Arnaud Massy (BiarritzJuly 6, 1877 – april 16, Étretat1950) was a Basque Frenchprofessional golfer.

Massy's father loves sheep, and Massy earns some money as a fisherman. Near his school is in 1888 by Willie Dunn built the Phare Golf Club , where he caddie is. Along with other caddies he lays some holes where they can practice.


 [verbergen*1 left-handed

Left Handed[Edit]Edit

His first golf club is a left-handed stick that someone is left behind. At home he practices a lot in front of the mirror. His rapid progress is noticed by one of the members, Sir Everard a. Hambro (1842-1925), English banker, who regularly asks him to play with. Hambro also takes him for a summer holiday to North Berwick in Scotland, where he, among other things, Davie Grant, brother-in-law of Ben Sayers, meet. He comes a few summers back permanently to England in 1898 until he comes to golf professional. In 1899, he met Harry Vardon, and sees him play against Willie Park .

He plays for the first time In 1902 on the British Open and is tenth. He still plays left-handed, but decides to play right-handed, because never has a left-handed player won an important tournament.

Right Handed[Edit]Edit

In 1906 he won the French Open (right-handed) in Paris, and the following year he defeats Harry Vardon to the tournament back on his name to put. Massy is most famous for being the first foreigner in 1907 that the British Open WINS. The tournament takes place on the Royal Liverpool Golf Club. In 1909 he won the almost again, but he is defeated during the play-off. In 1910 he won the first Belgian Open and in 1911 he wins just not the British Open. In 1912 he won the first Spanish Open.

Although he injured in the first world war at Verdun, he plays again after the war and wins the French Open for the 4th time in 1925, and again the Spanish Open in 1927 and 1928.

From 1922-1928 Massy has taught on the Golf de la Nivelle at Biarritz.


Thousand Guineas Professional Golf Tournament[Edit]Edit

On 6 June 1921 is a predecessor of the Ryder Cup played. There is played between the British professionals and the American pros to come over for the British Open at St Andrews Links. The NY Times writes that Massy also can do if French champion. See: [1]. both teams consist of twelve players. After 1927, when the Ryder Cup already exists, there remains a 1000 Guineas-tournament exist. In 1928, the played at theMoortown Golf Club in Leeds.

His last years lives Arnaud Massy in Étretat (Seine-Maritime), where he died in 1950 at the age of 72.


  • He is the only Frenchman ever won one Major .
  • His last name is also sometimes written as Massey.

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