Bart Gets an F is the first episode of the second season of the animated sitcom The Simpsons, which was first broadcast on 11 October 1990.


Bart must be oral book report on treasure island, but did not read. Although he tries to keep the report, has teacher Edna krabappel quickly by him and gives him an insufficient. After school tells Mrs Crab Apple severely to Bart that his figures are worse off and that he must begin with learning for the next button, on the history of the United States (1607-1763). Bart let not, however, intend to learn at home on. Although he himself, he is distracted and he dodges the study eventually. When he does he should keep the key as if he is ill. Once at the school sister notes they phlebitis at Bart, which is not the truth.

It succeeds Bart not to study again and asks Milhouse the answers. When he fills out the next day, he again Gets a fail. Mrs Crab Apple gives this key even commented that "Milhouse is made even worse than that". As a result of his poor grades are his parents Homer and Marge to school invited to meet with Mrs Crab Apple and school psychiatrist Dr. j. Loren Pryor. They tell that Bart substandard performance and that it makes the most sense to let him remain a class.

Bart, that this absolutely does not want to, Martin asks for help. They make a plan in which Martin helps him with studying, while Bart helps him with popular. Because Martin there at that moment for the first time to discover that no one is allowed to him, he agrees with the plan. Martin, however, becomes accustomed to poor posture and refuses to help Bart with studying a rehearsal. Bart is once again not to study and pray to God that night that a miracle will happen. This also happens, if it turns out that comes a strong snow storm that night.

The next day after they find out that the school is closed, Bart can not wait to play in the snow. However, Lisa reminds him of his prayer, that they heard that night. Bart decides to study the rest of the day, despite the fact that everyone has fun in the snow. After the him eventually manage to focus and the key makes, he asks whether they want to check immediately to the teacher. This does them and the result shows that he has scored an insufficient anyway. Bart bursts into tears and tells historical facts, which he for the key must learn. Mrs Crab Apple is surprised by his knowledge and gives him an extra point, giving him a sufficient CITES.Bart is very happy with his result (except when he realizes that he has kissed in gratitude Mrs Crab Apple) and also at home is the key to the refrigerator hung.


  • It is the most watched episode in the history of the series. [1]
  • It is the first episode in which the title song was cut short.

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