Au revoir les enfants is a French film by Louis Malle from 1987. The film premiered on 29 August 1987 on the Venice Film festival.


[hide]*1 Story


France, WW II: the young Julien Quintin, returns after the Christmas holidays back to the Catholic boarding school where he runs. There he close friendship with the new pupil, Jean Bonnet. Julien is very intrigued by Jean. One night when he wakes up, he sees that Jean carries a kippah and is praying in Hebrew. Julien understands that his new friend is Jewish . Père Jean, the headmaster, Jean and adopted some other Jewish boys at his school hoping to save them from the nazi's

One morning in January 1944, the Gestapo , however, within the school. They are informed by the former stripper Joseph. Julien accidentally betrays his friend by to look in his direction, when the Gestapo entering their classroom.

Père Jean and the Jewish boys are taken into account while the other students are gathered in the courtyard. When those arrested transit, call the boys: Au revoir, mon père, which Père Jean responds, Au revoir, les enfants, à bientôt. Père Jean, Jean Bonnet and the other guys are all about in the concentration camps.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

Actor Character
Gaspard Manesse Julien Quentin
Raphaël Fejtö Jean "Bonnet" Kippelstein
Francine Racette Mme Quentin
Stanislas Carré de Malberg François Quentin
Philippe Morier-Genoud Father Jean/Père Jean
François Berléand Father Michel/Père Michel
François Négret Joseph
Peter Fitz Muller
Pascal Rivet Boulanger
Benoît Henriet Ciron
Richard Leboeuf Sagard
Xavier Legrand Babinot
Arnaud Henriet Negus
Jean-Sébastien Chauvin Laviron
Luc Etienne Moreau


The film is based on events from the youth of Director Louis Malle, who on his 11th on the boarding school of the Carmelites was close to Fontainebleau . One day he witnessed how the Gestapo raided did and three Jewish students + took a Jewish teacher. They were sent to Auschwitz and gassed there. The headmaster, Lucien Bunel-Père Jacques de Jesus, was also arrested because he had hidden Jews in the school. He also ended up in a concentration camp, and died soon after this camp had been conquered by the Americans.

Awards and nominations[Edit]Edit

year price category nominated (n) rash
1987 Venice Film festival Golden Lion Louis Malle won
OCIC Award Louis Malle
Prix Louis Delluc - Louis Malle won
LAFCA Award best foreign language film - won
1988 Academy Award Best foreign language film - nominated
Best screenplay Louis Malle
César Best cinematography Renato Berta won
Best Director Louis Malle
Best montage Emmanuelle Castro
Best film Louis Malle
Best production design Willy Holt
Best sound Jean-Claude Laureux, Claude Villand, Bernard Leroux
Best screenplay Louis Malle
Best costume design Corinne Jorry nominated
Most promising actor François Négret
David di Donatello Award Best Director – foreign film Louis Malle won
Best foreign language film Louis Malle
Best screenplay – foreign film Louis Malle
European Film Award Best screenwriter Louis Malle won
Best Director Louis Malle nominated
Best film Louis Malle
Critics Award best film Louis Malle won
Golden Globe Best foreign language film - nominated
Independent Spirit Award Best foreign language film Louis Malle nominated
Silver Ribbon Best Director – foreign film Louis Malle won
1989 BAFTA Film Award Best Director Louis Malle won
Best film Louis Malle nominated
Best film in a language other than English Louis Malle
Best screenplay-original Louis Malle
Bodil Award Best European film Louis Malle won
CFCA Award Best foreign language film - won
Guild Film Award-Silver Foreign film Louis Malle won
1990 ALFS Award Foreign language film of the year - won

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