulness not of which Johnson leaves furiously. In his tirade, however, the doctor explains that he had intended to ask the Prince too to help with the publication of Black vipers book, which according to Johnson the best book of all time.

Blackadder wants to convince the Prince to settle it with the doctor, but then it turns out to his horror that Baldrick the dictionary, that had Johnson, has thrown in the fireplace. Baldrick and BlackAdder go to Mrs. Miggins ' coffee house, in the hope they Johnsons friends, the poets ByronShelly and Coleridge, can steal a copy of the manuscript. Johnson, however, has no copy, because he considers this unnecessary, and he and the poets prove able to lose horribly to kill anyone who book.

Out of sheer desperation follows BlackAdder Baldricks advice to try the dictionary in one night to write itself, but is already at the second word stuck. The help of Baldrick reveals nothing but a waste of time and early morning wake up as BlackAdder are Johnson and the poets for the door. As they are about to kill BlackAdder appears Prince George with the dictionary, where he very positive about (because of the dirty words).Baldrick had not the dictionary but Black vipers manuscript burned. Baldrick also has a semi-autobiographical novel written ("there once was a sweet, little sausage called Baldrick, and it lived happily ever after.") and let read this to Johnson, who furiously runs away when he realizes that he forgot the word "sausage" (and "Aardvark", the word where BlackAdder on crashed), after which Baldrick the dictionary throws in the fireplace.


  • Robbie Coltrane plays Samuel Johnson. In reality appeared the dictionary in 1755, seven years before the birth of George IV. Johnson died in 1784, 25 years for the Regency. The three romantic poets Byron, Shelly and Coleridge have never met him.
  • The word Aardvark is indeed not in Johnson's dictionary.
  • Blackadder writes under the pseudonym Gertrude Perkins. It came in the eighteenth century that women under a male pseudonym regularly wrote.

Nob and Nobility[Edit]Edit

Broadcast on 1 October 1987


Blackadder has an aversion to anything that French is, unlike many of his compatriots. Their obsession with the Red Pimpernel irritates him properly, because due to his actions very London crawling with the French aristocrats. Also Prince George is an admirer of the Pimpernel, as well as his dandy-friends, Lord Topper (Tim McInnerny) and Lord Smedley (Nigel Planer). When Blackadder the deeds of the Pimpernel close trivialiseert tops and Smedley a bet with him off: BlackAdder must go to France and within a week a French nobleman rescue and with him appear on the ball in the French Embassy. Blackadder accepts. Prince George wants first, but BlackAdder scares him off with the claim that they feel just as will have to dress like Baldrick.

As always want to BlackAdder cheating. Instead of going to France to go hide he and Baldrick is a week in the kitchen. Prince George can not find them anyway, because that can without BlackAdder not even call themselves his pants. By the end of the week go BlackAdder and Baldrick to Mrs. Miggins's coffee house and searching here a desperate French nobleman. Le Comte de Frou Frou is willing to do as if BlackAdder saved him, in Exchange for a share of the money.

Upon arrival at the Embassy shows these inherited by a supporter of the French Revolution (Chris Barrie). The triad is imprisoned in a Dungeon. Frou Frou hands over his companions sneak a few suicide pills, before the Ambassador pulled him for a torture. The next morning arrives to the BlackAdder and Baldrick Madame Guillotine to torture, but BlackAdder serves her secretly are zelfmoordpil far. The Shrew dies, but not before being published as Smedley, who save them. Along with the BlackAdder and Baldrick also escaped Frou Frou times back. Frou Frou reveals himself as a disguised Topper: he is the Red Pimpernel, and wants to reveal to the Prince cheats Edmunds. However, BlackAdder gives him wine to drink with the other zelfmoordpil. Blackadder convinces the Prince then that he himself the Red Pimpernel is so he can steal with a reward.


  • Due to conflicts regarding the copyright of the Red Pimpernel is this episode not aired in the us. A certain joke with a Pimpernel-rhyme is also on the dvd cut out.
  • The order of episodes doesn't seem chronological, since this episode at the time of the Terror under Robespierre should play, while in the first episode was spoken about Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • The Red Pimpernel is played by Tim McInnerny, who in the previous BlackAdder-series Lord Percy played. Ironically, in the books the true name of the Pimpernel Sir Percy Blakeney.

Sense and Senility[Edit]Edit

Broadcast on 8 October 1987


Blackadder has to do with Prince George to the theatre, which he hates, because of the very exaggerated acting and the fact that the Prince often do not get that scene is not real. In the theater throws an anarchist a bomb to the Prince, who do think is played again, and just barely survives. Blackadder points out to the Prince on his unpopularity among the troubled people, after which Prince George cleaning Baldrick continuously for an anarchist keeps.

Blackadder, the Prince for his image on to screw with a speech on the anniversary of the King. Prince George wants the two actors (Hugh Paddick), Keanrick and Mossop (Kenneth Connor), help him. Blackadder looks down on the actors, and harasses them by constantly saying "Macbeth", which according to them accident brings. The actors crack the written speech by Blackadder, where the Prince immediately in running.Blackadder decides to resign and leaves at at Napoleon to go apply for King of Sardinia.

While Prince George are uniform for the speech going to fit, to rehearse the actors play their own decisions. This piece is about the murder of a Prince, and when Baldrick hear them does he think the actors are planning the Prince and to kill him. Black adder is returned, however, and decides to make use of the stupidity of the Prince by Baldricks story to confirm: the text of their play would be a written-out form of the conspiracy are. In response, Iisweb.vbs displays the actors arrested and BlackAdder offers the Prince in his play the lead role to Thick Jack Clot Sits in the Stocks and Gets Pelted with Rancid Tomatoes ("dumb yokel sits in the block and Is pelted with Rancid Tomatoes").


  • The title of this episode is a reference to Sense and Sensibility .
  • There is indeed a centuries-long superstition among actors that would bring the name Macbeth accident, when the document usually "the Scottish play" was mentioned. Also, there were indeed certain rituals in order to eliminate the accident if the name was mentioned.

Amy and Amiability[Edit]Edit

Broadcast on 15 October 1987


Blackadder and Baldrick suggests that he has debts, highwayman should be. Blackadder asks prefer storage of his master, but which turns out also blut, there he thinks you must hit your money right lost at cards.The only option in order to get money as the Prince with a rich Lady marries. However, there are but two princesses available in Europe and that are not exactly an option (one has already met the Prince, and the other is impossible). Blackadder suggests that the Prince marries Amy Harwood (Miranda Richardson), the daughter of an industrialist. Since the Prince not a particularly subtle masher is, does most of the work for him, BlackAdder secretly with success.

Then it is revealed that Amy's father (Warren Clarke) has serious money concerns for several years. The marriage cannot continue, but the Prince has already bought a capital to wedding gifts. Blackadder sees no other option than Baldricks advice. He is highwayman, with Baldrick as horse. After a successful robbery is Blackadder, however, surprised by the shadow, a notorious highwayman and idol of Baldrick. The shadow is none other than Amy, who urges the Prince to Rob BlackAdder after which they can go off together. As BlackAdder binds him with the spoils, however, Amy comes back. Blackadder is liberated by Baldrick, who hoped to get the signature of the Shadow. Blackadder gives Amy for the reward of £ 10,000 and let her hang up. The next morning, the Prince of the money worries, because he £ 10,000 (the money from BlackAdder) has discovered in the kitchen. Blackadder, the Prince for a game of cards.


  • According to BlackAdder Prince George can not marry with Caroline of Brunswick because they are a terrible person. In reality they were married, but it was a very bad marriage.
  • The balcony scene, in which Blackadder the Prince helps in flirting with Amy, is a parody of Cyrano de Bergerac .
  • Miranda Richardson plays Amy in first as a stupid, childish girl, similar to her role as Queen Elizabeth in Blackadder II.
  • Warren Clarke also had a role in BlackAdder: the Cavalier Years Oliver Cromwell , in which he played.

Duel and Duality[Edit]Edit

Broadcast on 22 October 1987


Prince George is been to bed with the nieces of the Duke of Wellington (Stephen Fry), which has sworn to kill everyone that his family members affects sexual challenges to a duel, and the Prince prompt. Baldrick consider that Wellington, after all these years war on the Mainland, do not know how the Prince looks like, and that someone else, such as BlackAdder can take the place of the Prince. Blackadder wants to live his life not venture, until he hatches that are life-threatening cousin MacAdder (double role of Rowan Atkinson) in London, and the game can do.

In order not to fall by the basket Exchange BlackAdder and the Prince arrive as Wellington. This is impressed by the "Prince", when the idea comes to this with Admiral Nelson to send to Trafalgar . George turns out this butler born and gets hits in the meantime no Wellington, and wants to keep the appearance of BlackAdder that high.

There is a problem if he rejects the offer: MacAdder would rather take the place of Wellington to kill the Prince, and has in addition, too busy with his work as a fishmonger. MacAdder and Mrs. Miggins leave for Scotland, and BlackAdder explains to the Prince that he does not wish to participate in the game. Eventually he does it anyway, in Exchange for lots of money, a special funny cuckoo clock and a bag of spicy lithographs. Blackadder makes a plan to cheat, but this is wrong if it turns out that the duel is fought not with swords but with small cannons. Blackadder survives narrowly, because the bullet Ricochets off on acigarillo box that Wellington had given him. Wellington welcomes the fact that the "Prince" is still alive, until the real Prince tells him the truth. Wellington do not believe it and shoot him in blind drift down. The insane King George III has, however, not by the Exchange and leaves with his "son" back to the Court.


  • This is the only one of the four series in which BlackAdder survives.
  • The Prince refers to the book the Prince and the pauper, which in reality only appeared in 1881.
  • The mad George III speaks with a strong German accent, although he never has been in Germany.
  • The history runs somewhat by each other: the battle of Trafalgar took place in 1805, but the Regency did not begin until 1811, and Arthur Wellesley was only Duke of Wellington in 1814.

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