Baseball  is a team-and ball sport which is especially popular in the United StatesCanadaMexico, the Caribbean and in large parts of Asia.Baseball called America's Favorite Pastime is also called.

Baseball is one of the most played sports in the world. In Europe , it is one of the less popular sports. In Netherlands baseballs there are about 25,000 to 30,000 people.Millions of people play baseball In the United States .

Baseball In the United States is the most important sports from april to October. By the end of september, the regular season closed. The following are the playoffs played in October at the highest level, which are closed by the World Series, the Championship for club teams.

The game is played by two teams of nine players, possibly supplemented by a designated hitter.

[1][2]Baseball pitcher in action


[hide]*1 Material


For the baseball game are a glove, a bat and a ball (or bat) required. Alone in bats and gloves is a variety of sizes, weights and designs. Also for the playing field are materials, such as bases, home plate and a werpersplaat; These are made of hard rubber and are always white.

[3][4]A batter, left the catcher===Bats[Edit]===

Baseball bats are made of wood or a hard kind of light metal such as aluminum. Previously used only wooden bats. Aluminum bats, however, are easier to manufacture and supply are significantly easier to (far) to store. Wooden bats breaking fast at improper use. In recent years, also comes the use of modern composite materials in increasing numbers for bats.

In the American Major League it is prescribed with wooden bats to save. For some years in international competitions such as the Haarlem baseball week only wooden bats are used. A result is that also in the highest rural classes (such as the Dutch League) wooden bats are used.

Traditionally, the rule that such must be manufactured from a single piece of wood bats. In the Dutch leagues is sidetracked by allowing certain adjustments in favor of the durability of the bat (especially the coating off the bat).

Aluminum bats are usually equipped with a (art) learning ' grip ', as you also see in tennis rackets and hockey sticks. The player usually is sufficient to wood bats making what resin (pine-tar) in order to improve the grip on the bat.


A baseball is on the outside of leather (or plastic at unofficial balls). At the heart of rubber or Cork. To this core wool and cotton back is injured, respectively for the resilience and firmness. Around this is a thin layer of rubber adhesive applied and the leather skin. A good baseball is made of horsehide as it does not stretch. The weight of the ball is between 141.7 g (5 ounces) and 148.8 g (5 1/4 ounces).



Gloves were traditionally made of leather with a filling of wool. The wool stuffing in many gloves replaced by a plastic filling. The outside of most (good) gloves made of leather, although there is still more and more other materials appear.

The leather baseball gloves vary in size and weight and also in model; the model and the size of the glove are depending on the position and personal preference of the player in the field. The ' normal ' field glove can be recognised to the fingers. In the inner field are relatively small gloves are used and in the outdoor field relatively large.The dimensions are bound, however, maxima.

The first baseman may use a separate model glove. This is usually a lot bigger than the regular infield gloves and Moreover, the catchment area of one piece, no fingers so. It's so basically no glove but a want. With this glove can better be caught, but he has the disadvantage that the ball deep in the glove comes and that it therefore takes longer to perform a second action. The catcher or catcher finally also uses a separate model glove. This model is specially made to the hard pitches of the pitchers well with it to be able to catch it. In addition, he has a thick protective layer to protect the hand of the catcher . This glove is bigger than the normal infield glove. Also, the catchment area of one piece and much sturdier than with any other models.

There are left-handed and right-handed gloves. One bears the glove to the ' bad ' hand to hand with the ' good ' to be able to throw. A glove for a right-handed is left-handed.

Special protective materials[Edit]Edit

At each players equipment belongs also a for male baseball players the toque to protect the genitals. On certain positions or under certain conditions additional materials are used. The player to battle wears a helmet that protects at least one ear. Special rate handschoentjes are not so much for security but for a better grip on the handle of the bat to have there these mute the vibrations. In addition, the batters sometimes Shin guards (related to error struck balls) and elbow protectors (to guard against throws of the pitcher) is used.

The catcher or catcher uses most protective materials. He has the most dangerous position. He used leg protectors, which also cover the knees. Often just below the knee confirmed the so-called kneesavers cavities knees to protect against wear. Furthermore, he uses a body protector that covered the entire upper body except the arms and shoulder throw (so called the catch shoulder) and a special helmet with a face mask and a cover protects the down that throat. Also it happens that achtervangers thumb prostheses wear because the thumb backwards skips when the ball in the glove, this related to any curve balls that the pitcher throws.

The plate umpire used virtually the same set of protective materials as the catcher, with the added protection on the arms and both shoulders yet. Also he wears special shoes with steel noses.

Game Rules[Edit]Edit

[7][8]Baseball Field[9][10]Players positions of defensive team[11][12]The Gardiner Martijn Meeuwis by HCAW captures spectacular

A game consists of nine innings and each inning consists of two halves. In one play for half the home team in the field and defended by the visiting team "to battle" attacked, in the other play half the tables are turned. The half-inning from the attacking game ends if there is three from, also called called three zeros .

A batter is out when:

  • the ball struck directly by this (without touching the ground) is caught by the defending party
  • There is three strokes by the batter missed; thrown when the strike is missing, either skips and missing out on a thrown ball (wide or battle) and at a third missed the ball catcher has caught that ball regulatory. When in the third at the batter hits the ball or schampend but the catcher this captures is the batter out too. When in the third at the ball is not caught by the catcher is the batter not out if it manages to reach first base before the ball is there and he is not on the go is tagged out.

from can also be made as:

  • one of the attacking players is tagged out while he is not on a single State
  • one of the attacking players burnt out is; the ball is then rather ' on ' the base than the runner. This applies only if there is a force play, if the runner is forced to advance. There Is no force play then he can try to go back to the previous base, in the hope to arrive earlier than the ball.

One of the teams defends (State in the field) while of the attacking team becoming a player to battle. Only the team that is to bat can score points.

The field contains four bases. When an attacking player has passed all four bases in a row then a run was scored. When all bases in the own at bat are passed then that is called ahomerun. A homerun also delivers one point on, plus the runs batted in of the other runners.

The pitcher or a pitcher throws the ball from the subject plate over the fourth base, home plate. The ball has to go over the plate, between knee and elbow of the batter (this is called the ' battle zone '). The throw is assessed by the (Board) Referee, who was behind the catcher and home plate is. Is the pitch not in this box then that counts as a wide, at least if the batter does not attempt to save the ball. Is the pitch in this box then that counts as a battle, even if the batter does not attempt to store. A pitch outside the box counts as battle as the batter still trying to save it. As the batter after three times has hit the ball not yet battle he is from. The pitcher has thrown the world four times, then the batter walk to first base. Even if the batter hit by the pitcher on the body has the batter a walk to first base. The batter will therefore only attempt to hit on good pitches. He must always in a fraction of a second the throw assessment and decision.

The pitcher will be the altitude, speed and the effect of his pitch to the batter to make it difficult to vary. He has often agreed with the catcher a sign code (the catcher fires a number of fingers on to indicate what steps he expected), so that the catcher is not surprised.

The party with the most points wins.


The sometimes heard assumption that baseball in 1838 by Abner Doubleday in Cooperstown (New York) would be devised, is a concoction (Doubleday was not even close to Cooperstown in 1839, but in about 280 miles away West Point). As Jeff Idelson of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown expressed nicely: "Baseball wasn't really born anywhere." However, falls from the history to conclude, that baseball gradually evolved from English folk games as stoolball and rounders.

Base ball[Edit]Edit

[13][14]Little Pretty Pocket-Book, with the first mention of Base ball.

A game named "base ball" developed in the early 18th century in England, and it kept that name until after 1800. The game was first mentioned in 1744 in a booklet that was published under the title: Little Pretty Pocket-Book. As with many folk games, there are a lot of variants. Similar games were played in America well before 1800.

The rules for "base ball" appeared in 1796, in a German book by the writer Johann Guts Muths, which the game "Ball mit Freistätten (oder Das English Baseball)" mentioned. In the Guts Muths described game varies the number of bases with the number of players. And one man from meant right away: at bat over!

In early 2004 discovered the American historian John Thom from 1791, a reference to a local regulation that forbade any person within a distance of 80 yards of the "new meeting house" in Pittsfield, Massachusetts to base balls. A librarian found the authentic regulation then back in the Berkshire Athenaeum library. This could well be the earliest reference to the American baseball-game can be.

The current game[Edit]Edit

Abner Doubleday has so, how beautiful the legend is, nothing had to deal with baseball. However, what's right, is that the first rules in 1845 by Alexander Joy Cartwright to the paper are entrusted. That same Cartwright came up with the idea to establish an association and that culminated in the New York Knickerbocker Baseball Club.This club performed on 3 september 1845 and raised a number of additional rules in this baseball of pastime for children into a full-fledged sport for adults.

On 19 June 1846 became the first baseball game played in Hoboken, New Jersey. The New York Knickerbockers and the New York Base Ball Club brought the rules in practice. In 1868 was by Harry and George Wright the first profhonkbal club (Cincinnati Red Stockings) was established. The first competition was 1876.

The American civil war meant a great incentive for baseball. An outdoor sports as baseball was the pastime of choice in the spare time of the soldiers, and there were competitions organized. The returning soldiers scattered the formerly local sport to all parts of the us.

In 1865 the American Baseball Corporation founded. Eleven years later, there is a separation between the amateurs and professionals. In 1902, The National League of Professional Baseball Clubs was established, followed by the creation of The American League. Together, these organisations the Major Leagues. At the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues, the Minor Leagues connected.

Only after 1900 in Netherlands baseball became known. There are stories about the Amsterdammer Grasé J.C.G. that the United States during a holiday in some baseball games had seen and impressed there violently hit. Upon returning home, he introduced the game in Netherlands. In 1911, the first Dutch competitions. On March 12, 1912 Grasé founded the Dutch Baseball Federation on. a year later played the honkbaltak of the sports club Excelsior under the name AHC Quick. Quick was the first organized club in Netherlands.The first official competition began in 1922. Ajax, blue white, Hercules and Quick formed the top division. Quick was the first champion of Netherlands in that year.

For a long time the Amsterdam football club 'Ajax' also active in the field of baseball. That baseball Department obtained no less than four times the Netherlands's League Championship. Johan Cruyff has even for a while until this summer at Ajax, he finally chose to play football. On the website of Ajax, he as a catcher on a photo from 1961.

Eindhoven has also played an important role in Dutch baseball history. After the great success of the first European Championship on Dutch soil (1958) was the baseball field to the demolished Cross Avenue in Amsterdam. In 1959, in Eindhoven Netherlands constructed the first permanent baseball field in, with 10,000 guilder sponsor money from Philips.A year later the first American coach could be attracted: Ron Fraser. His successor Bill Arce in 1963 organized the first educational youth camp in Eindhoven.

Yet Dutch ' baseball become undisputed capital of Haarlem . There seems already to be a photo from 1912, that already has a nice blow is struck (photo is in the booklet "shots of farming village to Haarlem-North period 1900-1927" published by The vrieseborch Haarlem). In 1923 there is a baseball demonstration where one is going to take a look as approximately only spectator Kamath. A few months later he founds the HC Haarlem Haarlem followed in 1959 on. the example of Eindhoven, with the construction of a permanent baseball field. And built after the success of the first Haarlem baseball week in 1961 the first Netherlands baseball stadium.

The Royal Dutch Baseball Federation (KNHB) was on March 12, 1912 Grasé founded in Amsterdam on the initiative of baseball pioneers, Bailey and Baggelaar. In 1934 became the first official international match played against Belgium, in Haarlem. Later, this bond about in the current Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Association (KNBSB).

In Europe Netherlands (thanks to the participation of a large number of players born on the Antilles and Aruba) and Italy (partly due to participation of ' American ' Italians) for quite some time the service out on baseball field. The last ten years can measure with the stronger globally Netherlands baseball countries from North and Central America and Asia, such as Japan, South Korea, Cuba, USA. Highlight in the national baseball history was the victory over Cuba at the Olympic Games in 2000 (the first Olympic defeat ever with multiple Olympic and world champion Cuba). At the 2005 World Championships, which was played in Netherlands, Netherlands won a historical highest fourth place. At the World Cup 2011 in Netherlands history by being the first European country Panama wrote in 73 years (United Kingdom was world champion in 1938) world champion. In the final was won 2-1 by Cuba. Earlier in the tournament was in the final group of the u.s. and Cuba won. Of the 11 games, the Dutch won 10.


It is common practice for decades during the seventh-inning stretch (midway through the seventh inning) the baseball song Take Me Out to the Ball Game is sung. All spectators will stand and sing along.

Baseball at the Olympics[Edit]Edit

[15][16]Michael Duursma on the Beijing Summer Olympics in 2008

Starting from the 2012 Olympics baseball no longer belongs to the Olympic sports while there was a part of for decades. This to regret many baseball lovers and after much protest from the American angle, but also the KNBSB and NOC * NSF do not agree and the national coach Robert Eenhoorn has repeatedly given criticism on the policies of the Olympic organization. Main reasons for deleting the sporting goods that there was no internationally significant women League, the Major League organization showed little willingness to give the top players off for the games and the increasing use of anabolic steroids by hitters, especially in the United States. Fellow victim of dropping the sport was the sister sport softball what led to large protests around the world, since the aforementioned problems in which sport did not appear.

Baseball in Netherlands[Edit]Edit

[17]Interland Belgium Netherlands-Haarlem (1950); 10-1, John Hole wine rated homerun[18][19]Ralph Milliard scores against Kinheim[20]Baseball donation in aid to Netherlands in 1948 under marshall

Baseball is in Netherlands since the beginning of the 20th century played. The country is a leader in the sport in Europe. After the Second World War they even obtained special marshall aid from Americans to the competitions again as possible. The most successful club in the Dutch baseball history is Haarlem Nicols from the 70 's and-' 80) that most league titles won. This Association no longer exists. The last ten years is often the strongest team the Neptunus Rotterdam in the Dutch League (a total of 13 league titles). Also the Amsterdam PiratesKinheim and HCAW Bussum have on several occasions from the League title won. On the Baseball World Cup 2011 in Netherlands wasPanama City for the first time in his history world champion Cuba in the final with 2-1.

In 2011 the following eight teams take part in the competition in the big league baseball-baseball:

Famous Dutch baseball players include Bert BaileyHerman beidschatRobert EenhoornJoop GeurtsHenk KeulemansAndré FaucetRoel de MonWin remmerswaal,Simon ArrindellHudson JohnHamilton RichardsonHan UrbanusCharles Urbanus SR.Charles Urbanus Jr. and Cor Wilders.

Well-known players of the current generation are: Johnny BalentinaPatrick BeljaardsRob CordemansRikkert FaneyteGregory HalmanDirk van 't KloosterRick van den HurkRalph MilliardRaily LegitoEddie DixHarvey MonteSidney de JongLoek van MilXander Bogaerts, Dave Draijer, Michael Duursma and Tjerk Smeets.

Baseball in Belgium[Edit]Edit

The first "Belgian Baseball Federation" was established on 9 June 1936 and converted on 1 October 1948 to vzw (publication BS 16/10/48 # 2311). This first Federation continued to exist until 1975 when she was dissolved on 24 april and the new and current "Royal Belgian Baseball and Softballfederatie" (KBBSF) was established (annex BS 24/4/1975 number 4818). The Federation was made up of the two leagues: the "Flemish Baseball and Softballliga VZW" (name change on 18 december 1993). This is founded on 16 February 1998 the follow up of the "Royal Belgian Baseball and Softball Federation-Flemish League non-profit organization". In 1988, on Walloon side the "Ligue Francophone Belge de Baseball et Softball ASBL" was established.

The first team was 1923 called Antwerp Black Cats and was formed around the neighborhood nachtegalenpark in Antwerp.

At this time (2009) are 30 clubs active in a national competition for baseball, men's and women's fastpitch softball fastpitch softball. In addition, there is also a Youth League under the wings of VBSL with pupils-minims and cadets.


Royal Antwerp Royal Greys, Royal Eagles, Hoboken Pioneers, Borgerhout Squirrels, Royal Deurne Spartans, Royal Mortsel Stars, London BSC, berendrecht Bears, Beveren, Gent Knights Chicaboo's Stabroek, The Lions, Merchtem Cats, Zonhoven Sunville TigersBebops, Zottegem, Wielsbeke Pitbulls, Ostend Piranhas, Heist o/d Berg Afterburners, Tongeren Sharks, stone village Briqville Sluggers and Oudenaarde Frogs, Poperinge The Frontliners


Kangaroo's Brussels, Braine-le-Château, Louvain-la-Neuve Phoenix, Borinage Bulldogs, Tournai Celtics Athletic, La Louvière Snarling Wolves, Frameries, Liège, Seraing Rebellious Brown-Boys, Wanze Cardinals and Namur Angels.

Since 2008 play the best teams from this group together in the Elite League, similar to the design of the Dutch Big League. At the end of the season, a waste system to which the six eerstgeklasseerde teams participate in the long run the Belgian Series winner, the Dutch champion, determined. In the 2009 season in the Elite League clubs from the following:

Baseball in the United States[Edit]Edit

[21][22]Babe Ruth in 1918.

In the USA, baseball (baseball) also called called the national pastime . For each level and age, there are leagues to find, although a European national structure is missing in most American sports. Competitive amateur teams are often associated with secondary schools (high schools) and universities/colleges (colleges). Professional baseball in the u.s. is played within the organizations of Major League BaseballMinor League Baseball and the so-called independent leagues.

The Major League (consisting of the National League and the American League) is widely regarded as the best Baseball League in the world. There are 30 teams (franchises) to share.

The Minor Leagues are a tangle of professional competitions at different levels. Most teams in the Minor Leagues are financially supported by teams from the Major Leagues, and act for educating players to the Major Leagues. There are four levels (from low to high): Rookie League, A (single A), AA (double A) and AAA (triple A). Especially within the lowest levels is often still a distinction made in ' low ' and ' advanced ', or ' short season ' and ' full season '. The teams in the Minor Leagues are connected with a Major League franchise. A new professional player gets a contract from a Major League organization. Then is he by his team at a Minor League-team (affiliate) accommodated to gain experience. As he plays better promoted to a higher level, to eventually, if he really is good, in the Major League-team to come out.

On average, a Major League-team 6 and 7 affiliates. For example, the New York Yankees have a Rookie League-team, a Short Season A-team, a A-team, an Advanced A-team, a AA team and a AAA team in their organization. Other franchises have a different composition of their Minor League organization.

Independent Leagues is a collective name for all pro leagues that are not within the Organization of MLB are played. They are havens for players of all stripes, who have one thing in common: they have no professional contract (more) at a MLB organization. It then proceeds to players who are not elected in the annual draft, or the offer of the MLB organization not good enough find (hold outs); players who have been laid off (released) by a MLB-organisation; foreign players that do not immediately attract the attention of these organizations (particularly Cuban refugees). Given the low wages (anywhere between 600 and 3,000 dollars a month in 1998, and that is then paid only during the competition), the uncertainty (a number of teams already went bankrupt during the season), and the limited chance of improvement within the Organization, is the aspiration of most players to play (again) in the affiliated Minor Leagues. Some big names who have played in the Independent leagues are a while Darryl Strawberry (after he was laid off due to cocaine-addiction; was later contracted by the NY Yankees again) and Rickey Henderson (no contract could get more because he was too old, wanted to stay in shape in case someone later in the season a/lead-off outfielderbatter neededalso, what happened).

Famous American baseball players are Barry BondsHank AaronYogi BerraTy CobbJoe DiMaggioLou GehrigMickey MantleBabe RuthDerek JeterCy Young.

International tournaments[Edit]Edit

Title Tournaments[Edit]Edit

[23][24]The first World Series in 1903*Baseball World Cup

Invitation Tournaments[Edit]Edit

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