"Bart the Genius " is the second episode of The Simpsons first season and was first broadcast by the Fox network on January 14, 1990. It was the first episode written by Jon Vitti and the first directed by David Silverman. It was also the first episode that had a closing credits. The episode Bart Simpsons experiences as a genius after he cheats on an intelligence test. In this episode for the first time the famous Bart Simpson-pronunciation "Eat my shorts" done.


The episode begins with the Simpson family plays a game of Scrabble to Bart to prepare for the IQ test that he has to make the next day at school. Bart takes the game seriously, he puts all his letters on the Board in the order received. As a result, he gets the word "Kwyjibo" and is then chased by an angry Homer.

The next day, when Bart is having trouble with the test in school, changes his results list with those of Martin Prince, a very smart classmate. During the conversation with Barts parents after school, says a psychologist, outgoing from the results of the test, that Bart is a genius. Homer, Marge and Director Skinner are all surprised but they vote in that Bart should go to a school for talented children. Only Lisa has doubts about his brilliance.

On the new Bart is intimidated by school pupils. Through their higher intelligence know they Barts to steal lunch. Homer appreciates Barts talent and brings a lot more time with him. They're discovering that they both hate having to the opera, after Margin there with your whole family is going. After Bart visits his old school, where his friends avoid him because he's so smart, he wants to admit he has cheating but dissects a tough call when Homer wants to play a game with him.

After he tells his teacher Barts chemistry project explodes, that he wants to go back to his old school to study the behavior of the average children. After much trouble need to do to write an account of his experiment exploded, he admits that he has cheating. As Homer Bart home at night in bad does he admits that he lied about his intelligence, but that he and Homer have grown towards each other in recent weeks so that he doesn't mind. Homer, however, reacts furiously and hunts the naked Bart to his room. Homer will be angry and chases a naked Bart upstairs. Marge and Lisa notice this on, and Lisa says, "I think Bart's stupid again" ("I think that Bart back stupid.").

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