Asterix and the Normans is the ninth volume of the Asterixcomic book series, by René Goscinny (stories) and Albert Uderzo (illustrations).


Heroix receives notice of his brother from Lutetia. He sends his son, Justforkix, Heroix ' cousin to the Gallic village in the hope that can make a man of him Heroix.

Justforkix arrives in a sports car-like Chariot and acts like a carefree teenager. Soon makes his behavior before conflicts with the villagers. That night a dance party for his arrival, involving young people in the town of Justforkix shows how dancing. He and Obelix soon try to bluff each other with their music, until Fulliautomatix Obelix unconscious stores. In contrast to the villagers, however, Justforkix is impressed by Obelix ' song.

Than a Viking ship. The Normans are on board to Gaul come because they like to learn what fear is. They are fearless and never fear, fear has no meaning for them. The main reason they want to get to know fear is because they have heard of the saying that fear gives wings; interpret something they so literally that they believe to be able to fly once they know what fear is. Unfortunately for them the Gauls fear nothing, except that the sky will fall on their heads. Only Justforkix is really afraid of the Normans.

The Normans, Justforkix see as a perfect example of fear and catch him so that he can know the Normans fear. Asterix and Obelix come to his rescue. In the fight that ensues the Normans show no sign of fear of the two Gauls, although they are soundly defeated.

When the Normans explain the purpose of their coming to the village to send Asterix Obelix to fetch Cacofonix . Obelix, however, to have left because his music to Lutetia there apparently appreciates. Obelix goes after him and convinces him to his first real to come to the aid of fan .

Meanwhile, the Normans, Justforkix impatient and want to throw off a cliff. Asterix comes to his rescue, but his magic potion has now been worked out. Despite this, he fights by, and this gives also the courage to finally fight Justforkix. Just in time diving Obelix and Cacofonix immediately starts to sing on Obelix., and his singing is indeed bad enough to scare the Normans.

Now they are afraid jump the Normans themselves off the cliff, but soon come to the discovery that fear does not literally wings gives. But they learned something from their new experience: the true meaning of courage. They swim back to their ship and leave. Justforkix has also learned what courage is, much to the pride of his uncle.

The story ends as usual with a big banquet. But in contrast to previous times is guest of honour, and is now in its place Obelix Fulliautomatix tied up.


  • Justforkix was also the star in a number of Asterix games books from the 80 's.
  • His chariot is a reference to Ferrari and is also from the same origin mentioned.
  • The postman is called Peeteetix, a play on in the Dutch PTT, the old name for the national mail (Post phone Telegraph).
  • Justforkix plays on the lyre of Cacofonix a number that "Beatnix" hot, and refers to the punk movement which then in full advance is in Europe in the late 1960s.
  • The Normans all have names ending in-, which in accidental conversations cited (the Naga then calls "Present!" and another says "never mind"). The names include Liflaf, Komvandatdakaf (referring to the cabaret number come of that roof), turn left, turn right, go commando, a marble bathroom and Tevlugaf, and so on.
  • All Normans as blonde, blue eyes, big and strong, a caricature of a stereotypical man of the Northern type.
  • The drink is drunk by the Normans Aquavit, a typical Norwegian, strong alcoholic drink. All meals are cooked in sauce, a typical tear also invariably element in the Norwegian cuisine.
  • In this album is introduced for the first time the running gag that Dogmatix begins to cry or pass out when a tree is cut down or uprooted.
  • This is the second album since Asterix the Gaul where Cacofonix is not tied up during the banquet (Cacofonix) on the end.
  • This album served as the basis for the animated film Asterix and the Vikings from 2006.

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