Bessie Smith ( Chattanooga , Tennessee , July 9 1892 and April 15 1894 - Clarksdale , Mississippi , September 26 1937 ) was an American blues singer .She is considered one of the most popular and successful blues performer workers from the twenties of the 20th century . Her nickname is "Empress of Blues'.

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Career Edit

In 1912 she sang in the same show as Ma Rainey , who took her under her wing. Eight years later, in 1920 , she had her own show and her name was already established in much of the southern and eastern United States.

In 1923 she signed as one of the first blues artists, a recording contract with Columbia Records . The classic female blues, of which she was an important exponent, was experiencing its heyday. With Bessies recording Alberta Hunters Blues Downhearted she became instantly famous. Bessie Smith became the highest paid black performer of her time. She played with some of the best musicians of the twenties, including Louis Armstrong , James P. Johnson , Joe Smith and Charlie Green .

In 1929 , the heyday of her music had passed and touched her career in the doldrums. But she played that year in the film St. Louis Blues . In 1933 she recorded with John Hammond , under whose influence she had sought more as a swing singer develop her latest songs.

Death Edit

On September 26 , 1937 Bessie was seriously injured in a car accident while she was traveling on US Route 61 between Memphis and Clarksdale with her ​​lover (and uncle of Lionel Hampton ) Richard Morgan at the wheel. She was taken to Black Afro-American Hospital (later operated as Riverside Hotel on the banks of the Sunriver) brought from Clarksdale, where doctors her right arm amputated .From the anesthesia from the surgery she has not added. She died the same morning. [1] Bessie Smith became 43 years. Her grave has long remained unnoticed until Janis Joplin and Juanita Greenthere decades later, an inscribed stone for bought. [2]

Notes Edit

  1. ↑ In 1959 was Edward Albee's one-act play The Death of Bessie Smith (The Death of Bessie Smith) premiere. It is based on a popular but now refuted version of the circumstances of her death would have occurred. She would be deceased because she was not admitted to a hospital "whites only" in Clarksdale. This myth was started by jazz writer / producer John Hammond with a factually inaccurate article in November 1937 appeared in Down Beat magazine .
  2. ↑ Dory Previn wrote about Janis Joplin and her tombstone for Bessie Smith song Stone for Bessie Smith on the album Mythical Kings and Iguanas.

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