Battlestar Galactica (2004) is a science fictiontelevision series created by Ronald d. Moore. The series is a remake of the 1978 series of the same name, and was first broadcast on October 18, 2004 in the United Kingdom and Ireland on Sky One, and on 14 January 2005 in North America on the Sci Fi Channel. In Netherlands areBattlestar Galactica broadcasts provided by (formerly) Veronica and since 31 May 2007 on Sci Fi Channel Netherlands. The series is broadcast In Belgium by VT4.


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Mini Series (2003)[Edit]Edit


See Battlestar Galactica (2003) for the main article on this topic.

The series was introduced with a two miniseriesepisodes counting. This mini series ran for a total of 3 hours, and is considered the pilot episode.


The reincarnation of Battlestar Galactica can count on many positive criticisms, so called in 2006 for leading magazines like Time Magazine and Rolling Stone fromBattlestar Galactica to best television series throughout 2005. In addition, Battlestar Galactica also praised by The New York Times, The National Review, The New Yorker, The San Francisco Chronicle and The Chicago Tribune.

In addition to these positive criticisms Battlestar Galactica succeeded there in 2006 in a prestigious Peabody Award in the for excellence in televisionBattlestar Galacticaalso won a Hugo AwardLeo AwardSaturn Award and two VES Awards (Visual Effects Society). In addition, the series was nominated for nine Emmy Awards.

Despite these positive criticisms had Battlestar Galactica in the United States to do with strong bearish viewing figures in the third season. As reason for this is often pointed out to the Sci Fi Channel 's decision in2006 to the Friday night lineup of Stargate SG-1Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica apart. For all three series has had negative effects.

On the other hand, the success of the iTunes dvd sales and broadcasts of Battlestar Galactica, available one day after the regular broadcast on Sci Fi Channel.

Changes from the original series[Edit]Edit

There's some fairly drastic changes from the eponymous series of 1978. Both the characters are now as Starbuck Boomer women. In addition, Boomer actually a Cylon in human form. If people looking cylons play a particularly important role. A blonde very seductive woman seduces Baltar for example to commit treason. Because there are multiple instances of this female cylons existence is Boomer also appeared as the sister of a soldier on occupied Caprica retarded by the Federation. A major role is played by the only surviving Minister of State for the old Government that was inaugurated as the new President Laura Roslin.

The series is much scarier than the original series and does clearly an attempt to lean at the American psychology of after 9/11. Anywhere hidden traitors and suspicion is the highest commandment. Furthermore, missing much of the playful humor that made the original series a success. Adama is no longer a kind of father figure but rather a typical ' tough guy ' who goes over corpses. If there is a ship with refugees lost thought pops up is the cylon-destroyed on suspicion of infiltration and explains Adama that something in war is needed. The comparison with the possible shooting down of hijacked passenger aircraft is obvious.

Interesting detail in the occupation of the new series, is that Richard Hatch (who played Captain Apollo in the original series from 1978) returns. This time he played the recurring guest role of Tom Zarek, a political activist who terrorist methods not shying away from. Spicy yet is the fact that Hatch Lam for some time with a plan to revive the original series with new episodes, right before he was overtaken by the re-imagined ' version of Ron Moore that is now being produced.

Contemporary references[Edit]Edit

This series of Battlestar Galactica contains many references to the current global geopolitical situation. For example, in the first series much especially psychological elements interwoven that refer to the post-9/11processing in American society. As the series progresses sound socially critical sounds on, this in conjuction with the criticism in American society grows on the political class and the situation in Iraq. The rebels use the means of suicide bombers to the Cylons, more specifically the police units that are recruited among humanity, to attack. This is seen by some as a necessary evil, while other rebels reject this categoric. The strongest link to the current American politics can be found in the fact that the president Roslin resolutely rejects the execution of traitors without judicial process once humanity escapes of the Cylon-occupied planet (season 3, episode 5). This seems to be a direct criticism of the US treatment of terrorists in Guantanamo Bay , for example,.

Story Lines[Edit]Edit


The series deviates significantly from the storyline of the original. The miniseries begins with a brief introduction explaining that the people of the 12 colonies, the Cylons have made and that the Cylons revolted against their former masters. A bloody war follows, but in the end a truce and the Cylons disappear to another planet. There is a space station built in neutral area where people and the Cylons can meet each other once a year in order to open diplomatic relations. However, the Cylons never showed up. At the time the series begins, it is forty years ago that mankind one last sign of life from the Cylons has learned...

The Cylons come back at the beginning of the miniseries. The robots from 1978 have given way to much vervaarlijker in this series looking centurions, and also the Raiders and Base Ships of yesteryear are upgraded to much scarier versions. But the most notable development that the Cylons have gone through is the fact that she's managed to recreate themselves in the image of man. These Cylons are of flesh and blood, and turn out later in the series to be able to reproduce plants even with people. There are only twelve models but there thousands of copies of each model walking around. If one of these copies dies, then his or her consciousness downloaded into a new body in a special reincarnation spaceship. This makes de facto immortality of the Cylons a formidable foe for the less than fifty thousand surviving people of the Holocaust that the Cylons in the miniseries havoc. Moreover, this could not take place at all because the Holocaust of real people to distinguish Cylons the defense network of the 12 Colonies have infiltrated and unmaintained.

Under pressure from the new president Laura Roslin, collects Commander Adama a fleet of space ships that escaped the destruction. Put under the protection of the Galactica, bound for Earth, the thirteenth colony that is mentioned in the ancient texts. Problem is that no one knows where Earth is.

First season (2004-2005)[Edit]Edit

The first season begins where the miniseries stops. The survivors of the attack on the 12 colonies flights. During their flight, where they are pursued by the Cylons, they run against various obstacles on the outside, and from within. fleet. At the end of the season they reach a planet from the writings: Kobol.

Second season (2005-2006)[Edit]Edit

The second season picks up the thread where this has been left in the first season. There is a chaos within the fleet of the survivors. Starbuck coming back from Caprica. Cylons, political and military instability, Cylon-sympathizers, prophecies, the way to Earth and other problems are typical for the season. Towards the end of the season back to Caprica to Starbuck returns a group of survivors to pick up. Under the leadership of the newly elected president Gaius Baltar chooses a large part of the survivors to make a home on New Caprica.

Third season (2006-2007)[Edit]Edit

Four months have passed since the end of season 2. New Caprica is occupied by the Cylons, though everyday authority is still in the hands of the Colonial Government turns out to be virtually ineffective President Gaius Baltar; create the service from the Cylons. And since it seems to have no problem with Baltar.

An underground resistance forms on New Caprica, led by Colonel Tigh and with the approval of Laura Roslin. Suicide attacks are the order of the day and slowly starts to penetrate to the Cylons that they no longer have grip on the situation. In response to these attacks begin to just shoot the Cylons colonials of which it is suspected that they have something to do with the resistance.

Meanwhile, the Battlestar Galactica and Battlestar Pegasus, commanded by Admiral Adama in an impossible situation. Both ships are equipped with only a minimum number of troops and the morale is low. The Cylons have dealt a huge blow by New Caprica to occupy and the chances of a successful rescue mission seems very small.

Fourth season (2007-2009)[Edit]Edit

Sci Fi Channel announced on March 22, 2007 that the fourth season of Battlestar Galactica from 22 episodes would exist. The production went off in may 2007 , and the first episode was broadcast april 4, 2008 on American television. By the strike of the writers in Hollywood, however, there is a space of several months between the production of Episode 10 and its sequel. The writing is, however, back later resumed, so that the remaining episodes will be broadcast beginning 2009.

It was also there in the fourth quarter of 2007 a two-hour episode, with the name Razor broadcast. This is also available separately on dvd. Razor is set on the Battlestar Pegasus and deals with the escape from the Cylons during the attack on the colonies, about the time spend in the fleet with Galactica and Pegasus even over the first Cylon War.

In the course of season 4 part of the cylons close an alliance with the people because of mutual conflicts within the cylongemeenschap. At the end of season 4 leads a Kara Thrace brought back to life the last humans and cylons to Earth. However, this is not the same Earth that the survivors originally sought, but a new one. On this new Earth, an early race of people that already live genetically equal to the people of the Battlestar Galactica. The humans and cylons decide to stay on this planet and to renounce all technology by sending it to the Sun. So are the survivors of the Battlestar Galactica the ancestors of today's humanity and shows that the series itself was going on all the time in the distant past rather than the future.



See list of episodes of Battlestar Galactica (2004) for the main article on this topic.

Other media[Edit]Edit


On 27 april 2006 made Sci Fi Channel announced that a prequel spin-off of BSG in the making. This series is called Caprica. The story of this series takes place some 50 years before the start of the BSG, and focuses on the original Cylon War.


Actor Role
Edward James Olmos William Adama
Mary McDonnell Laura Roslin
Jamie Bamber Lee "Apollo" Adama
James Callis Gaius Baltar
Grace Park Number Eight
Tricia Helfer Number Six
Katee Sackhoff Kara "Starbuck" Thrace
Aaron Douglas Galen Tyrol
Michael Hogan Saul Tigh
Tahmoh Penikett Karl "Helo" Agathon
Kandyse McClure Anastasia "Dee" Dualla
Alessandro Juliani Felix Gaeta
Richard Hatch Tom Zarek
Nicki Clyne Cally Tyrol
Michael Trucco Samuel Anders
Rekha Sharma Tory Foster
Donnelly Rhodes Dr. Cottle
Kate Vernon Ellen Tigh
Dean Stockwell Number One/Cavil
Callum Keith Rennie Number Two/Leoben
Lucy Lawless Number Three/D'Anna Arg.
Rick Worthy Number Four/Simon
Matthew Bennett Number Five/Doral
Sam Witwer Crashdown

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