BlackAdder Goes Forth is the fourth and so far last series episodes of the British sitcom Blackadder, broadcast on BBC 1in 1989. The series plays during the first world war, and mocked the harsh conditions for the soldiers of the time.


[hide]*1 Cast

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

  • Rowan Atkinson as Edmund BlackAdder, Captain a British officer and veteran of the colonial wars, which will come as quickly as possible away from the trenches.
  • Tony Robinson as a soldier s. Baldrick, Black vipers ordonnans, and an innocent soul with little minds.
  • Hugh Laurie as Lieutenant George, (in full: The Honourable George Colthurst St. Barleigh, MC), an enthusiastic, aristocratic officer who but cannot see how hopeless the war is.
  • Stephen Fry as General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett, an eccentric, foolish General, who does not realize the folly of the war and rather issuing fast executions.
  • Tim McInnerny as Captain Kevin Darling, Melchetts Assistant, and Black vipers nemesis. Darling and BlackAdder exploiting constantly for his name draws therefore nervous with his eye.


After Blackadder the Third in 1987, there worked on the idea for a series in the Victorian times. In so far as it did not come, but the idea was used for Blackadder's Christmas Carol in 1988. Eventually it was decided to make a series about Black adder in the first world war, during which BlackAdder fully clamp would sit: advance, go "over the top" means certain death under the German gunfire, but go backwards by fleeing means certain death for the firing squad. There was some fear that the series would be criticised for trivialising of the first world war, but this eventually fell with it. They even won a British Academy Television Award for best comedy series.

Alongside Rowan Atkinson and Tony Robinson in their regular roles, also Hugh Laurie back as George. The relationship between George and BlackAdder is in this series, however, such as those between BlackAdder and Percy was in the first series: George is officially above Baldrick, but lower than Black adder. Stephen Fry returned in a fixed role, and his character was called again Melchett. Where Lord Melchett in Blackadder II was an intelligent, calm person, and a rival of Blackadder, General Melchett in this series was militaristic, stupid and goofy, and Black vipers incalculable multiple, similar to the role of Queen Elizabeth in the earlier series. The role of Black vipers antagonist was now played by Tim McInnerny, who in the first series had played the role of Percy. McInnerny's character would first Cartwright are called, but when McInnerny the role not so good could fill out the character was renamed Darling, based on an idea by Stephen Fry.

Both the actors and the writers stated that the script were very intensive rehearsals. The creative actors tried constantly to look for how they could make possible the text so funny and delivered any ideas there.


Captain Cook[Edit]Edit

Broadcast on: 28 september 1989


If there are all sorts of new material will be delivered in the trenches get Blackadder the presumption that they will soon have to open the attack on the Germans. Baldrick suggests that they can escape by signing up for the kitchens of the headquarters, but Baldricks cooking is so bad that it is equivalent to poisoning. General Melchett would, however, that the morale of the troops is jacked up and BlackAdder gives the command to a someone that can make a painting for the front page of the propaganda sheet. Blackadder smells his chance when he hears that the painter may away from the front, but unfortunately can not painting. George turns out to be a natural talent, and BlackAdder propagandistic war let him a beautiful picture painting. However, he then goes with the painting.

The propaganda, however, command a test to look for a good draughtsman, which must be in no man's land to draw the enemy positions. Invent something yourself let George and BlackAdder this draws a frightening strong German side (with elephants), where the British could win impossible. Melchett decision to let go, because the attack by the Germans will not expect and in addition, will think that the British are ill-informed, what will make the enemy overconfident. Blackadder sees only one way out: he goes, in disguise, with George and Baldrick Melchetts raids for Cook.


  • This is the only BlackAdder episode ever without any guest stars.
  • The first world war strategy here on mocking way portrayed as "come out of the trenches and slowly expire on the enemy", which is repeated continuously because the enemy would expect one will do something else in the long term.

Corporal Punishment[Edit]Edit

Broadcast on: 5 October 1989


There are some communication problems in the trenches. Blackadder makes exploit by, as Darling calling with the command for an attack, to do or the phone line is disturbed. He ignores a telegram with command to attack due to the improper addressing ("Catpain Blackudder") and the carrier pigeon shoot it dead. However, it appears that racing pigeons shooting now is punishable for the court-martial, and BlackAdder decision the pigeon on to eat at lunch. The Dove is only just on, or General Melchett arrives in the trench to see why the attack is not deployed. Melchett believes Black vipers story about communication problems, but as Baldrick and George accidentally reveal the death of the pigeon shows this to be the favourite pigeon Melchett.

Blackadder ends up in a cell and orders the best lawyer that there is. Baldrick, however, mix up the letters, so that George Black vipers lawyer. Black adder is still optimistic when he sees that Darling is the Prosecutor, but to his horror Melchett is the judge. George screws up his defense. He calls Darling on as witness (which just more evidence against BlackAdder claims) and Baldrick, which Black Vipers to deny everything literally takes command. Melchett makes it a mock trial of, by George to give a fine (because he came on days and thus would be wasting the time of the Court as a defender) and itself by Darling as a witness is called. Blackadder is sentenced to death.

While Baldrick is BlackAdder swaps two telegrams on death row, so BlackAdder receives a telegram from George for his mother. There he discovers that has become Minister of war Georges uncle, what Black vipers rescue can be. George and Baldrick decide to celebrate with a glass of whiskey, but be drunk and overslept themselves. Because the excuse letter from George to Georges mother receives and forwards them to Uncle Rupert Blackadder, BlackAdder is saved in the Nick of time. This no man's land in BlackAdder sends George and Baldrick as "volunteers" for Operation Certain Death.


  • The names of the men of the firing squad are a reference to Dad's Army .
  • Melchett calls BlackAdder "the Flanders pigeon-murderer" (pigeon Flanders killer). In his autobiography Moab Is My Washpot Stephen Fry describes how later someone called to him on the same street. Fry not the man understood and believed that the other wanted him attacks.
  • The name of the lawyer was originally Robert Moxon Browne. This was disapproved for commercial reasons and dubbed to Bob Massingbird.

Major Star[Edit]Edit

Aired on: 12 October 1989


If it turns out that the Russian Revolution has broken out, and the Russians are about to leave the front wants to boost the morale of the troops Melchett, by organising a Cabaretshow. Blackadder has a dislike ofCharlie Chaplin and variety, but occurs as a lover, as the show will go on tour to London. Melchett, BlackAdder accordingly as the Director of the show and offers him the help of his driver, corporal Bob Parkhurst (Gabrielle Glaister.) Bob is clearly a girl, but this has not as yet by Melchett.

The show consists of multiple cheap, amateurish acts, such as a Charlie Chaplin impersonation by Baldrick. His costume consists of only a bowler hat and a dead slug that is to serve as a mustache. Baldrick, however, must stand up with his head, otherwise the snail of his upper lip. George does a drag act. The show is a success, but Melchett falls in love with "Georgina" and asks her to marry him. To come down here to BlackAdder claims that Georgina died in the mine field. Melchett, however, saw the show as the only good part of Georgina and threatens to cancel the show. No single soldier is eligible. Only then consider BlackAdder that Bob can take over the part of George and the show is now even better received. However, Melchett recognize Bob and considers disgusting travesty, which the tour is canceled. You don't have more, since the Americans are going to get involved in the war and have sent films of Charlie Chaplin. And BlackAdder are playing cricket must, to entertainment of Darling. Blackadder takes revenge by Darling to give to eat Baldrick's slug.


  • Return of Gabrielle Glaister as Bob. This time however, BlackAdder has her immediately, unlike the others.
  • The story suggests that the Russians left the war just before the Americans fight went along. In reality the Russians left the war in March 1918, almost a year after the Americans joined.
  • The Russian Revolution took place also in 1917. Melchett claims that the mutinies in the French army took place last year, while that in 1917 was.

Private Plane[Edit]Edit

Aired on: 19 October 1989


George and Baldrick are full of admiration for the Royal Flying Corps and the leader of it, Lord Faisal (Rik Mayall). Blackadder is totally not impressed, and if Faisal after an emergency landing in the trench with him ends up from BlackAdder only contempt and dislike. Soon after, however, he learns of the ' Twenty Minuters'-squadron and decisions he and George do, it now appears that new pilots but spend twenty minutes in the air. Darling, who has also tried this, refuses at first, but Melchett agrees. No question: the first day of training proves they should all go flying. Faisal reveals, however, that the name ' Twenty Minuters ' refers to the average life expectancy of new pilots: twenty minutes. To make matters worse, Darling has regulated that blackadders navigator is Baldrick.

Blackadder and Baldrick are barely in the air brought down by Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron, after which they end up in a German cell. George wants a rescue operation but Darling and Melchett can see nothing in it. In addition, as a heroic death Melchett, BlackAdder is claims died by 1.6 m² of land to conquer.

Blackadder and Baldrick getting submitted their punishment: deportation to Germany Von Richthofen to teach home economics to go on a girls ' school, which according to the Germans a horrible humiliation is.Blackadder is actually happy he can away from the front and do not want to escape. Even if George and Faisal come fall. Flashhearts nemesis Von Richthofen appears and begins a long monologue about nobleness, but Faisal shoot him just dead. Back at the headquarters Faisal takes revenge on Darling by him outside West store and he leaves with Bob. As BlackAdder suggests that he needs to leave says Melchett that Black vipers Commander be crazy to refuse. Blackadder notes that Melchett its commander, and Melchett refuses it.


  • Return of Rik Mayall as Lord Faisal. Gabrielle Glaister also has a small role as Bob (or Snowy).
  • Blackadder says on the "woof" sound of Faisal and Bob: "it's like Crufts in here." (Crufts is a British dog show.) Originally he would say "it's like Battersea dog's Home", but by his stutter problems got Rowan Atkinson this not for each other.

General Hospital[Edit]Edit

Broadcast on: 26 October 1989


During a game of "I see, I see what you do not see" there is a bomb and George ends up in the field hospital, where he evening by Sister Mary (Miranda Richardson). Shortly after the sick visit BlackAdder to the headquarters called. There is a leak: somewhere in the hospital is a spy who passes all kinds of secrets and combat plans (BlackAdder didn't even know there were battle plans). Blackadder has three weeks to find the spy and let Mr. Baldrick immediately Smith (Bill Wallis) to keep an eye on: a wounded man with a strong German accent. Darling wants to keep an eye on BlackAdder in turn and is shot in his foot by Melchett to be able to go to the hospital. Blackadder makes abuse of here and submit to a cruel and degrading interrogation Darling, even though it only just arrived. Sister Mary is impressed and is proving to be a stronger woman than she seemed: they occurs only cute to the patients.

After three weeks of Blackadder goes back to the headquarters, with Mary, where he has had a sexual relationship with it over the past few weeks. Blackadder negates every idea that Darling is the spy, or Mr. Smith, who with his German accent much too quickly would fall through the basket. He states that Mary should be the spy. She speaks German and seemed to be looking for information, and didn't realize that of the three universities Cambridge and OxfordHull only two universities are very large. (Melchett agrees: according to him is Oxford worthless.) Mary is brought to a firing squad by Baldrick. Darling comes in and wants to arrest Mr. Smith, but Melchett reveals that Smith is a British spy, which discovered that the leak was in the hospital. His German accent he owes to years long spying in Germany. While Melchett and Smith see the execution comes George inside and tells that he this but in his letter to ome Hermann will put in Munich. Blackadder and Darling realize that George is the leak and Sai to behind the General.


  • Return of Miranda Richardson, again in the role of a lady who seems to have feelings for BlackAdder.
  • Melchetts comment about Oxford is a double joke because Stephen Fry studied in Cambridge. Because Rowan Atkinson studied in Oxford are watching BlackAdder after Melchetts note rather mortified.


Aired on: 2 november 1989


On a rainy night comes the message that will be used in the attack at dawn. Blackadder takes his resort to an old trick from the colonial wars, by with an underwear on his head and two pencils up his nose to do or he is crazy. Just in time he finds that Melchett already know this trick and shoot anyone who doesn't let such a thing. Baldrick then suggests that BlackAdder to field marshal Douglas Haig (Geoffrey Palmer) should ask if he's gone Mag. BlackAdder finds this nonsensical, until he realizes that he has saved Haigs life ever in Africa. He decides to call the field marshal tomorrow morning. They while away the time with conversations about the war and Baldricks poems. George tells that all his friends of 1914 dead, but realizes not that this shows how hopeless the war is. Baldrick is shocked when he realizes that all of his friends (pests in the trenches) also are dead and asks why the soldiers not just be able to refuse to fight. An answer to this question is not there.

Melchett and Darling can't sleep and the General explains Darling to see as a kind of son. He has as a surprise Darling transferred to the front, not realizing that he submits him death. Darlings pleas be misinterpreted. Just before dawn calling BlackAdder to Haig. A onenthousiaste Haig lost proved guilty by BlackAdder to give the tip with an underwear on his head and two pencils up his nose to pretend he is crazy.Then comes Darling within. Now they're in the same boat BlackAdder and Darling show respect for each other. The enthusiastic George eventually gives to be afraid, where Baldrick joins.

Ready to attack they hear that the British artillery stops shooting. For a moment, perhaps hoping that the war is over, but BlackAdder know better: the ball is in the infantry to attack. Baldrick discovers at the last minute a brand on a ladder and whispers to BlackAdder that he has a plan to get away. However, it is already too late, already know Blackadder sure it was better than his own plan. In slow motion , after which the troops no man's land in the racing scene slowly morphing into a field of poppies.


  • This episode contains no end credits.
  • Or the main characters survive the battle is not shown. But according to the script they come close.
  • Originally it was intended that the death of the main characters came into the scene, but by the small polystyrene decor it looked weird from the scene in the Assembly, which was adjusted.
  • Tim McInnerny said in 2004, in Britain's Best Sitcom, that he found the end of the episode very emotional.

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