Berlin Alexanderplatz. Die Geschichte vom Franz Biberkopf from 1929 is one of the most famous novels by Alfred Döblin.

The book is set in the working-class neighborhoods near the Alexanderplatz in Berlin of the 1920s. Main character is the petty criminal Franz Biberkopf. Franz is at the beginning of the story released from prison, but is again sucked into the underworld. When his criminal mentor murders the prostitute where Biberkopf likes, realizes the last his impossible from the underworld can release.

In 1999, Berlin Alexanderplatz was elected at the 10 best German-language novels of the twentieth century. In 2002 by the Norwegian book club the book was named one of the 100 best books of all time[1]

The Museum of modern literature in Marbach am NeckarGermany has the original manuscript in its possession.


[hide]*Style 1


The style is reminiscent of that of James Joyce, and Döblin rewrote his story after reading Joyce's book Ulysses. The story is told from different perspectives. There also uses sound effects, newspaper articles, songs, speeches and other books so as to develop the story.

Film Adaptations[Edit]Edit

The novel was made into a film twice. The first film Berlin-Alexanderplatz dates back to 1931. Döblin worked here from, along with Karl Heinz Martin and Hans WilhelmPiel Jutzi directed the film, while Heinrich GeorgeMaria BardMargarete SchlegelBernhard MinettiGerhard BienertAlbert Florath and Paul Wagner meier accounted for the main roles.

The second Berlin Alexanderplatzfilm adaptation,, was first screened on German television in 1980. The series was directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder and is widely regarded as his magnum opus.


Nico Rost provided the English translation appeared in 1930 Berlin Alexanderplatz. A new translation is in preparation.

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