BlackAdder is a British television-comedy of the BBC with a satirical view of British history. The series has four seasons with a total of 24 episodes. In addition, there are several special episodes appeared.


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In total there are four series made. Each series is set in another era in history (starting around 1485 and ending in 1917), and they all have the anti-hero a version ofBlackAdder in the lead role.

The series are:

  1. The Black Adder(1983). plays in 1485-1498
  2. Blackadder II(1986). time of Elizabeth I (1558 – 1603)
  3. Blackadder the Third(1987). time of George III (late eighteenth and early nineteenth century).
  4. Blackadder Goes Forth(1989). Between 1914-1917


The first series was written by Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis. They came up with the idea to make a new series while they worked on the sitcom Not the Nine O'Clock News. To avoid that the series would be compared with Fawlty Towers, they decided a historical sitcom out of it. [1a pilot episode was produced in 1982, and a first series of six episodes. The budget for the series was for a sitcom quite high. This enabled the producers capable of much outdoor shots, and to hire big names. Most of the filming took place at Alnwick Castle in Northumberland. [2[3the series also made use of horses and expensive pieces of scenery.The first episode aired on June 15, 1983.

The series, however, was not a great success. That is why BBC 1 was initially reluctant to give the green light for the production of the second series. That is the reason that there are three years between the first and second series is. Atkinson finally got permission to create a second Black adder series, but he had to do it now with a much lower budget. For the second series the series underwent a few changes. There were fewer locations, much less outside shots, and less actors in for. Filming took place mainly in the studio of BBC Television Centre. Though there were more jokes in the series thanks to the addition of stand-up comedian Ben Elton to the writing team. BlackAdder In this form was a success. This formula was therefore likewise worked for the third series.

For the fourth series, the series again in a different direction. So got the series a dark, more satirical undertone and the scenarios were realistic. The writers also handles the era of this series, the first world war, to the series to give a type of anti-war message.


The Black Adder[Edit]Edit

This part takes place in the middle ages. Edmund, the Duke of Edinburgh, is on the eve of the battle of Bosworth in 1485, as the second son of the Crown Prince Richard (Brian Blessed). In complete Kaif style Edmund too late at the battle, but still manages to kill in an unknown that his horse stealing. This unknown turns out to be King Richard III of England . However, the plantagenets win the battle against the Tudors, although in reality the reverse was true. The Black Adder is so off in an alternate history. This is done by saying that Henry Tudor post the falsified history.

His father, Richard, is now King Richard IV (which is fictional), and Edmund is second in line for the kingship. Along with his clerk Baldrick and Percy makes to The Black Adder, with as ultimate goal the kingship. Every attempt fails of course. In a last desperate act he hires a group of the "most dangerous men of the country" in. However, these times against Edmund. Lord Percy tries to help by the wine cellar of the castle to poison.Because of this, however, all members of the Royal family, including Edmund itself, to life, whereupon King Henry VII of England takes over the throne.

In the series are a lot of references to William Shakespeare's Macbeth , as the predictive witches.

Blackadder II[Edit]Edit

This series is set in the Elizabethan time. Edmund BlackAdder is now no more, but King's son a nobleman at the Court of Elizabeth I. Percy is now also a nobleman and Baldrick is Edmunds oerdomme's sidekick. Lord Melchett is the hoflakei of the Queen. In one episode the comedian Rik Mayall has a supporting role as "Lord Faisal". The manners and customs at that time means, that there are literally heads must roll. Sometimes trying Baldrick as jailor itself a catch up at the executions, after which someone will get clemency. At the inevitable marriage plans for the ' Virgin Queen ' see the nobles a role for itself.

At the end of the series, BlackAdder and Melchett are kidnapped by Ludwig the indestructible (a master of disguises), which plays in cahoots with the Spanish Inquisition. Ludwig efforts to kill the Queen, were it not for the fact that BlackAdder came just in time to thwart his evil plans. But after the titles shows that Ludwig as the Queen dress up everyone has been murdered.

Blackadder the Third[Edit]Edit

Edmund BlackAdder is now just the devious and thieving butler of the edge moron of a Prince regent, later King George IV of England. The series makes many allusions to great historical events, such as the battle of Trafalgar took place on the advice of the Prince disguised as BlackAdder.

At the end of the series alternates BlackAdder of identity with the Prince regent. The mental King George III of England to recognize him as his son believes.

Blackadder Goes Forth[Edit]Edit

Now there is no crowned heads more to it. Black adder is in this fourth series only captain at the front during the first world war.

Central theme in each of the six episodes are Black vipers intrigue to prevent it is sent over the top : from the trenches to attack the enemy, a certain death. This series also contains one of the few moments that BlackAdder does something for another: If there is a handsome nurse from the firing squad to be saved, he undertakes action that are not strictly on self-interest oriented. In an episode the comedian Rik Mayall back in a big role as "Lord Faisal", a playboy-pilot.

At the end of the last episode should still ' over the top ' Blackadder, Baldrick in the company of the inseparable for centuries. This is perhaps the only time in all the series that can be called serious. How the characters afterwards perishes, is not shown, but the special "Black adder Back and Forth" from 1999 suggests that BlackAdder it somehow has survived.



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Special episodes[Edit]Edit


See list of special episodes of BlackAdder for the main article on this topic.

Black Viper-family[Edit]Edit

In the course of the series and the special tv episodes are the experiences of many Black vipers manifested. In addition, there are also a number of written texts which tells the story of the family deepen further. The most important of these sources is the book BlackAdder: The Whole Damn Dynasty.

The family history to 1485[Edit]Edit

BlackAdder: The Whole Damn Dynasty mentions that the dynasty of the Black vipers all started when the first people entered the British Isles around 800 BC the earliest known Black adder would be a Druid are called Edmun, which worked against his will as supervisor in the construction of Stonehenge. At the forced labourers who built Stonehenge and which was also the one who carried out the respect, Edmun came to be known as Bath Reek ("Evil Smell") because of the disgusting gases that escaped from his orifices.

The Romans arrived in 54 BC. One Blaccadda was banished after insulting the IceniQueen Boudicca , with the wording: The Queen Obviously is a Dyke. [4In the special BlackAdder Back & Forth is roughly in this period still another will be shown related Blackaddicus, centurion, which together with Legionary Baldricus is stationed on the Hadrian's wall. For centuries after the Roman times is still around the Black vipers.

The following entry is only D'Blackadder by the Duke from 1066 when William the Conqueror in ennobled because of its suggestion to build the Domesday Book . The Declaration therein for BlackAdder Castle reads: "absolutely nothing to find here." In the prologue of BlackAdder Back & Forth is also a Black adder shown on the Bayeux Tapestry, which embarrassed runs away as Harold Gets an arrow in his eye.

Black adder the Chickenheart lived under Richard the Lionheart, but had little on with all the Crusades. The Black vipers do not much in that period. During the hundred years ' war kept all Black vipers also hiding, and they grew during the wars of the Roses , as much as possible, to be able to walk easily to roses. [5]


Although the relationship with the ancestors is not entirely clear, in the first series of BlackAdder is clear that Prince Edmund The Black Adder is a great-nephew of King Richard III of England. In contrast to the "falsified" history, Richard III won the battle of Bosworth in 1485, but he was just next to the battlefield by Edmund accidentally killed. Richard III was succeeded by his nephew Richard IV, one of the Princes in theTower would have been killed according to instruction of Richard III and the father of Edmund The Black Adder so be identified as Richard of Shrewsbury.

After the coronation of his father in 1485 is Edmund The Black Adder both Archbishop of Canterbury been like-very briefly-King of England.


After the death of Edmund The Black Adder is the power ultimately in the hands of Henry VIIHenry Tudor, who was called The Black Adder and Edmund was rescued after the battle of Bosworth.

In 1509 Henry VII was succeeded by his son, Henry VIII. According to BlackAdder-The Whole Damn Dynasty was a certain cardinal BlackAdder a faithful servant of the King, but the King killed the cardinal when this caught him to help himself to some titles.

Although Cardinal BlackAdder attempts did to the favor to come from Henry VIII's successor Edward VI, partly due to send him scepters with the taste of marmite, is that clearly not succeeded. Edward VI died young and was succeeded by his sister Bloody Mary. In this period Lord Edmund BlackAdder and his son Cardinal kept in the background, until Mary died in 1558, and was succeeded by her half-sister Elizabeth. [6as can be seen from the second series of Lord Edmund BlackAdder turns out, was a confidant at the Court of Queenie Elizabeth.


In 1603, the Stuarts to the throne. In the period of the civil war is one of the last Sir Edmund BlackAdder monarchists, which the King is hiding there. However, in the end it was he himself the executioner with the responsibility of the head of his King and master to chop off, as shown in BlackAdder-The Cavalier Years.

After the restoration of the monarchy in 1660 is the Duke of BlackAdder a General of Queen Anna (just as the Duke of Marlborough). However, he lost the battle of Shit hole, perhaps because the Queen had promised him a castle, that they would after his next victory.

After this highlight put a period of fast decay in.[7where members of the dynasty ever Dukes and Lords were, during the period of the Regency was one of the most famous members of this genus a butler employed by the Prince regent, later George IV, although the third series of BlackAdder reveals that a mistaken identity has taken place and this later King Edmund BlackAdder actually is and there so after 3 centuries another BlackAdder on the throne of England sat, albeit under an adopted name. In addition, he produced no legitimate successor as King.

Ebenezer BlackAdder lived under Queen Victoria, and was so generous that the Queen wished to reward him with a title and fortune. Ebenezer there the night before Christmas a vision of his ancestors and descendants had seen, he decided to behave like them, on which the reward to his nose went past.

During the prudish Victorian period decided to leave their luck blackadders England much elsewhere in the British Empire to the test. A certain Lt. Edmund Blackadder, VC, of the 21st/34th Lancers, would have been present at Rorke's Drift and the negotiations on the immortal last words uttered: "well, keep that damn place then but!"

' Elegant Eddie ' BlackAdder wrote in the same period various vaudevillenumbers. A certain Isambard Kingdom BlackAdder was working in the second industrial revolution. By the end of the nineteenth century discovered physicist E. E. BlackAdder not much more than a small hole on the side of his BIC ballpoint pen.

A Dr. BlackAdder would have attended the death of Queen Victoria in 1901 (a reference to Joseph Bell). The 8 years happened next little, until Captain BlackAdder in 1909 claimed to have reached the South Pole -Scottnot only before, but even for Roald Amundsen.

Edmund Blackadder, the lead role in the last series, went in 1888 in the British army. He received the Military Medal for his selfless action at the battle of Mboto in 1892, when he was a mango-depot blew up while he was under fire from a hail of Bilberry. At this battle saved BlackAdder also the life of Douglas Haig, when it was attacked by a female Pygmy with a sharpened mango. He was promoted to captain and called to France.[8There start the fourth series.

After the first world war[Edit]Edit

For the period after the first world war, in all texts and television shows little obvious. In the medicine would be a certain Dr BlackAdder in fact have invented penicillin on the Wednesday before Sir Alexander Flemingdid the same thing. Blackadder would have thrown away because he thought the name was not catchy enough. In the year 2000 appeared some modern Black vipers on the television.


The life of the BlackAdder family is directly linked to that of the Baldrickfamily, which likewise multiple descendants are seen. All these descendants are serfs/minions of the Black vipers.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

Rowan Atkinson plays in all series starring as Blackadder, and Tony Robinson plays his sidekick Baldrick.

Each series has about the same actors, but in different roles:

  • Stephen Fry: Melchett
    • Lord Melchett (Black vipers rival), Advisor to Queen Elizabeth I, season 2 and Blackadder's Christmas Carol
    • General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett, Lord Melchett, descendant of blackadders stupid multiple, season 4
    • Bishop Flavius Melchett- BlackAdder Back and Forth
    • General Melchecus- Blackadder Back & Forth
    • The Duke of Wellington, no Melchett, but one predecessor of the Melchett from season 4 (mainly because of the exclamation "Behh!"), season 3
      • In the specials BlackAdder: The Cavalier Years and BlackAdder and the King's Birthday and the British respectively Kings Charles I Fry played Charles II.
  • Tim McInnerny: Percy and Darling
    • Percy, Duke of Northumberland, a silly helper of Black adders in season 1
    • Lord Percy Percy, mat with more or less the same character as his ancestor, in season 2
    • Le Comte de Frou Frou (in reality The Scarlet Pimpernel) in season 3 (guest role)
    • Captain Kevin Darling, Assistant to Melchett and Black vipers rival in season 4
    • Archdeacon Darling, Assistant to Melchett in BlackAdder Back and Forth
    • Duke of Darling, Assistant to Wellington in BlackAdder Back and Forth
  • Miranda Richardson: Elizabeth, and various other ladies
    • Queen Elizabeth I ("Queenie") in season 2, Blackadder's Christmas Carol and BlackAdder Back and Forth
    • Amy Hardwood in season 3 (guest role)
    • Sister Mary Fletcher-Brown in season 4 (guest role)
    • Lady Elizabeth, a modern version of the Queen, in BlackAdder Back and Forth
    • Queen Asphyxia XIX, ruler of the Galactic Empire, in Blackadder's Christmas Carol
  • Hugh Laurie: George
    • Prince George in season 3
    • Lieutenant George in season 4
    • Ludwig the indestructible in season 2 (guest role)
    • In season 2 episode "Babu", 1 of the lushes of BlackAdder
    • William Shakespeare in The Shakespeare Sketch
  • Gabrielle Glaister: Bob, a young woman dressed as a man, as guest star in season 2 (true name turned out to be Kate) and season 4
  • Rik Mayall: Lord Faisal, Black vipers successful rival (guest star in season 2 and 4)
    • Mayall also played a Faisal-like Robin Hood in BlackAdder Back and Forth

See also: list of characters in Blackadder


In January 2005, Tony Robinson announced that Rowan Atkinson seriously thought about a fifth series for the series. This would place in the 1960s, and turning to a rock band called the "Black Adder Five" (with Baldrick – aka ' Bald Rick ' – as the drummer). In 2007 he was again about this idea, but now as the idea for a Black adder-film. BBC has however nothing revealed about plans for a fifth series. Making a fifth series would be made more difficult by the success of Hugh Laurie in America with House m.d..

There are been over time more plans for a fifth series, such as a series in which Baldrick the true assassin of John f. Kennedy would prove to be,[9a parody of Batman with Baldrick as Robin (this idea was later the basis for the Comic Relief-sketch "Spider-Plant Man") and Star Adder, that place would play in the distant future. [10]


The series made the use of the metaphor and hyperbole for comic effect popular. Some examples include:

  • Madder than Mad Jack McMad, winner of last year's Mr. Madman competition. (Crazier than Crazy Gerrit van der crazy, last year's winner of the Mr. Gekverkiezing.)
  • I've got a plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel. (I have a plan that is so elaborate that you can put a tail on it and call it a weasel can)
  • As cunning as a fox who's just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University. (As cunning as a Fox who has just been appointed a Professor of Cunning at Oxford University.)
  • I'm as happy as a Frenchman who's just invented a pair or self-removing trousers. (I'm so happy as a Frenchman who just released the zelfverwijderende pants has invented.)
  • I'm as weary as a dog with no legs that's just climbed Ben Nevis. (I'm so tired as a dog with no legs that just climbed the Ben Nevis has.)

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