George Herman "Babe" Ruth Jr. (Baltimore6 February 1895 – New York CityAugust 16, 1948) was an American baseball player. Ruth spent his youth in a boarding school, where he became acquainted with the sport. He had it hard on the boarding school and a brother left him baseballs, a sport where he much predisposition to appeared to have.

On 27 February 1914 Ruth signed his first professional contract. He signed with the Baltimore Orioles and because he was so young, he earned the nickname Babe. Babe debuted in the Major League on 11 July 1914 at the Boston Red Sox. There, he played more than 5 years after which he left for the New York Yankees. The Yankees were thanks to Ruth the most successful team of that time.

Ruth was (in 1927) the first player to 60 home runs in one season made only 34 years-a record that would later be broken. He is still the only player to twice three home runs in a World Series game. On 30 May 1935 he took leave as a baseball player for the Boston Braves.

Ruth is true in the United States as one of the greatest legends from the sports history. In 1998 he was through the leaf "The Sporting News" chosen as the best baseball player of all time. He died in 1948 to cancer.

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