BBC One (formerly BBC1 and BBC Television Service originally) is the oldest television station in the world. It is the main channel of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), and sent out for the first time on november 2, 1936. The channel had a monopoly position within the British television world, to ITV was launched in 1955.

The channel mainly broadcasts news bulletins, direct events, comedy series, drama series, game shows, quiz shows, talk shows and a number of educational and religious programs.


 *1 Financing


It is prohibited for the BBC to broadcast advertising on their British channels. They are fully funded by a television license, which must be paid annually by every British resident who owns a television set. [1]


In Belgium and Netherlands is BBC One often together with BBC Two available via cable TV.

BBC One In the United Kingdom is to receive over the air via free Freeview (apart from the decoder). It is also possible to view the channel via satellite .

Thanks to the Freesat-free-to-airinitiative by the BBC and ITV are also channels in addition to their own channels of Channel 4 to receive free in digital quality via satellite.To receive this freesat channels in Netherlands and Belgium are trouble, officially, this system only intended for use in the United Kingdom.


Following the news bulletins by 13, 18 and 22 hours (English time) is regional news broadcast. In each region is another news program broadcast. Outside the United Kingdom is usually the London broadcast regional news at this hour.

Well-known BBC One programmes[Edit]Edit