BlackAdder II is the second series of episodes of the British sitcom Blackadder, broadcast on BBC 1in 1986. The series plays in England at the time of Queen Elizabeth I.The nobleman Edmund BlackAdder tries to hit her in the favor, and to fall prey to her execution urge.


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Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

  • Rowan Atkinson as Lord Edmund BlackAdder, a high nobleman from London and a favorite at the Court of Queen Elizabeth. He is cynical, cunning and selfish, but is surrounded by fools.
  • Tony Robinson as Baldrick, oerstomme's servant blackadders and serf.
  • Tim McInnerny as Lord Percy Percy, a nobleman, described as a dunce by BlackAdder oen where he can but not get rid of.
  • Miranda Richardson as Queen Elizabeth I, who in the series is portrayed as childish, spoiled and very erratic in issuing death sentences. Called by fans of the series also known as Queenie.
  • Stephen Fry as Lord Melchett, the faithful Adviser to the Queen and sworn enemy of Black adder.
  • Patsy Byrne as Nursie, the by the Queen.


After the limited success of The Black Adder in 1983 started the makers anyway to a sequel to work. Rowan Atkinson did not want to write more lyrics, and so was Ben Elton attracted to write with. Also it was decided the new serial to play at a later age. It was decided to make the appearance of the series easier, thus with less guest stars, a few fixed sets and little outdoor recordings. By these changes, there was also a less high budget needed, whereby one could convince the series not the BBC management should be deleted. There were also more verbal jokes in the text.

Another big change was the modification of the characters. Blackadder was more intelligent, more convenient and more cynical, while Baldrick was a oerstomme figure who could count. Percy remained broadly the same.


The leader was a parody of the leader of I, Claudius. In the leader a black snake crawls on table, after which the subject from the title (every time a single word) is placed into the picture. There was a new arrangement of the BlackAdder theme played in, with electric guitar and recorder.

In the end credits theme was to the tune of a song sung by a countertenor, which retold the episode were on mocking way. Blackadder in a courtyard garden In the video was harassed by a minstrel (Tony Aitken).



Broadcast on January 9, 1986


A poor girl named Kate (Gabrielle Glaister) goes to London to there, disguised as the boy Bob, find a job. She logs on to Blackadder, because he would have the worst servant of London. Blackadder discovered gradually that he is in love with Bob and tries to get rid of it. The leeches of a doctor and the Council of an old woman do not help, but then confesses Bob to be a girl. He is with her and invites Lord BlackAdder Faisal (Rik Mayall) as witness (much to the chagrin of Percy). Faisal comes late, attracts all the attention toward himself and ultimately with Kate off, but not before they have swapped clothes.

End Credits[Edit]Edit

Blackadder runs through the courtyard garden, pursued by the Minstrel; Blackadder is accelerating walk and runs away in the end for the man.


  • A woman who disguises herself as a man is a story line that also in Shakespeare 's work can be found.
  • Rik Mayall and Gabrielle Glaister returned in BlackAdder Goes Forth back in 20th-century versions of their characters.
  • Rik Mayall just wanted to join in on the condition that all its text would be funnier than the text of Rowan Atkinson.
  • Originally this episode was not as the first but the second produced. So shave off his beard in this episode Percy, but he still in Head has a beard and then no more.


Broadcast on January 16, 1986


The Lord High Executioner is ready once again death and Lord Melchett that BlackAdder plays the Queen appoints for this dangerous post (most pastors have been killed). He is assisted by the jailer Cherenet Cherenet son of (Bill Wallis) and the prison Cook Mrs. Cherenet (Linda Polan) who happens to have the same names. Baldrick practices as hobby work the box of hangman.

To three days off to have moved Black adder the beheading of Lord Farrow from Wednesday to Monday. Lady Farrow (Holly de Jong), however, has been allowed to see her husband again. Because he should not refuse plays BlackAdder itself for Farrow, with a bag over his head. The plan succeeds, but the next day gets Farrow grace. In sheer desperation try BlackAdder with Percy an excuse to think why Farrow is dead, but then discovered Percy that Baldrick has the wrong condemned, Ponsonby, beheaded. The Queen, however, was to come to the prison yet to visit Ponsonby before his execution, so Blackadder the trick with the bag another rip it out.

End Credits[Edit]Edit

Blackadder runs through the courtyard garden, and eventually gets a minstrel behind him.


  • Bill Wallis was also in The Black Adder once already appeared as a drunken Knight.
  • This episode was produced as the first, but broadcast as the second. Hence, Percy his beard still. The opening scene introduces the characters.


Broadcast on 23 January 1986


Sir Walter Raleigh (Simon Jones) returns from his explorations and the whole of London is fond of him, apart from BlackAdder. If it turns out that the Queen now also loves BlackAdder claims that he himself also explorers travel wants to go. According to Sir Walter is an unexplored sea, beyond the Cape of good hope, but only Captain Redbeard Rum (Tom Baker) would be crazy enough to sail there. Rum does indeed show insane and misses his two legs in addition. The equally crazy Nursie promises to marry him if he comes back.

Once on a trip to Rum, Baldrick and Percy BlackAdder makes known that he intends to go to France for just half a year and then take credit to go ironing. Rum makes it known that the road to the Cape of good hope he didn't know. However, he also appears to know the road to France, and has no crew on Board taken because he considers this unnecessary. Half a year later, when the water runs out and they have to drink their own urine (with the exception of Rum who already drank his own urine longer) run them to what according to Rum, which is immediately disembarked, Southampton . The rest stays on board, because even understands that Baldrick in Southampton no mangroves and lava flows occur. They finally come back after two years. Of a chance on a marriage, as the Queen suggested, is no more, because she has lost her interest for explorers. Blackadder offers her a gift to Boomerang , where they see little in it himself unconscious until Percy throws. Nursie will get the beard of Rum, which is eaten by cannibals and Sir Walter and Melchett get a white wine offered, which in reality is the urine of Baldrick.

End Credits[Edit]Edit

Blackadder runs, be wary, by the courtyard garden, but does not see that the minstrel is pretending to be a statue. The Minstrel knocks him down with his lute.


  • This is the first time that Queenie BlackAdder threatens to behead if he gives her no gift. The threat came back in Blackadder's Christmas Carol and BlackAdder: Back & Forth.
  • If the four explorers in panic by shouting each other with some effort one can hear that Rum "rhubarb, rhubarb" calls. This is an old stage trick for mass scenes.
  • First reference to Mrs. Miggins and her cake shop.


Broadcast on 6 February 1986


In the middle of the night comes the brutal baby-eating Bishop of Bath and Wells (Ronald Lacey) at BlackAdder invade to tell him that he has until sunset to repay the borrowed thousand pounds to the Bank of the Black Monken of St. Herod. As a warning he shows Blackadder the tomb of the previous defaulter who claimed he lost his scholarship was. The family fortune has been wasted by blackadders father and BlackAdder has only 85 pounds at your disposal. To make matters worse, retrieves the Queen a joke with him out while they had bet with Melchett that he would pay the money and let them stairs BlackAdder.

To save Percy Blackadder goes to try to get in one afternoon to make gold through Alchemy . Baldrick comes up with the plan that BlackAdder as scandalous boy might earn a lot in the port. However, BlackAdder and Baldrick posing as boy shame let they pick up six pence in a great sailor. (BlackAdder tells him a story and Baldrick ensures the sex.) Then set Baldrick for the money to wager at the cock fighting ; the gamble must win if they disguise as a raging bull cock. However, BlackAdder is called to the Court again for the joke, after which he must give up his precious coin so the Queen can play shove ha'penny .

Percy claims that he has come home made gold. His workmanship is green, and is labeled as "green" by BlackAdder prompt. Blackadder reluctantly decides to sell his house for £ 1100,-. But then is summoned by the Queen BlackAdder again with the message that the French attacks. Each nobleman should pay £ 500 for the mobilization, BlackAdder and Melchett double must pay because no money has. Only when BlackAdder away again is proving this to be a practical joke . Blackadder feel like being lost and flights is also meaningless. But then he invents a plan and he lets the perverse Bishop upon entering stun by Baldrick. Next he make a painting which the stunned Bishop carried out sexual acts with Percy. This Blackadder the Bishop so that its debt is blackmails waived, and he gets enough money to buy back his house and to repair the damage.

End Credits[Edit]Edit

Blackadder runs on the minstrel and gestures to stop him. Gradually he begins to run, but he fails to catch the minstrel.



Broadcast on February 13, 1986


Lord and Lady whiteadder, Black vipers rich and very fanatical Puritan aunt and uncle, want dinner to discuss their inheritance with BlackAdder. Blackadder is pleased, but his joy takes even more as he is called to the Court because Lord Melchett is ill. Melchett appears, however, to have just a hangover. Blackadder mocks him and eventually they go to a bet: they will keep a drinking contest in the evening and the loser pay 10,000 florins. Blackadder is planning to cheat as he in reality is very fast already drunk. Only come home he realizes, however, that the White vipers also come and of course reject Husain feasts. Since he no longer can scribble back he keeps the drinking contest in Baldricks room, and dinner with the White vipers in the dining room. Baldrick will make his ' turnip surprise ' (the surprise is that there only turnips in it). Percy and Baldrick hereby find great amusement in a turnip in the form of a "thingy", especially since Baldricks "thingy" right as a turnip has.

It turns out not easy to receive the White vipers. They see pretty much every kind of luxury as the work of Satan; Uncle Nathaniel has decided to remain silent for religious reasons; and mashed turnips are also frowned upon, so that Lady whiteadder the only ongeprakte, with the weird shape, gets to eat. On the other hand, the guests for drinking are quite noisy, so that BlackAdder has the greatest trouble to hide them for the White vipers. Also the Queen, who had decided to find out what happens, incognito on men's events at the door and does not recognize her on her close BlackAdder in the hallway closet. If the drinkers discover that BlackAdder drinks water forcing them to drink strong beer, which he him drunk and absurd decked out in the dining room comes back. The bet and the legacy to his nose over. The White vipers leave but run up against the drinkers who feel that they are strippers . Then they release the Queen from the hallway closet that says to execute anyone. The next morning, however, everyone is dead drunk. The Queen is forgotten the executions, Melchett the bet and the White vipers the disinheritance.

End Credits[Edit]Edit

Armed with a sword Blackadder goes looking for the minstrel (which judging from his text and intonation is also drunk) but gets him still did not address.


  • Hugh Laurie 's first performance as Simon "Farters Partners" Partridge, aka Mr. Ostrich. Second guest role of Miriam Margoyles.
  • Melchett refers to Black vipers drunkenness during a visit of the King of Austria. However, Austria has never had a King.
  • There is reference to Elizabeths Tilsbury speech for the troops in, when she says the body of a weak woman, but to have the heart of a massive elephant.


Broadcast on February 20, 1986


Blackadder tells the Queen about his disapproval about paying ransom for hostages, because he believes that these are kidnapped by their own stupidity. A few minutes later, however, he and Melchett are kidnapped. Blackadder In the Dungeon is subject to a torturer of the Spanish Inquisition, which him through Hints should clarify what he means. The mastermind behind the kidnapping: Prince Ludwig the indestructible (Hugh Laurie). Although BlackAdder and Melchett not recognize him, he has already met both of them. Disguised as a waitress in Dover he spied on Black adder, and even went to bed with him. Ludwig spied on Melchett disguised as the sheep Fair, where Melchett had also apparently only sexual interaction.

The Queen had to Black vipers advice decided to put even just once to pay ransom, and can't decide between BlackAdder and Melchett. Therefore she decides the amount to spend on a fancy dress party. Ludwig put the death sentences to life imprisonment, provided that BlackAdder and Melchett tell him how he can get near the Queen. Blackadder and Melchett escape shortly after Ludwig's departure. At the party is the Queen dressed as her father Hendik VIII, Baldrick as pencils box (by sticking two pencils up his nose) and Nursie as always as a cow. Blackadder and Melchett and Nursie BlackAdder fall within cross down, to reveal that this Prince Ludwig is. This he could know because Ludwig, as meestervermommer, an excellent Cow costume bore, while Nursies costume always worthless.

After the credits shows anyone still killed by a disguised as the Queen Prince Ludwig, who in himself that he mumbles a lot fun of this disguise will have as he can imitate the voice exactly.

End Credits[Edit]Edit

Blackadder grabs the minstrel in the collar and drowns him in the fountain, although the song continues.


  • Second appearance of Hugh Laurie. In these series, Blackadder the Third he gets a fixed role.
  • In the epilogue, after the credits, to hear in the background is a part of Elton John Funeral for a Friend .
  • Ludwig makes a reference to Goldfinger with the pronunciation "Choose your next witticism carefully, Herr BlackAdder-it may be your last." In the book BlackAdder: The Whole Damn Dynasty, in which the episodes were published in script form, Ludwig is also described as the Blofeld of the sixteenth century.

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