Bergerac is a British television series about detective Jim Bergerac and his adventures on the island of Jersey. The series had John Nettles in the lead role as Sergeant Jim Bergerac of the Bureau des Etrangersfabricated. Other figures who regularly come back include Charlie Hungerford, Jims ex-father in law and local tycoon, Deborah, his ex-wife and his boss, Chief Inspector Barney Crozier.

The series with 87 episodes was recorded between 1981 and 1991 and the crimes that were resolved played ever to rich people who were killed, extorted or robbed. The series is still regularly repeated on the BBC.

Jim Bergerac is portrayed as an ex-alcoholic who also had come by a nasty divorce. It was often referred to in the sub plot lines. In addition, of course, it is in his nature to bend the rules where necessary, this to frustration of the police on Jersey.

The series was in the early years, for the most part recorded on Jersey, with short scenes in France and England, later moved the action itself more to France.

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