Batman was a popular television series in the sixties of the 20th century, based on the comic book hero Batman. The series was by American Broadcasting Company(ABC) ran from January 12, 1966 to March 14, 1968, with a total of 120 episodes.


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The series revolved around Batman (Adam West) and Robin (Burt Ward). In each episode of the series drew this duo to battle against a number of criminals, often well-known super villains from the Batman comics. To do this, the two used a lot of gadgets (whose name always begins with bat-) and the Batmobile. In real life they go through life as Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Dick Grayson (Robin).

The episodes almost always followed a set formula in which a villain and the city threatened by the duo had to be stopped. This most famous Batman villains from the series are; The PenguinRiddlerCatwoman and The Joker.

Season 3 ran against the ratings decline. In an effort to attract a new audience was introduced, but nevertheless remained the Batgirl viewing figures low. By the end of the third season began to cut back on all the ABC series by Robin from the series to write and Batgirl to Batmans fixed to make helper. Not much later, the series was completely discontinued.


  • In 1966 a film about Batman and Robin appeared, in which the best known "bad guys" from the series conspire against the "dynamic duo".
  • In 2003 the original heroes Adam West and Burt Ward a new film in which they play themselves. The movie is called "Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt ". In this film, the original Batmobile stolen from a museum. The actors go together behind the thief on. In the film are common references to the original series and several actors from the original film and play in series with it.



When the series was at its height, there was much interest in famous actors and other celebrities who like once wanted to make a guest appearance in the series. Therefore, many villains bijbedacht who took part in a single episode.

The fixed actors from the series for many years got to do with the Sami-effect. Especially Adam West remained one recall as the actor who played Batman.


  • One of the criminals in the show was based on a real criminal: Shelley Winters played a character named Ma Parker, that clearly was based on Ma Barker.
  • The rogue Clock King was actually an opponent of Green Arrow.
  • Mr. Freeze takes its name from this series. In the comics, he was up to the sixties called Mr. Zero . For the television series, this was changed to Mr. Freeze and that name is also used in the comics since then.
  • In the film Batman Forever makes actor Chris O'Donnell (as Robin) a reference to the series with the sentence "Holey Rusted Metal, Batman". In the series, said Robin often sentences that began with "Holy" and ended with "Batman".

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