Battle of the planets (科学忍者隊ガッチャマン, Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman) is a Japanese animation series. The English dubbing is based on the first American dubbing by Sandy Frank Entertainment called Battle of the Planets. The series began in Netherlands on 7 June 1980 and ended on 23 september 1981.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

Character [1]



English (Sandy Frank Entertainment)



Mark (Ken Washio) Katsuji Mori Casey Kasem Arno Guldemond
Jason (Joe Asakura) Isao Sasaki Ronnie Schell (all other episodes)

Unknown (in Attack of The Space Terrapin)

Jaap Stobbe
Princess (Jun) Kazuko Sugiyama Janet Waldo Jody Pijper
Kiap (Jimpei) Yoku Shioya Alan Young Joop Doderer
Yy (Ryū Nakanishi) Shingo Kane moto Alan Dinehart, Jr. (all other episodes)

Ronnie Schell (in Attack of The Space Terrapin)

IJf Blokker
Comp-7 Character does not exist

in the original version

Alan Young Henk Villeda
Chief Anderson

(Dr. Kazumasa Nambu)

Toru Ohira Alan Dinehart Jr Cor Witschge
Large Master (Sosai X) Nobuo Tanaka Keye Luke Fred Weydeveld
Zoltar (Berg Katse) Mikio Terashima Keye Luke Cor Witschge

Additional voices in the American version Battle of the Planets were done by William Woodson, Alan Oppenheimer, David Joliffe, Wendy Young and Takayo Fischer. In the English dubbing are the remaining votes done by Cas Brugman and Manas Banerjee.

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