Au hasard Balthazar is a French drama film from 1966 directed by Robert Bresson.


[hide]*1 Story


In the Department of Landes is the young donkey Balthazar children brought up by the Jacques and Marie. Balthazar changes regularly by owner and is not always treated well. The donkey undergoes his cruel fate for years. So he is beast of burden, circus attraction and the ownership of a brutal criminal. Eventually he enters in the hands of smugglers. Also Marie Gérard was physically abused by her lover. She is raped by the gang of Gérard and left in a hut. Balthazar eventually dies in the middle of a flock of sheep after first to be fired upon by a border patrol.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit


Anne Wiazemsky bundled in 2008 her memories of turning the film in the book "Jeune fille" (Editions Gallimard; series Folio, no. 4722)

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