Billie Joe Armstrong (Rodeo (California), February 17, 1972) is the lead singer, guitarist and frontman of the punk rock band Green Day.

In 1986, he started a band with bassist Mike Dirnt and drummer John Kiffmeyer, called Sweet Children. In 1989 the name of the band changed to Green Day. John left the band In 1990, because he went to College. He was replaced by Tré Cool, or Frank Edwin Wright III. In July 1994, married Billie Joe Armstrong Adrienne Nesser in 1995 and their first child was born Joseph Marciano. The second child followed In 1998 Jakob Danger.

Armstrong used ever since his tenth year a Fender Stratocaster-duplicate, nicknamed Blue. He had this gotten from his mother. Many claim that he had gotten from his father, but that was already deceased. Armstrong has already had many other guitars. In addition to guitar he also plays harmonicamandolindrumspiano and saxophone.

The song "Wake me up when september ends is dedicated to his father, Andy Armstrong who died when Billie Joe was only 10 years old.

In 2005 he by the magazine Kerrang! voted "Best dressed Star" and "hero of the year".


  • In 1995 Armstrong stated in the magazine The Advocate that he is bisexual :
"I think I've always been bisexual. I mean, it's something I've always been interested in. I believe that everyone born bisexual society and our parents, but make sure it's a taboo. It is ingrained in our heads that it is bad while that at all as is. It is even something very beautiful! "
  • In 2003, Armstrong picked up for driving under the influence of alcohol. He has it, never released, DUI song written.
  • Armstrong was In 2012 included in rehab because of problems with drugs and alcohol.

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