Mildred Ella (Babe) Didriksen Zaharias ( June 26, Port ArthurGalveston1911 - september 27, 1956), born as Mildred Didriksen; nicknamed Babe Zaharias was anAmerican golfer and a versatile athlete.

She was a member of the Employers ' Casualty co. Club.


[hide]*1 Biography


Didriksen, who grew up in Beaumont, Didrikson said. She was the sixth of the seven children. Her parents had emigrated from Norway. She was a sports wonderkind that many sports such as: tennis, athletics, boxingbaseball and softball did.

She wrote that she was born in 1914, but on her tombstone and baptismal certificate State 1911. Her mother named her "Babe" from an early age, but they boasted that they themselves was named after Babe Ruth, after she five homeruns in a baseball game.

Didrikson competed at the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. Here she won gold at the Javelin throw and the 80 m hurdles. She was with the second highest jump at the high jump, because her so-called straddle technique was rejected as unfeminine, although they also had come in the final with this technique. She had had a chance on more medals, but in that time women were allowed to participate only to three individual track events.

In 1935 she began as a late bloomer with golf. In 1938 she participated in the Los Angeles Open, a men's PGA tournament. In the tournament, she formed a team with known professional wrestler George Zaharias. Eleven months later they married on 23 december 1938 in Saint Louis.

In the 1940s and early 1950s she was American first top-golf star. They obtained the amateur status in 1942 and won the U.s. Amateur Golf Championship in 1946 and the British women's Championship as the first American in 1947. She also won several open championships. In 1947, she was professional golf star and dominated theLPGAand WPGA . She won the LPGA Championship in 1947 and in 1948 the American open Championship. She was seventeen times champion. In 1950 she had won titles out there to win all golf fell.

In 1951, they lived together in Tampa on a golf resort that they had bought. She won In 1954, when she was already seriously ill, her last US Open. She died in september 1956 to cancer.

[1][2]The Babe Didrikson Zaharias Museum in Beaumont, Texas.==Titles[Edit]==

  • Olympic champion Javelin throw-1932
  • Olympic champion 80 m hurdles-1932
  • American Champion Javelin throw-1930, 1932
  • American shot put champion-1932
  • American Champion balloon release-1930, 1931, 1932
  • American Champion 100 m hurdles-1931, 1932
  • American Champion 1932
  • American Champion long jump-1931

Personal best[Edit]Edit

Part Performance Date Place
80 m hurdles 11.7 s 4 August 1932 Los Angeles
high jump 1.65 m 7 August 1932 Los Angeles
Javelin throw 43,68 m 31 July 1932 Los Angeles


Javelin throw[Edit]Edit

  • 1932: 43,68 [3]OS-m (OR)

80 m hurdles[Edit]Edit

  • 1932: [4]OS-11.7 s (WR)

high jump[Edit]Edit

  • 1932: [5]OS-1.65 m (WR)

LPGA Tour wins (41)[Edit]Edit

  • 1940 (1) women's Western Open (as an amateur)
  • 1944 (1) women's Western Open (as an amateur)
  • 1945 (1) women's Western Open (as an amateur)
  • 1947 (2) Tampa Open, Titleholders Championship (as an amateur)
  • 1948 (3) All American Open, World Championship, U.S. women's Open
  • 1949 (2) World Championship, Eastern Open
  • 1950 (8) Titleholders Championship, Pebble Beach Weathervane, Cleveland Weathervane, women's Western Open, all-American Open, World Championship, U.S. women's Open, 144-hole Weathervane
  • 1951 (9) Ponte Verde Beach women's Open, Tampa women's Open, Lakewood Weathervane, Richmond women's Open, Valley Open, Meridian Hills Weathervane, all-American Open, World Championship, Texas women's Open
  • 1952 (5) Miami Weathervane, Titleholders Championship, Bakersfield Open (tied with Marlene Hagge, Betty Jameson and Betsy Rawls), Fresno Open, women's Texas Open
  • 1953 (2) Sarasota Open, Babe Zaharias Open
  • 1954 (5) Serbin Open, Sarasota Open, Damon Runyan Cancer Fund Tournament, U.S. women's Open, all-American Open
  • 1955 (2) Tampa Open, Peach Blossom Classic

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